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Smart Gardiner, bootmaker, 96 High st
— — James, shopkeeper, 231 High st
John, joiner, 9 Glasswork st. & School wynd
R.M. tailor, Dyburgh House, St. Clair st
Smith Alexander, grocer, Ac. 85 Mid st. Pathhead
Smith George, builder, mason, contractor & quarry
owner, 4 St. Mary's terrace, Dunnikier rd ; quarries,
Smith George, jun. land surveyor, 4 St. Mary's tor. Dunnikier rd
James, tailor, Auchtertool
James, grocer & spirit merchant, 72 & 74 Back st. Pathhead
James, spirit dealer, 135 Rosslyn st. Gallatown
James, bootmaker, 84 Links st
James B. & Co. tailors & clothiers, 71 & 73 High st
Jane, milliner & dressmaker, 48 Nether st. Pathhead
John, joiner & cabinet maker, Mitchell st
Robert, brass founder (R. Smith & Son), Viewforth Cottago
Rev. Robert, BennochyBum
Robert, jun. brassfounder (R. Smith & Son). Talbert pi
Robert & Son, bell & brassfounders, Kirkcaldy Brass Foundry
Thomas, bootmaker, 194 Links st
William, troop sergt-major, Fife Light Horse, 101 Victoria rd
Soavo G. iS D. confectioners, 301 High st
Soutar James & Co. boot & shoo makers, 277 High st
Spark Rev. James, Harbour Head House
Spears Matthew, upholsterer, 259 High st [Wemyssfield
William Roy, solicitor & town clerk (Gibson & Spears), 3
Speed & Duff, builders, Volunteer green
Spuedie Annie, tobacconist, 221 High st
Robert, tailor, 110 Mid st. Pathhead
Magnus, draper (Thomas Speedie & Sons), Loughborough rd
Robert, manufacture 1 ', S2 St. Clair st
Robert & Sons, linen manufacturers, Siuclairtowu Factory
Thomas, manufacturer (R. Speedie & Sons), Denburn Honso
Thomas & Sons, drapers, 63, G5 & 67 Nether st. Pathhead
Spittal Thomas, grocer & spirit dealer, 250 Links st
William, spirit dealer, 52 High st
Stalkor Rov. James, m.a. West Fergus pi
Standard Insurance Co. (life)— George S. Bryson, National Bank,
Pathhead, agent [secretary
Property Investment Co. 236 High st— Alexander Thomson,
Stark Mrs. Christina, 7 West Fergus pi
David, slater, 28 Glebe park
Helen, shopkeeper, 238 Rosslyn st. Gallatown
Mr. John, 74 High st
Mary, earthenware dealer, 28 Glebe park
Robert, rope manufacturer, 155 High st
Robert, spirit dealer, 326 & 328 Links Bt
Steedniiin John, greengrocer, 231 Links sfc
Steele John, millwright, Auchtertool
Stenhouse Robert, post master, 130 Mid st. Pathhead
Stephenson James, tailor, &c. 133 Rosslyn st
Stewart Mrs. Ann, 28 Townsend pi
Stewart Charles & Co. tobacco & snuff manufac-
turers, 319 High st
Stewart David F. tobacco manufacturer (C. Stewart & Co.) St.
Brycedale avenue
J. L. painter, &c. 353 High st
James, spirit dealer, 375 High st
â–  John, baker, 73 Dunnikier rd
Stocks Mrs. Ann J. Invertiel bank [House
John T. Esq. j.p. manufacturer (Robert Stocks & Co.), Osborne
Stocks Robert & Co. bed tick manufacturers, &c.
