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Hay George, High st
Innes M. & G. 43 Montague st. & 6 West
Castle st
(See also Seedsmen, Nurserymen and
Cuthbertson Michael, 114 High st
Chisholm R. Gowanfield Nursery
Dobbie & Co. High st
Fleming Gavin, Barone rd
Jamieson William (fruit grower), 9 Mount
Pleasant rd
Lister Alexander, Gayfleld Nursery,
Serpentine rd. & 14 East Princes
M'Dougall Hugh (fruit grower), Serpentine rd
M'Lachlan Robert, Ascog
Wilsons & Co; 17 Victoria st. & Eden pi
(See also Shopkeepers, dx. and likewise
Marked thus * are also Spirit Dealers.
♦Aitchison Thomas, 80 Mill st
Barr John, Port Bannatyne
♦Black Dugald M'A. 2 Castle st
♦Black John, 51 & 53 Montague st
♦Brown Robert, 16 King st
♦Buchanan M. 59 Montague st
♦Campbell Archibald. 6 Deanbood pi
Carmicbael James, Staffa pi
Cunningham James, 81 Montague st
♦Dickie Agnes, 111 Montague st
Ferguson Margaret, Fort Banna-
tyne •
Finnie James, 72 Ardbeg rd
Forfar James, 117 High st
Graham Mary, 5 Mill st
Guthrie Peter, Oruatus terrace,
Ardbeg rd
Halbert John, 2 Colnrashill st
HaUiday Duncan, Port Bannatyne
Henry Mary, 82 High st
♦Heron James, 19 East Princes st
Hunter Adam, 47 Victoria st
Hunter James, 10 West Princes st
♦Lawson Andrew, Port Bannatyne
M'Callum Sarah, 96 Montague st
M'Fadzen George, 21 Watergate
M'Farlane John, 118 High st
Macfie James (& wine merchant), S
& 10 High street
M'Fie Robert, 10 Argyle st
♦M'Gee Robert, 1 Argyle st
M'Kinnon Rachel, 28 Bishop st
M'Lachlan Archibald, 6 Montague st
M'Lachlan Daniel, 16 Columshill st
Macmillan Elizabeth, Port Bannatyne
Mason Thomas, 65 High st
Morton Hugh, 62 Montague st
Munro Donald, 5 Albert pi
♦Perrie Alexander, 14 Mill st
Stewart J. Craig. 17 High st
Stewart Lilly, 91 High st
♦Swanston Arthur, 26 West Princes st
Walker James A. 2 Bridge End st. & 6 East
Princes st
Wardrop Thomas, 27 Gallowgate
Cameron Geddes, 3 Bridge st
Gardiner John, 16 West Princes st
Hagarty Joseph, 21 High st
Stevenson J. A. M. 90 Montague st
Crawford John, Port Bannatyne
Currie Duncan, 74 Ardbeg rd
M' Alpine D. Stuart st
M'Arthur J. 70 Ardbeg rd
M'Kinnon Gilbert (gained first prize
for best cab horse atEute Farmers'
Society Shows, 1883 & 1884, & first
prize for best turnout in 1884, and
also first prize in 1885), Bishop Ter-
race brae
M'Kirdy Andrew, 5 Bishop st [st
M'Millan John, 54 High st. & 6 West Princes
M'Millan William, 20 Mill st
Miller Archibald, Port Bannatyne
Moodie and Wallace, Store lane,
Watergate st
Simpson John, Mill st '
(See also Linen d) Woollen Drapers.)
Campbell Thomas, 49 Victoria st
Carnaghan J. 10 Gallowgate
Hill George, 78 Montague Bt
Hutchison Isabella, 85 Montague st
M'Arthur Donald, 10 Albert pi
M'Arthur Jane, 69 Victoria st
Keid James, 60 Montague st
Russell George, 7 Argyle st
(See also Vintners.)
Bute Arms, Robert Smith, Guildford so.
Crown Hotel, John Crawford, Port Banna-
tvne 1- n
Kilchattan Hotel, William Balloch, Kilchat-
Kingarth Inn, David Crawford, Kingarth
tome Hotel. E. Nicholson, Guildford sq
Oueens Hotel, West Bay-D. Mac-
pherson, proprietor (four minuces
walk from the Pier ; beautifully
situated, extensive garden and
grounds attached to the hotel;
families boarded by the week or
month. The tariff will be found
very reasonable.) _ _
Royal Hotel, Archibald M'Cluarrie,
Port Bannatyne
Temperance Hotel, Hy. Ormsby, 25 Argyle st
Temperance Hotel, A. Jackson, West Bay
Temperance Hotel, William Blackie, 7 Water-
gate st [ £ord B t
Temperance Hotel, James Robertson, Guild-
Temperance Hotel, J. M'Cnlloch, Victoria st
Temperance Hotel, John M'Kinlay, 2 High st
Temperance Hotel, Hugh Black, 4 & 6 Argyle
Victoria Hotel, John L. Kelly, 57 Victoria st
Glenburn House Hydropathic Establish-
ment, Mount Stuart rd. Rothesay — Dr.
