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PAnocniAL PanooLS:—
Clarencefield — Alexander L. Davidson,
Cummertrees — John Johnstone, master
Halton— Archibald Gajbraith, master
Mousewald— James Stafford, master
Hi TinvELL (Lord Mansfield's female and
Indus' rial School) — Christina Harrow,
Tkailthow School— John Watson, master
Armstrong John, Hannah
Austin James, bill
Beattie James, Stenries
Bell James & David, Bavros gate
Bird Thomas, Lower Mm r, Trailtrow
Bryden Ann, West Trailtrow
Burgess John, Ladyfiold
Carruthors Peter, Cbaiiesfield
Chalmers Jane, Backburn
Crawford Uugli, Wintershcugh
Dobbio Alexander, Hitchell
Fisher James, Burnside
Georgieson Peter, Upper Mains
Graham George, Ryellill
Eanniug John, Justin lcos
Irving Herbert, Murraythwaitc Mains
Jeft'ery Robert, Upper muir
Johnstone James .Upporwood'head
Kennedy John, Nothertuwu
Kerr James, Topiuuir
Kerr James, Backoer
Lindsay George, Corryknows
H'Kay David, Hurlile dale
Murray Robert W. Mill lands
Rao David, West Bowhill
Rao John, Broom
Roddick Goorge, Trailtrow
Roddick James, Bogues, Trailtrow
Sharpe Charles, Stenries
Stewart Hugh & JaraeS, Holybush
Bell James, Almigill
Brown James, Hardgrave
Dobbio John, Middle Row
Gass Thomas, Brae hill
Greig John, Hatland hill
Hotherington Thomas, Scarigg
Hutchinson Jamos, Kirk hill
Hutchinson John, Holmains
Irving John, Cairn
Irving John, Isle of Dalton
Kerr Archibald, Upper Dormont
Little Thomas, Halliday hill
M'Lcan James, Hiudgill
Marchbank James, Dalton greens
Maxwell Bros. Kirkwood mains
Maxwell John, Foster meadows
Rao Benjamin, Muckle dyke
Reid James, Gill Hall
Twee die Thomas, Whitecroft
Warwick John, Gillbrae
White Henry, Upper Almigill
Bell William, Holmbead
Brown James, Broadgata
BrnntoD David, Branteth hill
Dobie Alexander, Calf Park
Parish Jamos, West Mains
Grierson Jamos, Woodsido Mill
Haiuing John, Boghead
Henderson James, Dodbeck
Hill David, Bcyond-the-Burn
Irving George, Townfoot
Irving James, Landyke
Irving Robert, Ironburst
Jardine Alexander, Brockourae
Kerr John, Bluutheld
Muir Lamb, Townbead
Patterson James, Horsoholm
Thomson John, Robbie-what
Todd Alexander, Broeklehirst
Watson Thomas, Rallies
Affleck Alexander & John, Stank
Boll John, Cocklicks
Broatch George, Thwaito
Broatch James, Summer field
Coultharfc William, Greenfield
Graham Thomas, Hay berry
Hill John, Bower House
Jackson Adam, Nowfield
Jackson James, Bellridding
Johnstone Francis, North-bower
M'Crcath John, Comlogan mains
Murray James, East Howe-reck
Murray John, Kirkbeck
Phillips James & Archibald, Donbioyetfc
Phillips John, Clarcncefield
Russell William, Longbridge muir
Wallace Andrew, Lockerwoods
Armstrong John, dogger, Carrutherstown
Boyd William, tailor, Cummertrees
Boyd William, joiner & grocer, Ruthwell
Broatch Isabella, grocer, Ruthwell
Bzown Andrew, grocer & millwright, Flosh
Calvert William, grocer, Dalton
Carlylo Mary, grocer, Carrutherstown
Carruthers William, cattle dealer, Bower
Houses, Ruthwell
Cowan William, joiner, DaHon
Dalgliesh William, coal agent, Station Yard,
Dalziel John, shoemaker, Dalton
Davidson Alexander L. registrar of births,
deaths & marriages, Clarencefiold
Dick Mary, shopkeeper, Dalton
Dickson John, blacksmith, Mousowald
Dunbar David, shopkeeper, Cumiuertrees
Ferguson Robert, coal agent, Ruthwell
Galbraith Archibald, registrar of births,
deaths it ainrrj^gca, & collector of taxes,
Graham Thomas, niilkr, Hayberry
Grierson James, miller & corn dealer and
poor inspector, yVoodside Mill, near Racks
Railway station
Grierson William G. tailor, Ruthwell
Hamilton John, blacksmith, Dnlton
Haikness John, blacksmith, Nowlield
Honderson Joseph, grocer, Clarencefiold
Hotherington Hector, blacksmith, Ruthwell
Irving Ann, grocer, Kelhcad
Johnstone John, registrar of births, deaths,
& marriages, Cummertrees
Kerr Thomas, constable, Ruthwell
Little Peter, joiner, Ruthwell
M'Lean Thomas, draper and tea dealer,
Marshall Francis, grocer, Cummertrees
Mundell Benjamin, shoemaker, Ruthwell
Mmidell John, joiner, Mousowald
Richardson John, coal agent, lluthwell
Richardson Thomas, stonemason, Ruthwell
Roddick William, shoomaker, Cummertrees
Scott Isabella, shopkeeper, Cummortrees
Scott John, shoemaker and shopkeeper,
Sharpc John, draper, Cummertrees
Smith Thomas, tailor, Ruthwell
Twoedio John, blacksmith, Carrutherstown
Twecdie Thomas, grocer & joiner, Mouso-
Watson John & Adam, liino burnors, Kel-
White John, grocer, Clarencefield
White John, Castle Iuu, Clarencefield
White William, joiner, Clarencefield
and their ministers.
