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Brown Hugh, flesher, 3 Peebles st. Newton
James, master mariner, 1 Anchor Cottage, Prestwiok
â–  Jane, Ayrshire d) Galloway Inn, 1 Killoch place
Mrs. Jane, 3 Kensington ter
John, baker, 47 Newmarket st. & Prestwick
John H. traveller, Eudrick, Prestwick
Mrs. Mary, Orangefield, Monkton
Quintin C. victual dealer, 24 Green st. Newton
Roderick G. grocer (Robert Forrest & Co.), 15 Eglinton ter
Thomns, cooper, 145 High st
William, traveller, Viewfield, Prestwick
William, grocer (Wyllie & Brown), 126 George st
William, householder, 14 John st. Wallacolown
Browning Mr. Charles, 16 Queen's ter
Biowulie Jessie, apartments, Loudon Cottage, Prestwick
Bruce Mrs. Margaret, Rokeby, Prestwick
Bryan Hugh, clerk, Darlington Cottage, Newton
Mrs. Isabella, Prestwick
Bryden George, coach builder, 51 Sandgate st
William, shirt manufacturer, 81 Main st. Nowton ; house,
Fernbank Cottage, Prestwick
Bryson Elizabeth, apartments, Prestwick rd
William, umbrella maker, 238 High st
Buchanan Archibald, mineral water manufacturer (Archibald
Buchanan & Sons), 5 Bruce crescent [Wallacetown
Archibald & Sons, mineral water manufacturers, Kiver ter.
George, stockbroker & assessor of income tax, 14 Gaihcart st ;
house, 52 Fort st
Gilbert, schoolmaster, Smith Villa, Prestwick rd
â–  John, tobacconist, 259 High st
Bulkeley Maria, teacher of music, 26 Dalblalr rd
Burgess Mary, baby linen repository, 47 Sandgate st [manager
Burns' Cottage & Refreshment Rooms, Alloway— — Mitchell,
James, commercial traveller, 2 Stewart pi. Carrick rd
Mrs. Jane, 7 Park ter
■ Monument, Alloway — Jnmes Arthur, keeper
Thomas, flesher, 43 Wallace st. Wallacetown
William, chemist & druggist, 142 High st; houso, 11 Barns st
Butcher Thomas, Wellington Hotel, Wellington square
Butler Samuel & Co. lace manufacturers, Nowtou head
Butter & Egg Market, 98 High st
Butterworth James R. & Co. painters, 76 Sandgate st
CAIRNDUFF Mr. James W. Trestwick
Cairns Jane, teacher of music, 12 Cathcart st
Calder Hugh, Ayr Arms Hotel, High st
Caldwell David, inspector of poor and rate collector, Kyle street ;
house, 5 Queen's ter
James, farmer, Brocklehill, St. Quivox
Caledonian Insurance Co. — For Agents, see Fire, die. Office Agents, in
Classification of Trades
Plate Glass Insurance Co.— James M'Murtrie, 70 Newmarket st.
& James B. Goldie, Prestwick, agents [Carrick rd
Cameron Andrew, grocer, &c. 207 High st ; house, 3 CraLjleur ter,
Mrs. Henrietta, Lyndoch Cottage, Prestwick
Kenneth, victual dealer, 10 Church st. Wallacetown
â–  Robert, ironmonger, 148 Hign st
Campbell Agnes, dressmaker, 20 Cathcart st
Mrs. Agnes, 23 Barns st
Andrew, farmer, Fenwickland, near Ayr
— - Colin, Esq. Bellridding, Racecourse rd
Mr. David, 1 Park circus
Hugh, householder, Roseberry, Prestwick
â–  John, saddler, 21 Sandgate st ; house, 24 Barns st
John, plumber & tinsmith, Prestwick
John, marine store dealer, 34 Garden st. Wallacetown
John, plumber & gasfitter, Pd7 High st ; houso, 12 Albert tor.
John, fruiterer & confectioner, 3 & 260 High st [Craigie Houso
Major Richard Frederick Fotheringham (of Craigie), j.p., m. p.
â–  William, draper, Town buildings, 9 High st ; ho. 16 Cathcart st
William, householder, Stewart Villa, Hawkhill [Hawkhill
Carlaw Jane, housoholder, Willow Bank Cottage, Whitletts rd.
