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the promotion of their happiness and tlio prosperity of Alloa),
celebrated the event by every demonstration of gratitude and joy.
Alioa Tower was long the residence of this family. It was a quad-
rangular building, but was in 1S00 partly destroyed by fire, and the
square tower now standing is all that remains of the ancient
structure, and though time and the elements are hastening its
decay, it is still a place of great strength. The walls are eleven
feet thick, and the highest turret is eighty-nine feet. It was built by
the sovereigns of Scotland previous to the thirteenth century, and
is a stately remnant of feudal grandeur. It has frequently been the
resort and residence of royalty. The beautiful and unfortunate
Mary spent a portion of her youth and maturity with the Mar family;
her son James also passed many of his youthful days here, having
been committed by his mother to the then Earl of Mar; and his
son, Prince Henry, received a part of his education in this tower,
under the celebrated George Buchanan. The prospect from the
summit is beautiful and extensive, and worthy the attention of the
tourist and stranger. The tower is now uninhabited. Alloa House,
now formiug the residence of the Earl of Mar and Keliie, stands a
short distance eastward from the tower, and «as erected in 1834, but
the original building, which was very plain and substantial, has
been so much added to and improved, that it is almost impossible to
recognise any of the features of the old building in the present palatial
structure. Alloa market is abundently supplied with every necessary
during the week, and more particularly on Saturday. Cattle fairs
are held on the second Wednesday in February, May, April, August,
and November, all new style; and a hiring fair on the second Satur-
day in October. The parish of Alloa embraces an area of 5,499
statute acres, with a population in 1871. of 9,94", and in 1881 of
11,628, the burgh at the same period containing 8,812.
Cambus is a small village situated on the Forth, in the parish of
Alloa, and two miles therefrom, and five from Stirling, its post
town. It is also a station on the Stirling and Dunfermline section
of the North British railway and the branch line to Alva. The
river Devon hero discharges itself into the Forth, and there is a pier
whpro small vessels are enabled to discharge and load. Brewing
and distilling are extensively carried on here. Population in 1881,
South Alloa is a village and thriving seaport in the parish of
Airth, situated on the south bank of the Forth, opposite to Alloa,
in the county of Stirling; it is crossed by a ferry. There is a
station here on the South Alloa branch of the Caledonian main line.
Sauchie (New and Old) are populous villages immediately
contiguous to each other, in the parishes of Alloa and Clackman-
nan, nearly two miles north of Alloa, on the road to Alva. There
is an Established church here, which was built in the year 1844. A
great number of colliers, employed by the Alloa Company, reside in
these villages, and there is a good school in connection with the
colliery in which their children are instructed. A fine Board
school, with accommodation for 360 scholars, has been built at a
cost of £2,000 ; it is in the Gothic style of architecture, and has a
very imposing appearance. There is a station here on the Devon
Valley section of the North British Railway.
Tullibody parish was united to that of Alloa about the time of
the Reformation, and the village is situated two miles west from
that town. The ancient kirk of Tullibody, the date of which is
1549, was unroofed under circumstances of a peculiar character. In
the year 1559 it was made to serve the purpose of a bridge across
the Devon for the French troops when they retreated before the
English. The church continued in a dismantled condition for
upwards of two centuries, when it was again covered in by George
Abercrombie, Esq. of Tullibody, and fitted up as a place of worship
for the use of this populous district. There is also a very neat Free
church, which was erected in 1845, adjoining the old kirk, and
there is a Board school in the village. Cambus is the nearest
railway station. Population in 1881, 694.
ARRIVALS.— From Edinburgh, Glasgow and Stirling and all parts at 5 and 8 80 a.m. and 5 40 p.m. ; from Dunfermline at 5 and
9 50 a.m. and 4 SO p.m. Local mails arrive at 7 50 and 9 a.m., and 3 30, 5 5, 6 and 7 p.m.
DESPATCHES.— To Edinburgh. Glasgow, England, Ireland, and all parts at 4 5 and 7 30 p.m. ; to Edinburgh, Glasgow, England and
Ireland at 7 40 p.m. ; to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling and the North at 9 40 a.m. ; to Stirling and the North at 4 20 and 9-45 p.m. ; to Dun-
fermline at 9 45 p.m. Local despatches— 6 0, 7 65, 9 15, and 11 13 a.m. ; 5 30, 6 0, and 6 20 p.m. IS" Money Order and Telegraph Office
and Savings Bank.
