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Duncan Hugh, yarn agent, 101 Uigh st
. Jauics, blacksmith, G St. Clair st
James, general dealer, 322 High st
. James W. bookseller & printer, 377 & 379 High st
Robert, joiner, Loughborough rd
William, shopkeeper, 243 Links st
William, bookseller, stationor, &c. 21 High st
Dundas James B. J. agent for Lloyd's, 45 Townsend pi
Dnndee Equitable Boot Depot, bootmakers, 245 High st
Duuston Thomas, spirit dealer, 86 Links st
Durie Alexander, farmer, Torbain
EADIE Ralph, commission &. yarn agent, 149 Mid st. Pathhoad
Edgar Archibald, clerk, 109 Victoria rd
Edinburgh & Dublin Tea Co. tea dealers, 234 High st [sfc. agents
Heritable Security Co. Limited— Beveridge & Aitken, 220 High
Life Aasuranco Co. — Francis Hislop, 135 High et. agent
Elder Andrew, gardener, Church st. Sinclairtown
. Mrs. Helen, 2 Werayssficld
. John, gardener, Birrell st. Pathhead
Robert, farmer, Bogie parks
Employers' Liability Insurance Co. Limited— Thomas Dow & Son,
120 High st; John Harley, 18 Mitchell st; & George S.
Bryson, National Bank, Pathhead, agents
English & Scottish Law Life Assurance Co.— David Storrar, 22S
High st. & P. J. Galloway, High st. agents [st. agent
Equitable Fire Insurance Co.— George James Beveridge, 248 High
FAIRWEATHER Rev. William, m.a. 23 Townsend pi
Feir George, shopkeeper, 178 Links st
Ferguson Mrs. Emma E. M. Raith House
Isabella, baby linen warehouse, 109 High st
â–  Robert, shopkeeper, 420 High st
Ronald Crawford Munro, Esq. ai.p. Raith House
Fernie George, fruiterer, 6 Redburn wynd
Ferris Richard, plasterer, Oswald's wynd
Fife Free Press, Kirkcaldy— Strachan and Livingston,
Fifeshire Advertiser, office, 130 High st— John Bryson,
Fire Engine House, Burleigh st— James Speed, captain
■ Insurance Association, Limited— M. W. Walker, 200 High st. &
Robert D. Anderson, 257a High st. agents
Fleming, Reed & Co. Berlin wool repository, 69 High st
Flynn Robert, manager, 58 Dunnikier rd
Foote Mrs. Catherine, 28 Townsend pi
Forbes Archibald, baker, 29 St, Clair st
Forker Henry, spirit dealer, 68 Back st. Pathhead
Forrest James, gardener, Abbotshall Cottage
Forrester & Grant, grocers, 217 St. Clair st
John, cashier, 20 Whyte's causeway
Forsyth Moses, farmer, Bankhead
Frame Robert, boot & sboe maker, 11 High sfc
Robert P. glass & china dealer, 7 Links st
Fraser Alexander, sen. builder, contractor, &c. (Alexander Fraser &
Son), Nairn st. Pathhead
Alexander, jun. builder, contractor, &c. (Alexander Fraser and
Son), Nairn st. Pathhead
— Alexander and Son, builders, contractors, brickmakers, lime
burners, & quarry masters, Den Brick Works, Bogie Lime
Works, & Nairn st. Pathhead
Frew Robert, draper, 212 & 214 St. Clair st
Fyfe Alexander, shopkeeper, Alexandra st
Mr. Charles, Harbour Head House
Robert, lathsplitter,School wynd, & coal agent.Railway station;
res. Maria st
GALLATOWN Co-operative Society,Limited, grocers, 131 Rosslynst
Galliland Catherine, draper, 192 Links st
Galloway Mrs. Helen, 19 Park rd. Sinclairtown [park
John, tobacco & snuff manufacturer, 193 High st ; res. 71 Glebe
Patrick J. sheriff clerk, High st
Thomas, baker, 222 St. Clair st
Galloway William, monumental sculptor, Railway
station ; res. Mount pleasant
Garnock William & Son, wholesale & retail grocers & wine & spirit