Curlisle Rachael, teacher of music, 15 Charlotte st
Carmichael Mrs. Jane, Florence Cottage, Prestwick
Carnie Mr. Charles, Stamford Villa, Prestwick
Carse Miss Margaret, Cornhill Cottage, Prestwick rd
Carslaw Robert, horse dealer, 4 Killoch place
Carson Robert, Craigie Inn, 117 George st. Wallacetown
Cassels David, grocer, 177 Highst
Cathcart Miss — , OldAuchendrane, Old Maybolc rd
Edward M. merchant (G. & E. Cathcart), Roan park
Cathcart G. & £. Italian warehousemen, wine mer-
chants and exporters of the Carrick Blend of Old
Scotch Whisky, 25 Newmarket st. and at Dumfries
Cathcart George O. M. merchant (G. & E. Cathcart), 27 Barns st
James P. merchant, Roan park
Cation Murdoch, salesman, 3 Somerset place, Back Hawkhill
Cattle Market, Alloway st [Eglinton tor
Caw Jame3, glass & china merchant, 51 Newmarket st; house, 1U
Cellars William, hay & grain merchant, Letham Cottage, Carrick rd
Chalmers Mr. Archibald, Blackburn Lodge, Racecourse rd
—— Miss Jane, 1 Roselea, Carrick rd
John, inspector of poor for St. Quivox, Gordon ter. Wallacetown
Chambers Alexander, japanner, &c. (R. Chambers & Son), 58 Allison
st. Newton
Robt. japanner, &c. (R. Chambers &"Son), 18 Eglinton ter
â–  Robert & Son, japaimers & tinplate & zinc workers, 8, 10 & 12
Old Bridge st. & Ayr Tinplate & Japan Works, Wallnce st.
William D. tinsmith & gas6ttcr, Old Bridge end, Wallacetown ;
house, 4 Barns crescent
Christie David, hairdresser, &c. 212 High st
â–  James, Plough Tavern, 257 Hi^h st
Wm, smith &, boat builder, &c. South quav ; ho. 10 CatVart st
City of Glasgow Life Assurance Co.— Robert A Miller, Bank of
Scotland, 24 SandgaLo st. &Jobn Lockhart, County bldgs.
of London Insurance Co.— John Paterson, Prestwick, agent
Clark Catherine, apartments, 6 Bath place
Pavid, farmer, Lochl'ergus
1 31— A-B
Clark David, joiner, 74 High st ; house, 2 Belle Vue crescent
James, refreshment rooms, 166 High st
John, potato merchant, 11 Weaver st. Newton
Mr. Thomas, 13 Queen's ter
William, farmer, Shawhill.St. Quivox
Clarke David, superintendent of county police, 10 Cathcart st
"Wm. joiner, 58H Sandgate st; house, Seymour Villa, Hawkhill
Cleland James, lace manufacturer (Samuel Butler & Co.), 3 Whit-
letts rd. Hawkhill
Clelland Air. John, St. Lawrence, Racecourse rd
Climie Hugh, cattle dealer, Ronaldshaw, Midtonrd
James, cattle dealer, 16 Dalblair rd
Clucas Rov. Joseph W. Wesleyan Manse, Hawkhill rKay, ngent
Clydosdale Ban 1c, Limited, Wintou buildings, High Bt— Robt. Murray
Coats GeorRe, Esq. Belleisle Houso
Sir Peter, Auchendrane, Ayr
Cochran Captain John, Haydeu Cottago, HawkliiU
Cochrane Jane, apartments, Primrose Cottage, Prestwick
Collie George, Crown Tavern, Monkton
Colligan John, clothes dealer, 5 Bridge st
Collins James, inspector of works, Hamilton pi. New Prestwiok
Commercial Bank of Scotland, Limited (Branch), 34 Sandgate st—
William Macrorio, agent
Union Assurance Co.— Jas. Andrew, 21 Newmarket st. agent
Connacher Peter, excise officer, 4 Kensington ter. Millar rd
Connell David, tailor, 23 Alloway st
J. L. W. hatter, 195 High st ; house, 1 Church st
Jane, apartments, 23 John St. Wallacetown [laoetown
Timothy, grocer (Robert Forrest & Co.), Gordon Cottage, Wal-
Cook Robert, joiner, Whitletts, St. Quivox
Thomas, chemist, 87 High et ; house, 2 New Bridgo st
Copland Rov. George, Cathcart Manse, Millar rd
Corbett James, confectioner, 9 River st. Wallacetown
Corke Benjamin, surveyor of taxes, 14 Carrick park
Corinack Wm. English master, Ayr Academy, 21 Eglinton tar. Fort
Corn Exchange, 108 Highst
Countv Buildings, Wellington square
Fire Insurance Co.— Jas. M'Murtrio, 70 Newmarket st. agent
of Ayr Property Investment & Building Society, 62 Nowmarkot
st— Thomas Crawford, manager
Police Office, Charlotte st
Couper Mr. Alexander, 8 Park circus
Couperthwaito Janet, householder, 4 Whitletts rd. Hawkhill
Robert G. draper, 1 George st. Wallacotown ; house, Tantallon
Villa, Carrick rd
Cowan Mrs. — , Hartley House, Racecourse rd
A. & Son, tailors & clothiers, 67 Newmarket st
Mr. Adam, Edendarroch, Midton rd [course rd
Andrew, tailor, &c. (A. Cowan & Son), Midsands 'Cottage, Race •
Hugh, agent to the Royal Bank of Scotland, St. Leonard's,
Midton rd
Hugh, cattle dealer, 3 Stewart pi. Carrick rd
Hugh, sheriff's officer, 44 High st
Jane, confectioner, 82 Sandgate st
Janet & Jessie, temperance hotel, High st [Newton
John, tailor & clothier, 17 New Bridgo st; house, 16 Main st.