Post Office, South Alloa, Francis Clark, Post Master.— Letters arrive from all parts (from Alloa, by ferry) at 8 25 a.m. and
and 4 35 p.m., and are despatched at 8 25 a.m. and 4 35 p.m. rs* The nearest Money Order Office is at Alloa.
Post Office, Sauchie, John Moodie, Post Master.— Letters arrive from all parts (from Alloa) at 6 40 a.m. and 10 10 p.m., and are des-
patched at 5 40 p.m. l-zs" The nearest Money Order Offices are at Alloa and Alva.
*** Letters for South Alloa and Sauchie should be addressed " near Alloa."
Port Office, Cambus, Catherine Duncan, Post Mistress.— Letters arrive from all parts (from Stirling) at 6 30 and 8 24 a.m., and are
despatched at 9 52 and 7 45 p.m. t&*~ Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank.
Post Office, Tullibody, Mary Oliver, Post Mist ress.— Letters arrive from all parts (from Stirling) at 8 and 11 30 a.m., and are des-
patched at 9 20 a.m. and 7 10 p.m. |S" The nearest Money Order Office is at Cambus.
%* Letters for Cambus and Tullibody should be addressed " near Stirling."
Abercrombie Mr. Robert G. Coningsby pi
Aikman Mrs. Barbara, Church st
Alexander Mrs. Jane, Woodside Cottage,
Tullibody [Cambus
Archibald Mr. Thomas, Cambus House,
Arnot Mrs. Margaret, View Forth
Arrol Mr. Archibald T. Millgrove
Bailey Mrs, Christina, Claremont
Bailey John A. Epq. River View
Bailey William, Esq. j.p. Gracedieu
Bain Miss Elizabeth, 12 Grange pi
Bald Miss Janet, Brae House
Bean Mr. Alex. Rose Cottage, Coningsby pi
Bennet Miss Isabella, Keilarsbrae House
Beveridge Mr. David, Hawkhill Villa, Clack-
mannan rd
Blackwood Miss Helen, 26 Mar st
Brown Mr. James C. 18 Forth st
Brown Mrs. William, Claremont
Bruce Mr. William D. ll.d. 6 Bedford pi
Bryce Mr. Arthur, Orchard House
Erydie Mr. John, 5 Grange pi
Brydie Mr. Matthew, West View
Brydie Thomas, Esq. j.p. 17 Mar st
Bryson Rev. Alexander, The Manse
Buchanan Mrs. Helen, Viewfield Cottage,
Buchanan Mr. Robert, Claremont
Buick Mrs. Margaret, Netherby [Walk
Calder Mr. James, Ardargie" House, The
Carmichael Mr. John, Smithfield House
Carmichael Mr. Wm. R. Craigward Cottage
Christie Mrs. Jane, Church st
Craigie Misses Henrietta & Eliz. 9 Forth st
Crawford Mrs. Elizabeth, Ochil st
Cummings Mr. Michael, Birkendale
Drysdale Mr. John, Sauchie
Duncan Mr. John, Bank House, High st
Duncan Rev. William C. Coningsby pi
Duncanson Misses Margaret &, Isabella, 12
Forth &t
Dunn Mr. John, Roslin Cottage, Church st
Ewing Mr. Francis G. Forth Vale, Cambus
Fernie Mr. James A. Hilton [mannan rd
Forbes Rev. Finlay. Minilla Villa, Clack-
Fotheringham Mrs. Isabella, Claremont
Frame Mr. Adam, Glebe ter
Frame Mrs. Janet, Keliie pi
Gall Mr. Alexander, Gladstone House
Galloway Mrs. Ann, Brae House
Grinlay Mr. Robert, 15 Castle st
Hallen Rev. Arthur W. 6 Grange pi
Halley Mr. Geo. Linden House, The Walk
Harper Rev. James W. Grange Manse
Harvey John B. Esq. Schaw Park
Hay Mr. J. Home, Church st
Henderson Mr. Robert, Nether Carsebridge
Hislop Miss Margaret, Church st
