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BANKS — continued.
Royal Bank op Scotland (Branch), nigh st
— draws on own branch, the Bank of Eng-
land, and on Coults & Co. Loudon, and on
the Bank of Ireland, Dublin— Alexander
Gilmour & William Christie, joint agents
Union Bank of Scotland, Limited (Branch),
High Bt— draws on own branch, Coutts &
Co. & Bank of England, London ; Provin-
cial Bank of Ireland, Dublin ; & the Belfast
Banking Co. Belfast— John Paterson, agent
Sa vinos Bank, Union Bank, High st— open
every Monday morning from nine till ten
— John Paterson, treasurer
Dickie John, East Back rd
Dyet Alexander (& shipsmith), Harbour st
Gilchrist James, East Back rd
Laird Johu & Sons {& ship), Peter st— Sec advl
M'Cartney John, Ship yard [bour st
M'Dougal Malcolm (& chain & anchor), Har-
Wilson David, Townhead
"Wilson David, Dreghorn
Eglinton Chemical Co. Limited, Harbour —
Charles S. Gorman, manager
Gas (The) Itesidu.il Products Co. Limited (&
asphalters), Harbour
Henderson William & Co. Harbour
Irvine Chemical Co. Limited, Harbour
Allison William, Fullarton pi
Cronan Mary, 27 High 8t
Lauchlan Samuel, High st
M'Intosh Thomas, 42 Montgomorie st
Muir J. & S. 70 High st
Tompleton Margaret, Dreghorn
Stowart John & Son, Irvine Iron Works
(See also Printers — Letterpress.)
Begg John S. 53 High st
Murchland Charles, 41 High st
Yuille John & Son, 45 High st
Aird William, 18 Kirkgate
Crawford John, Halfway
Cuthbert Alexander & Son, 44 High st
Downes Thomas, 26 Fullarton st
Gilkison James, 14 Montgomerie st
Gilmour Thomas (dealer), Dreghorn
Grey John & Co. (of Maybole), 52 High st
Higgins Wm. (& leather cutter), IBridgegate
Holt Robert, Dreghorn
Jeffrey David, 20 Montgomerie st
M'Cartney George, Dreghorn
M'Crossan Robert, 17 Bridgegate
M'Millan Daniel (dealer), 9 Fullarton pi
Wallace John, 44 Montgomerie st
Watson William. 88 High st. & Fullarton pi
Weir William, 68 High st
Willock Robert, 87 High st
Holmes W. Fullarton st
Young Brown J. Bridgend
BourtreehiU Coal Co. Dreghorn,
Ayrshire -John Smith & Son
agents, Quay— See "Kilmarnock
Finnie Archibald & Son, Shipping Office,
Harbour st— Alexander Paton & Son,agents
Harvey JameB, Harbour
Hayside Coal Co. Dreghorn-Hugh Watt &
Co. agents, Harbour st
Kenneth Archibald & Sons, Springside Col-
liery, Dreghorn
M'Knight J. & Sou (Kilmarnock) — John
M'Gregor, agent, Harbour st
Merry & Cuninghame, Irvine & Dreghorn
Orr William, Cotton row
Sanderson John (dealer), Glasgow vennel
Smith John & Son, Harbour st
Watt Hugh & Co. Harbour st
Alexander Frederick & Co. 10 Bridgegate
Bebridge James, 34 Montgomerie st
Hall Thomas, 8 Bridgegate
Drummond John, Waterside
See Stonemasons and Builders.
Marked thus * are Upholsterers.
* Armour Thomas, 64 High st
Black Robert, East Back rd
Blair Peter, Bank st.
Bone & Shields, 89 High st
*Connor William, 4 Fullarton pi
Jaok & Co. (joiners), New st
'Jack Robert, 68 High st
M'Conkie Brothers, Fullarton st
M'Rae William (& builder), Boyle st
Mair Alexander, Dreghorn
Parker Alexander, West Back rd
Parker John, Bank Bt
Sneddon Charles, High st
Smith John, Bankhead, Dreghorn
'Thomson James, 70 High st
Wilson David, Dreghorn
Wilson George, 23 Kirkgate
Yule Robert, Bridgend
Black Robert, East Back way
Mair Alexander, Dreghorn
Sanderson David, Glasgow vennel
Wilson David, Dreghorn
Buchanan Dugald, 45 High st. & Montgom-
erie st
Gillespie James (& dentist), 76 High st
Hunter James, Dreghorn
Medical Hall, 66 High st
Bebridge James, 34 Montgomerie st
Crauford John, 18 Bridgegate
Fulton Alexander, 21 Montgomerie st
Hair Henry, 67 High st
Holland Jane, 29 High st
Irvine Coffee House Co. Limited, London st
Kemp George, 18 Montgomerie st
M'Cormick William, Fullarton pi
M'Intyre John, 6 Loudon st '
M'Larty Margaret, 93 High st
M'Lauchlan James, 55 Montgomerie st
M'Millan Georgiua, High st
Millar James C. Bridgegate
Penman Janet, 28 Montgomerie st
Segalini Giovanni, 22 Montgomerie st
Templeton Margaret, Dreghorn
Urquhart Johu, 46 High st
Watson George, 84 High st
Watson Thomas, 48 High st
Kerr Thomas, High st
Noble James, 80 High st
Longmuir James F. Bank st
Orr William, Cotton row
1 6 — A-R
M'Dougal Malcolm, Harbour st
Stewart John & Son (iron bridge and iron
roofing contractors), Irvine Iron Works
in ievine.