John, grocer, 135 High st; house, Albion House, Carrick rd
Mrs. Mary, Albion House, Carrick rd
Robert C. L. tailor, 44 High st [Carrick rd
Samuel, plumber, &c. (M'llwratu, Cowan & Co.), 4 Craigleur ter.
William, Esq. J.p. 4 Wellington square
William, victual dealer, 78 Russell st. Newton
Cowie John, lathrender, Carrick st; house, 183 High st
Cowieson Brothers, drapers, 124 High st
George T. draper (Cowieson Bros.), Fern Lea, Hawkhill
John R. draper (Cowieson Bros.), 44 High st
Craig Ada, dressmaker, 1 Sandgate st
& Sons, millers, Victoria Mills, York st. Newton
Miss Barbara, 27 Wellington square
David, carpet designer. Spring Vale, New Prestwick
James, cattle dealer, 22 Dalblair st
James, farmer, Monkton Hill, Monkton
James, hatter, 104 High st
John & Sons, ham curers, 28 Fullarton st
Robert, miller (Craig & Sons), North Harbour st. Newton
Robert, farmer, Aitken Brae, Monkton
Craigie Jessie C. matron at Ayr Academy, 15 Eglinton ter. Fort
Crawford Daniel, householder, Wood Lea, Whitletts rd. Hawkhill
David, accountant (T. & D. Crawford), Greenlawn, Midton rd
Hugh, farmer, Newlands, Monkton
Mr. John, 2 Roselea villa, Carrick rd
Mrs. Mary. Maryfleld, Midton rd
Mary, farmer, Holmston
Robert, shoemaker, 14 Gordon pi. Wallacetown
Mrs. Susan, 6 Barns ter
â–  â–  T. &. D. accountants & law agents, 62 Newmarket st
Thomas, accountant (T. & D. Crawford), 11 Qaeeu's tor
Thomas, merchant (Thomas T. Fullarton & Co.), South quay
Crawfurd Miss Julia, 5 Park ter
Cree Adam, clothes broker, 11 Old Bridge st
Mrs. Mary, 1 Eglinton ter
Crosbie Janet, confectioner, 8 High st
dimming Colonel — , Carrick Lodge, Carrick rd
James, Burns' Tavern, 20 New Bridge Bt
Cunningham Andrew, fruiterer, 30 High st
JElias C. joiner, joiner, Alloway
Mrs. Elizabeth, 2 Anchor cottage, Prestwick
Elizabeth, householder, 26 Dalblair rd
â–  â–  Elizabeth, farmer, Shields, St. Quivox
Jane, dressmaker, 115 High st
Col. William, Belmont House, Carrick rd
Currie Donald, draper, &c. (Currie, Rao & Co.), 3 Alloway plaoe
John, joiner (John Currie & Co.), 146 High st
John & Co. joiners:, 197 High st
, Rao & Co. drapers., &c. Ailsa buildings, High st
William C. coal& Insurance agent & registry office for servants,
80 Sandgate st a house, Yiewfleld, Newton
Custom House, South quay— George Kingston, collector
Cuthhert Mrs. Agnes, 8 Barns tor
Alexandor <Ss Son, boot & shoo manufacturers, 22 High st ;
works, Allison St. Newton,

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