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Anderson Mr. Thomas, Reston Mains House
Bissctt Rev. George A. Houndwood, Grant's
Cockburn Mrs. — , Shawbraes
Coulson Mrs. Sarah, Houndwood House
Craig The Misses — , Midtown House
M'Gregor Mr. George, Reston House
Mack The Misses — , Austin Villa
Mack Mr. James S., S.S.C. of Coveyheugh
Mack Mr. Joseph, Berrybank, Kenton
Marshall Rev. James, Houndwood, Grant's
Meikle Mr. John, Stoneshiel
Melrose Mr. Jonathan, New Mains
Murray Mr. James, Fertilehall
Telford, Rev. William H. Reston
Stirling Lady Mary, Kenton House, Grant's
Turnbull John, Esq. Abbey St. Bathans
Board Schools: —
Auehencrow— Robert Grieg, master
Houndwood— James Grieg, master
Reston— Archibald M'Craith, master
Fulton John, Auehencrow
Jeffrey Peter, Reston
Liddell William, Grant's House
Liddle James, Reston
Luke James, Houndwood, Grant's House
Anderson Henry, Reston
Colvin Robert, Reston
Mason Peter, Auehencrow
Renton George, Grant's House
Sherlaw Thomas, Grant's House
Aitchison James, Reston
Loraine Andrew, Renton
Crombie John, Auehencrow
Lawrie Michael, Auehencrow
Turner James, Grant's House
Watson George (& undertaker), Reston
Brown James P. Reston
Fairnbairn Henry, Auehencrow
M'Lauchlan James, Reston
Wightman Thomas, Reston
Allen John, East Reston Mains
Bell Peter, Greenwood, Grant's House
Bertram James, Retreat, Barnside, Grant's
Bertram John, How park, Grant's House
Bowhill Thomas, Marygold, Auehencrow
Brown George, Howburn, Reston
Brown Walter, Sunnyside, Auehencrow
Calder Adam, Auehencrow Mains
Calder Thomas, Billymaine, Auehencrow
Caverhill John, Greenburn, Reston
Caverill Joseph, Abbey St. Bathans, & Hillend,
Cockhurn — , West Greenfield, Reston
Cowe William, Butterdean, Grant's House
Craise Thomas, Swinewood Mill, Reston
Darling Adam, Fairlaw, Auehencrow
Dunlop William, Mayfield, Auehencrow
Elliott James, Elmford, Barnside, Grant's
Fender & Scott, Mount Album, Reston
Hastie Peter, Renton Barns, Grant's House
Hogg James, Horsley, Reston
Hogg John, Quixwood, Grant's House
Hope David, Lemington, Reston [House
Himtei William, Godscroft, Barnside^ Grant's
Johnston William, Warlaw Bank, Auehencrow
Logan Adam S. Ferney Castle, Reston
Mack James, Coveyheugh House, Reston
Mack Joseph, West Reston Mains
Meikle John, Stoneshiel, Reston
Melrose Jonathan, New Mains, Reston
Murray Thomas (heirs of), Brocklioles, Grant's
Sanderson William, Greenhead, Reston
Storey Walter, Swansfield, Auehencrow
Swan R. G. & W. B. Berryhaughs, Reston
Tait George, Reston Hill
Weddell James, Baniside, Grant's House
White Alex. Harelawside, Grant's House
Wilson William, Black House, Auehencrow
Marked thus * are also Drapers.
Aitchison James, Reston
Craise Alexandei', Grant's House
^Fortune Margaret, Auehencrow
Fulton William, Auchencx'ow [House
"•"Grant William (& wine merchant), Grant's
^Greenfield James {& agent for J. Pullar &
Sons, dyers, Perth), Reston
Johnston Adam, Reston
Webster Margaret, Reston
Bell James, Howburn Mill
Mossman William, East Reston Mill
Wilson Charles, Reston Mill
Brotherston Kohert, Auehencrow
Buglass Alexander, Reston
Gray Robert, Grant's House
Laing John, Auehencrow
Cross Keys, Henry Fairbairn, Auehencrow
Grant's House Inn, David Hay, Grant's House
Red Lion, James F. Brown, Reston
Wheat Sheaf, Nicholas French, Reston
White Swan, Thomas M'Lauchlan, Reston
Anderson James H. traveller, Reston
Cassels David, game dealer, Auehencrow
Gillies Alexander, baker, Reston
Greig James, registrar of births, deaths &
marriages for th6 district of Grant's House
Renton, Grant's House
Hepburn Brothers, seedsmen, Reston
Laing Elizabeth, dressmaker, Auehencrow
Martin Annie, dressmaker, Auehencrow
Reading Room, Reston
Robinson George, stonemason, Auehencrow
Scott James, game dealer, Reston
Stothart Francis, butcher, Keston [Reston
Swan Robert G. & William B. auctioneers,
Wallace John, wire fencer, Grant's House
Established Church, Houndwood — Rev.