merchants, 204, 206 & 208 St. Clair st. & 22 Overton rd
Gas Works, Links ; office, 60 High st— Adam Macpherson, manager
Gerrard James Duncan, grocer & spirit dealer, 198 Links st
Gibb James, confectioner, 123 & 168 High st
Peter, grocer & spirit dealer, 58 Rosslyn at
William, draper, &c. (W. Gibb & Co.), Benuochy Bank
William & Co. drapers & silk mercers, 263 High st
Gibson & Spears, solicitors & notaries, 170 High st
Gillespie Andrew, grocer, &c. IS Bridge st
Donald, spirit dealer, 152 Links st
George, draper & clothier, 207 & 271 High sfc
John, shopkeeper, 309 High sfc
Gillies William, cabinet maker, &e. 283 & 290 Highet
Gilruth James, fruiterer & fishmonger, 9 Bethelfie d place
Glasgow Rev. Robert, 53 High st
Goodall Brothers, coal proprietors, Begg Colliery, Raith
— — David, colliery proprietor (Goodall Bros.), Bennochy rd
John, colliery proprietor (Goodall Eros.), Bennochy rd
Robert, grocer & spirit dealer. 63 Dunnikier rd
William, colliery proprietor (Goodall Bros.), Primrose Cottage,
Bennochy rd
Goodsir Margaret, shopkeeper, 52 St. Clair sfc
Gordon Henry, m.d. surgeon, 2 East Fergus pi
Gourlay George, painter & decorator, 3 High st
James, grocer, 21 Mid sfc. Pathhead
James, joiner & cabinet maker, 92 Mid st. Pathhead
Thomas, tailor, 131 Links at
Gow Mrs. Isabella, 47 Townsend pi
Mrs. Mary, 48 High st
Graham Mrs. — , glass & china dealer, 54 High sfc
Granger Charles, tailor & clothier, 481 High st
— A-R
Grant Mrs. — , dressmaker, 22 Alexandra st
Alexander, glass merchant & glazier, 289 High st
E. & M. Berlin wool repository, 126 High st
Lewis, engineer. &o. (Douglas & Grant), 18 Townsend cres
Gray A. & A. milliners, 203 Rosslyn st
Andrew, shopkeeper, Alexandra sfc
David, dressmaker, 144 Rosslyn st
James, linen & woollen manufacturer, 127 Back st. athhead
John & Co. boot & shoe makers, 168 & 393 High st
■ — ■ Thomas A. boot & shoe maker, 281 & 283 High st
Greig Henry, joiner, 36 Sfc. Clair sfc
â–  John, watchmaker, 27 High st
John & Co. linen manufacturers, Pathhead Factory [tow
Peter & Co. linen manufacturers, 149 & 151 St. Clair st. Sinclair-
Robert, linen manufacturer (J. Greig & Co.), Loughborough rd
Thomas, glass & china dealer, 2 Redburn wynd
Gresham (life) Assurance Society— M. W.Walker, 200 High st.agent
Griove Andrew, Grown Tavern, 181 High st
George, manager for J. & W. Hendry. 36 James grove
Peter, joiner, cabinet maker, builder & undertaker, 7 Charlotte
si ; res. 39 Market st — See advertisement
Grinton David, baker, 239 Rosslyn st. Gallatown
Robert & Co. tobacco & snuff manufacturers, 250 High sfc
Grubb James, ironmonger & blacksmith, 367 High st
Guarantee Association of Scotland — Roger Black, Kirk wynu, agent
Guardian Plate Glass Insurance Co.— Michael Nicol, 5 Kirk wynd..
Guthrie David G. schoolmaster, Smeaton rd
Rev. William, m.a. Loughborough rd
HAIG James, rope & twine maker, Greenhill pi. Invertiel
Halley George & Co. dyers & cleaners, 12 Burleigh st. & 25 High St
Hamilton Alexan ier, glass & china dealer, 223 Links st
James, agent for Scottish Widows' Fund, 13 Wemyssfield
John, joiner, 2 Doctor's row, Gallatown
Hand-in-Hand Insurance^,— J. E. Murray, 135 High st. agent'
Harbour Commissioners' Office, Harbour head— Alexander Hender-
son, collector
Harcus John, manager of the London and Kirkcaldy Shipping Co.
