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Bank of Scotland (branch), 89 Portland st— David Bain, agent
Bankhead Janet, dressmaker, 07 King st
Banks Rev. James, 63 Low Glencairn st
Barbour Charles, grocer, Hurlford
Barclay Alexander & Andrew, farmers, Ralston Yards
& Murray Misses, ladies' school, John Finnic st
â–  '.Andrew, engineer (Andrew Barclay & Son), Argyle House,
North Hamilton st
Andrew, foreman, 5 Woodstock pi
Andrew & Son, enpineers, boiler makers & ironfounders, Cale-
donia Works, North Hamilton st
Elizabeth, grocer, Old st. Riccarton
Isabella, baker, G Waterloo st ; house, 28 Kirktonholm st
James, horse dealer, Union st; house, 97 Portland sfc
- — -James W. engineer (Andrew Barclay & Son), Grange Holm,
Portland rd
John, engineer (Barclays & Co.), River Bank House, Low
Glencairn st
Robert, engineer (Andrew Barclay & Sou), Spring Grovo Cot-
tage, South Hamilton st
William, draper (P.aillie & Barclay), 28 Portland rd
Barclays & Co. locomotive builders, River Bank
Engine "Works
Barr Allan, farmer, Monkland
Allan, farmer, Beanscroft, Fenwick
Archibald, baker & grocer, Crookedholm
James, manager, East Sbaw st
James (late J. Watson & Sou), engineer, & maker of hori-
zontal steam engines, circular band saws, wood working
machinery & lathes, &c. West Nethcrton st — Sec adct
John, secretary, Glenfinld Co. Limited, engineers, East Shaw st;
house, Gardener's Cottage, Park lane
John, engineer (Barr, Morrison & Co.), 28 Clark st
t Morrison & Co. ougiueers.&c. BritanniaWorks, West Hamilton st
'Robert, boot & shoe maker, 4 Quo^n st
Robert (heirs of), farmer, South Craig
, William, farmer, Holm Farm
. William, farmer, March Bank, Fenwick
Barratt George, teacher of music, John Finnie st
Barrowman Andrew, farmer, Kirkstyle, Riccarton
Bathgate William, H. M. Inspector of schools, Dundonald rd
Baxter William, m.d. surgeon, Crookedholm
Beckett Mr. Robert, 84 London rd
Begg David C. clerk, 72 Dean si
Bell Peter, carting contractor, 19 St. Andrew st
Bennet Peter P- foreman, 162 Kirktonholm st
Bennett Margaret, smallware dealer, 1 Witch rd
Bennie Thomas, music seller & pianoforte tuner, 23 King st
Bent Joseph, hatter, 53 Portland" st
Best Richard, plumber, &o, 18 Hich st
Bicket & Young, ironmongers, 9 King st
David (reps, of), farmer, West Clanfin, Fenwick
David, farmer, Raithmoor, Fenwick
John, ironmonger (Bicket & Young). 6 Dean ter. Beansburn
John, joiner, 20 Grange st ; house, Creebank place
, Mr. John, 8 Portland ter
John & ^on, plumbers & gas engineers, Grange place, Wood-
stock st ; works, Titchfield st
Thomas, gas engineer (John Bicket & Son), Portland Villa,
South Hamilton st
Black James, manager, Scottish Wholeeale Co-onerative Society,
Limited, Woodstock st ; house, 41 North Hamilton Bt
. James, foreman, Hurlford
. William, mason (Pollock & Black), S7 Grange st
Blackwood Agnes, householder, 82 Clark st
. Brothers, carpet manufacturers, Meuford lane
James, carpet manufacturer (Blackwood Bros.), Gillsburn
House, Dean st
j aa . carpet manufacturer (Robt. Blackwood & Sons), London rd
Robert, carpet manufacturer (Blackwood Bros.), Claremont,
London rd
. Robert, manager, Water Company, 6 Mill lane ; house, Garden
Hill, Hill st [Works
Robert & Sons, carpet & rug manufacturers, Burnside Carpet
