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Boyes John, Glenmidge, Holywood
Coltart James, Iron gray
Dempster James, Holywood
Edgar James, Dunscore
Edgar Joseph, Kirkmahoe
Edgar Robert, Dunscore
Edgar Samuel, Kirkmahoe
Stevenson John, Holywood
Boyd William, Irongray
Dickson John, Dalswinton, Kirkmahoe
Halliday Robert, Dunscore
Kirkpatrick Robert, Dunscore
Kirkpatrick William, Dimscore
M'Naught David, Kirkmahoe
Richardson James, Holywood
Waugh William, Dunscore
Armstrong Walter, Greenliead
Beattie James, Swyre
Bell" George (trustees of), Corsefield
Biggar John, Lagg
Black Thomas, Crawston
Boyes James, Burnhead
Brown Robert, Kenmore
Carlyle Edward, Milton Mill
Carlyle James, Craigenputtock
Carruthers John, Highfarthing
Clark James, Farthingwcll
Corrie James, M'Cubbington
Corson William & George, Skelston
Crosbie Sarah, Lagganlees & Craigs
Dalgleish Adam, Skinford
Ferguson Robert, Drum
Gibson Alexander, Bogrie
Grierson John & Joseph, Ellesland
Hall Jolvn, Farmer's field
Hiddleston William, Woodfoot
Hill James, Chapel
Hunter William, Sunday well
Kennedy Thomas, Burnside*
Laurie James, Shaughan
Laurie Thomas, Brocklestone
Leggatt Alexander, Killyleoch
Little Robert, Shank
M'Burnie James, Springfield hill
M'Call Jolin, Little Moss side
M'Call Alexander, Portrack
M'Call John. Lanehead
M'Kenzie John, Sunnyhill
M'Kinnell James (heirs of), Lochmillan
M'Millan Mrs. — , Moat
Martin William, Shillingland
Maxwell Henry, Longbank
Maxwell Robert, Junken
Maxwell Thomas, Whitedyke
Milligau John, Merkland
Mitchell John, Poundland
Moffat William (heirs of), Laggan
Moffatt John, Dunscore
Morrine Thomas, Whiteside
Patterson Robert, Castramon
Pike John, Stroquhan
Proudfoot George, Cairn Hall
Roddon John, Nethertown
Scott David, Craigenvey
Spence Alexander, Springfield
Spence John, Corsefield
Thomson James, Moss side
Thomson William, M'Murdowstown
Thomson William & Robert, M'Cheyneston
"Watson William, Farthing
Watson William, Bessiewallow
Waugh Robert, Kellieston
Weir William, Gordieston
Anderson Mrs. Josiah, Glengaber
Armstrong George, Newhouse
Barbour James & Robert, Heathfill
Bell John, Milliganton
Boyle John, Bellfiela
Brown Jas. sen. & jun. Baltarson & Burnside
Brown Thomas, Gulliehill
Carson John, Abbey
Dalgleish Alexander & Adam, Upper Milliganton
Derby James, Kilness
Derby James, Cludenbanks
Derby James & Andrew, Slaethorn croft [park
Drummond James, East Crossleys & Holywood
Easton John, Sandbed
Fraser John, Upper Cluden
Gibson Alexander, Upper & Lower Stepford
Graham William G. Muirside
Henderson John, Rosehill
Hunter James, Hardlaw Bank
Hyslop Alexander, Kilnoroft
Jamieson John, Corinaddie
Johnstone Robert, Summerhill
M'Caw Anthony & Jas. Towuhead of Glengaber
M'Kenzie John, Sunnyhill
Maxwell David, Birkhall & Moss
Maxwell General John H. Lower Portrack
Maxwell Maxwell H. Esq. of the Grove
Morrison William, Bearcroft & Burnside
Murdoch — , Newton Rigg
Pagan Charles, Kilness
Pringle Robert, Fourmerkland
Robison Thomas, Glengowcr
Robson Ebenezer, Brooinrig, Myerside, &c.