George A. Bissett
Free Church, Reston— Rev. Wm. H. Telford
Free Church, Houndwood— Rev. James Mar-
Station, Reston— K. D. Alison, station master
Station, Grant's House — William Elder,
station master
THE parish of Swinton, to which that of Simpeim was united in
1761, is in the district of Merse, and contains 5,661 acres. The
parish is intersected by the small river Leet, and near thereto is the
neat village of Swinton, lying about 45 miles s.E. of Edinburgh, 12 s.w
of Berwick, and 6 N. of Coldstream. The small village of Simprirn is
situated at the south-east corner of the parish. The estate of Swinton
lias been for upwards of seven hundred and fifty years the property of a
family of that name, who originally acquired it as a reward for clearing
is nearly situated in the centre of the parish, at the distance of about
three miles from Swinton. Population in 1881, 560.
The parish of Ladykirk lies on the north bank of the Tweed, having
the parish of Hutton on the north-east, and Whitsome and Swinton
joining it on the margin of the river, with a breadth of from one to two
miles, and containing 3,380 acres. A bridge has been thrown across the
Tweed here, constructed by subscription, and is a most valuable im-
provement to this locality, as fatal accidents frequently occurred by
the country of wild boars, or swine, whose mischievous and often ' fording the river at this part. The church of Ladykirk, a venerable
ferocious depredations continually troubled and alarmed the inhabitants. ' '
The grant was afterwards confirmed by the royal ordinance of Malcolm
Canmore, for the exertions of the Swintons in reinstating him on the
throne. The celebrated Rev. Thomas Boston, author of the " Fourfold
State," was for some time minister of Simprirn. A handsome school
was erected m 1877, at a cost of £2,000. In 1881 the united parishes
had a population of 964, the village of Swinton possessing 440 of this
"Whitsome, including the abrogated parish of Hilton,' is about four
miles and a half long and two and a half broad, and contains 4,896
acres. The land is principally composed of a deep rich clay, but there
is some extent of marsh or oozy ground. The small village of Whitsome
building completely enshrouded in ivy, s'tands near the Tweed, about
four miles from Swinton and nine from Berwick. Tradition ascribes
its erection to the fourth James, in gratitude for his preservation from
the violence of the flood when fording the river here at the head of his
army. He dedicated the edifice to " Our Lady," hence denominated
Ladykirk, which name was subsequently extended to the whole parish,
previously designated UpsctUnyton. The sbii of the district is naturally
good from its local situation ; cultivation has made it rich and beauti-
ful, and it is celebrated for the breed of cattle and sheep. The small
village of Horndean belongs to this parish. An annual fail- is held
in Ladykirk on the 5th of April. Population of the parish in 1881, 506.
POST OFFICE, Swinton, Leonard Short, Post Master.— Letters from all parts arrive (by messengers, from Duns and Coldstream) at 1 and
1 30 p.m., and are despatched thereto at 1 80 and 4 30 p.m. ts- Money Order Office and Savings Bank.
Post Office, Whitsome, James Ciriove, Post Master.— Letters from all parts arrive (by messenger, from Chirnside) at 11 45 a.m., and are
despatched thereto at 6 20 p.m. t3» The nearest Money Order Office is at Swinton.
Dobie Rev. William, Ladykirk
Gordon Rev. J.W. Established Church, Swinton
Howitson Rev. John, Horndean
Low Jamea, Esq. of Laws, Whitsomo
Majoribanks Lady — , Ladykirk House
Robertson Rev. John, Whitsome
Shearer Rev. William, Free.Church, Swinton
Public Schools:—
Ladykirk — John Milne, master
Swintpn— George Tweedie, master ; Mrs.
. Kayne, infants' mistress
Whitsome -Robert LecH, master
Gibson George, Whitsome
M'Craith Archibald, Swinton
Aitchison Robert, Swinton
Briggs Thomas, Swinton
Cairns William, Ladykirk
Bwgligrn Abram, Whitsome
Grieve James, Whitsome
Guthrie J. & Sons, Swinton
Henderson Alexander &Son, Swinton
Henderson David, Horndean
Patterson J ohn, Swinton
Broomfield George, Swinton
Middlemiss Andrew, Whitsome
Spence Archibald, Whitsome

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