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Aitkcn Andrew B. cheese merchant.Carshcad
Alexander John, brick & tile manufacturer,
Assay Fauld
Anderson George, mnnager, Barkip
Burr Janet, milk dealer, New st
Blair Iron Works— Robert Angus, manager
Boyd Matthew, town crier, North st
Boyd Thomas, cattle dealer, Main st
Brown Alexander, sheriff's officer, James st
Brown David, p;iper box maker, Main st
Comrie Alexander, accountant, inspector of
poor, collector of poor rates, registrar of
births, deaths & marriages, &, clerk & trea-
surer to the heritors, New st
Conn Mary, hosier, Main st
Crawford Andrew, Qshing net
manufacturer, James st
Crawford .7 ohn, hairdresser & umbrella ro-
pairev, North st
Crawford Margaret, enrt owner. Sharon st
Cunningham Archibald, underground viewer,
Kirklaud cottages
Eglinton Iron Co. Blair Iron Works— Robert
Angus, manager •
Gordon John, cashier, Kirklaud cottages
Gray Archibald, colliery manager. Middleton
Hamilton Ann, midwife, Courthill st
Holmes John, clothes dealer and furniture
broker, Courthill st
Howie Robert, ham curer, Main st
Kerr William, veterinary surgeon, Town
End st
Logan William, sessions clerk, Strand Villa
Lorraine Water, missionary, James st
M'Cormick II. chimney sweeper & slater,
New st
M'Cracken John, superintendent of police,
New st
M'Crao William, cooper, North st
Mnlcolm John, potato merchant, Mains
Muir James, cashier, Toft's crescent
Orr Thomas, herbalist, Kirk close
Patcrson Win. potato merchant, Sharon st
Palon John, travelling tea dealer. Sharon st
Paton Wm. Howrat Lime Works, Largs rd
Pickles John, manager, Toft's crescent
Furdon William, tea dealer, Courthill st
Service Kobert, manager, Brigand House
Smith Sidney, manager, Town End st
Spier John, saddler, New st
Watson Jas, painter & paperhanger, New st
Public Buildings, Offices, &c.
Established Church (West), Sharon st—
Ktv. Kobert Stevenson, d.d.
Established Church, Cross— Rev. Robert
Stevenson, dd,
Free Church, New st
United Presbyterian Church, Cross-
Rev. George Morris
Roman Catholic Chapel (St. Palladius'),
Aitkeu st— Rev. Michael Dempsey
Assembly (Victoria) Rooms, Garnock st
Higgart Mission Hull, Courthill st
Cemetery, Kirklund — Alexander Comrie,
clerk & treasurer
Dairy Public Hall, Limited, Aitkon st
Gas Works, North st— William Mitchell,
manager ; J. & J. M'Cosh, secretaries
Good Templars' Hall, Aitkeu st
Liberal Association— Captain W. F.Blair,
r.n. president; Hugh Boyd, secretary
Library, Cross— James Robertson, libarian
Local Hoard Office, New st— Captain William
F. Blair, r.n. chairman; Alexander Com-
rie, clerk & treasurer
Parochial Board— Capt. Blair, r.n. of Blair,
chairman ; Alexander Comrie, inspector &
collector of rates
Police Station, New st— John M'Cracken,
School Board Offices, New st— J. M. M'Cosh,
Esq. j. p. chairman; Alexander Comrie,
Temperance Institute, Garnock st
Town's Buildings, Cross
Working Men's Constitutional Association —
Alexander Willison, Esq. J.r. president;
Andrew Aitken, secretary
Station, about a quarter of a mile east of the
town — Francis Couper, collector
To GLASGOW, the Glasgow & South.
Western Railway Co. daily ; Georgo Craw-
ford, Tuesday & Friday
To WEST KILBRIDE, the Glasgow & South-
western Railway Co.
G ALSTON is a parish of 15,243 acres, in the district of Kyle- Stewart;
the town, a considerable one, is eligibly situated on the
left bank of the Irvine, on the road from Edinburgh to Ayr, and
from Dumfries to Ghisgow ; it is 22 miles s. from the latter-city, 16
n.n.e. from Ayr, and 5 from Kilmarnock: seated iu a hollow, shel-
tered on all sides by rising grounds. The industrious classes are
chieflv employed in weaving and the manufacture of lace. There is
a corn mill, and one for paper mill hoard— the latter erected early in
tho liftcenth century. Another occupation is also presented to
the labouring class, that of raisintr coal, of which a large quantity is
obtained from the estates of the Duke of Portland, who is superior
of ihe parish. There are excellent schools. Blair's school occupies
A handsome building, opened in 1S41, under the will of the late
Charles Blair, Esq., of Galston, who bequeathed certain heritable
property, which was to accumulate until the income amounted to
£200 per annum, which has now been considerably increased, and
for which 120 children of either sex are educated and clothed for a
term of four years. Under tho Endowment Act it is now incorpora-
ted wiLh the public schools. There are likewise four Sabbath
evening schools, wherein upwards of 500 children receive instruc-
tion. There is an excellent institution, which was m-ected in 1874,
at a cost of over £!J,000, given by Miss Brown, of Laiifine, and is
called Brown's Institute. It consists of a spacious reading room,
POST OFFICE, Galstdn, Matthew Robertson, Post Master. — Letters arrive from all parts (from Kilmarnock) at 7-20 and 9 a.m. and
7 p.m., and are despatched thereto at 6-50 a.m. and at 1- 45 and G 20 p.m. Sunda\s 12 noon only. l^s° Money Order and Tclcgrajrfi Ofice
and Savings Ban];.