Allison Robert D. West Balgray
Allison Robert D. jun. West Balgray
Beveridge Hugh, Littlo Stone
Blaiu David, Knowehead
Boyd William, Springbank
Caldwell David, Newmoor
Caldwell James, Gailes
Curry William, Muirhead
Dunlop Hugh, Rigghead
Dunlop James & Robert, Lawthorn
Dunlop Robert, Snodgrass
Gray Robert, Stowart Hall
Gray William, Fencedyko
Howie Archibald, ju?:."Towerlands
Jamieson Robert, Lochwards
Laird William, Boat stobs
Meikle James, Nethermains
Muir David, Chamber Houses
Muir Robert, Laigh Armsheugh
Parker David, Nether Broomlands
Ramsay John, High Armsheugh
Robertson Janet, Maress
Smith Robert, Holehouso
Smith Robert, East Broomlands
Smith William, ludsneuk
Stevenson David, Auchongate
Stevenson James, Thornhimse
Wallaco Mrs. — , Stano Castlo
Young John, Balgray
Young John & David, Rodding Hill
Alexander Frederick, Rose Meadow
Allan John, West Lambroughton
Barr John, Roseholm
Brown John, Langside
Clachau James, Dykehead
Cowan George, Wheatrigg
Crichton John, Middleton
Dickie David, Warrix
Dunlop Hugh, Dreghorn
Dunlop John, Dreghorn
Dunlop Robert, Alton
Dunlop Robert, Montgomerie Field
Dunlop Robert, Corsehill
Forrest James, Mid Lambroughton
Glen Audrow, Muirhouse
Gray Hugh, Loggate
Guthrie David, Lauglands
Hamilton Martha, Springside
Hay Robert, Mid Buston
Howie John, Law Farm
Howie William, Kirkland
Hunter Adam, Paddock Law
Jamieson Archibald (heirs of), Braehead
Laught James, Drummuir
Lindsay John, Overton
Mair William, Floors
Miller William, Spring Hill
Millor William, Townhead of Lambrougton
Muir David, Titwood
Muir James, Bustonhead
Parker David, Over Broomlands
Parker Robert, Rigghouse
Smith Andrew, Newtonhead
Steele Matthew, Capringstowe
Taylor William, Bustonhead
Templeton James, Hillhead
Wilson William (heirs of), South Hook
Young George, Kilmaurs Mains
Accident— A. W. Paterson, Bank st
Caledonian— Archibald C. M'Jannet.High st
Commercial Union— William C. Wilson,
Bank st
Crown (life)— Robert Wilson, son. 55 High st
Edinburgh (fire)— John Ferguson, Mont-
gomerie st
General— John Yuillo & Son, 45 High st
Guardian Plate Glass— W. D. M'Jannot,
80 High st
Insurance Company of Scotland— Stowart
and Gardiner, Eglinton Estate Office, Kil-
winning rd
Lancashire— Stewart & Gardiner, Eglinton
Estate Office, Kilwinning rd
London & Lancashire— John Cowan, East
Back way
Medical & General— W. A. Stewart, Eglin-
ton Estate Office, Kilwinning rd
North British & Mercantile— Archibald
O. M'Jannet, 17 High st
Northern— Robert Boyd, Bank St. & James
Gilmour, High st
Norwich Union— W. D. M'Jannet, 80 High st
Ocean, Railway & General Accident—
Alexander Hamilton, 27 High st
Phcsnix— William M'Jannet, 17 High st
Prudential (life)— Robert Milligan, Church
st. superintendent; George Milroy, 1 Boyle
st. & Patrick Wainwright, Friarscroft St.
Royal— William D. M'Jannet, 80 High st
Scottish Accident— W. D. M'Jannet, 80
Highst [Highst
Scottish Amicable— William M'Jannet, 17
Scottish Equitable — Alexander Long-
muir, Clydesdale Bank, High st
Scottish Plate Glass— John Ferguson,
Mont<rc_uoriest. and Alexander Hamilton,
27 Highst
Scottish Provident (life)— James Dickie,
High st. & Robert Brown, Waterside
Scottish Provincial— Alexander Gilmour,
89 High st
Scottish Temperance (life)— Robert Brown,
Scottish Union and National— Aleiander
Hamilton, 27 High st
Scottish Widows' Fund— Wm. Christie, 89
High st
Sun (lire)— James Dickie* High st
BourtreehiU Coal Co. Dreghorn,
Ayrshire— See Kilmarnock
Craig J. & M. Perceton, & Hillhead, Kilmar-
Hay6ido Fire Clay Works— James Oastler &
Co. agents, Harbour

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