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model of the North Church. Amsterdam, the Dutch having a great
deal of intercourse with Burntisland at that date. The galleries,
wLich, show very antique carvine, were erected in 1613, and it was
within these wails that James VI. met the General Assembly of tho
Cnurch of Scotland, and pressed his pet proposal for a now transla-
tion of the Scriptures, a proposal which took practical shape after
that monarch's accession to the throne of England, and resulted in
an authorised version. The reason Burntisland acquired this
storical distinction was because the Forth was so stormv at
basaltic columns. They arc irruptivo through limestone and sand-
stone strata. Tho sandstone quarries at Grange and Newhigging
give out extensive supplies of stone for buildings in the neighbour-
hood, and quantities are shipped at Starleyburn for other places.
Tlie limestone mine, belonging to the Carron Co., at Star1eyhu.ru,
has beeu shut up in the meautime, owing to the depression iu
the iron trade. It was formerly worked on the east hills, and
tho exhausted workings there are objects of interest to the j
tourist, who also finds agreeable walks towards Duncarn, the back
of tho Binn and Kingliorn, both by the new and old roads. Tho
rock which marks the s\)ot where Alexander III. met bis death in
1986, is situated beyond the limits of the parish on the south side of
the new Kingliorn road, and is easily recognised by its ivy mantle.
Burntisland was originally a burgh of regality under tho" Abbot of
Dunfermline. In the year 1541 it was purchasod from him by James
V., and erected into a burgh royal, confirmed by James VI. in 1587,
and renewed by Charles I, in 1632.
The Established church, bearing the date 1592 over its entrance,
is probably the oldest building in the town. In style it is after the
POST OFFICE, S3 High Street, Burntisland, David Wood, Pout Master.— Letters from Edinburgh and the South arrive at 7 45 and
10 20 a.m. and 5 p.m. ; from Perth, Dundee and the North at 8 45 a.m. and 6 20 p.m. ; and are despatched to Penh, Dundee and the North
at 6 30 a.m. and 410 p.m.; to Edinburgh and the South at 7 50 a.m. and S 20 p.m.: to Edinburgh, England and tho South at 2 20, 4 25
and 5 4j p.m. Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank.
tho time lhat the king could not cross it to attend ihe Assembly in
Edinburgh, and tho Assembly compliently crossed to Burntisland to
meet tho king. An Espiscopal school, founded by the late Rev.
G. H. r-nrbes, continuos to be conducted by his trustees ; and tho
Episcopal congregation are now accommodated in a new iron church
of a neat Gothic design, at Ferguson place, under the charge of the
Rev. Donald Mackenzie, b.d. Acreage of tho parish, 2,565. Popula-
tion in 1831, 4,821.
Allan Mr. Robert, Victoria tor
Bell Mr. George, Victoria Cottage
Bell Mr. Thomas, 14 Craigkonochie ter
Bennet Mrs. Elizabeth, 11 Craigholm cres
Bcveridge Mrs. Ann, Links 2 view
Birrell Mr. — , Seabauk House
Blaikie Mrs. Susan, 5 Buccleuch pi
Bogie Mrs. Jane, 8 Gladstone ter
Brown Mrs. Mary, 43 High st [ter
Buchanan Rev. Archibald, 10 Craigkenochie
Burn Mrs. Charlotte, 15 Craigholm cres
Cameron Mr. A. J. W. 5 Craigkenochie ter
Cameron Mr. Peter A. Coilinswell
Conncl Mr. John, Cromwell House
Coventry Mr. William, 6 Craigholm cres
Cunningham Mr. David, Dalachy
Cunningham Mr. John G. 2 Gladstone ter
Cuvror Mr. James, Kirkliank