Abden Factory, Kirkcaldy
Stocks William, stationer, 267 Links st
Storrar David, chemist, &c. 228 High st. & Back st. Pathhead
Stott Samuel, tailor, 122 High st [grove
Strachan Alexander, boot & shoe maker, 6Q High st ; res. 26 James
& Livingston, proprietors & publishers of the Fife Free Pn
& Kirkcaldy Times, & letterpress printers, Redburn wynd
David, shopkeeper, 401 High st
James, journalist (Strachan & Livingston), Nether st. Pathhead
John, floor cloth manufacturer (Hendry, Whyte and Strachan),
Tower Villa, Wemyssfield
William, iron & chemical merchant & stock broker, 15 Tolbooth
st; res. Tower Villa, 15 Wemyssfield
Struthers James, veterinary surgeon, 167 High st
Waterson, shopkeeper, 4 Nicol st
Stuart Alexander, commission agent, 25 Thistle st
James, town officer and inspector of weights and measures,
Town Hall [librarian
Subscription Library. Assembly Rooms, 125 High st— Robert Bryson,
Sun Insurance Co. (fin?)— George S. Bryson, National Bank, Path-
bead, & Beveridge & Aitken, 220 High st. aaents
Superintendent of Water Works Office, Town Hall— John Johnston,
Sutherland J. & M. drapers, 70 Rosslyn st
R attic Henry, taiior, &c. 131 Mid St. Pathhead
Swan Brothers, fl >x & tow spinners, 9S High st. and Coal Wynd
and Park Mills; ami at Kiughorn
George, draper & manufacturer (G. Swan & Co.), 47 Hiyb st
George & Co. linen drapers & manufacturers of woollen, cotton
& linen, 34 &3G High st
Patrick Don, Esq. (of Springfield), provost (Swan Brothers),
St. Brycedale
TAIT, Cairns & Co. Limited, floor cloth manufacturers.
Caledonia Floor Cloth Works, Kirkcaldy; Xiondon
warehouse, 11 Farringdon rd. S.C.— E. Climn, agent
Tait Jonri, flonr cloth inanufaourer (Tait, Cairns & Co. Limited),
Whyte's House, Whyte's causeway [JamPS grove
Taylor David, groeur & spirit dealer, 47 Links st ; res. Maggiuvillu,
George, bootmaker, West, wynd, Pathhead
Thomas, photographer, St. Clair st
William .1. music warehouse, 47 High st ; res. 247
Tenuant Charles & Co. manufacturing chemists, Harbour head-
Donald M'Naughton, agent
m — John, brush manufacturer, 29 Links st
Thomson Alexander, shopkeeper, 39 Nicol st
- Alexander, solicitor & notary, 236 High st ; res. Fergus avenue
- Andrew, machine maker, Sands rd
- Mrs. Ann, 236 High st
- Brothers, ironmongers, &c. 23S High st. & 42 Back st. Pathhead
- David, ironmonger, &c. (Thomson Brothers), 236 High st
â–  Eleanor & Annie, dressmakers, 68 High st
George, shopkeeper, 260 High st
- Hope P. schoolmaster, West School House, Milton rd
James, tailor, 2 High st
James, gardener, Bennochy ter
John, shopkeeper, 47 Market st
John, joiner, Palm Villa, 129 Links st
John, butcher, 104 St. Clair st
Joseph, ironmonger, &c. (Thomson Brothers), 236 High st
Mr. William, Viewforth Tower, Links st [Milton rd
Tod David, chair web manufacturer, 132 Links st ; res.
Tod Peter, cooper, 84 Back st. Pathhead
Robert, grocer, &c. 55 High st
Todd Alexander, manager, 20 Nether Bt. Pathhead
Andrew, spirit dealer, 16 St. Clair st
Mr. James, 48 St. Clair st
John, Berlin wool repository, 419 High st
â–  â–  Peter, grocer, Sec'. Dunnikier rd
â–  William, spirit dealer, 51 Nether st. Pathhead
Torrance John, plumber, Ac. (J. & W. Torrance), 26 James grove
John & William, plumbers, gasfitters, & tin & copper smiths, 82
High st. & Whyte's causeway — See advertisement
William, plumber, &c. (J. & W. Torrance), 41 Alexandra st
William, brick maker & lime burner, Invertiel rd
Town & County Plate Glass Insurance Co. Limited— Arthur Turn-
bull, 17 Rose st. agent [chamberlain
■ Chamberlain's Office, Town Hall— William Roy Spears, town
Clerk's Office, Town Hall — William Roy Spears, town clerk
Hall, High st — James Stuart, town officer
Turnbull Arthur, treasurer for the Kirkcaldy Property & Invest-
ment Society, & insurance agent, 17 Rose st ; res. 82 James
Turner John, grocer, &c. 169 High st; res. 35 Towsend pi
Turpie Betsy, bootmaker, 36 Nether st. Pathhead
Tweeddale Robert, grocer, 2 Nicol sfc
UNION Bank of Scotland, Limited (Branch), 135 High sfc— J. E.
