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GROCERS, &c— continued.
Elder Hugh, Halbeath
Fisher Robert & Son, IS Rath st
Ford May, 57 Woodhead st
Fraser Alexander, 17 Bridge st
Eraser & Carmicbael (wholesale), Maygate &
Eraser Daniel, 86 Baldridge barn
Gelly Christian, 25 Moodie st
Gibson Margaret, 3 Moodie Bt
Gillespie Robert, 69 High st
Grieve Alexander, Eftst Nethertown st. and
1<2 High st
Hamilton James, Coal edge, Crossgates
Hay James, 8 High st
Higgins Martha Park, 61 Bruce st
Houston Martha, 18 Mill st
Izatt Robert, 10 Reform st
Johnston George, 22 Appin crescent
Kirkhope William, 22 East Port st
Lassodie Co-operative Store, Lassodie —
Peter Burt, manager
Lawson Janet J. 42 Pittencrieff st
*Lee John. 68 Hign st
Leitch Matthew, 4 Albany st
♦Lindsay Francis, Crossford
Lindsay George, 10 Kirltgato
London & Newcastle Tea Co. (tea dealers),
7 High st
M'lotosh Marion, 119 Pittencrieff st
M'Neill Archibald, Crossgates
^Millar S. & J. 145 New row
+ Miller Robert H. Crossford
Morris James, 9 South Inglis st
Muir John, 22 Queen Anne st
Muirhead Thomas, Townhill
Nicholson William, 2 Pilmuir st
Philp George, 66 Cantnore st
Pbilp Henry, 131 New row
Philp William S. 56 Pilmuir st
Robertson Archibald S. 89 Chalmers st
*Scully Alexander, 5 High st
Short George, 145 Baldridge burn
Simpson George M. Townhill
♦Smart James, Gardener st
♦Smith William, 36 East Port st
Snaddon William, East Nethertown st
Spence Ann, Halbeath
Stark Andrew, 7 Pittencrieff st
Stewart & Burnett, 19 & 21 Higli st
Stewart William, 88 Golf drum bt
Turbayne Alexander, Townhill
*Walls Charles, Crossgnto
♦WatBon David, Crossford
White John, Townhill rd
Wardlaw David, 114 Woodhead st
Whyte Margaret, 17 Moodio st
Brown James, 9 Reform st
Lamond Alexander M. Cross wynd
M'Pherson Robert, 4 Guildhall st
OgHvie William, 4 New row
Stenhouse James, 34 Chalmers st
Stewart David, Kirbgate
Arthur Edward, 29 High st
Dow Peter & Son, 16 High st
Nicol Robert, jun. 2 High st
Stewart Charles, 39 Grieve et
Taylor James (reed), 9 Bothwell st
Clark William (Clark's patent
multitubular heater; the most
powerful, efficient and economical
heater of air in public buildings),
Arthur Edward (& outfitter), 29 High st
Dow Peter & Son, 16 High st
Fairlie Elizabeth, 22 Abbot st
Gow David (&, shirt maker), 99 High st
Hutchison Helen, 112 High st
Morton James, 22 Bothwell pi
Moyes William, 15 Guildhall st
Nicol Robert, jun. 2 High st
Robertson George (& shirt maker), G Bridge st
Robertson W. M'Kelvie, 83 Bridge st
(See also Spirit Dealers, tC- Public Houses.)
City Arms Hotel, Laurence Anderson,
Bridge fit — See advertisement preceding
Historical Notice of Edinburgh
Commercial, William Robertson, Douglas st
Imperial, Thomas Wright, Guildhall st
Royal Hotel, Alex. Campbell, 83 High st [st
St. Margaret's, Robert Blyth, St. Margaret
Union Hotel, James Dodds, South Inglis st
See Fire, cOc. Office Agents.
(See also Engineers, d m c.)
Chalmers Robert, Crossgate
Dunfermline Foundry Co. (and
engineers, millwrights and boiler
makers). Grant's Bank st
Jackson Alexjinder & Sous, Phcenix Foundry
AI'Leod & Kirk, Whitrmyre Foundry
Morton Andrew, Charlestown Foun-
dry, Charlestown— See advertisement
Hamilton Robert {& colliery furnisher), 14
Douglas st. & at 29 St. James's square,
Ireland & Co. 14 Bridge st
(See also Tinplatc Workers.)
Adie Andrew, 26 ChalmerR st
Alexander Andrew, 48 Hieh st
Bnnnar James &-Sons, 41 High st
Harley Andrew (furnishing), 24
Bridge st +^"
Ireland & Co. 14 Bridge st
(See also Cabinet Makers.)