well supplied with the daily newspapers, periodicals, &c. ; a library,
containing between 2,000 and 3,000 volumes; and some recreation
rooms lor various kinds of amusement. The places of worship are
an Established church, a Free church, Evangelical Union, and a
United Presbyterian church, of Gothic architecture, which cost
about £1,100. The parish extends about 13 mil<-s in length, by from
four to five in breadth ; lying in the upper part of the county, con-
tiguous to Lanarkshire, and separated by the Irvine from the parish
of Loudoun on the north, Maucbline and Sorn bounding it on the
south. Tho surface is diversified with hills, but the land is gene-
rally arable, and there is a considerable quantity of wood. The dis-
trict is watered by some small tributaries of l,he Irvine, and tho river
Avon, which rises in the upper part of tho parish. About a mile
from the town is Loudoun Castle, a large and magnificent structure
in the modern castellated style ; this, together with the old castle of
Cessnockand Earr, surrounded as they are by natural and artificial
woods, highly enhance the beauty of the district, in which is also
Patie's Mill, celebrated in tho delightful song called "The Lass of
Patie's Mill." The annual fairs are on tho third Thursday in April,
the first Thursday in June, and the last Wednesday in November.
Population of the parish in 1881, 5,061, of whieh number tho town
contained 4.G85.
Blair Robt.Esq. j. p. Bank House, Brewlaudst
Brown Rev. John, b.d. The Manse
Brown Miss Martha, Lantine
Bryco Mr. James, Blairfield Cottage
Dempster James, Esq. j.p. Ladyton
Donington Baron C. F. C.A.Loudoun Castle
Fairlie William, Esq. j.p. Esq. Holmes
Frew William, Esq. m.d. Polwarth st
Galbraith Rev. D. Evangelical Union Manse,
Brewland st
Hendrio John, Esq. j.p. Galston
M'Intosh Mr. Robert, Strath Mill Cottage
Moir Mr. Robert, Roetta Cottage
Mauson Mr. John, Bentinck ter
Mathewson Rev. Thomas, Wallace st
Parker Miss Jessie, 7 Bentinck st
Richmond Mrs. Agnes, Burntside Cot, Galston
Richmond Hugh, Esq. j.p. Bentinck ter
Rodger Mr. William, Bridge st
Sutherland Rev. James Gordon, m.a. Free
Church Manse
Tait Colonel John S. Milrig
Blaiii's School (charity),
Francis Brown, master;
Board Schools:—
.Barr — Robert M'Donald,
Smith, mistress
Polwarth st—
Jessie Wilson,
tnasler; Elizn
Globe Dyke— Adam Young, ai.A. master
James Clark, assistant master; Agnes M.
Inglis, mistress
Roman Catholic School (St. Sophia's).
Bentinck ter — MiBS Fitzcerald, mistress
Sessional Schools : —
Temperance Hall— John Yeudall, master
Chapel lane — Donald M'Donald, master
Clark Thomas & Sons, Wallace st
Gibson Thomas M. Henrietta st
Harvey Alexander, Bridge st
Lee William, Bridge st
Walker John, Bridge st
British Linen Co. Bank (Branch), Brow-
land st— draws on head otlice, Edinburgh
& London, and Bank of Ireland, Dublin, &
Ulster Banking Co.— Robert Blair, ageut
Union Bank or Scotland, Limited (Branch),
Polwarth st— John Hendrie, agent; John
Hendrie, jun. sub-agent
Fiudlay James, Bridge st
Houston John, Cross st
Neil James, Barr Mill rd
Adamson Thomas, Bridge st
M'Donald William & Sous, Bridge st
Corson John, Wallace st
Corson John, Brewland st
Findlay Hugh, Wallace st. & Titchfield s
Fletcher Matthew, Wallace st
Greenside Boot & Shoe Factory (Maybolo),
Cross st
Hunter Margaret, Polwarth st
Leslie John, Cross st
Richmond David, Church lano
Richmond Hugh, 9 I itcbfield st
White A. & T. (dealers), Cross st
Black Thomas, Wallace st
Hamilton William, b Henrietta st
Anderson E. & J, Bentinck terrace
Anderson Robert i id monumental mason),
Air>ki owo

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