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PUBLIC BUILDINGS, Ac— continued.
Police Station, 57 High st — Charles Hunter,
Registrar- of Births, Deaths & Marriages for
the parish of Dysarfc— John Terrace, juu.
East Quality st
Station, at Dysart — Alexander Peas, station
To KIRKCALDY & LINKS— VV. Dow, dailv
NEWBURY & WEMYSS— Thos. Christie
1 FALKLAND is a parish, anil the small ancient town of its name
! a royal burgh, 25 miles n. from Edinburgh, 23 miles s. frum
Dundee, 15 s.E.from Perth, the same distance n.n.w. from Kiughoru,
10 s.w. from Cupar, 3 from Auchtermucbty and Strathmiglo, and the
same distance from the Falkland Road station of the North British
Railway. It is bounded on the north by Auchtoriuuchty, on the
soutli by Markincb, ou the east by Kettle, and on the west by
Strathmiglo; its length is about sis miles and its breadth about
four, and is situated nearly in the centre of the county, ou the north
side of the Lomond hills, which shelter it completely from the winds
of thesouth. Falkland consists principally of one street, the eastern
part of which is broad and spacious, but towards the west is narrow
and inconvenient. The few good houses in the tov/n are of an antique
character, somewhat in keeping with th'j architecture of the Palace,
a building well worthy the notice of a stranger. For a long time
it was only a ruin, but was rescued from total decay and repaired by
the late Ma\ Bruce, of Nethill. The excellence of the workmanship
still delights the eye of the antiquarian, and gives an idea of wbat
the building once was. The royal family of Scotland resided here
occasionally up to the time of Charles II., who called here on his
return from the continent in 1650. James V. diod here in 1542. A
dungeon is shown in which it is said the Duko of Rothesay was
starved to death by his uncle Albany. Tradition reports that this
victim of oppression was supported for a length of time by two
females, the wives of tradesmen of Falkland, one of whom supplied
bread to him through a chink in the walls of the prison, while the
other conveyed the milk from her breast by means of an oaten reed;
being at length discovered, these supplies were cut off, and he
perished of hunger. In 1615, it is said, the famous Rob Roy
garrisoned the palace with a party of Macgregors, and laid the
country uuder heavy contributions for miles round, until at length
he retired with great booty. The town was erected iuto a burgh by
James II. in 1453, and its charter was conliimed and renewed by
James VI. in 1595, in order (in the words of the charter) to '' obviate
the damage and inconveniences sustained, for want of innkeepers
and victuallers, by the many prelates, peers, barons, nobles, and
others of their subjects who come to their country seats." The
magistracy consists of a provost, two bailies, a treasurer, a town
clerk, and nine councillors. A town hall was erected in 1804, in
which balls and other public assemblages take place. A large
common, which belongs to Falkland, and on which the inhabitants
had a right to turn their cattle, &c. was some years ago divided
among the heritors, and is nearly all enclosed. The House of
Falkland, erected by the late Mr. Bruce, is one of the finest man-
sions in the county; the grounds are very tastefully laid out, and.
are annually resorted to by large numbers of visitors, who lind it a
very excellent place for picuics, &c. The manufacture of linen
forms an important branch of trade here, and the chief occupation
of the industrious class is weaving. The Lomond hills in this
district ate shaped like a cone, the eastern Lomoud, which is the
most regular and beautiful, is about 1,650 feet above the level of
the sea, aud appears to have been fortified. The west Lomond is
higher, and has on its top a largo cairn, or heap of loose btones.
The places of worship are a pariah church, a Free church, and a
chapel for Independents. Tiie pariah church was erected some
years ago, through the liberality of the late O. T. Bruce, Esq. at
an expense, it is Baid, of £7,000. It is a handsome structure, sur-
mounted by an elegant spire; and to perpetuate the memory of
this gentlemen a monument has been erected on Nett Hill, near
the Lomouds, and can be seen at a groat distance. A very hand-
some fountain was likewise constructed in the centre of the town
by the above gentleman, who did much to c mtributo to the welfare
and improvement of this place. A very handsome memorial has
been erected in the square behind the Palace by the executors of the
late Mrs. Bruce, to the memory of her father, Colonel RobertBruce,
and her uncle, John Bruce, from whom she inherited the estates of
Nethill, Falkland Wood, aud Grangehill, Dear Kinghorn. Tho
parish school has been very considerably enlarged and improved by
the School Board since the passing of the act. There are other
schools, including one for infants. Fairs were formerly held in tho
parish on the secoud Tuesday in January, third Thursday in March,
second Monday in May, third Friday in June, hrst Thursday in
August, last Tuesday in September, and Friday before Edinburgh
Hallow fair in November; but since railways became general
through the country, these fairs have fallen into disuse. Tho
parish of Falkland embraces b,265 acres, and in 1881 contained a
population of 2,698 persons, of whom 972 were in the Royal burgh.
