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videcl, through the liberality of the council and inhabitants. The
style is French Gothic of the thirteenth century, the building pre-
senting a frontage of 132 feet, adorned by a beautifully ornamented
central tower 140 feet high. Above the Academy are the rooms per-
taining to the Dumbarton School of Art, inaugurated November
25th, 1884, and in the rear of it is a large public hall, embracing
every convenience, and capable of accommodating an audience of
about 750. The interior of the building was entirely destroyed by
fire in 1882, and has since been handsomely refitted and furnished
with all the newest scholastic appliances. The expense of erection
of both buildings was about £6,000. There are also three Board
schools erected at considerable expense, and an Episcopalian school,
a handsome stone building, constructed upon the newest and most
improved system, situate in Risk street; the cost, including the
grounds, was £5,000, which was defrayed by Richard D. Buchanan,
Esq. Dunglass CaBlle, Bowling. There are three weekly news-
papers established here, the Dumbarton Herald, the Lennox Herald,
and the Dumbarton Observer. 'J here is a free circulating library and
reading-room in High street. A new public park, to be called Leven-
grove Park, and covering about 35 acres, has recently been presented
to the town by Peter Denny, Esq. of Helenslee, and John Mac-
millan, Esq., of College Park. It is pleasantly situated, and bounded
by the Clvde and Leven, the grounds being tastefully laid out. The
cost was about .£20,000, and it was opened May 30th, 1885. The
Agricultural Society, under the presidency of the Duke of Montrose,
have a show of live stock at Dumbartou annually in June. A cattle
market is held on Wednesday, which 1b well attended ; there is also
a large cattle fair held on Carmun Moor on the first Wednesday in
June. Population of Dumbarton in 1871, 11,429, and in 1881, 14,172.
Cardross is a small but respectable village in the parish of its
name, situate four miles from Dumbarton, on the road to Helens-
burgh, and near the shore of the Clyde. Prior to the Reformation
the church of Cardross was a rectory, belonging to the Cathedral of
Glasgow, and was seated on a peninsula promontory formed by the
Leven and the Clyde; the present church, which stands in the
village, is a neat edifice with a square tower. This district is very
pleasant and salubrious, and the situation of the parish eligible for
business. The vicinage of the village is the residence of many
respectable families, whose tasteful mansions embellish the sur-
rounding scenery. The parochial school here, likewise a Free
church are handsome stone buildings. The North British railway
have a station here. On Castle hill are the remains of the residence
of Robert Bruce, from whence ho could behold his army encamped
below. Population of the parish in 1871, 7,080, and in 1881, 9,365.
ARRIVALS. — From Edinburgh, Glasgow, England and South of Scotland, and all parts at 8 15 a.m. and 2 80 p.m. (for callers), and
7 15 p.m. ; from Alexandria and Helensburgh at 6 45 a.m.; from Helensburgh, Renton and Alexandria at 4 80p.m.
DESPATCHES.— To Edinburgh, Glasgow, the South aud all parts at 8 45 and 10 50 a.m., 12 45 and 8 45 p.m. and 5 80 and 7 and 10 p.m.;
to Alexandria, Helensburgh & Renton at 10 p.m.
On Sundays letters arrive from Glasgow^and all parts at 8 50 a.m., and from Alexandria and Helensburgh at 4 SO p.m., and are des-
patched to Glasgow and all parts at 5 15 p.m.
The Post Office is open from 9 to 10 a.m. Sunday
IS" Money Order and Telegraph Office anil Savings Bank.
TOST OFFICE, Glasgow Road, Newtown, Thomas Wiggins, Sub-Post Master.— Letters are despatched to Dumbarton at 8 80 a.m.,
and 3 30 and 6 30 p.m. — week days only. 13" Money Order Office and Savings Bank.
Post Office, West Bridgend, Mary Cook, Ecceivcr.— Letters are despatched to Dumbarton at 825 a.m. and :>. 25 and 6 30 p.m. On
Sundays at 330 p.m. IS" Money Order Office.
Post Office, Cardross, Duncan M'Intyre, Post Master. — Letters from all parts arrive ( via letter carrier from Dumbarton) at 7 15 a.m.
and from Glasgow (by rail) at 10 30 a.m. and 4 45 p.m., and are despatched to Glasgow at 8 55 a.m., aud 3 40 and 6 40 p.m., and to Dum-
bartou at 11 a.m. and 4 55 p.m. 13" Money Order Office and Savings Bank.