Philp, resident physician
House of Rest & Hydropathic Establishment,
Argyle Lodge, West Bay — Colin Campbell,
Kyles of Bute Hydropathic Establishment,
Port Bannatyne— Bliss Malcolm, lady
Brown Robert, 68 Montague st
Currie Duncan, Port Bannatyne
M'Kechnie Archibald, 4 Gallowgate
M'Nab Thomas, 15 Montague st
Milloy Lachlan, Montague st
Thomson Thomas, 19 Montague st [st
Weir Malcolm (& ship chandler),65 Montague
(See also Wrights <£• Builders.)
Barr John, Store la
Christison John, 83 Montague st
Currie Duncan (and funeral under-
taker), Back st. Port Bannatyne
Dodds Andrew, Bridge End st
Duncan John, 8 Deanbood pi
Ferguson Lachlan, 11 Bridge st
Lusk James, Port Bannatyne
M'Bride James, 1 John st
M'Callum & Marshall, 50 High st
M'Millan Bryce, Russell st
M'Millan Donald, 13 Bishop st
M'Nab Alexander & Edward, East Princes st
Mathieson William, Crichton rd
Mitchell Peter (ship carpenter), Watergate,
& Union st
Morrison Robert, 35 Watergate
Morrison William, 15 Mill st
Thomson William, 19 Mill st
Urie & M'Lean, 25 Bridge st
Mackinnon Hector, 11 Victoria st
Post Office Library, Victoria street— John
Mackinlay, librarian
Taylor Robert, 12 Albert pi
Marked thus * are also Silk Mercers, &o.
(See also Bosiers.)
♦Brown A. & Son, 31 & 33 Montague St. & 2
Albert pi
Hunter Andrew (& clothier), 39 Vic-
toria st. opposite Band stand
M'Arthur Donald, 10 Albert pi
M'Crone James, 38 Montague st [tyne
M'Cumm Mary, (furnishings), Port Banna-
Miller & Co. 57 Montague st
Morrison Archibald, 67 Victoria st
Orkney John, 89 & 91 West end, Victoria st
Paterson John, 81 Victoria st
Russell George, 7 Argyle st
♦Sharp John C. 29 Montague st
Thomson William & Co. 13 Montague at
Wright A. 88 Montague st
Duncan Daniel (grain & seed), 27 Victoria 8t
Duncan Ninian (potato & grain), 19 Colums-
hill st
Edgar John (leather), West Castle st
Ellis William (fish), 9 Argyle ter
Haigh Thomas (grain), 12 Watergate
M'Fie J. & C. (grain & seed), High st
M'Intosh & Co. (salt), 20 Castlehill st
Orkney John (Irish lime), West end, Vic-
toria street
Perry David (grain & potato), 20 Ladeside st
Stewart & Co. (wholesale & retail
grain, potato & lime merchants),
15 Store lane
Alexander R. Bishop st
Carnaghan J. (tc ladies' under-
clothing), 10 Gallowgate
Cunningham Misses — , 7 Argyle st
Duncan Catherine, 79 Montague st
Gray Isabella, 76 Montague st
Macalpine Margaret, 82 Montague st
M'Arthur Jane, 69 Victoria st
M'Crone James, 88 Montague st
Macfie M. J. & S. 7 Castle st
M'Lean Miss — , 55 Montague st
M'Millan Jane, 13 Watergate
Middleton Isabella, 5 Bishop st
Mitchell E. & A. New Hall buildings, East
Princes st
Morrison Archibald, 67 Victoria st
Ogilvie A. & M. Port Bannatyne
Paterson John, 81 Victoria st
Railton Jane, 36 Montague st
Ross J. 7 West Princes st
Wright Mrs. — . Montague st
Buteman (published Saturday) — William A.
Wilson, 10 Castle st
Rothesay Chronicle (published Saturday)
— Harvey & Co. Watergate
Rothesay Express (Wednesday) — M. Mac-
kenzie, 2 Deanbood pi
Rothesay Visitors' List (published Friday
during the season)— Harvey & Co. Water-
gate [Bridge st
West Coast Journal— Higgie & Paterson,
Lindsay William (coach), 40 Ladeside st
Macfie Dugald H. 38 High st
Murray Donald C 86 Montague st
Rutherford Adam (& glazier), 13
West Princes st
Shand Joseph (coach), 7 Hillhouse rd
Stark John, 21 Gallowgate
Stewart Wm. & James, 22 West Princes st
Adamson John & Son, Chapel Hill rd
Yuile Andrew, 9 Victoria st
Duncan Matthew, 50 Ladeside st
Leckie W. M. 29 Bridge st
M'Quinstan James, John st
Miller James & Sons, 5 Columshill st
Paterson John, Castle st
Slaven John, 6 Castle st
Smith Alexander, Bridge End st
Spence John, 9 Stuart st
Crnickshanks John, 41 High st
Cunningham Daniel, 102 Montague st
Gillies John, Mill st
Peacock Alexander & Son (& gas-
fitters & zinc workers), 53 Ardbeg
rd.& 133 Great Western rd.Glasgow
Thomson Thomas, 19 Montague st
Burness Robert, 29 Highst
Livingstone George, 14 Castlehill st
(See also Gardeners.)
Chisholm R. Gowan Field Nursery
Cuthbertson Michael, 114 High st
Dobbie & Co. 65 to 61 High st
Lister Alexander, Gayfield Nursery,
Serpentine rd. & 14 East Princes st
Wilson Colin, Rothesay
Wilson Neil, Ascog
Wilsons & Co. Rothesay

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