Addison William, 20 Chalmers st
B rough Robert, 52 Grieve st
Crawford John, 6 Moodie st
Duncan Andrew, Crossgates
Duncan David S. (& Venetian blind maker),
Fergus John, 23 & 25 Chalmers st
Forbes James, 49 Priory lane
Graham David. 24 Woodhead st
Hay Charles (and packing case
maker), 38 James st
Hutton Robert (& cartwright), Halbeath
Koir John, 52 Woodhead st
Kilgour David [& wheelwright), Hospital hill
Lamond John (& picture frame maker), 56
Holvrood place
Mitchell Alexander, 53 High st. & 82 Maygate
Mitchell & Kinghorn, Buchanan st
Philp H. &J Campbell st
Philp J. & W. East Port st
Sannders George, Chapel st
Sutherlund Andrew, 25 Woodhead et
Wightman John {& pacicing case maker),
104 Golfdrnm st
Cairns Robert, Roscobic Lima Works
Lathalmond Lime Co. — Henry Mungall
managing partner
Anderson William, 50 Moodie st
Boag David & Son, 10 Reid st
Bowie A. & J. 127 High st
Campbell & Co. 38 Bridge st
Carstairs James, Damside fit
Duncanson A. H. & J. 8 Bridge st
Duncanson John & Son, 5 & 9 Bridge st
Dunfermline Co-operative Society, Limited
16 Randolph st
Fraser Margaret, Albany st
Galloway James, Albany st
Hoey Andrew, 6 High st
Hogg James, 54 Woodhead st
Johnston John, 36 Bridge st
Lamond Daniel, 26 High st
M'Laren William & John, 28 & 30 Bridge st
Paton Catherine, 16 Bath st
Ramsay Robert, 28 & 30 High st
Reid James Kerr & Co. 1 High st
Robertson Peter, 2 Bridge st
Robertson William, 26 Bridge st
Shadforth George. 65 Golfdrnm st
Taylor Peter, 83 High st
Walls Charles, Crossgate
Gnurlay Thomas, Bonnar st
Wilson Robert (& wholesale hard-
ware & fancy goods merchant), 34
High st
Brown Matthew (jncquard), 18 Sonth Inglis sfc
Dunfermline Foundry Co, (power
looms, hydraulic and printing
presses, &c), Grant's Bank st
Jackson Alexander & Sons, Phceuix Foundry
LeBSels Geo. (jacquard). Grant's Bank st
Morton Andrew, Charlestown Foun-
dry, Charlestown— Ace advertisement
Tod Michael & Son, Devon Engine
Works, Campbell st
Alexander James & Thomas (manu-
facturers of damask table linen,
&c. i, Canmore Works, & 19a York
st. Manchester
Beveridge Erskine and Co. St.
Leonard's Works, and at Albion
buildings, 11 Tib st. Manchester
Colvill Archibald, St. Margaret st
Cunningham W. & Co. Woodhead st
Dunfermline Cn-operative Manufacturing
Society, Ltd. New row — Robert M'Gregor,
Hay & Robertson, St. Margaret's
Works, and at 6 Carey lane, ion-
don, E.G.
Inglis & Co. Castle Blair & Victoria
Works, and at 19 Rook St. Man-
chester, and 22 Gresham st. Lon-
don, E.C.
Mathewson James & Son, Bothwell
Works, and 5 Back George street,
Manchester ; 21 Lawrence lane,
London, E.C; and 82 Wilson St.
Reid Andrew & Co. (linen damask
manufacturers), Pilmuir st
Reid Henry & Sou, Abbey Garden Works
Steel & Co. Caledonia Works, Carnegie st
Walker R. E. Reid and Co. Albany
Works; warehouses, 11a Mosley
St. Manchester, and -1 and 5 Honey
Lane market, London, E.C.
Wilson and Reid (manufacturers of
damask table linen, &c.); office
and warehouse, Gr.eve st; works,
Milnathort and Kinross, Kinross-
Fraser & Carrnicuaol, Maygate; mills, Mou-
aslery st
Scott John, Pitliver Mill
Walls James (and grain merchant)
Harriebrae Mill, Mill st
Wardlaw Thomas, Tough Mill
Allan Annie, 27 J^ Downieville cres
Allen Maggie, Crossgates
Allister Janet, 65 Woodhead st
Anderson Margaret, 10 High st
Anderson Margaret, Reid st
Bainbridge A. & C. 14 High st
Beveridge Betsy, ~'S Rumbling well
Beveridge Helen, Crossgates
Campbell & Co. 38 Bridge st
Chisholm Helen, 43 New row
Cook Isabella, 3 Bruce st
Doas Mary, 43 Woodhead st
Drysdale Elizabeth (& fur & feather cleaner),
12 Bath st
Duncanson A. H. & J. 8 Bridge st
Duncanson John & Son, 5 & 9 Bridge st
Dunferrulin6 Co-operative Society, Limited,
18 Randolph st
Fergus Isabella, 5 East Port st
Fleuiiug Janet, 35 James pi
Fraser Margaret, Albanv st
Gildee Helen, 114 High'st
Gorrie Jessie, 117 High st
Halley Janet, 14 Chalmers st
Harrowar Grace, 64 Moodie st
Hay Sarah Storey, Abbey Park pi
Hoey Andrew, 6 High st
Hogg Misses — , 16 Priory la
Izatt Elizabeth, Townhill
Johnston John, 36 Bridge st
Kirk Campbell, Reform st
Lawson H. & I. 132 High st
Lawson Mary, 8 Douglas st
Mercer Christina, 41 North Inglis st
Paton Isabella, 51 Woodhead st
Selby Elizabeth, 40 Grieve st
Smith Isabella, 53 Woodhead st
Stenhouse Alison, 53 High st
Stobie Isabella, St. Catueiine's wyud
Taylor Peter, 33 High st
Westwood Isabella, 19 Guildhall st
Whyte Janet, 25 Downieville cres
Wilson Ann, 1 West Nethertown st
Younger Jane, 101 Pittoncrieff st

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