Hunter Mrs. M. Link View, Claremont
Johnston Mrs. Christina, Mar Place House
Kier Mr. David, Ochil st
Kirk Mrs. Elizabeth, Tullibody
Kirk Mrs. Isabella, Keliie pi
Kirk JameB, Esq. j.p. West Keliie pi
Kirkwood Mr. John, Bedford pi
Klovborg Mr. Evar J. Church st
Knox Mr. Robert, Woodside, Cambus
Laing Mr. Richard, Ashbourne
Lambert the Misses Margaret Fraser & Mary
Anne, Gaberston Park
Law Mrs. Rachael, 8 Bedford pi
Lochhead Mr. John, Hall Park House
M'Donald Mr. John, Townhead
M'Donald Mr. John.jun. Church st
M'Dowall Mr. Robert, 14 Forth st
M'Ewan Mr. William, 15 Forth st
M'Farlane Rev. Duncan, m.a. Keliie pi
M'Ginnes Rev. James, Chapel House, Clack-
mannan rd
Mackie Mr. James, 9 Grange pi
Mackillop Mr. Archibald, 25 Shillinghill
Maclay Mis. Jane, Glebe ter [Cottage
M'Lean Rev. Daniel, m.a., b.d. Belle Vue
M'Lean Mr. William, The Cottage, Cambus
M'Vicai'Miss Barbara. Claremont
MacWatt Mr. David, Lylestone House
Mac Watt Mr. Norman, 4 Grange pi
M'Whannel Rev. Alexander, Sauchie
Maitland Mr. Charles, The Grange
Mar & Keliie the Right Honourable the Earl
of, Alloa Park
Martin Mrs. G. Ochil st
Melvin Mr. John, Claremont
Melvin Mr. Robert, Keliie pi
Milne Rev. George, King st
Milne Mr. Thomay, 13 Mar st
Mitchell Andrew, Esq. j.p. The Walk
Mitchell Rev. George, Wellington pi
Mitchell Miss Janet W. Glebe ter
Mitchell Mr. John, Randolph Villa, Grange
Mitchell Miss Margaret, 19 Marst
Moir Archibald, Esq. j.p. Mars hill
Moir Mr. James W. Mars hill
Moir Mrs. Janet, 13 Bedford pi *
Monteath Mr. Alexander, IS Bank at
Moodie Mr6. Margaret, 10 Forth st
Muil Mrs. Janet, Claremont
Paterson Mr. Andrew, Tullibody
Paterson Miss Isabella, Park pi
Paterson Mr. John, Bainglebrae, Tullibody
Paterson Mrs. Maria, West Keliie pi
Paton Alexander P. F. Esq. Claremont
Paton Miss Catherine, Cowden Park
Paton David, Esq. j.p. Claremont
Paton Miss Forrester, MarB Hill House
Paton John Thomson, Esq. j.p. Norwood
Paton Mrs. Mary, 15 Mar st
Pearson Mr. George, 2 Forth st
Peebles Mr. James, 2 Grange pi
Procter Mr. Robert, Claremont
Pulsford Rev. Edward Miall, Keliie pi
Ramsay Mrs. Jane, Westfield, Ludgate
Ramsay Mr. John, Thistle Villa, Church st
Reive Mrs. Beatson, Sauchie
Roxburgh Mr. Alexander, Rose Vale
Shepherd Major Herbert, 5 Mars hill
Simpson Mrs. Margaret, Gairney House,
Stein Mrs. Eleanora, 1 Forth st
Strang Miss Jane, 10 Bedford pi
Thorn Rev. Andrew, Tullibody
Thomas Miss Emma, Wellington pi
Thomson Mr? Andrew, Seaneld
Thomson Mr- David, 1 Grange pi
Thomson Mr. John, 2 Castle st
Thomson John F. Esq. j.p. Hutton Park
Thomson Rev. William, Bedford Manse
Trotter Mrs. Margaret, Fern Cottage, Con-
ingsby pi
"Ore Mr. Andrew, Keilarsbrao
Wallace Mr. James, Claremont
Wallace William, Esa. Whins House
Wallis Mr. Ernest J. 5 Drysdale st
Willison Mr. John, 4 Forth st
Willison Mr. Robert, 4 Forth st
Willison Mrs.Rosina, 4 Forth st
Wilson Mr. Robert, 28 Mar st
Wingate Mr. Andrew, Church st
Wingate Miss Margaret G. Millbank

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