Wm. carpet manufacturer (Robt. Blackwood & Sons), London rd
Blair J. & J. manufacturing chemists, Irvine Bank
James, wine & spirit merchant (William Rankiu & Son), Dun-
donald rd
. James, manufacturing chemist (J. & J. Blair), 14 Dundonald rd
Mr. John, sen. Elmslie, London rd
John, farmer & contractor. Park head & 7 David's lane
Jno. manufacturing chemist (J. & J. Blair), Elmslie, London rd
Blythe &Cuthbert, tailors & clothiers, 32 King st
Robert L. clothier (Blythe & Cnthbert), 9 Armour st
Bond Knight, clothes dealer, 17 Fore st
Bone Jano, Wheat Sluof Inn, Campbell st. Riccarton
Qnintin, painter, 15 Bank st ; bouse, 8 Titchfield st
Booth John, photographer, John Finnie st
Robert, teacher of music, John Finnic st
Borland Agnes, fruiterer, John Finnic st
David, plasterer, 18 New st
, James, grocer, 8 King st ; house, 1GM Kirktonholm st
John, chemist ( Rankin iS Borland), Elruria, Portland rd
John, M.n. physician, 42 Bank st
Robert, boot & shoe maker, Fenwick
Bowie James, farmer, West Overland, Riccarton
. Peter, locomotive inspector, GS Bonny ton square
Bowman James, farmer, Sbaw hill, Hurlford
Joseph, grocer & spirit dealer, 18 Strand st
Matthew, boot & shoe maker, 14 Kirktonhi
Boyd Adam, feou & Co. pianoforte & music sellers, 91 King st
Agnes, schoolmistress, Rnwallan
Alexander M. hosier, SG Portland st ; ! itland rd
& Forrest, builders & contractors. St. Amir w .~X. & Stewarton
Annie R. boys' clothier, 99 Port In net st [ter
; .Savid, grocer, 11D King st ; ho. Bells Hill Cottage, St. Andrew's
Elizaboth, bootmaker, 2 Waterloo st
George, thocmakcr, 99 Portland fit
Boyd James, music sellor (A. Boyd, Sou & Co.), Loans, by Troon
James, wine merchant (J. Walker & Sons), Beansburn
Jessie R. hosier, 62 Portland st ; house, 3 Woodstock pi
John, miller & farmer, New Mill
John, builder (Boyd & Forrest), Frozen House, Stewarton
John, bootmaker, G Green st
Martin, tobacco manufacturer, 4 Portland st ; ho. 20 Clark st
Robert, foreman, 27 Bounylou square
Thomas, bootmaker, 10 Douglas st
William, block cutter, Bells Hill Cottage, St. Andrew st
Boyle John, drysaltor, 123 King st ; house, 11 Kirktonholm st
Robert, eating house keeper, 60 Fore st
Brannan Jamos, pawnbroker, 18^j Bank st
Breckenridge & Son, watchmakers, 36 King st
Catherine, watchmaker (Breckenridge & Son), 40 Portland rd
James, greengrocer, 17 Queen st
- — John, householder, Fenwick
British Legal Life Assurance Co.— Joseph Johnstone, John Finnic
St. district superintendent
■ Linen Co. Bank, 63 Portland st— P. & A. Stnrrock, agents
Broadfoot David, accountant (Waugh & Broadfoot), clerk &
treasurer to Rice rton School Board, & inspector of poor
for Riccarton parish, 10 Portland st ; ho. Kay Park ter
Brockie Joseph, assistant agent for the Royal Bank of Scotland
(branch), 32 Portland st ; house, Henrietta st
Brown Mrs. Agnes, 26 Clark st
Mr. Alexander, Belllicld Lodge, Riccarton
Alexander, grocer (Brown & Howie), Rose hill, London rd
Alexander, coach builder (John Peden& Co.), 7 Bank st
Alexander P. houso factor, Ac. (J. Brown & Son), 10 Park lane
Alexander P. coach builder (John Peden & Co.), John Fiunie st
â–  & Howie, grocers, 103 King st
& Stewart, plumbers, gastitters & slaters, East George st
& Wallace, tailors & clothiers, 1 Sandted lauo
