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Devon runs through the village, and in the neighbourhood there
are some very beautiful falls ; the river also abounds in trout, and
in the season anglers have good sport. There is also a mill hei-o
for wool spinning and the manufacture of tweeds. Dunfermlino aDd
Inverkeithing water works are situated in tbis parish. The only
antiquity is Glendevon Castle, now in a good state of preservation,
and which was formerly an outpost of the Douglas family. The
only church (the Established) is situated about a mile from the
village. The nearest railway station is at Rumbling Bridge, about
3H miles distant. Fairs are held on first Wednesday in June,
second Thursday in August, fourth Thursday hi September, and
third Thursday in November, chiefly for sheep and wool. Acreage,
9,183. Population of the parish in 1881, 147.
Powmill and Blairingone are hamlets in the parish of Fossoway,
which is partly in Kinross -shire and partly in Perthshire, distant
about four and two and a half miles respectively from Dollar, their
post town. Their are two small collieries, one at Blairingone and
the other at Lambhill, the latter about a mile and a half north
of the former; The quoad sacra church is situated at the east end
of Blairingone, close to the public school, both baildings being of
stone. Blairingone is a quoad sacra parish, and has a.Sohool Board
of its own. The nearest railway station is at Dollar.
POST OFFICE, Dollar, Margaret C. Rutherford, Postmistress.— Letters from all parts arrive (from Stirling) at 1-28 and 8-45 a.m
and 6-5 p.m., and are despatched thereto at 9-15 a.m., 2-55 and 7-15 p.m.* KSs" Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank,
Post Office, Glendevon, Ann Sinclair, Post Mistress.— Letters from all parts arrive (from Dollar) at 1-10 noon, and are despatched
thereto at 4-10 p.m. t^s" The nearest Money Order Office is at Dollar.
Post Office, Blairingone, David Drummond, Post Master.— Letters from all parts arrive (from Dollar) at 7-30 a.m., and ar^
despatched thereto at 1-10 p.m. tS" The nearest Money Order Office is at Dollar.
Post Office, Muckart, John Young, Post Master.— Letters from all parts arrive {from Dollar) at 11-20 a.m., and are despatched
thereto at 5 p.m. 13 s The nearest Money Order Office is at Dollar.
***Letters for Dollar should bo addressed "Clackmannanshire," and for Blairingone, Powmill, Mockart, and Glendevon, "near
Dollar, Clackmannanshire."
Adams John, Esq. Harviestoun "Villa
Aikman Rev. Alexander, Muckarfc
Allan Mrs. — , Elm bank
Anderson Mr. James, Pitfar, Blairingone
Anderson Mr. "William, Lambhill, Blairingone
Blacklaw Mrs. — , Clifton Cottage
Brodie Mrs. — , Ashfield
Brotherstone Mrs. — , Gladstone ter
Brown Miss Helen, Academy st
Christie John, Esq. Cowden Castle, Muckart
Clawby Major — , Brookside
Connal Mr. William, Solsgirth
Constable Mr. Andrew, Freshfield villas
Cotterell Mrs. — , Seberham Cottage
Cousins Mrs. — , Bridge st
Coutts Mrs. — , Gladstone ter
Dalztel Mrs. — , Freshfield villas
Dewar James, Esq. Balliliesk, Muckart
Douglas Mr. John, Burnside
Douglas Mr. S. Mnckart
Duff Mr. John, Argyll House
Drysdale Miss — , Belleville Cottage
Ewiog Robert L. Esq. Devon Grove
Fairloy Mr. — , Devonshaw, B'airingone
Fraser Mrs. Florine, Brooklynn
Fleming Miss — . Brooklynn
Gibson James, Esq. J.p. Burnbank
Gibson Mr. John A. Burnbank
Gibson Mr William, Powmill
Guild Mr. James, Dollarbank
Gunn Rev. Angus, m.a. Tne Rlanse
Haig James R. Esq. j.p. Blair hill, Muckart
Haig William James, Esq. j.p. Dollarfield
Hall Mr. William, Burnside
Halley Captain Edward, Dollar [devon
Harvey Major John B. Glen Tower, Glen-
Henderson Mr. John S. Burnside
Hood Mrs. Janet, Chapel pi
Hunter Mrs. Elizabeth, Sobraon Villa
Hutchison Thomas, Esq. Glendevon House,
Hutchison Mr. Thomas, Highfield
Hutton Mrs. Isabella, Glen Cottage
Kirk Mrs. Janet, Park House
Lamb Mrs. — -, Oriel Cottage
Lang Mrs. Charlotte S. Birchgrove
Lee Mr. John, Elm Bank
Leishman Mrs. — , Broomrigg House
Lennox Miss Jane, Old Town
Lindsay Mrs, — , Birnie Cottage
Lindsay James, Esq. ll.d. Brooklynn
Lvall Mr. Charles, Kellybank
M'Arthur Mrs. — , Hollybush Cottage
M'lntyre Mr. Archibald, Sobraon Villa
Maclaverty Mrs. — , Monntdevon
M'Leish Rev. J. Rosevalo
M'Leod John, Esq. ll.d. Hillfoot
Maskew Rev. Henry E. m.a. Cashmere Villa
Middletou Miss — , Bellmont House
Miller Mrs. Grant, Sheardale House
Miller Mr. Robert, Mains Cottage
Mowbray John, Esq. Nae Moor House,
Murray Miss Maria F. Dollarbcg
Orr James, Esq. j.p. Harviestoun Castle
Paul Rev. Robert, Free Church Manse
Paulin Rev. George, Manse, Muckart
Kalston Mrs. — , Gladstone ter
Richardson Mrs. — , Thornbauk
Shearer Mrs. — , Brooklynn
Simpson Mrs. — , Catherine villas
Smith Miss Francis, Ashlield
Sommerville Mr. Wm. m.d. Windsor Cottage
Spiers Rev. Ebcnezcr B. e.d. Manse, Glen-
Stocks Mr. John L. Kilcruik
Storrar Mrs. — , Faerwood villas
Straohan Mr. John, m.d. Gladstone ter
Swanson Mrs E. Rose bank
Thorn George, Esq. Institution pi
Tod Mrs, — , Mayfreld f
Tod Mrs. Amelia, Mayfield
Turcan Captain Robert, Burnside Villa
26— A-R
I Walker Miss — , Ochil Vale House
Walker Mr. George A. m.d. Woodcot
Watt Miss Catherine, Bloomfleld Villa
Westwood Mrs. — , Dollar
"Wilson Rev. William B. R. Devonside House
Young Miss Isabella, Helen pi
Board Schools:—
Blairingone — James P. Low, master
Glendevon — Walter N. Russell, master
Muckart — Henry Sinclair, master
Dollar Institution or Academy :—
Principal— George Thorn, m.a.
