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ECCLEFECHAN is a considerable village, in the parish of
Hoddam, 71 miles 3. Edinburgh, 75 s.E. of Glasgow, 20
N.w. by rail from Carlisle, 16 e. of Dumfries, 6 N. of Annan, and 14 from
Langholm, lying in a fine situation near the foot of Annandale, and on
the road from Glasgow to Carlisle, within a mile of tho station on the
Caledonian railway. The land of Hoddam parish is of the very best
quality, under a superior system of cultivation, and tho district is
perhaps one of the most healthy and pleasant in the south of Scotland.
The principal employment of the inhabitants is weaving cotton goods
for the Glasgow manufacturers, who have constantly a demand for the
labours of the loom, and which enables the operative to enjoy many
comforts which tliey would otherwise he deprived of. Ecclefechan
contains a few respectable shops, in which a variety of trades is carried
on. Fairs are held for cattle, &c, on the Tuesday after the 11 th of
June, and the Tuesday after the 20th October; the Duke of Buccleuch,
as superior, claims certain customs for all standings and for all cattle
exposed for sale. A branch of the Royal Bank of Scotland is estab-
lished in the town. There is a parochial school here, and the places of
worship are the Established, Free and United Presbyterian churches.
Ecclefechan can boast of being the birth place of Thomas Carlyle, re-
nowned for his quaint but powerful writings. The remains of the
great philosopher were brought from London (where ho died in the
early part of 1881), and interred in tho parish churchyard here.
Within a short distance of tho village are the remains of a Roman
camp, said to be one of tho most complete in Scotland. The parish of
Hoddam contains about 7,514 acres, and in 1881 had a population ol
1,548 inhabitants, that of Ecclefechan at the Bame period being 768.
Middlebie is a parish lying on the road between Langholm and
Ecclefechan ; it is about seven miles in length by four in breadth ;
acreage about 17,545. It abounds in red freestone, and is valuable
for its lime quarries, but much of the land is of rather poor quality.
The village, a small one, is about two miles from Ecclefechan, and
about twelve from Langholm. There is an Established church and a
parochial school.
Kirtlebridge and Eaglesfield are small villages in the above
parish, the former three miles, and the latter two and a half miles from
Ecclefechan. At Kirtlebridge has recently been built, with all modern
conveniences, a first-class family and commercial hotel, and in the
immediate vicinity are the famous salmon and trout fishings of the
Annan, the Esk, and the Kirtle. There is also a briek and tile works
here. Kirtlebridge is a station on the Caledonian railway.
Waterbeck is a village also in the parish of Middlebie, about three
miles from Kirtlebridge station on the Caledonian railway, and four
miles from Ecclefechan on the road to Langholm. It is a pretty little
rural place, and has been much improved by the late Mr. Robert
Carlyle and his sons. It is notable for the large supply of wool, cured
bacon and cheese, which it sends annually to the different markets.
Here the United Presbyterians have a place of worship, built in the
Gothic style of architecture, and there is a parochial school in the
village. The population of Middlebie parish in 1881 was 1,927.
POST OFFICE, Ecclefechan, William Graham, Post AT aster.— Letters arrive from London, Edinburgh, and all parts, at 6 a.m. and from
London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and the North at 4 40 and 8 45 p.m. Letters are despatched to Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, England and all
parts at 1 p.m., Dumfries and Galloway, &c. at 3 40 p.m. and to Edinburgh, Glasgow, the North, London and England at 7 and 10 p.m. On
Sundays letters arrive from all parts at 8 a.m., and are despatched thereto at 7 30 p.m. |3" Money Order and Telegraph Office and
Savings Bank,
Post Office, Waterbeck, John Wells, Post Master.— Letters arrive from all parts (by foot-post from Ecclefechan) at 7 45 a.m., and are
despatched thereto at 3 40 p.m. |S"The nearest Money Order Office is at Eaglesfield. The nearest Telegraph Office is at Kirtlebridge
Railway Station.
Post Office, Kirtlebridge, Isabella Little, Post Mistress.— Letters arrive from all parts (from Ecclefechan) at 7 SO a.m., and are
despatched thereto at 3 45 p.m. 13* The nearest Money Order Office is at Eaglesfield, half a mile distant. The nearest Telegraph Office
is at Kirtlebridge Railway Station.