Adam Mrs. Helen, Glenfield, Glasgow rd
Adam Mr. James, Rock View, Bonhill rd
Adams Mrs. Agnes, Comely bank
Adams Mr. David, Comely "bank
Adamson Mr. Robert, Roselea Villa, Cardross
Aiken James, Esq. Dalmoak Castle
Alexander Mr. Scott, Dumbuck House, Glas-
gow rd
Allan Mr. Alex. Thorn Rank, Cemetery rd
Allan Mr. Richard, Glenfield, Glasgnwrd
Alpine Rev. Geo. b.d. Manse, Strathleven pi
Anderson W. Esq. Darleatb, Cardross
Babtie John, Esq. (provost), Dunbritton
House, Strathleven pi
Babtie William, Esq. Inverleven
Bell Mr. John, Clyde View
Blair Mr. Robert,Ashby Cottace, Cemetery rd
Brock Walter. Esq. Leven Ford
Brown Mr. Alexander. Elm Bank
Brown Rov. Charles, Croft House Bank
Brown Mr. George, Comelv bank frd
Bryce Mrs. Elizabeth, Park Cottage.Glasgow
• Buchanan Mr. Robert, Maryfield
Buchanan Walter, Esq. Clerkhill
â–  Burns John W. Esq. jj>. Kilmahew.Cardross
Campbell Mr. Archibald, Lizvalo. Bonhill rd
• Campbell Colin, Esq. j.p. Colgrain, Cardross
â–  Campbell Thos. Esq. Tighmonadh, Cardross
Cochrane Mr. James, Bonhill rd
■ Colquhoun Mrs. — , Loning Villa, Cardross
Cormack Mr. Alexander, 8 Strathleven pi
Craig Mrs. Jane, Glenfield
Craig Robert, Esq. Glenfield, Glasgow rd
Craig William, Esq. Kirkton hill
Crawford Mr. .Tamos, Strathleven pi
Crawford Mr. John, Lizvale, Bonhill rd [rd
Cumming Mr. Robert, Ardeer House, Bonhill
i Davidson Thomas, Esq. Craigend House
Denny Mrs. Alexander, Comely bank
Denny Archibald, Esq. Braehead
Denny Mrs. J. Lily Bank, Cemetery rd
Denny James, Esq. Meadow Bank
Denny Mrs. Janet. Wood Lea
Denny John M'A. Esq. Hartfleld House,
Bonhill rd
Denny Peter, Esq. j.p. Helenslee
Denny Peter, jun. Esq. Bellfield
Dewar Mr. John, Strathleven pi
Duncan Mr. James, Oakvale, Glasgow rd
Dunn Mr. James, Ardoch
Edwards Mr. Robert M. Cathaya Cottage,
Bonhill rd [Cardross
Ewing Alexander Crum, Esq. Keppoch,
Ewiug Mr. Alexander, Craigend Cottage,
Ewing Mrs. John Orr, Ardardan, Cardross
son Mr. Thos. Scapeland, Bonhill rd
Findlay Mr. Robert E. Barnhill [leven pi
Forb. - 'Mr, William, Doon Cottage, Strath-
Frew Forrest, Esq. j.p. Lyleston, Cardross
Garvie Mr. Archibald F. Allanvillo
Geils Mrs. E. Ardmore, Cardross
Gillespie Mr. Alexander, Helm Bank
Gillespie Mr. William, Albion House, Ceme-
tery rd
Gordon Mr. George, View Park [ross
Granger Mrs. Jane, 5 Church avenue, Card-
Gunn Rev. Daniel, m.a. Greenvale, Bonhill rd
Halley Mr. William L. ]>nnoxlea
Hallpy Rev. William M. D.p. Strathleven pi
Hardie Mr. Thomas, Comely baDk
Hepburn Mr. John, Ardeer House, Bonhill rd
Hodge Mr. William, Bruce Cottage, Ceme-
tery rd
Hudson Mr. William, 57 Church st
J Irving Mr. John, Roselea "Villa, Cardross
Jackson Mr. John, Burntrigg Villa, Ardoch
Jardine Rev. John, m.a. Oxhill
Jenkins Mr. Joseph, Townend
Johnson Mr. Edward, Bonhill rd
Kennedy Mr. Alexander, Clyde Vale [rossrd
Kenneth William, Esq, j.p. Lea Bank, Card-
Latta Mr. Robert, Netherton, Cemetery rd
Leunie Mr. John, Spring Villa, Cardross
Leslie Mr. Peter R. D. Cbestfieltl
Lnmsden Misses — , Bloomhill, Cardross
M'Arthur Mrs. Grace, Albyn Villa, Cardross
M' Arthur Mr. John C. Townend
M'Auslan John, Esq. j.p. Kirkton hill
M'Auslan John Ure, Esq.. J. p. Eaderavon
M'Auslan Mrs. Margaret, Ardelven House
