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Public Buildings, Offices, &c.
and their ministers.
Established Churches:—
Brodick— Rev. Malc.dm M'Leau
Kilbride, Lamlash— Rev. Peter Robertson,
Kilmory — Rev. Duncan Clack
Shiskine— Rev. William Strachan
Whiting Bay— Rev. Peter Robertson, m.a.
Free Churches :—
Brodick — Rev. Alexander Cameron
Lochranza — Rev. Dngald l\I'Cormick
Torbeg, Shiskine— Rev. John M'Lean
Whiting Bay — Rev. Angus Stewart
Independent Church, Glen Saunox— Rev.
Allan M'Dougall
Coast Guard & Rocket Station, Kildonnan —
John Crocker, officer in charge
Coast Guard Station, Lamlash — James Cony-
bear, chief officer
Lighthouse, Holy Isle— J. Scott, Keeper
Lighthouse, Pladda WHsod, principal
Registrars of Births, Deaths, & Marriages —
for Kilbride, John R. Thomson, and in-
spector of poor; for Kilmory, Kenneth,
Sutberland ; lor Brodick District, Thomas'
Reiil; for Lochranza District, Archibald
Police Stations — Shiskine, Duncan Coll,
constable; Brodick, — Munro, constable;
Lamlash, William Munro, sergeant
School Board, Kilbride— Patrick Murray,
Strabauo (chairman) ; Neil Fuliaiton, Lam-
lash ; John Bannatyne, Lamlash; Robert
Hamilton, Brodick; Rev. Angus Stewart,
Whitiug Bay. Cleric, J. A. Fullartou
School Board, Kilmory— William Tod.Glen-
ree (chairman); M. C. Speirs, Clachaig;
.John Speirs, Bennecarrigan ; Alexander
M'Bride, Shedog; Johu Morton, Mauchrie;
Neil Cook, Ancharioch ; Donald M'Kelvie,
Port Leek. Clerk, Peter M'Kenzie, Tor-
From ARDROSSAN, the Brodick Castle,
twice daily (Sunday excepted), in Bummer,
at 9.30 a.m. and about 5.80 p.m. for Bro-
dick and Lamlash. On Saturday, three
times. Run extended to Whiting Bay on
special days
To ARDROSSAN, from Lamlash at 6.45 a.m.
and 3.15 p.m., and Brodick, 7.10 a.m. and
3.40 p.m. la winter to and from Ardros-
san ou Monday, Wednesday, Thursday,
Friday and Saturday, leaving Ardrossan
at 9.30 a.m. Lamlash at 2.30 p.m. and Bro-
uick about 3 p.m.
Packets, from Lamlash and Brodick, daily
in summer
To and from GLASGOW (via Greenock),
daily in summer (Sunday excepted), and
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and
Saturdays in winter, Campbeltown steam-
ers, callmg at Pirnmill and Lochranza
Sailing smacks ply in tbe summer months
between the various ports of Arran and
the mainland doing ordinary coasting
MILLPORT (Isle of Cumbray.)
THE Isles oE Cumbray (or Cumbrae) have been already noticed
on a preceding page, in the description of Buteshire. Millport
is a burgh, constituted 1S64, under the Act 23 and 24 Vic, cap. 00,
and is governed by commissioners and a senior and two junior
magistrates. It is chiefly resorted to for sea bathing, being charm-
ingly situated on the south side of the greater Cumbray, about four
miles from Largs, in Ayrshire, between which town, as well as
Greeuock and Glasgow, communication is maintained by means of
a regular service of steam-packets. The excellent harbour aud pier
here present perfect convenience for the landing or embarkation of
passengers. Ninety years ago thi3 place possessed only one dwel-
ling, the hut of a fisherman. The number of inhabitants in the two
Cuuibrays amounts at the present time to about eighteen hundred
and seventy, of whom a considerable proportion are resident in
Millport; and in the summer mouths, from the influx of visitors, a
life and bustle is exhibited which forms an agreeable contrast to the
quietude prevailing in other parts of the Isles. The village is gas-
lighted, a parochial board exists, a sheriff and small debts court
is held in March and September, and a cricket club and choral
society aro established. Pleasantly situated on the shore is a
beautiful marine pavilion, in the pointed style of architecture,
belonging to tne Earl df Glasgow, who is owner of nearly two-
thirds of the Isle, the remainder belonging to tbe Marquis of Bute.
Tho principal object of attraction is the Episcopal College and
Church, a benutiiul Gothic erection, situated on an eminence
overlooking tbe town and bay; an elegant spire surmounts the
church, and the grounds are extensive and laid out in lawns,
terraces, and parterres, which are adorned with the choicest flowers
and shrubs; indeed, everything evinces signs of tbe most correct
taste. The college and church were opened in 1850 and 1851 res-
pectively, and were founded and endowed by the Hon. George
Frederick Boyle. The college is devoted to the education of
students, and tbe church has now become tho Cathedral of the Isles
of Argyle and Bute. The other places of worship aro a church of
the Establishment, a plain edifice, with a handsome quadrangular
tower ; an Episcopal church, a Free church, United Presbyterian
church, and a Baptist chapel. The schools, three in number, are
well attended. Tbe inhabitants of these isles are a class remark-
able for their industrious habits — chiefly fishermen and owners of
their own boats. Some parts of the greater Cumbray are well
cultivated, producing good wheat, and here and there may he seen
so*me thriving plantations. On tbe western side of the lesser
Cumbray is a lighthouse. This isle is the property of the Earl of
POST OFFICE, 9 Guildford Street, Millport, David Wishart, Post Master.— Letters from all parts arrive (from Greenock) at 10.30
a.m. and 6.30 p.m., and aie .despatched at 7 a.m. and 2.15 and 6 p.m. in summer, and at 7 a.m. and 4.5 p.m. in winter.
