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SHOPKEEPERS— continued.
Lowe Alexander, 23 High st
M'Donald Angus, Greenside st
M'Martin Janet, 47 Broad st
M'Millan John, 26 Mill st
M'Neil Walker, Tullibodv
Marshall David, Tullibody
Marshall Margaret, Shore
Millar James, Tullibody id
Mitchell Marion, 2« Drysdale st
Morrison Margaret, 3 Shilling hill
Muir Robert, 45 Broad st
Paterson James, Fishcross, Sauchie
Philp Catherine, 15 Sliilliug hill
Ramage John, Sauchio
Ramsay Robert, Drysdale st
Rennie Charles, Erskine pi
RennicJanet, Tullibody
Ross Andrew, 51 Broad st
Scott James, Castle st
Scott William, Coalgato
Whitehead John, 28 Castle st
Young Archibald, Coalgate
Carmichael W. R. & J. (& brick & tile makers),
Alloa Brick ATileWorks — See advertisement
Bremner Thomas, North Castle st
Davie John (slater,plasterer,cement
merchant, & mosaic & encaustic
tile layer), King st
Grant James, Greenfield pi
Lowe J. & D. Greenfield pi
Macfarlane Robert, 14 Mar pi
Walker John, Broad st
Walker John, jun. Tullibody
See Blacksmiths.
Marked thus + are also Notaries.
Buchanan Robert (& auditor of the Sheriff's
Court, town clerk, clerk of supply, clerk to
the lieutenancy of the county, to the police
commissioners, to the road trustees, to the
property tax commissioners and assessors
for the county, clerk to the commissioners
of Tillicoultry & to the Clackmannan School
Board), Bank st
fEwing Francis G. (and sub-uistributor of
stamps & sub-collector of taxes), 15 High st
Henderson John S. (& agent for the local
authority of Dollar), 18 Mar st. & at Dollar
fKier David (Wallace & Keir— - & sheriff
clerk depute), Ma»st
+Laing Richard (& treasurer & collector to
the commissioners of police of tbe burgh of
Alloa, procurator fiscal to the magistrates
of police, & political agent for the county
of Clackmannan), 20 Mar st
tMacYVatt David (& procurator fiscal for the
county), High st
MacWatt Norman (&' clerk to the harbour
trustees & depute procurator fiscal for the
county) County buildings, Mar st
fMoir Jas. W. (& clerk to Alloa Parish School
Board & secretary to Clackmannan Union
Agricultural Society), Baukst
Thomson Charles, Bank st
fWallace & Kier, County buildings, Mar st
■f Wallace James (Wallace & Kier — & sheriff
clerk & clerk of the peace), Mar st
Allan Alexander, Greenside st
Baldwin Clara M. Forth st
Beveridge Margaret (Mar Hotel), Shore
Bowie James, ll & 13 Broad st
Dawson Charles (Bridge), Sauchie
Drysdale Annie (Commercial), 75 Mill st
Drysdale William (Sbip), Broad st
Forsyth George, Kirkgate
Fyfe John, 1 & 2 Junction pi
Gall Thomas (Prince of Wales), High st
Kennedy Margaret, 41 Coalgate
Lynn Robert (Bridge), 22 Shilling hill
M'Pherson John, West vennel
Monteath William, Tullibody
Park Alexander (Ferry), South Alloa
Paterson Francis & John (Newtonshaw),
1 aterson Margaret, Cambus
Pauling Robert (Victoria Hotel), Primrose st
Philip James, Tullibody [pi
Reid William (Royal Oak Hotel), Wellington
Rhodes Susannah (Railway), e Primrose st
Robertson William (Star), 32 Drysdale st
Sharkey Charles, Broad st
Sinclair George D. (Crown Hotel), Bank &t
Snadden Isabella, Sauchie
Wilkie John (Old Ship), Shore
25|- — A-R
Cochrane William T. (& wine), Primrose st
Dickie William H. 8 Candleriggs
Walker William, Shilling hill
M'Donald John, Alloa Steam Cooperage,
Townhead — Src advertisement
Pearson George & Co. Craigward Cooperage
— See advertisement
Cousin G. & R. Ludgate
(Jail Alexander, King st
See Builders at' Masons.
Hay J. Home, m.d. Church st
Kirkwood John, m.d. Bedford pi
Milne Thomas, m.d. (& certifying factory
surgeon), 13 Mar st
Strang Walter, Shilling hill
Wilson Robert, m.d. (& parochial medical
officer), 28Marst
Alloa Co-operative Society, Ltd. Primrose st
Bruce John, 54 Millst
Buick Francis, Sauchie
Carmichael Kobert & Sons, CG to 70 Mill st
Cramonrl William, 5 Mar st
Donnldson John, 6 Drysdale st
Gray Andrew, 17 Coalgate
Jack David, 46 Mill st
Jamieson John &. Co. 51 Mill st
Johnstone James, 32 Bank st
Knowlson John, 2 New Brunswick pi
Simpson David L. 65 Mill st
Ure Alexander, 20 & 22 Mill st
Kirk James (and oil merchant), 35
High st
(See also Saw Mill Owners.)
