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Aitken Mr. Andrew, Bum House
Aitken Andrew B. Esq. j.p. Carsehead
Aitken Mr. James, Brownhill
Allen Andrew, Esq. j.p. Mnnnocli
Archibald John, Esq. New st
Blair Archibald, Esq. j.p. Garnock House
Blair Mr. William, Braehead
Blair Captain William Fordyce. k.n., j.p.
of Blair
Bone Mr. David, Braehead House
Brown Mr. Alexander F. G. Sitinridgemuir
Brown David, Esq. J.p. Townend Efc
Cochrane Thomas, Esq. j.p. Main st
Comrie Mr. Alexander, Waterside House
Craig Andrew, Esq. j.p. of Kirkland
Crichton Major Robert O. j.p. Linn House
Dempsey Rev. Michael, Aitken st
Dorman Miss Rebecca, Templand Cottage
Fulton John, Esq. j.p. Chapel Hill House
Fulton Robert, Esq. New st
Gow Robert B. Esq. j.p. Eirkland House
Gray Mr. Robert, Stanley Bank
Howie Mr. John,TBraehead
Hunter Mr. Alexander, Burn Hous^
Ken- the Misses — , Braehead
Kirkhope Mr. George, Aitken st
Knox Mr. James, Ryefield
Kyle David, Esq. j.p. of Davidshill
Kyle Mr. John, James st
Lorraine Mr. Walter, Lorn Villa, James st
M'Cosh Ounlop, Esq. Pitcon
M'Cosh James M. Esq. j.p. Gross
M'Cosh Mrs. Martha, of Parkbill
Morris Rev. George, Aitken st
Paton Theopilus, Esq. j.p. Swinlees
Patrick David, Esq. j.p. Braehead
Patrick Mrs. Elizabeth, Greenbank
Patrick Henry G. Esq. j.p. Giffin
Patrick Mr. Robert, Courthill st [Villa
Patrick William Smith Neill, Esq. Tofthill
Russell Mr. William B. Maulside House
Sloan William, Esq. Garnock st
Speir Robert, Esq. j.p. of Camphill
Spiers Mr. John, North Camphill
Spiers Mr. John, Braehead
Spiers Mrs. Mary, New st
Stevenson Rev. Robert, d.d. Manse
Stirrat Mrs. Jane, James st
Willison Alexander, Esq. j.p. Easter Hill
Wilson Mrs. Jane, New st
Wyl ie Mrs. — , Doggartland House
Board School, Blair Mains — — Petrie,
Board School, West End— William Logan,
maeter; Miss Bailantyne, mistress
Frie Church School, New st— Walter
Morrison, master; Margaret Daily, mstrs
Industrial School (female). New st — Eliza
M'Cune, mistress [master
Kirsland Barony School— James Dean,
Public School, Burnside— Andrew Hogg,
(See also Fire, d-c. Office Agents.)
Alexander William (for the Anchor & the
State lines of American steamers),
New st
Andrews John (for W. & A. Gilbey, wine &
spirit merchants, & Golding's manures),
New st
Borland Hugh (for Thomas Mackie & Son,
dyers, Stewarton), New st
Boyd Hugh (for A. Bell & Sons, dyers, Pais-
ley), Main st
Brown David (for Ayr Advertiser), Main st
Comrie Alexander (estate), Cross
Crawford Elizabeth (for Robert Murray, dyer,
Glasgow). Main st
Crookston Jane (for P. & P. Campbell, dyers.
Perth,), Sharon st
Dick William (fer sewing machines), Main st
Hunter Mary (for W. and J. Bowie, dyers,
Glasgow), New st
London Allan, jun. (for Guaranteed Manure
Co.), Blaiu st
Loudon Janet (for J. Pullar & Sons, dyer3,
Perth), Main st [New at
Macluve R .bei-t (for Howe sewing machines),
Alalcolm Robert (insurance), Gowanbauk
Marshall William (for Eglinton Iron Co.),
Vennel st • [Now st
Roger Robert (for Allan line of steamers),
Ross Nicol (for Watson & Hartley, sheep dip
and cattle food manufacturers, Carnforth),
New st
homsen William (for agricultural imple-
ments), Main st
alker Robert (for James Harvie & Co.
spirit merchants, Paisley), Cross— Sec
Barnes John, North st
Barr John, Cross
Blair Thomas, Now st
Blair William, Sharon st
Boyd Thomas, Main st
Brown John, North st
Dairy Baking Co. Limited, New st
Kerr Hugh B. Sharon st
Thomson John, North st
British Linen Co. Bank (Branch), New
st — draws on own branch, London — Robert
Fulton & George Kirkhope, agents
Clydesdale Bank, Limited (Branch), Cross
— draws on own branch, London ; the
Ulster Banking Co. Dublin, & the Belfast
Banking Co. Belfast— James M. M'Cosh
& Dunlop M'Cosh, joint agents
Begg Thomas, Sharon st
Jeffrey James, Cross roads
Johnstone David, New st
Kirkwood William, Blair
Norton James, Drakemyre
Taylor Alexander, Holmbyre
Barclay Isabella, North st
Brown David (& newsagent), Main st
Kerr Marion (& newsagent), Main st
Stirrat Sarah, Main st
^ — ■■ ■■■ ' ' '- .. ■
Adams Thomas, Kersland Barony
Aikman & Co. New st
Anderson John, Main st
Blair Iron Work Stores, Kirkland
Carrick John, New st
Cuthbert Alexander & Son, Main st
Daly John (dealer), Barkip
Dickie John, New st
Douglas Edward, Main st
Happell Robert, Cross
Hunter Robert, New st
Kennedy David, New st
Smilio Robert, Sharon st
Stirratt William, Vennel st
Alexander William, Vennel st
Barr William, Blair
Gait James, Sharon at
Graham Robert (& upholsterer), James st.