£S r ilfo;iey Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank.
Earlas Miss — , Sea View House, Bute ter
Bowman Mrs. Margaret, Karnes House
Brown Alexander, Esq. Dundonald House
Brown Francis, Esq. Maryhill Cottage
Brown James. E.sq. j.p. 18 Kelburne st
Callender James, Esq. Bute ter
Chardeual Charles A. Esq. Ardenwood
Cook Mr. George, Douglas villa
Cook Mrs. J. Favlancraig House
Crawford Mr. William, Nortbfield
Creed Mrs. Elizabeth, Rutland Cottage
Daker Rev. John R. Bute ter
Drysdale Mrs. Agnes, Selma House
Frame Rev. James, d.d. U.P. Manse, Bute ter
Gillies Mrs.—, Bute ter [Garrison
Glasgow the Right Hon. the Earl of, The
Graut James, Esq. Farlancraig House
Hardy Mrs. — , Claremont
Harley Miss Anna, Woodlands, Kames Bay
Haslehurst Charles H. Esq. Mount Stuart
Hendry Mrs. — , Denmark Cottage
Hendrie George Y. Esq. Towervillo
Hunter Mr. Ritchie, Hunterston
Irving Rev. F. Scottish Episcopal College
Jameson Alexander P. Esq. Nortbfield
Kennedy Mr. James, Lome Villa
Kennedj Mr. John, Westbourne
M'Intyre Captain Peter, Wisharton [port
Macnab Rev. James S. Cumbray Manse, Mill-
Martin William, Esq. Freeland House
Miller Miss Catherine, Millburn House
Murphy Mrs. Mary, Millburn Cottago
Noyes the Very Rev. F. R. H. H. d.d. (Dean
of Argyll and the Isles), Craigenross
Paterson Rev. James, 33 Glasgow st
Reid Mrs. Agnes, Strahoun Lodge
Reid Mrs. JeBsie, Bellevue House
Richardson Mrs. Martha, St. Andrew's Cot-
tage, Millport
Kobertson David, Esq. Fern Bank
Robertson James, Esq. Ness Bank
Kobertson Robert, Esq., j.p, Braekoagh
Boss Mr. James, 24 Stuart st
Scott Archibald, Esq. j.p. Ardenlee
Sharpe Mrs. Janet, Marine parade
Smart Alexander, Esq. j.p. Clifton Houso
Stobo Miss Isabella, Atalanta Cottage
Tait William, Esq. Ravonscraig
Thomson Mrs. — , Cliff Cottage
Walker Rev. Alexander. Millburn
Watt Allan, Esq. Woodend House
Weir Mrs. Ann, Redcliffe
Board School — Alexander C. Steven,
master; Kenneth M'Kenzie, assistant
master; A. Peckett, mistress
Episcopalian School — Margaret Taylor,
M'Fie William, Cumbray Academy
Crawford Ninian (for A. Bell, dyer, Paisley),
3 Guildford st
Ferguson Archibald (steamboat), 4 Miller st
M'Farlane John (for W. & A. Gilbey's wines),
9 Kelburne st
Malcolm Andrew C. (for Gibson Bros, dyers,
Paisley), 134 Guildford st
Sharp Catherine (for W. & J. Bowie, dyers,
Glasgow), 25 Cardiff at
Smith M. & J. (for J. Pullar & Sons, dyers,
Perth), 39 Stuart st
Stewart Alexander (steamboat), Miller st
Wood Catherino (for P. and P. Campbell,
dyers, Perth), 38 Stuart st
Allan William, 9 Glasgow st
Baillie James, 8 Quay head
Cunningham John, 8 Guildford st
Spiers Allan, 28 Stuart st
Taylor James, 3 Glasgow st
Union Bank of Scotland,Limited (Branch),
24 Stuart st — draws on own branch & Bank
of England, London ; the Provincial Bank
of Ireland, Dublin; and. the Belfast Bank-
ing Co. Belfast — James Ross, agent
Fnllarton Archibald, Crawford st
Somerville Matthew, Ght^gow st
Kennedy John, 8 Crichton st
Paton Walter, Ritchie st
Hunter Neil, 19 Stuart st
Porterfield William, 3 Quay head
Wallace Charles, Glasgow st
Wallace William B. Cross House, Glasgow st
Wilson D. & C. (and circulating library), 15
Glasgow st
Wishart David, 9 Guildford st
Anderson James, 23 Kelburne st
Baird David, 21 Cardiff st
Byers George, 7 Guildford st
Little David, 7 Stuart st
Millport Co-operative Society, Limited
dealers), 13 Cardiff st— John Rac, sec
Smith M. & J. (dealers), 39 Stuart st
Wilson Peter, 4 Cardiff st

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