Established Churches :—
Dalton — Rev. Robert Donaldson, m.a.
Cummertrees— Rev. Sinclair Nichol
Mousewald— Rov. John Gillespie
Ruthwell— Rev. Jamos M'Farlano
Free Churches :—
Mount Kedar — Rev. Alcxauder Brown
Dalton — Rev. William Fullerton
Station, at Cummertrees— William Lambie,
station master [.master
Station, at Racks— James M'Call, station
Station, at Ruthwell— George Macdonald,
station master
DO KNOCK is a parish and Tillage— the lattev a small one, in the
district of Auuaudale, Dumfries-shire, 84 niihs s. of Ediu-
hurgh, 18 s. of Langholm, 17 s.e. of Dumfries, 12 s.E. of Lockerbie,
7 s. of Ecclefechan, and 2 e. of Annan; situated on tlio high road
from the hitter town to Carlisle, and about a quarter of a mile from
the shore of the Solway Firth, where there is good sea bathing. The
parish, which is about two miles and a half square; contains about
4,020 acres, and is washe 1 ou its southern part by the Solway. An
ancient erection, called Stapleton Tower, stands on the estate of
Stapleton, in this parish. It is now the summer residence of John
A. Critchley, Esq. Robgill Tower, formerly belonging to thelrvings,
of Robgill, stands iu the same parish, and with the lands attached
are now possessed by Robert Paterson, Esq. At a short distance
from the village there arc the remains of a Roman military road and
Druidical circle or.temple. On what was formerly a moor iu the
paiish, a battle is traditionally said to have been fought between
the English and Scotch, in which the former were defeated and
their two commanders slain. Two stones in Dornock churchyard,
e.ich li' a feet long aud two broad, aud raised in the middle like a
coffin, mark the place of their reported interment. On these tombs
hieroglyphics arc cut, which have hitherto puzzled the antiquarian.
The kirk and the parochial school are in the village. Thero is au
Established church and two parochial schools in tho parish. The
population of ihe parish was in 1881, 814.
(Jbaitney (more popularly called Gretna),is a paiish in the south
part of the county, lying on the west side of the small river Sark.
The present parish, the acreage of which is about 7,86V compre-
hends the old parishes of Gietna and Itedkirk, which wero united
in 1600. The village of Gretna, or Gretna Green, is situated on tho
road from Annan to Oarlislo, by Longton, eight miles and a half
from the former, and nine miles and a half from the latter town,
and is the first stage on en/ring Scotland from England. The
Glasgow and South Western and Caledonian Railways pass through
the parish, and thero is a station contiguous to the village. This
place has long been noted for the celebration of clandestine
marriages, Any person can perform tho ceremony, which merely
amounts to a declaration, before witnesses, that the partios are
»an ana wifo, such an acknowledgment being sufficient to con-
BtHute a valid marriage in Scotland ; by a eertltloitte being Hiibnuvlbod
}>y tho othoiatlng flwt tsml ffftbosiasa tho anion beooassa .mk
28$— A-E
indissoluble. Tbe fee charged varied according to circumstances
and the means of tbe party ; from half a guinea to £'40, and even
£50 has been paid. Bills were brought into tho House of Lords to
alter tbe law of Scottish marriages, and more especially tbe Gretna
Green contracts, but they were not carried further than to require
tbat if tbe parties belong to any other country, one of them must
have resided seven days in the kingdom of Scotland before they can
be so joined together. Tbe lirst of these convenient priests was a
fisherman named Coulthard. He kept a ferry boat, before any high
roads wero made through tbe country. Tbe following is the form
of tbe marriage certificate, which, if required! is furnished •—
" These are to certify to all whom these presents may come, that
A.B., from tho parish of , in tho county of , and CD.
from tho parish of , iu tho county of , being now
here present, and having declared themselves single persons, were
Ibis day married after the manner of the laws of the Church of
England, and agreeable to the laws of Scotland.
" As witness our hands at Gretna Hall, &c, &c."
About a quarter of a mile from Gretna is the village of Spring-
field, which participated in this' matrimonial trade. This village
as also that of Gretna, belongs to the Maxwell family. At SarkfooV
about a mile from the latter village, is good bathing ground. About
two miles wost from Gretna is the small vilhigo of Rigg* where
there is a dissenting chapel. Population of tho parish in 1881, 1 212
The parish of Kibkpateick-Flbming, interesting in Scottish
legend and song, is bounded on the oast by Graitney. Tho kirk and
parochial school, which stand at the southern end of the parish are
about throe milus from Gretna. In the churchyard are several
ancient tombstones, amongst others a sarcophagus', bearing a Latin
inscription and eight shields of arms, to tho memory of William
Coulthard, chief of his name, who was resident in tho parish till
near the end of last century. About ouc mile from the village is
Moss Knowe, tho residence of William Graham, Esq.. a very fine
and stately mansion. Lime and freestone abound in this district in
which are likewise several mineral springs, possessing modioinal
properties similar to those of Hartfoll spa, near MoP'at ' The Cole
Oonian Railway, which runs through the village, h/ttg a station horo.
Volition in IbHl.Ubl; uereag.s n,r,-!. 8Wl 1UU WUi0 *

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