Neilson James, New st
Ramsay John, Cross rd
Shedden John, Bleaze rd
Young John, Courthill st
Alexander William, New st
Riddet Robert, Main st
Cameron Elizabeth, Main st
Carrick William, West end
Dixon James, New st
Gibson John. New st
Gibson Thomas, New st
Nodes Margaret. North st
Taylor Robert, North st
Alexander Gabriel (dealer), North st
Dunsmuir Robert and Allan, Cross Road
Ferguson John, Railway station
Marshall William, Vennel st
Merrv & Cuninghame, Dairy
Oliphant James (& lime), Kersland Colliery
Barclay Isabella, North st
Cameron Elizabeth, Main st
Kerr Marion, Main st
Watson James, New st
Dunsmuir Alexander, New st
Gray Robert, Stanley bank
Bone David & Son (speciality in
Crupp Butts, and leather mer-
chants), Courthill st
M'Craa William, North st
Stirrat Sarah, Main st
Watson James, New st
Alexander John, Assoyfauld
Allan Andrew, Munnock & Knockendon
Allen John, Barkip & Little Barcosh
Archibald Alexander, Cleaves
Archibald Daniel, Laigh, Baidland Mains
Archibald Hugh, Baidland Mains
Archibald John, High Baidland
Archibald Margaret, Ward
Archibald Robert, Auld Muir
Archibald Thomas, Cleaves
Arthur David, Davidshill & Auchingree
Barclay Alex. B. & Hugh, South Camp hill
Barr James, High Dykehead
Barr John, Laigh, Dykehead
Blair Hugh, Broadecklie Moor
Boyd John, Auchengree
Brown Hugh, Templand
Brown John & Sons,Lissens
Carswell James. Whitecraigs
Campbell Jane, Barossie
Carswell John, Broadlie
Clelland William, Blair Fields
Cochran James, Barcosh
Cochran James & John, Muirhouse
Craig Andrew, Kirkland
Craig Ann, Burntongues
Craig David, Hardcroft
Craig James, Sidehouse
Craig James, Holmes of Caaf
Craig Matthew, Ryesholm & Bridgend
Craig Robert, Broddocklie
Craig Robert, Fleshwood
Craig William, Blair Ardoch [lands
Craig Win. & Andrew, Cunningham Baid-
Crawford Gavin & William, Highfield
Crawford John, Maulside
Crawford Thomas, Baidlandbill [st
Crawford William (heirs of), Linn, & Sharon
Crawford William, Bowertrapping
Dougald John & John Paton, Howrat
Dunlop James, Whitehall
Dunlop Mary, High Swinridge
Ferguson Bryce, Lissens
Ferguson Gilbert, Thirdpart
Ferguson James, Hairsbaw
Ferguson Peter, Muirhouse [house
Gilbert William, Coalheugh Glen & Coarse-
Glen William, lilairland
Greg Robert, Meiklemyre
Hair James, Thorneyside
Hall William, Wee Braidley
Harvie George, Gill
Harvie James, Auchengree
Houston Gavin, Gowanlee
Houston Jane, Doggartland
Howie Robert, Howrat
Hunter Alexander, North Kirklund Farm
Kerr James, Linn & Kittyshaw
Kerr James, Highlinn & Gifford Land
Kerr Robert, Bankhead
Kerr Robert, Bellstone
Kerr William, Newhouse
Kidd Robert, Drummastle Mill
Kirkwood James, Howrat Fields
Kyle William, Moss Side & Quath Side
Lamont Allan, Lintseedridge
Lamont James, Auchinskeith
Lamont John, (Jockenzie
Lamont John, jun. Flanyjand
Livingston John, Birksheadsteel
Livingston Robert, Neils Field
Logan James, Langside
Logan William & John, Windy edge
Longwill Mrs. — , Hawill
M'Quarrie Elizabeth, Gifford Land
M'Taggart Alexander, Little Barkin
Malcolm John, Pitcon Mains
Millar John (exors. oil, Bleezc & Strands
Miller Robert, Coalbuvn
Miller Thomas, Lnmbridden
Montgomery Mary, Nether Meadow
Blurrav Charles, Greenhirst & Lynn Holm
Orr John, Kigblield
Orr William, Blair Mill
Paterson John, Merkswurth
Paton John, Howrat
Piinglo James, Knollhoad
Pringle Robert, West Middlebank
Pringle Robiua, Doggartland
Reid Archibald. East Middlebank
Reid Daniel, Pencot & Springside
Reid Mary, Lands of Templand

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