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Ourdie George, painter, 62 Titchfield Bt
John, landscape artist, 37 Bentinolt st
Robert, shopkeeper, 42 Dean st
Currie Adam, farmer, Grassyards
Alexander, pawnbroker, 16 High st
Alexander, keeper of Riccarton Institute, Riccarton
Andrew, grocer(0. & A. Currie), Ruilway buildings, Hurlford
Andrew, manufacturer (M. &. A. Currie), 15 Gilmour st
C. & A. grocers, Railway buildings, Hurlford
Charles, grocer & spirit dealer, Hurlford
Charles, grocer (C. & A. Currie), Railway buildings, Hurlford
James, farmer, Townhead of Gree, Fen wick
. John, vintner, 24 West George st [ton st
M. & A. glengarry & forage cap manufacturers, 18 & 20 Welling-
Matthew, manufacturer (M. & A. Currie), 92 Dean st
Matthew & Robert, farmers, East Broadmoss, Fenwick
Robert, farmer, Little Gree, Fenwick
Robert, baker, 59 King st
Robert, farmer, Fieldhouse, Fenwick
Robert, butcher, 2 Dean st
Cusworth John, foreman, 17 Portland st
Cuthbert Alexander & Son, boot & shoe makeis, 40 King st
Robert A. clothier (Blythe & Cuthbert), 12 East Shaw st
Cuthbertson Alexander, church ofBcer, Fenwick
& Taylor, carpet manufacturers, 46 Bank st
David, joiner, 24 Thomson st
Hugh, householder, 19 Witch rd
John, schoolmaster, 24 Thomson st
. . John S. farmer, Toponthank [Townholm
Thomas, manufacturer (Cuthbertson and Taylor), Craig Head,
— William, shopkeeper, 11 Dean st; house, Brough pi. Witch rd
Key. William, New South Hamilton at
DALE & Hunta', drapers, milliners, tailors & clothiers, 92 King st
John, draper (Dale & Hunter), 6 Princes st
Mntthew, foreman, 1 Bellsburn pi
Dalziel Gavin, farmer, Kiugswell, Fenwick
Gavin & James, farmers, West Clanfin, Fenwick
James, gas collector, 30 Witch rd [ho. 9 Park st
Samuel, manager, Corporation Gas Works, West Langlands st ;
Samuel & Gavin, farmers, Darclibboch, Fenwick
Davidson Alexander, chemist, 58 Portland st ; house, 16 Thomson st
Davie John, wool merchant (R. Davie & Sou), 33 Soulis st
Robert, wool merchant (K. Davie & Son), 33 Soulis st
Robert * Son, wool & wool waste merchants, Ladeside
Davis Jane A. householder, 14 Clark st
Deans James, librarian, Kilmarnock Co-operative Reading Room
& Library, John Dickie st
James Y. Esq. j.p. (of Kirkstyle), Riccarton
Deacon Alexander, hay dealer, Fenwick
Denholm Rev. Alexander C. Dundonald st
Dick Elizabeth, baby linen warehouse, 1 litchneld st
John, insurance agent, 40 Wellington st
Dickie Alexander P. Beedsman (Dickie, Fowlds & Co.), Wallace Bank
& Wilson, tailors, &e John Fiunie st
Andrew R. grocer, 4 Witch rd â–  â€ΕΎ_,,. ,
Annie, hosier, 16 Bank st ; house, 88 Wellington st
Christina, shopkeeper, Kilmaurs
. Elizabeth, farmer, Bogside, Kilmaurs
Dickie Fowlds & Co. seedsmen, 9 St. Marnock st
Dickie Hugh, b.a. rector, Kilmarnock Academy, North Hamilton
st "house, 5 South Hamilton st
J farmer, East Gatehead, Kilmaurs
James, seedsman (Dickie, Fowlds & Co.), 20 London rd
Jolm, seedBman (Dickie, Fowlds and Co.), Titchliold House,
Titchfield Bt
Colonel John, J.r. Titchlield House, Titchfleld st
Margaret, householder, 38 Wellingtou st
Robert, farmer, Tarmacreigh, Fenwick
Robert & David, farmers, Tannahill ,
, William T. engineer, Howard st