Roddan John, Steilston & Looberry
Rome David, Williamsfield &Little M'Whaurick
Sloan James, Holm
Templeton — , Blackpark
Templcton David, Killylung
Wilson Adam, Speddockhill
Wilson Robert, Barbuie
Brown John, Ingliston
Callander William, Dalquhah-n
Dickson Thomas, Crochmore & Drumcruil
Dockray Joseph, Gateside
Dunn James, Meikle Broch
Dunn Samuel, The Glen
Haining James, Old Clouden
Haining Thomas, Larbrcck
Halliday William, Nethertown
Hope Tliomas, Margreig
Hunter George, Long Bcoch
Hunter Robert, Braco
M'Burnie James, Knockshinnoch
M'Knight Dougald, Hallhill
M'Knight Thomas, I.agg
Merry William, Barnsoul
Revie John (heirs of), West Clouden
Robison James, Romes Beoch
Robson Robert, Barncleugh
Sharpe William, Cornlee
Thompson Thomas, Midtowu of Killylour
Thomson Robert, Rigghead
Thomson William, Clouden
Walker Walter Quinn, Maxwelltown
Wright Maxwell, Bonerick
Aitken Agnes, of Duncow
Barbour W. & Sou, Low Townhead
Barbour William, Dalswinton Mill
Bell William (& cattle dealer), Auchencairn
Black Robert & James, Smithtown
Blacklock William, Netherhall
Bowness Margaret, Springvale
Boyd David, Boatrigg & Ellerslie
Carnochaw Adam, Newmains
Craig William, West Duncow & Sandbed
Crawford John, East Gallowberry
Galbraith John, Bellholm
Gibson John, Brachead
Haistings John, Carzicld
Hiddleston James, Riddingwood
Hunter John, Auchenrath
Jardiue John, Forrest
Johnstone Margaret, Kirktonfield
Kennedy David, of Castlehill & Woodlands
Kennedy Robert, of Newlands & Harleyriggs
Kennedy Samuel & David, High Townhead
Kerr James (trustees of), Burnside [Lochbonk
Kirk William, Kirktonfield, Crawfordland and
Leuy William M. Isle
Linton Richard John, Kemyshall
M'Kune William, Whitehiil
M'Lean Thomas, Shawend
M'Nay John, Brandyburn
M'Nay Thomas, Foregirth & Meadow
Middleton James & Joseph, Parkburn
Mitchell Joseph, Bankhead
Mitchell Joseph M. Glenmaid, &c.
Smith Edward, Netherholm
Smith George, Shaws
Steel James, Pennyland
Swan John, North Riddingwood
Weir James & Robert, Clonfeckle
Wilkin Thomas, Kerricks
(See also Shopkeeper*.)
Anderson John, Irongray
Broatch Hugh, Milton, Dunscore
Coup^and James, Kirkinahoe
Harkness James, Dunscore
Kirk "William, Dunscore
Laurie James, Dunscore
Lorrimer Matthew, Holywood
M'Naught James, Holywood
Maxwell Mrs. Robert, Dunscore
Milligan Margaret, Duncow, Kirkmahoe
Moffat John, Dunscore
Raffle Mrs. — , Coldstream, Dunscore
Wright Sarah, Irongray
George, Joseph M'Caig, Dunscore
King's Arras, Janet Gracie, Dunscore
Parish Brothers, Dunscore
Frood Hector, Irongray
Hamilton John, Kirkmahoo
Kirk William, Dunscore
Maxwell David, Dalgoner, Dunscore
M'Naught Thomas, Burnhead, Dunscore
Stott James, Milton
Barbour William, Dalswinton Mill
Brown William, Suade Mill, Dunscore
Carlyle Edward, Melton Mill, Dunscore
Craig James, Dalgoner, Dunscore
Derby James, Holywood
Fergusson Thomas, Dunscore
Maxwell Thomas, Allington Mill, Dunscore
Rao William, Lrongray
(See also Grocers.)
Henderson James, Troughgate, DunBeore
Moffat John, Dunscore
Smith Arthur, Kirkmahoe
Smith Janet, Kirkmahoe
Kirkpatrick John, Holywood
M'Naught James, Holywood
Martin Samuel, Holywood
Morton William, Holywood
Robinson Alexander, Holywood
Selkirk William, Holywoud
Anderson John, Irongray
Broatch Hugh, Milton, Dunscore
Fair James, Chapelcroft, Irongray
Thomson James, Dunscore
Waugh William, M'Cubbington, Dunscore
Coupland James, Kirkmahoe
Harkness James, Dunscore
M'Cubbin John, Kirkmahoe
M*George Bryce, Holywood
M'Kenzie Robert, Dalswinton
Wylie Robert, Dunscore
Bell William, cattle dealer, Auchenchaui, Kirk-
Chidgey James, gamekeeper, Irongray
Dickson Alexander, registrar of births, deaths &
marriages, & rate collector, Kirkmahoe
Earnshaw — , milliner & dressmaker, Irongray
Gibson Janet, milliner & dressmaker, Irongray
Hope John, registrar of births, deaths &
marriages, Dunscore
Johnstone John, slater, Dunscore
Kerr Joseph, picture framer, Dunscore
Lawrie James, inspector of poor, collector of
rates, & clerk to the parochial board, & to the
School Board, Dunscore
M'Ghie John, seed, &c. agent, Kirkmahoe
M'Venie John, flesher, Dunscore
Smith John, inspector of poor, Kirkmahoe
Wilson William, registrar of births, deaths &
marriages, inspector of poor, & rate collector,
and their ministers.
Established Churches :—
Dunseore — Rev. John Hope
Holywood — Rev. Robert Davidson
Irongray — Rev. Thomas Underwood
Kirkmahoe— Rev. Maxwell Hutchison
Free Churches: —
Craig— Rev. James Bowie
Dunscore — Rev. James Pollock
Irongray — Rev. David B. Mearns
Kirkmanoe — Rev. David M'Dowell
United Presbyterian, Dunscore — Rev. Geo,
Station, at Holywood— Samuel Fallas, station
There are two 'Buses from Dunscore to Dum-
fries every Wednesday & Saturday

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