Davidson Mr. Daniel, West Lochies
Davies Miss Lucy, Victoria ter
Duff Mr. William, 12 Craigkenochie tor
Dunbar Mr. John, 3 Gladstone pi
Duncanson Mrs. Euphemia, 11 Gladstone ter
Duncanson Mr. John, 16 Craigkenochie ter
Farquharson Mr. Jamos S. Lothian House,
38 High st
Finlayson Rev. Joseph S. m.a. Cromwell rd
Forbes Mr. William H. Half Moon House
Fotheriiigbam Mr. Jamos, 4 Gladstone pi
Gavin Mr. Peter J. 7 Craigkenochie ter
Gourlay Mrs. Grace, 4 Beufield villas
Grieve Mrs. — , Primrose, Kirkhank
Hendry Mrs. Susan, 15 Craigkenochie ter
Honeyman Mr. Robert, 18 Craigkenochie ter
Hutchison Miss Cecilia, 1 Gladstone pi
Hutchison Mrs. Henrietta, 2 South view
Hutchison Mr. John, Starleybank, Starlev-
Inches Miss Margaret, 1 West Lochies
Inglis Misses — , 9 Craigkenochie tor
Johnstone Mr. William, Kingswood
Kerr Mr. James, Craigend Villa
Kerr Miss Mary Ann, 39 High st
Kilpatrick Rev. Thomas B. 19 Craigholm
crescent [j er
Kinsman Mr. Samuel Thomas, 10 Gladstone
Kirke Mr. Robert, Green Mount
Landale Mr. David, The Binn
Little Mr. Robert, Park House
Low Mr. David, 6 Kirkhank
Macauley Rev. George, Fairfield Villa
M'Conneil Mr. Archibald D. 9 Gladstone tor
M'Donald Mr. James A. Stoueybank
M'Kenzie Rev. Donald, b.d. Little Dene
Macomish Mrs. Margaret, 11 Craigkenochie
Miller Mr. William, 7 Craigholm cres
Morrison Miss — , 3 Benfield villas
Nicoll Mr. David M. 12 Gladstone ter
Orrell Mrs. Ann, 17 Craigholm cres
Orrock Mr. Robert, 13 Craigkenochie ter
Parlane Rev. James, m.a. 3 West Lochies
Paterson Mrs. Catherine, 3 Gladstone ter
Pearson Mrs. — , Cromwell Bank [laws
Philp Mr Alexander, North View, Latnnior-
Pithie Mr. Stieu,3 Craigholm ter
Prentice Mr. George, Newbigging House
Prydcs Misses Isabella & Margaret, 3 South
Quarton Mr. Francis, Kirkbank
Robertson Mrs. — , 14 Cromwell rd
Robertson Mr. John A. 19 Craigkenochie ter
Shepherd Mr. James, Rossend Castle
Simpson Miss Janet, West Brae House
Simpson Mr. John, 6 Bentneld villas
Smith Mr. William D. 1 Gladstone ter
Spence Mr. Robert, ai.D. St. Ninian's
Spencer Mr. James, Whinny Hall
Stewart Rev. William, 1 Victoria ter
Stirling Miss Emma M. 16 Craigholm cres
Strachan Miss — , 4 Craigkenochie ter
Eyinon Miss Eliza, 1 South view
Symon Mrs. Margaret, 5 South view
Taylor Mr. James, Starloy Hall, Starleyburn
Thomson Mr. David, 15 Craigholm cres
Wallace Mr. Thomas A. 96 High st
Walls Mr. John, Place House, Grange
Watson Mr. James, 8 Craigkenochie ter
Williamson Mrs. John, Park Houso
Wilson Mrs. Grace, 1 Links view
Wilson Mr. Peter, Seaforth pi
Wishart Mr. John, Grange [Starleyburn
Wright Rev. Robert, d.d. Starleyburn House,
Young Mrs. Mary, 6 Gladstone ter
Etiscopad ScnonL, Mount pleasant— Janet
Stewart, mistress
Macomish Agnes, 11 Craigkenochie ter
Public Schools, Burntisland — David Low,
master; Archibald Cameron, second mas-
ter : Isabella Dobbie, mistress
Addison Henry (shipping), Harbour pi
Anderson Gilbert R. (shipping), Harbour pi
Connel John (shipping), Harbour pi
Dufi William (for Singer's sowing machines),
122 High st
Forbes William H.& Son (shipping &cn]Itory),
9 Highst [Highst
Henderson Thomas (bouse. & valuator), 120
Johnstone William & Co. (shipping), 2 Forth
place [ter
Nicoll David M. (commission), 12 Gladstone
Robertson David (house), 13 Cromwell rd
Robertson William & Son, 20 High st
Smith A. IT. % Co. (shipping), Harbour pi
Waddeli Alexander (house], 85 High
35+— A-E
Bread Society, 75 High st — Jas. Chalmers.