473 High st; res. Maryfield Cottage, Dunnikier rd
Hardie, Haiidu &Fedorwitz, photographers, 479 High st
Thomas, grocer, &c. 117 High st; res. 7 Thistle st
Hardy Samuel W. m.d. surgeon, 10 James grove
Harley David, tobacconist, 25 Mid si. Pathhead
Edward, farmer, Smeaton
John, iron & metal merchant, 18 Mitchell st ; res. Blinkbonny
John, painter, 143 Mid st. Pathhead
Harrow & Johnston, solicitors, 104 High st
Andrew, solicitor (Harrow & Johnston), Dysart
Haxton Rev. James B. Church st. Sinclairtown
Haxton John & C o. glass merchants,glaziers & picture
framers, 106 High st
Hay Alexander A. liueu manufacturer & wholesale warehouseman.
74 High st
James, manager, Singer Sewing Machine Manufacturing Co.
49 High st
Rev. John D. 13 Rosslyn st
Heggie Alexander, dyer (R., J. & A. Heggie), Links Dye Works
Frederick, dyer, Linktown ; res. 9 West Fergus pi
James, dyer (R., J. <Sc A. Heggie), Denburn
John, dyer, 310 Links st [Works
R. B. & Pratt, linen manufacturers, West End Power Loom
R., J. & A. dyers, &c. Links & Denburn Dye Works
Heggie Robert, linen manufacturer, Kirkcaldy Power
Loom Linen Works ; res. 5 East Fergus pi
Heggie Robert, dyer (R., J. & A. Heggie), Links
Robert B. linen manufacturer (R. B. Heggie and Pratt), and
bleacher, West End House; works, Beath Bleach Works
Henderson Alexander, harbour master, 19 Nether st. Pathhead
Andrew, shopkeeper, 148 Liuks st. & joiner, Heggie's wynd
Barbara, boot & shoe dealer, 107 High st
Mrs. Christina, 18 Kirk wynd
George, bootmaker, Back st. Pathhead
Isabella G. fruiterer, 89 High st
John, grocer & coal agent, 23 Links st
John, tailor, 31 Nether st. Pathhead
Mary, shopkeeper, 322 Liuks st
Robert, plumber, gashtter & post master, 193 Links st
â–  Roger A. glut officer, 509 High st
Walter, shopkeeper, 325 High st
William, shopkeeper, 110 Links st
Mr. William, 37 Townsend pi
Hendry Daniel, Esq.. j.p. floor-cloth manufacturer (Hendry, Whyte
& Strachan), Forth Park
J. & W. flax spinners, West Bridge Spinning Mills
Mrs. Mary, Maryfield
Hendry, Whyte & Strachan, floor-cloth and linoleum
manufacturers. National Works, Kirkcaldy; London
warehouse, 12 Oat la. Noble st. E.C.
Hepburn Agnes, newsagent, 83 Links st
Herd Barbara, spirit dealer, 141 St. Clair st
John, Cross Keys Tavern, 373 High st
Magnus, Dunnikier Arms Hotel, Mitchell st
Mr. Peter, Den End Cottage
Richard, grocer, 163 Links st
Walter, coal proprietor, Dunnikier Colliery res. Parkhill
William, spirit dealer, 2 St. Clair sfc
William, grocer, &c; 31 Bridge st
Heron Gilbert, painter, 286 High st [clairtown
â–  Robert & Son, earthenware manufacturers, Fife Pottery, Sin-
Robert Methven, earthenware manufacturer (Robert Heron &
Son), Fife Pottery, Sinclairtown
Herriot John, grocer (R. & J. Herriot), Preston Villa, Wemyssfield
John H. grocer (R. & J. Herriot), Woodbine Cottage, Wemyss-
field [field
Ninian Lockhart, grocer (R. & J.Herriot),Presfcon Villa.Wemyss-
Herriot K. & J. wholesale grocers and tea merchants,
100 & 150 High st

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