William, tailor (Dickie & Wilson), 47 Dundonnld st
William C. foreman, 2 Fow'ds st
Dickman William, tailor & clothier, 4 Gilmour st
Dickson J. & Son, tailors & clothiers, 7 Wellington st
loseph, tailor, &c. (J. Dickson & Sou), 7 Wellington st
Wilbam, Georqe Hotel, 78 Portlaud st
Dixon William H. professor of music, Cavendish House, Portland rd
Dobson Jane, householder, 8 Lindsay st
William, ham curer, Fenwick
Donald James & Co. ironmongers & iron & steel mcrchants,14 Port-
land st. & 14 West George st
— Mrs. Maggie K. Abbey Cottage, London rd
Thomas, auctioneer & farmer, Fardlchill, Kilmaurs
Rev. William, 50 Dean st
Donaldson Mary A. grocer & spirit dealer, 96 Portland Bt,
Douglas A. & W. tweed manufacturers, Victoria Mills, Welbeck st
Alexander, blacksmith, Fenwick
Bryce, smith & implement maker & farmer, Crosshouse
â–  James, blacksmith, Iiilmanrs
Mrs. Mary, Millburu House, London rd
Mungo, diapers' assistant, 14 Thomson st
t Reyburn & Co. wool spinners, Victoria Mills, Welbeck st
Robert, lioyal Hotel, Duke st [Milns
Robert, slater & plumber, St. Andrew st. & at Darvel & New
Thomas A. veterinary surgeon, 1 Kirktouliolm st
William, tweed manufacturer (A. and VV. Douglas), Melbourne
House, London rd
William, law clerk, 22 Kirktonholm st [Andrew st
Dow William, plumber and tinsmith, 10 St. Marnock st ; house, St.
Drennan William, printer (Dunlop & Drennan), Kay Park ter
Drummond David & John, farmers, Blairhills, Craigio
• Robert, farmer, Pocknavc, Craigie
Rev. Robert J. e.d. 54 Dundonald
William, farmer, Fairwells, Craigio
Dull' William, tailor, Ac. 19 Bank st
Duke of Portland's and the Right Hon. Visoountesa Ossington's
Estate Offices, Brao bead— F. J, & H; Tumor, lactors
Duncan David, dairyman, 28 Robertson pi
â–  Matthew, vintner, 18 West Shaw st
Mungo, shopkeeper, 5 Dean st
William, vintner, 84 Langlands st
William, coach builder (Smith & Duncan), 7 Dean st
Duucanson Thomas, schoolmastor, Crookedholm
Dunlop Mrs. — , farmer, Alton Hill, Kilmatmv
& Drennan, booksellers, printers & stationers, Portland st
Miss Barbara, 62 Dean st
Campbell, cart owner, &c. Hurlford
David, dentist, 1 Portland rd
David, farmer, Grassmill Side, Kilmaurs
George, farmer, Warnockland, Fenwick
George, farmer, Midland, Fenwick
George, printer (Dunlop & Drennan), 78 Titohliold st
Gcorga, journalist, 78 Titchlield st
James, tailor & clothier, Fenwick
James, farmer, Highfield, Fenwick
— — James, farmer, Rsithhill, Fenwick
James, farmer, Townend of Gree, Fenwick [Glasgow
James â– & Co. iron stone masters, Busby, Croeshouse, and at
John, joiner, 75 Titchfield st
John, farmer & miller, Briggans
Mrs. Margaret, 25 Portland rd
Mary, furniture & clothes dealer, 8 Waterloo st
Matthew, farmer, Craigendunton, Fenwick
Patrick, auctioneer & farmer, Alton hill, Kilmaurs
Robert, traveller, Kirktonholm pi
Thomps, shopkeeper, 1 Langlands st
William, messenger-at-arms, 5 Nursery st
William H. Esq. j.p. (of Annanhill), Annanbill House
Dunn Andrew, coal agent, 28 Mill lane
Andrew M. draughtsman, 100 Dean st
Hugh Shaw, manager, Capriugton Collieries, Earlston ; house,
Clyde Villa, Dundonald rd
James, bootmaker, 20 Princes st'
Thomas, greengrocer, 7 Gilmour st