Andrew, farmer, Catcraig, Craigie
Andrew, clothier (Brown & Wallace), 16 Grange st
Charles, plumber (Brown & Stewart), East George st
Daniel, cabinet maker, 30 Titchfield st
David, boolmaker & postmaster, Craigie
George, travelling draper, 46 Witch rd
Gilbert, tailor & clothier, Kilmaurs
Grace, vintner. 4 King st
J. & Son, house factors & insurance agents, &c. 87 King st
James, householder, 33 Gilmour st
James, coach builder (J. Peden & Co.), 14 Woodstock place
James, brewer (James Brown & Co.), Grange st
James, farmer, West Wardlaw
â–  James, farmer, Kirkhill, Craigie
Mr. James, 8 Dean ter
James & Co. brewers, Kilmarnock Brewery, Grango st
â–  Jane, householder, 1 Park lane
John, truss & bandage maker, 29 Robertson place
John, watchmaker, 12 Duke st ; house, 80 Portland rd
John, draper (Hugh Lauder & Co.), Strawberry Cottage, New
South Hamilton st
John, baker, 13 St. Marnock st ; house, 2 St. Marnock p.ace
John, traffic inspector, 5 West Langlands st
John, church officer, 8 Fowlds st
John, cabinet maker, 2 Clark st
John, farmer, Northwoodhill, Kilmaurs
John, superintendent, Kilmarnock Cemetery, Holehouso rd
Mary, register office for servants, 109 King st
Matthew, farmer, View Villa, Kilmaurs
- — Petar, calico printer (Peter Brown & Son), Kay Park ter
Peter & Son, calico printers, Irvine Bank
— Robert, dairyman, 6 London rd [London rd
Robert, calico printer (Peter Drown & Son), Milburu House,
Robert, cooper, John Finnie st ; house, 32 Witch rd
Robert, clerk, 11 Witch rd
Robert, woollen manufacturer, Fenwick ibeaforth st
Robert P. coach builder (J. Peden & Co.), Clifton Cottage,
Thomas, farmer, Shortlees, Riccarton
Thomas, traveller, 1 Hill st
. William, brewor, 8 Dundonald rd
William, foreman, Bonnyton place
William, gardener, Strawberry bank
William, farmer, Lodge liush, Craigie
William G. cartwright, Se. 40 Beansburn [ton rd
Brownlee & Co. timber merchants & saw mill proprietors, Bonny-
William, bootmaker & church officer, 9 Fowlds st
Browning Jessie, householder, 1 West Langlands st
Hruce Robert, bootmaker, 15 Kirktonholm st
Brunton John, vintnor, 1 & 3 Welbeck st
Bryce James, shopman, 8 Thomson st
Bryden James, traveller, 6 Douglas st
Bryson Thomas, tailor & draper, 5 Queen st
William K. post master, South Humillon st
Buchan George, surgeon, Tower Hill, Kilmaurs
Buchanan James, fishmonger, 57 King st ; ho. 20 North Hamilton st
William, carter & potato merchant, 67 Robertson place
Bunten James, draper & clothier, 12 Portland st; house, Nursery
hill, 48 London rd
James, eating house keeper, 4 Green st
Misses Margaret A AgneB, 70 Titchfield st
Burgh & Palish Assessment Office, Greon st— Andrew Turnbull,
town chamberlain & collector [clerk
School Board Office, St. Marnock st— James Pollock t>teven6on,
Burnett James, plumber (Caldow & Burnett), Clark st
Burns Mrs. Elizabeth, Kay Park ter
Robert, draper (R. Burns & Co.), Woodstock place
Robert & Co. drapers, 100 King st
Burt Josiah, insurance agent, 2 Mill lane [collector
Butter 4 Cheese Market, Corn Exchange buildings— James bunten,
CADZOW John & Co. drapers & clothiers, 48 King st
Calderwood Andrew-, builder, John Finnic st ; house, Woodside
Cottage, Now .*<u; Hauiiltou st
Andrew, farmer, Lioil.si , Cuigio

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