M'Brain Rev. James, Dalreoch Manse
MacBrayne David, Esq. Cardross Park
-M'Coll Mrs. Agnes, Burnfoot, Cardross
M'Donald Mr. Alexander, Comely bank
M'Donald Mr. Hay, Greenfiold. Cemetery rd
M'Dou<rall Mr. Ronald, Clyde Viow, Cardross
M'Farlan Mr. Robert, Rodlands Cottage
M*Farlane MissMargaret,Auchenfrole House,
M'Gregor Mr. James, Seafield, Cardross
M'Hardy Mr. Charles A. Lodge Cottage,
,. Bonhill rd
M'Intyre Mr. Daniel, Albyn Villa, Cardross
M'Intyre Donald, Esq. Tighcruachen, Card-
M'Intyre Mr. Duncan, Sea View, Cardross
M'Intyre Mr. John.Burnbank House. Ardoch
M'lver Mr. Charles, Cardross Villa, Cardross
M'Kay Mr. Patrick, Westonlee, Bonhill rd
M'Kechnie Mrs. Agnes, Afton Cottage, Bon-
hill rd
M'Lachlan Mr. W. A. m.d. Levenford Villa,
West Bridgend
M'Lean Mr. Allan, Mayfield, Bonhill rd [rd
M'Lean Mr. Charles, Ardeer House, Bonhill
M'Lean Rev. John, Spring Bank House,
West Bridgend
M'Lean Mrs. J. Strathleven pi
M'Lellan Mrs. J. Ardeer House, Bonhill rd
M'Lellan Mr. Robert, Ardeer House, Bon-
hill rd
M'Leod Mr. James, Maryville, Bonhill rd
M'Leod Mi*. John, Overcliffe [bank
M'Leod Mr. William, Moss Cottage, Comely
M'Leod Mr. William, jun. Riverslea
•Macmillan Mr. Archibald.Clyde Bank House,
Cardross rd
Macmillan John, EBq. j.p. College Park
Macmillan John, jun. Esq. Rockville House
Macmillan Robert, Esq. j.p. Methlan Park
M acpherson Mr. Dugald , Spring Bank House ,
• West Bridgend [Cardross rd
â– M'William Mr. Richard, Bruce Cottage,
Marshall Mr. James, Cardross rd
Martin Campbell, Esq. Drumhead House,
Cardross [rd
Mathie Mrs. Agnes, Acre Cottage, Cemetery
â– Maxwell Rev. William, The Manse, Cardross
Mitchell Robert Peter, Esq. Strathleven pi
Morrison Mrs. Margaret, Cosy Cottage,
Cardross [ross
Mudie Misses S. & J. 6 Church avenue, Card-
Muir Mr. James, Leven Grove Cottage
Muir Mr. William, Cardross
Murray Mr. David, Moorpark, Cardross
Murray Mrs. Eliza, Rose Bank, Ardoch
Paterson Rev. James H. Broomfauld Cottage,
Glasgow rd
Paterson Mr. William S. Oaklea, Cardross
Paton Mr. Hugb, Helensville
Paul Mr. Andrew, Kirkton
Paul Mr. Matthew, Vale View House
Pollock Mrs. Ann, Jamesfield Cottage,
Glasgow rd
Pope Mr. Robert B. Junction Villa, Dalreoch
.Porton Mr. John, Elmwood House, Cardross
Purvis Mr. Frank Prior, Craig Villa, Ceme-
tery rd
Reid Miss J. Strathleven pi
Richard Mr. Benjamin Maule, 81 High st
Roberts Mr. Alexander, Cardross rd
Robertson Mr. James, Melville
Robertson Mr. John, m.d. Strathleven pi
RobertBon Mr. John, Afton Cottage, Bon-
hill rd
Rohson John, Esq. j.p. West Hall
Robson W'illiam G. Esq. West Hall
Rogorson Mr. David, Rocklee
Rorke Mr. John, Bars House, Cardross
, Scott Mr. John, Mary Villa, Cardross
Simpson Mr. William, Dewart Villa,Cardross
Sloan Mr. William, Shamrock Bank [ross
Smith Mr. George B. Cardross Bank, Card-
Smith Mr. Robert, Jeans Lea
Stenhouse Mr. Joseph, Wood Yard House
Stephen Rev. William, 'll.b. The Parsonage,
Church st
Stevenson Charles M. Esq. 58 High sfc
Stevenson Mr. John. Homeston, Dalreoch •
Stirton Mr. William, Glenosmond Villa,
Stoddart Mr. Henry, Kirkton [hill
Tait Rev. John, Free Church Manse, Kirkton
Taylor Rev. John, Croft House Bank

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