Paterson Ann, 57 High st
Smith William, 27 High st
Strachan Thomas, 34 High st
Watson Peter, 3 Harbour place
Webster David, 70 High st
Wilson John, 93 High st
Cheque Bank, Limited, 77 High st— John
Murray, agent
Commercial Bank of Scotland, Limited
(Branch), 96 High st; head office, Edin-
burgh— draws on London office, 123
Bishopsgate st. Within, London & West-
minster Bank, & Coutts & Co. London-
Thomas A. Wallace, agent; Alex. Brown,
National Bank of Scotland, Limited
(Branch), 38 High st; head office, Edin-
burgh—draws on London office, 37 Nicholas
lane. Union Bank of Loudon, & Coutts &
Co. London — James S. Farquharson, agent ;
James Readdir, teller
Savings Bank, Sa High st— open every Fri-
day, from 7-30 to 8-30 p.m— James S. Farqu-
harson, acting treasurer
Gray William, 78 High st
Wood David («& printer, news & ad-
vertising agent, & circulating
library), 88 High st
Beatson John, 65 High st
Brown James, 76 High st
Charles Thomas, 59 High st
Cowan William, 69 High st
Gordon Thomas, Summervillo st
Howie William, 52 High sc
Lumsdeu Michael, 33 High st
Robertson David, 89 High st
Stewart Elizabeth, 95 High st
Henderson Thomas (& upholsterer).
120 High st
Robertson James (& upholsterer & under-
taker), 13 Cromwell rd
Cowan Betsy, 35 High st
Jackson John, 120 High st
M'lntosh William, 7 Uiyh st
Douihristle Colliery Co. 2 Forth pi— William
Johnstone & Co. shipping agents
Elgin & WellwooJ. Coal Co. Harbour place-
Henry Addison, shipping agent
Fife Coal Co. Limited, 2 Forth place— William
Johnstone & Co. shipping agents
Hill of Beath, Muiredge and Dundonahi
Collieries, 9 High st— \V. H. Forbes &, Son,
Lassodie Coal Co. Harbour pi — Henry
Addison, shipping agent
Lochgelly Iron & Coal Co. Limited, Harbour
pi— John Connel', shipping agent
Robertson William & Son (exporters of coal
& iron), 20 High st
Wallace Andrew (Halbeath), Harbour pi-
Gilbert R. Anderson, shipping agent
Wcmyss Colliery, Harbour pi— A. H. Smith
& Co. shipping agents
West of Fife Coal Co. Limited, Harbour pi
—John Connel, shipping agent
Stewart Christina, 74 High st
Wilson Jessie, 87 High st
Henderson Andi-ew, Castle st
Law William, Kirkton
Robertson George (& tinsmith), Young's pi
Danish, Norwegian, & Swedish — John
Connel, Harbour pi
German— John A. Robertson, 20 High st [pi
Netherlands— William Johnstone, 2 Forth
Russian— Stien Pithie, 2(J High st
Chalmers Thomas, Seaforth pi
Chalmers William, 66 High st
Young William & Co. Grange Distillery,
Hay P. & R. (Edinburgh), 87 High st— Jessie
Wilson, agent
Macnab A. &, J. (Edinburgh), 62 High st—
Paterson & Duncanson, agents
Pullar J. & Sons (Perth), 74 High st— Chris-
tina Stewart, agent

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