Mathematics, Mechanics £• Science — George
Thom, m.a. & James Taylor, m.a.
Classics— R. Johnstone Cownie, m.a., d.sc
& Peter Snowdowne
French &■ German — Hermann Geyer,ph.c. &
Peter Snowdowne
Drawing— John Brown &Thos. A. Watson
Bookkeeping & Writing — John Douglas
English, Geography dr History — Richard
Malcolm, W. G. Cruickshank, m.a. and
William Clark, m.a., e.sc
Arithmetic — William Masterton
(Junior Department), English, Writing and
Arithmetic— James Christie, Alexander
D. Spence & R. N. Dron
Needlework— 'Miss Watt
Preparatory School— Miss Crombie & Miss
Sheardale School — Miss Snowdowne
Fencing and Gymnastics (Extra Classes) —
Vocal Music — Alexander D. Spence
Dancing — Mrs. Kennedy & James Smyth
Janitor &• Drill Instructor — John Campbell
Librarian — D. P. Oswald
Secretary d> Treasurcr-D.P. Oswald, fj&.i.s.
Gellatly Miss— (b oarding), Parkfield
Levack George S. Devon Lodge [Villa
Murray & Lindsay (boarding), Aberdona
(See also Fire, d-c. Office Agents.)
Baillie James (house), Academy st
Bryce Robert (coal), Railway station,
Rumbling Bridge
Cousins Peter (for G. A. Brown A Co. dyers),
Station rd
Gibb William & Son (for J. Pullar & Sons,
dyers, Perth), Bridge st
Hall Francis (for P. & P. Campbell, dyers,
Perth), Bridge st
Hay John B. (coal), Station rd
Keir Gordon (for Alloa Coal Co.), Station rd
Robertson John (bonso), Bridge st
Snowdowne Peter (coiil), Station id
Snowdowne William (bouso), Bridge st
Young George (manure), Dollar
Young liobt.(for P. & R. Hay, dyers), Bridge st
Braid David, Rumbling Bridge
Dunn David, Muckart
Howison David, Dollar
Murray Thomas, Cairnpark et
Skinner David, Powmill
Yonng John, Blairingone
Haig William & Sons (cotton and
linen cloth bleachers), Dollar
Bleach Field
Bradshaw Thomas, Bridge st
Donaldson Robert D. Station rd
Miller James, Bridge st
Blackwood Peter, Cairnpark st
Brown James, Burnside
Faichney Lewis, Burnside
Fyfe Robert, Blairingone
Glass Audrew, Bridge st
Jack Robert, Blairingone
Lindsay William, Powmill
Williamson James, Station rd
Wilson William, Muckart
"ioung John, Muckart
Brodie Alexander, Dollarfield
Carmichael W. R. & J. Dollar Mains ; office,
Alloa — See advertisement
Ramsay James, Dollar Mains
(See also Joiners.)
Johnman Robert, Blairingone
Robertson John, Bridge st
Watson Alexander, Old Town
Younger Samuel, Muckart
(See also Joiners.)
Robertson John, Bridge st
Snowdowne William, Bridge st
Young George (& live stock sales-
man), Dollar, & at Milnathort
Dunsmore Adam, Bridge st
Glass Wilbjam, Statiou rd
Oliphant Thomas, Bridge st
Clydesdale Bane, Limited (Branch), Dollar
head office, Glasgow — draws on own
branch, London— Jas. & John A. Gibson,
Cairns Andrew, Blairingone
Norval Alexander, Rumbling Bridge
Wright David, Muckarc
Eadie Thomasina, Bridge st
Rhind James, Blairingone
Robertson John, Bridge st
Snowdowne William, Bridge st
Alloa Coal Co.— Gordon Keir, agent— Sec
Anderson William, Lambhill, Blairingone
Devon Valley Coal Co. Blairingone— George
Blah-, manager
Dunsmore Adam, Bridge st
Finlayson David, Bridge st
Glass William, Station rd
M'Farlane David, Station rd
Oliphant Thomas, Bridge Bt

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