Newton of Falkland is a hamlet about midway between Falk-
land and Freuchie, where there is an extensive trade carried on in
Freuchie is a village, iu the parish of, and about two miles e
from Falkland. Tho linen mauufacturu is carried ou here to a co n
siderable extent, the inhabitants being principally employed iu
weaving linen goods. An Uuited Presbyterian and a quoad sacra
church are in the village. There is also a public school. Popula-
tion in 1881, 1,059.
SUB-POST OFFICE, Falkland, Robina Reddie, Post Mistress.— Letters from all parts arrive (from Ladybauk) at 9 10 a.m., 1 noon
and 7 20 p.m.; and are despatched thereto at 5 50 a.ui. and 4 40 p.m. Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank.
Sob-Post Office, Freuchie, David Webster, Post Master. — Letters from all parts arrive at 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. ; and are despatched
thereto at 5 50 a.m. and 3 85 p.m. The nearest Money Order Office is at Falkland.
Alexander Mrs. Magdalen, Falkland
Bain Mr. James, Freuchie
Barrack Rev. John, Falkland
Bonthrone Mr. Alex. Newton of Falkland
Bruco Andrew Hamilton Tyndall, Esq. j.p. &
D.l. House of Falkland
Campbell Mrs. Lucinda, Falkland
Cusin Mr. James J. Chapelyard
Duncan Mrs. Helen, Falkland
Frast-r Rev. Charles, Freuchie
Gray Rev. John, Freuchie
Greig Mr, Andrew, Falkland
Guland Win. Esq. j.p., m.d. Falkland
Gulland Mr. CharleB, Falkland
Gulland Mr. Charles, jun. Millfield
Herdman Mr. B. A. Falkland wood
Jackson Mr. Charles, Lomond Vale
Johnston Geo. Esq. (of Lathrisk), Falkland
Mackenzie Rev. Alexander, Falkland
Seton Mrs. Catherine, Falkland
Wallace Mrs. Agnes, Newton of Falkland
Wilson Mrs. Ann, Falkland
Wood Major William, Falkland Palace
Board Schools : —
Falkland — John Richardson, master ;
Mary Reid, mistress
Freuchie — Alexander Mill, master; Isabella
Fraser, mistress
Chisholm John R. Falkland
Equitable Co-operative Society, Falkland
Equitable Co-operative Society, Freuchie —
William Haxton, manager
Petrie James, Freuchie
British Linen Co. Bank (Falkland, & Sub-
branch at Freuchie) — draws on own office
Bank of England & Smith, Payne & Smiths,
London— Charles Gulland & Charles Gul-
land, juo. joint agents; Laurence Reid,
Braid David, Freuchie
Braid George, Freuchie
Porter William, Falkland
Robertson David, Falkland
Adamson George, Freuchie
Kennedy Robert, Falkland
Reid David, Falkland
Stevenson John, Freuchie
Webster David, Freuchie
Bonthrone Alexander, Newton
Brewery, Falkland
Meiklejohn William, Glen Newton
Brewery, Newton of Falkland
Fernie Alexander, Falkland
Jackson Robert, Falkland
Page William, Falkland
Birrell James, Freuchie
Bruce George, Freuchie
Duucan David, Falkland
Leisham Alexander, Freuchie
See Woollen Manufacturers.
Campbell P. & P. (Perth)— Matthew Miller,
Falkland, agent
Pullar J. & Sons (Perth) — Robina Reddie,
Falkland, and Euphemia Halkerston,
Freuchie, agents
Allan William, Falkland
Arnot Thomas, Newton of Lathrisk
Bain James, Freuchie
Baiclay Robert, Drums
Baxter George, Myreside
Bonthrone Alex. Newton of Falkland
Bruce George, Freuchie
Outhbert John, Freuchie Mill
Dowie John, Deuside
Duncan David, Falkland
Duncan William, Kilgowrie knowe
Ewing John, Little Freuchie
Fernie Alexander, Falkland
Fleming John, Belreavie
Herdman B. A. Falkland wood
Hoy Alexander, Hangingmire
Landale Mrs. — , Woodmill
Leishman Alexander, Freuchie
Leishman John, Freuchie

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