Dunnett Rev. William, m.a. The Manse, London rd
Dunsmore Alexander, woollen manufacturer (Gemmill and Duns-
more), 64 Dean st
Dyer Matthew, timber merchant (Brownlee & Co.), Kay Park ter
Dykes George, seed merchant (Ayr), Portland, Dundonald rd
— — - John, nurseryman & seedsinau, 6 Dundonald rd ; house,Wards
Houso, Dundonald rd
EAGLESHAM James, paint, &c. manufacturer, Crookcdho m Mill
house, Rose Bank, London rd
Robert, farmer, Ramageston, Craigie
Earl Mrs. Catherine, 54 Titchlield st
Easton Mr. John, Portland rd
Eaton Oliver, bird preserver, 14 Croft st
Edgar Sarah, grocer & spirit dealer, 50 Fore st ; ho. 12 Portland tor
Edinburgh Life Assurance Co.— John Stevenson and Son, agonts, 1
Eglinton Iron Co. iron manufacturers & coal owners, Portland Iron
Works, Hurlford— William Weir, managing partner
Elder Falconer, plasterer, St. Marnock pi ; house, 8 Armour st
English & Scottish Law (life) Insurance Co.— George Muir, 99 King
St. agent
Equitable Fire Insurance Co.— Joseph Brockie, 32 Portland street ;
Rankin & Stevenson, 5 Portland st ; Robert Grey, John
Finnic st; & William M'Nair, Fenwick, agents
■ Life Insurance Co. (New York)— Smith and Wallace Queen
St. & John Sturrock, jun. John Finnie st. agents
Erskine Alexander, grocer, 70 Portland st ; house, IS New street,
Ettershanks Edward, traveller, 20 South Hamilton st [Catrine
Ewing Major Hugh, wine and spirit merchant (Turner and Ewing),
Exchange Building Co. 10 Portlaud st— David Broadfoot, secretary
FAIRLEY Thomas, traveller, 6 Grango st
Fairlie Rev. J. Kirkwood, U.P. Manse, Fenwick
William, Esq.Holmes, Hurlford
Farquhar James, farmer, Maxholm, Riccarton
Farquhar James, circular and band saw maker and
general tool dealer, 1 Soulis st ; house, Kirktonholm pi
Farrall Thomas & Co. furniture dealers, 25 Titchfield Bt
Fauids James, coal agent, 86 Robertson pi
John, tailor, Hurlford
Ferguson Adam, grocer, 24 Duke st. & Back lane ; house, Gowanlee
Villa, Dundonald rd
MrB. Agnes, Ivy Bank Cottage. Wellington st
Alexander, contractor, 15 Witch rd
Jas. manufacturer (T. & J. Ferguson). Elm grove. Dundonald rd
James, jun. manufacturer (T. & J. Ferguson), 14 Princes st
James, farmer, Milton Hill
John, farmer & miller, Cambusleith
John & Son, drapers & clothiers, 68 King st
T. * J. manufacturers of cotton goods, Nursery Mills, West
Netherton st
Thomas, manufacturer (T. & J. Ferguson), Seaforth st
William, draper (John Ferguson & Son), Labybauk Cottage, 27
Dundonald rd
Fever Hospital & Infirmary, Wellington st
Findlater Alexander, draper & clothier, 44 Titchfield st
Alexander, church officer, 30 Back st
Findlay Hugh, manager, 78 Hill st [rietta st
James, painter & paperhauger, 75 Portland st house, 8 Heu-
James, jun. painter, 1 Clark st
Janet, draper & milliner, Hurlford
John, church officer, Kilmaurs
â–  Johu H. traveller, 4 Dean ter. Beansburn
Mary, boot & shoe maker, 17 Bank st; house, 21 Park st
William, joiner & cabinet maker, 22 High Gloncaini st
William, harness composition manufacturer, Back st ; house
Dean Cottage
Fiulay Air. James, 40 Witch rd
Fiiilayson Kobert, loUoolmaster, Mauobjand rd, Hurlford

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