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fTlARBERT, or as it is sometimes designated East Tarbert, is a
J. small fishing port and village, situated at the head of a fine shel-
tered harbour on Loch Fyne. It is 1B9 miles w. of Edinburgh, 37 N. by
e. of Campbeltown, 39 s.s.w. of Inveraray, and 15 s. of Lochgilphead.
The town, or village, may be said to form a semicircle round the
harbour — the latter small, and the entrance to it narrow, having several
sunken rocks, and consequently difficult of access, but when a vessel has
once entered, no water affords more perfect shelter and security. The
quays are commodious, and for many years it has been a noted fishing
station, particularly for herrings, which are mostly cured for the
Glasgow markets. In a commanding situation, overlooking the town
and harbour, are the remains of an ancient castle and fortification,
formerly a place of great strength, and immediately behind the village,
in a southern direction, is a small comfortable Established church ; there
are also a Free church and a Board school. Steamers call here daily on
their way to and from Glasgow ami Ardrishaig ; communication is
also constant witli Inveraray, and a steamer leaves West Tarbert
for Islay twice a week ; the village is likewise connected by telegraph
with Glasgow, Inveraray, Oban, Lochgilphead, Campbeltown, and the
Island of Islay.
West Taruert is one mile distant, and there, also, is a good quay.
It is seated at the head of a loch of the same name, which commences
here, and in a circuitous route winds through the mountains to
Ardpatrick, beyond which it empties itself into the ocean. The scenery
on either side of the loch is remarkably picturesque, embracing
mountain, wood and lawn, with an occasional mansion embosomed in
foliage. Two roads branch respectively to the east and west sides of
the loch. The road to Ardpatrick winds through a fine country, in
which many mountains were, by the- late much respected owner,
Lieu tenant- General Robert Campbell, planted to their summits. About
the sixth mile on this road is Dunmore, the residence of the late William
Campbell, Esq. ; the house is hid by its plantation from the road, but
from its site there is a pleasing view of the loch and the opposite shore.
Four miles further on is the domain of Ardpatrick, the residence of
Captain James Carter Campbell, R.N., possessing every requisite for a
summer residence. At the foot of this domain is a ferry, by which the
traveller may pass to the opposite side of West Tarbert loch. From
Ardpatrick a road branches to the west ; and at a distance of four miles
Carsa is passed, eight miles beyond this is Drimdrissaig, the property of
the late Dugald M'Neill, Esq., the efforts of whose predecessor — the late
Lachlan M'Neill, Esq. — proved so successful in improving the breeds of
cattle, sheep, &c, in this part of the country. A mile and a half bej ond
Drimdrissaig is Ormsary, the seat of Farquhar Campbell, Esq. The
eastern road rims through the village of West Tarbert to Clachan and
Campbeltown. A new road, running by the edge of West Tarbert loch
(to save the hill on the main road) past the landing stage of the Islay
steamer, will be found a great convenience by passengers going to or re-
turning from Islay. The Royal Mail coach passes daily both going to
East Tarbert and returning to Campbeltown. Near the sixth milestone
is the village of Whitehouse, containing a board school, and about
half a mile above the village is Stoneheld, a fine mansion and extensive
domain of Colin G. Campbell, Esq., who is proprietor of the town and
neighbourhood of Tarbert. An extensive fair is held at Tarbert on the
last Thursday in July, which continues three days, and is for the sale of
horses. In 1881 Tarbert contained a population of 1,629.
POST OFFICE, Tarbert, James Brown, Post Master.— Letters arrive from Glasgow, Edinburgh, and all parts (via Greenock) at 12 30
noon, and from Campbeltown at 11 39 a.m., and are despatched to Glasgow, Edinburgh and all parts at 1 5 p.m., and to Campbeltown at 12 noon.
Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank,
Post Receiving House, Whitehouse, Ann Thomson, Post Mistress,— Letters arrive from Glasgow, Edinburgh, and all parts (via Greenock
and Tarbert) at about 1 p.m., and from Campbeltown at 11 a.m., and are despatched to Glasgow, Edinburgh and all parts at 11 a.m.. and to
ampbeltown at 1 p.m. The nearest Money Order Office is at Tarbert.
Post Receiving House, Skipness, Alexander Galston, Post Master. — Letters from all parts arrive ( via Greenock and Tarbert) at 2 30 p.m.,
and are despatched thereto at 10 30 a.m. The nearest Money Order Office is at Tarbert.
Post Receiving House, Ardpatrick, James Milne, Post Mas tcr.— Letters arrive from all parts (via Tarbert) at 5 p.m.and are despatched
thereto daily at 7 a.m. Money Order Office.
Names without an address are in Tarbert.