Post Office, Eaglesfield, George Nelson, Post Master.— Letters arrive from all parts (from Ecclefechan) at 7 50 a.m., and are despatched
thereto at 3 45 p.m. t^Money Order Office and Savings Sank. The nearest Telegraph Office is at Kirtlebridge Railway Station,
Anderson George, E-jq. Woodhouse
Arnott Archibald, Esq. Kirkconnell Hall
Arnott Miss Kate, Kirkconnell Hall
Bedford Major Campbell Ryland, Knockhill
Bell Thomas, Esq. m.d. Cressfield
Brooks E. Esq. Hoddam Castle
Carlyle Robert, Esq. Waterbeck [House
Carlyle Thomas Johnston, Esq. Temple Hill
Carruthors Mr. William, Newton
Currie the Misses — , Newfield
Dixon Mr. Robert, Ecclefechan
Dunbar William, Esq. Langshawe
Easton Mrs. Janet, Greencroft Cottage
Gas James B. Esq. m.d. Ecclefechan
Graham Mrs. — , Dunabie
Graham Colonel William, j.p. Wysehy House
Henderson Mr. John, Graham Hall
Howie Rev. Wm. Free Manse
Irving John, Esq. Burnfoot
Jackson Mr. Thos. Buccleuch pi
Johnstone Mrs. Mary, Townfoot
Maxwell Sir John H. Bart. Springkell
Moffat Mr. Irving, Kirtlebridge
Moffat Mr. James, Kirtlebridge
Monilaws Rev. James John, Middlebie
Rae Mr. William, The Firs
Ramsay Mrs. Mary, Scottsfield
Rodger Captain Charles, Castlebank
Ross Rev. George, Manse, Hoddam
Scott Rev. James, Waterbeck
Shankland Thomas, Esq. Ecclefechan
Smith Rev. Archibald, Ecclefechan
Smith Paulas iEmilius, Esq. Ellerbeck
Stephen William, Esq. m.d. Waterbeck
Tilburn Mr. William, Woodburn Cottage
Infants' School, Eaglesfield— Andrew & John
Boyle, masters
Parochial Schools:—
Eaglesfield — Allan Boyle, master ; Mrs. Boyle,
Ecclefechan — Alexander Fairnie, master ;
Mary Muir, infants' mistress
Middlebie — Thomas Jackson, master
Waterbeck, Hott's Bridge — David Taylor,
Calvert Andrew, Kirtlebridge
Currie James, Newton
Irving John, Ecclefechan
Miller James, Waterbeck
Tait William, Ecclefechan
Wright George, Sunnybrae, Eagle ifield
Henderson Richard, Ecclefechan
Temiant John, Ecclefechan
Armstrong John, Waterbeck
Beckton James, Eaglesfield
Halliday David, Ecclefechan
Henderson Alexander, Ecclefechan
Henderson William, Hoddam
Hill James, Hollee village
Irving Robert, Sunnybrae, Eaglesfield
Johnston James, Newton
Millar William, Ecclefechan
Murray John. Eaglesfield
Palmer William, Ecclefechan
Thomson William, Waterbeck
Wardrope George, Ecclefechan
Moffat & Murray, Bonshaw Brick & Tile Works,
Kirtlebridge — See advertisement
Armstrong George. Eaglesfield
Halliday David, Ecclefechan
Hodgson John, Newton
Steel John, Waterbeck
Carlyle Thomas & Robert (& cheese
merchants), Waterbeck
Murray William, Ecclefechan
Royal Bank of Scotland (Branch), Eccle-
fechan — draws on head office, Edinburgh,
Coutts & Co., the Bank of England, and on
London office, Bishopsgate st. Within —
Thomas Shankland, agent
30— A-R
Dalziel Robert, Railway station
Ferguson William, Donkins Lime Works, near
Ferguson Wm. Railway station, Kirtlebridge
Grierson John (dealer), Ecclefechan
Murray James, Railway station
Richardson Thos. Railway station, Kirtlebridge
Anderson Adam, Mainhill
Armstrong Archibald, Collin! lurst
Arnott Archibald, Hall of Kirkconnell
Bedford Campbell R. Knockhill
Bell Christopher, Upper Collinhurst
Bell-Irving John, Mainholm
Blackstock John, Paulsland
Brown J. & R. Burnswark
Bryden James, Grahams Hall
Byres Thomas & Agnes, Gimmenbie Mains
Carlyle John C. Scalewood
Craig James, Newfield
Currie tho Misses — , Newfield
Dalrymple William, Parkgate
Davidson William, Cleughside
Dickie William, Howdales
Dobie Thomas, Parliament Close
Fleming William, Meinfoot
Halliday Robert, Yesket
Harkness James, Rashierig
Irving & Clow, Grains
Irving Christopher, Longdyke
Irving John, Cowthat
Irving John, Supplebank
Johnstone Robert, Townfoot
Johnstone Gavin, Axletree Well
Kennedy Ann, Luce
Kennedy William, Meinbank
Lorimer James, Woodland
Menzies Robert, Hallguards
Miller James, Swaughpark
Nicholson James, Sinclairburn
Park Robert, Relief
Richardson D. B. Haregills
Ritchie John, Whins
Rodger Charles, Castlebank
Steel William, Shortrigg
Tait James, New Orchard
Yallance Robert & Alexander, Douglas Hall
Anderson Andrew (of Hawick), Stockbridge
Armstrong Mrs. — , Westcraigs
Armstrong James, Middlebie hill
Armstrong John, Northcraigs
Armstrong Richard, Greengate House
Austin Mrs. — (exors. of), Craighouse
Bell George, Middlebieriggs
Bell George & John, Carruthors
Bell George & Thomas, Minsea
Bell Irving, Raggetsyke
Bell Irving David, Debate
Bell James, John & David, Conhess
Bell John, Allforuought
Bell John, Scotsbridge
Bell John, Gilmartine
Bell Joseph, Ashyards
Bell Thomas, Torbeckhill
Biggar John, Braes House
Blacklock Andrew & George Ritchie, Dirrops
Blacklock John & Thomas, Stonybeck
Brown John, Between the Waters
Carlyle John, Pingle
Carlyle Robert & Thomas, Waterbeck
Carlyle Thomas J. Templehill House
Creighton Hugh, Kirtlebridge
Davidson James & Irving, Cron, Hags
Davidson John, Linbridgeford

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