Murray, agent; Francis Hislop, pro agent
-Insurance Co. — James Lawson, 191 High st. agent
United Kingdom Temperance & General Provident Institution —
Alexander A. Hay, 74 High st. agent
VALLANCE George, shopkeeper, 300 High st
Venters John & Son, grocers & spirit dealers, 1 Nairn st. Pathhead
Mary, shopkeeper, 66 Glebe park
William, grocer & spirit dealer, 4 Glebe park
Victoria Hall, Victoria rd
Volunteers (1st Fife Rifles, K Company), Kirkcaldy— John Tait,
captain; William Boak & Peter Herd, lieutenants ; John
Newell, sergt. instructor
(5th Fife Artillery), Bell wynd, High st— David Storrar, captain;
John M'Carthy, sergt. major
WADDEL Andrew, butcher & poulterer, 195 High st
Wakelin Henry F. iron forger (John Laverick & Co.), Woodbine,
Loughborough rd
Walker & Morton, cattle salesmen & auctioneers, 200 High st. & at
Cupar & Crail — See advertisement
James, traveller, East Albert rd
â–  M. W. auctioneer (Walker & Morton), 200 High st
William, bootmaker, 45 Nether st. Pathhead
Wallace Euphemia, blacksmith, 56 Nicol st [High st
Walls John, family grocer & wine merchant, 216 High st; res. 190
Ward James, shopkeeper, 149 Lmks st [collector
Waterworks Commissioners' Office, 15 Tolbooth st — David D.Arnott,
Watson Mrs.—, 160 High st
A. D. hemp, flax & yarn merchant, Ravenswood, Carlyle rd
Lilias, Berlin wool repository, 59 High st
William, plumber & gasfitter, 34 Thistle st
William, schoolmaster, East School House, Glebe park
Watt Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 91 Links st
James, farmer, Clentrio. Auchtertool
Weepers James, spirit dealer, 22*4 Rosslyn st. Sinclairtown
Weights &, Measures Office, Town Hall — James Stuart, inspector
Weir John, bout & shoe maker, 98 Links st
William, grocer & coal agent, 15 St. Clair st. Siuclairtown
Mr. William, Hazelbank, Albert rd
Wellcoat Joseph, cab & coach proprietor & grocer, 10S High sfc
Welsh Alexander, newsagent, 2 Mid st. Pathhead
WemysB Mrs. Isabella, James grove
Wemyss James, grocer & spirit dealer, 40 High st
WomysB Kohert & Co. linen maculacturera & iudigo dyers, Abbots-
hall Factory
Westwater Agnes, confectioner, 95 Nether st. Pathhead
Andrew & Co. linen manufacturers, 40 Links st
Whito Thomas, furniture dealer, 32 Nether st. Pathhead
Whyte Misses — , milliners, 9 Kirk wynd
■ Miss — , milliner, 37 Cowan st [Marchmont
George, floor cloth manufacturer (Hendry, Whyte & Strachan),
James, agent for the National Bunk of Scotland, Ltd. (Branch),
191 High st
Prter, grocer <& snlrit dealer, 112 Mid st. Pathhead
Wil&ic A. & Co. Victoria Hotel, mineral water manu-
facturers & ale & porter bottlers, 207 High st
Wilkie Mrs. Agnes, 39 Milton rd
& Drumrnond, tailors & clothiers, 11 Kirk wynd
John, tailor (Wilkie & Drumm'ond), Hill st
Thomas, g-ocer. &v. (Thomas Wilkie & Co.). 2f> TCast Fergus pi
Wilkie Thomas & Co. grocers, &c. 158 High st
Wilkie William, baker, 1 Tolbooth st
Williamson Alexander, auctioneer & valuator, machinery, metal &
timber salesman, 94 High at

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