Campbell Colin G. Esq. j.p. of Stonefield,
Campbell Farquhar, Esq. Ormsary [Ardpatrick
Campbell Captain James Carter, J. p., R.N. of
Campbell John, Esq. of Kilberry
Campbell John, Esq. j.p. Glenakill House
Campbell Ludovic Walter, Esq. of Drumna
Campbell Rev. Malcolm G.
Campbell Miss Margaret, of Dunmore
Furlong Thomas, Esq. j.p. of Avones
Gordon Thomas Alexander George Furlong
Esq. South Erins
Graham Robert, Esq. of Skipness
M'Crea Rev. Duncan, Skipness
M'Dougall Mr. Donald, Ashens.
M'Killop Mr. Alexander
M'Kinnon William, Esq. of Balanakil
M'Lean Mrs. H. Glenveasdale, Skipness
M'Lean Hugh, Esq. j.p. Brecklarach
Maclean Mrs. Jane
M'Lean Rev. John
M'Leod Rev. Murdoch, Kilberry
M'Millan Mr. Duncan
M'Quilkan Mrs. Eliza, of Culandrynach
Prangnell Mr. John T.
Sinclair Mrs. Margaret, Gartnagrennach
Sinclair Mr. Neil, Escart
Turner Archibald, Esq. j.p. Kilchamaig
Board Schools:—
Tarbert— William Burt, master
Ardpatrick— Daniel M' Arthur, master
Kilberry — John M'Callum, master
Sperasaig Skipness— Jno. M' Arthur, master
Skipness — John M'Farlane, master
Whitehouse— Archibald Galbraith, master
M'Intyre Peter
M'Leod Donald (& biscuit)
M'Millan Angus
Smith William (& confectioner)
Union Bank of Scotland, Limited (Branch)
— draws upon the head office, Glasgow, and
Edinburgh, & branches, & on Glyn, Mills,
Clinic & Co., i!t"Bank uf England — Duncan
M'Laren, agent Gavin Semple, accountant
Campbell Archibald, Whitehouse
Currie Archibald
M'Callien William John
M'Kinnon Malcolm
M'Larty James E. (dealer)
M'Millan Donald, Clachan
Mitchell Alexander
Sutherland William A. (dealer)
Sec Wrights and Carpenters.
for HIRE.
M'Pherson Peter
Mitchell Alexander
Sinclair Duncan, Tarbert
Thomson Hugh
Lusk Jane
Jackson Christina
Lamont Mary
M'Farlane Catherine
M'Lachlan Jane
Thomson Sarah
Campbell Captain J. C. of Ardpatrick
Campbell John, of Kilberry
Campbell John, Carsa
Dinwoodie Janet, Kilnaish
Galbraith Malcolm, Aichlach & Craig
Galbraith Neil, Clochaig
Gerrard Thomas, Gleuralloch
Graham Robert, Skipness
Kerr Donald & Duncan, Teritigan
M'Callum Archibald, Glenbuie
M'Calman Alexander, Cuilghaltro
M'Dougall Donald, Ashens
M'Kellar John & Peter, Crossaig
M'Lachlan Donald, Whitehouse
M'Lachlan Duncan, Leonlean
M'Lean Charles, Escart ,
M'Lean Mrs. Hugh, Glenveasdale
M'Nair William, Cuilandrish
M,'Quilkan Angus, Auchmcnach
M'Quilkan Donald, Craitshegan
Morrison John & Duncan, Keppoch
Mundell John, Arivoie
Polloch John, Achnacarrnauan
Scott — , Oragaig
Sinclair Neil, Escaeart
Stalker Donald, Craigans
Stalker Duncan, Couilinn
Turner Archibald, Kilchamaig & Ballure
- *
Caledonian (fire)— A. M'Dougall [M'Laren
Insurance Company of Scotland— Duncan
Lite Association of Scotland — Duncan
Lion Insurance Co.— Alex. Mitchell
Liverpool & London & Globe — Duncan
Northern— James Brown
Norwich- John M'Leod, Tarbert
Royal- Duncan M'Laren
Scottish Widows' Fund— A. M'Dougall
Boag William
Gilchrist Jessio
M'Allister John
M'Innes Hugh
M'Lellan Angus
M'Sporran Alexander
Thomson Hugh
Black Neil
Boag William
Campbell Mary
Crawford Margaret
Gilchrist Jessie
M'Allister John
M'Alister Mary, Whitehouse
M' Arthur Mary
M'Auslan Alexander
M'Farlane Catheriue
M'Farlane Mary
M'Innes Hugh
M'Larty James Elder (& draper &
general merchant , Tarbert
M'Lellan Angus
M'Michacl Hugh
M'Millan E. & A.
M'Pherson Peter
M'Sporran Alexander
Mitchell Alexander
Scott Ann
Sinclair Duncan
Smith Barbara
Smith Mary
Thomson Hugh

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