Hntton James, Cambus
Kirk James, 35 High st
Thomson Andrew & bons (and
sawing, planing and moulding
mills), Alloa Saw Hills
Thomson James D. South Alloa
Duff James, East vennel
Henderson John, 11 Shilling hill
Murray John, 12 Mar st
Stewart & Baxter, 32 Candlerisgs
Willison Robert, Alloa
Works—See adcei'tiscmcnt
Hall Thomas, Sunnyside
M'Donald Thomas, King st
Hall Thomas, Primrose st
Luke John, 14 Primrose st
M'Millan John, 26 Mill st
Bansley John, 19 Mill st
Dick John, 16 High st
Erskine Eliza & Janet, 23 Bank st
Fernio William, 42 High st
Mitchell Margaret, 45 High st
Rankino Jessie, 15 Mill st
Walters William, 7 High st
Sec Auctioneers and Valuators, and also
House Agents and Valuators.
Currie Daniel, 30 High st
Hill Peter N. 36 Millet
Morgan David, 1 Bank st
Strang Robert & Son, 16 Mill st
YouDger John, 12 High st
Falconer Thomas {& skinner), Old Bridge st
Sanderson & Murray, King st— John Page,
Willison Robert, Alloa Copper
Works— Sec advertisement
Paton John, Son & Co. (woollen and worsted
yarn), Kilncraigs, Keilarsbrao & Clack-
mannan Factories
Thomson Brothers, Springfield Mills
Uro Andrew, Keilarsbrao
Lochhead Jobn, Hall Park Mill
M'Gowan Robert, King st
Allan John, rag merchant, Broad st
Allice Andrew, casbier, Ludgate
Banuister Joseph, excise officer, 3 New
Brunswick pi
Bennett Robert, book agent, Tullibody rd
Beveridge Adam,salt merchant, Greenfield pi
Blair Matthew, schoolmaster, Ludgate
Bowie Thomas, inspector of poor & collector
of rates, Brnom Cottage, Grange
Boyd George P. manager, Alloa Gas Works,
Kellie bank [Clackmannan rd
Bracken John, excise officer Oehilview Villa,
Brown Robert, manager, South Alloa [pi
Bruoe William D. ll.d. sesion ch-rli, ii Bedford
Callender William, missionary, King st
Campbell Alexander H. manager, Church st
Comrie John, excise officer, Glebe ter
Cooper Alexander F. manager, 23 Candleriggs
Cowan & Co. railway carriers, Station yard
Cowie James, carding master, Ludgate
Davidson James, commercial traveller, Con-
ingsby pi
Dawson John & Co. drysalters, Sbore
Dickie Robert, wood turner, Jamaica st
Dobbie & M'Arthur, millers, Alloa Mill
Drysdale David, mauager, Sauchie
Duncan William, commercial traveller, 11
Grange pi r_ r a
Duulop Johu, master mariner, Clackmannan
Edward Thomas, ship chandler, Shore, and
South Alloa
Elcoat William, excise officer, 3 Grange pi
Ellis Joseph R. G. excise officer, Ocbil st
Ewing Archibald, secretary & manager (Alloa
Co-operative Sociotv, Limited), 45 Green-
field pi
Falconer Tbomas, skinner, Old Bridge st
Ferguson John, schoolmaster, West Kellie pi
France John, manager, Glebe ter
Ga!l Thomas, machinery broker, Drysdale st
Haldane Frederick F. cashier, 8 Forth st
Harley William, cashier, Craig View, Con-
Hay Margaret T. temperance hotel. 56 Mill st
Hoskins Alexander, teacher of music, Clack-
mannan rd [manan rd
Hunter David, cashier, Park place, Clack-
Hunter John L. cashier, Glebe ter
Hyman Edward, picture fraruer, 80 Bank st
Johnston Johu, customs examining officer,
17 Forth st [park
Johostone William, market gardener, Schaw
Kirk Alexander, coach builder, 30 Drysdale st
Kirkbam Joseph, crate maker, Castle st
Lamb William, lath splitter, Mar pi [bank
Lindsay Walter, veterinary surgeon, Rose-
Locker Wro. H. schoolmaster, Coningsby pi
M'Donald Hugb, umbrella maker, H4 Mill st
M'Kee John, manager, 10 Shilling hill
M'Neileg James, teacher of dancing, 22
Drysdale st
M'Kinnon John, Venetian blind maker, 26
Primrose st
Maude Geo. W. excise officor, IS Castle st
Melville James, manager, 25 Mar st
Michie John, nail maker. West vennel
Miller Robert, commercial traveller, Hawk-
hill Villa, Clackmannan rd
Milne William, teacher of the blind, King st
Mitchell A. & A. merchants, 25 Marr st
Moyes Andrew A, cashier, Oehilview Villa,
Clackmannan rd
Muir William, manager, Sunnyside
Mullan Thomas, pawnbroker, 9 Coalgate
Mullen Francis, supervisor of iuland
revenue, Park Villa, Clackmannan rd
Muudle Edward, missionary, 30 Castle st

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