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RILMUN, formerly the capital of a parish of the same name, now
incorporated with that of Dunoon, is a pleasant, thriving village,
anil of late years hag acquired no little notice as a place resorted to for
sea hathing ; it is situated on the north shore of Holy Loch, 22 miles
s.e. of Inveraray, 16 s.e. of Strachur, 7 s. of Dunoon, 30 w. of Glasgow,
and 8 w. of Greenock. This place may he almost said to owe its origin
to the late proprietor David Napier, Esq., for previously to attracting
his notice there were very few houses, whereas it is now a respectable
village, having many handsome dwellings, occupied as summer resi-
dences by opulent merchants and professional gentlemen of Glasgow.
There are also several pleasant and well furnished lodging houses. Holy
Loch is full three miles long ; at its entrance it is scarcely a mile wide, but
within it expands to a fine sheet of water, extending a mile and a half
in width ; at its head it receives the lesser and greater Echaig, the
latter river flowing from Loch Eck, a beautiful fresh water lako, seven
miles long and one broad, whose steep, rugged shores, rising to a con-
siderable height, form a striking contrast on a fine day to its wide placid
waters. Both tbc loch and the two rivers before mentioned afford plenty
of sport to the angler, and the ride through the valley to Strachur or
Loch Fyue is seldom exceeded for wild and sublime scenery. The quay
which was constructed by Mr. Napier, before mentioned, in 1829,
will admit the steamboats alongside at all times of the tide. The
quarantine station for the Clyde was formerly opposite this village.
Of the ancient history of Kilmun, little is known; but its old church, the
mausoleum of the ducal family of Argyll, and especially the tower of the
POST OFFICE, Kilmun, Robert Wilson, Post Master.— Letters arrive from all parts at 7 30 a.m. summor months, and 12 30 noon, and are
despatched at 3 p.m. The nearest Money Order Office is at Strone.
Post Office, Blairmore, James M'Leisb, Post Master.— -Letters from all parts arrive (via Greenock) at 10 30 a.m. in summer months
and at 12 noon in winter, and at 5 30 p.m. all the year round to callers only, and are despatched thereto at 2 30 p.m. Money Order and Tele-
graj)h Office and Savings Bank.
Post Office, Strone, Mary Anderson, Post Mistress.— Letters from all parts arrive (via Greenock) at 1 p.m., and are despatched thereto at
2 50 p.m. Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank.
Post Office, Ardentinny, Matthew Gardner, Post Master. Letters from all parts arrive (via Greenock) at 12 30 noon, and are des-
patched thereto at 1 30 p.m. The nearest Money Order Offcc is at Blairmore.
Airston Mrs. M. F. B. Hunter (of Broomrig),
original church, evidence it to have been in former tiroes a place of some
note. Close by the church of Kilmun stands a square and dilapidated
tower, which, as if to avert further decay, nature has covered with a mantle
of ivy, which hangs in graceful festoons from its mouldering walls. In
the church is the sepulchre of the Argyll family, which contains the
mortal remains of sis dukes and two duchesses. Near the sepulchre are
statues of a lady and of an armed warrior, supposed to be Donnacha-au-
aidh, or Fortunate Duncan ; and suspended above are sundry warlike
habiliments in a state of decay. About a quarter of a mile westward of
the village is the Kilmun Sea-side Home for Convalescent Poor, a hand-
some stone building, pleasantly situated, commanding a fine viewof
Holy Loch and the opposite shore. Population of Kilmun in 1881, 331.
Strone, a small village, which nearly joins Kilmun, has greatly
improved within the last few years, and many respectable lodging
houses and shops have been built, besides the erection of two churches.
There is also a quay, which will admit steamers alongside at all hours
of the tide.
Portinstuck, or Blairmore, on the west shore of Loch Long,
adjoining Strone, is a small but improving village of recent erection.
There is a neat wooden pier exocted here.
Ardentinny, another small village about five miles higher up on the
loch, is situated in a beautiful vale, and celebrated for the picturesque
scenery its neighbourhood affords. There is a neat stone church of the
Establishment and a Board school here.
Woodside, Blairmore
Anderson Mrs. — , Rashfield, Kilmun
Anderson Mr. John, Green Bank, Ardentinny
Annan Mr. Archibald Johnston, Sandringhani
Villa, Blah-more
Arthur Mrs. M. Tower Hill, Blairmore
Baird Mr. Alexander S. Hillside, Kilmun
Bald Mrs. Isabella, Fairy Knowe, Blairmore
Barr Mrs. John, Woodside, Blairmore
Baxter Mr. John, Roseland Villa, Blairmore
Bell Mr. George, Invereoch, Kilmun
Bell Mr. Hugh, George pi. Strone
Bennett Mr. George, Bennett Cottage, Kilmun
Birrell Mr. William E. Oak Knowe, Blairmore
Black Mr. Duncan, Devon Cottage, Blairmore
Boyd Mr. James, Ashburn, Strone
Broadfoot Mr. John, Duucraggan and Heather
Knowe, Blairmore
Brown Mr. Duncan, Arden Bank, Kilmun
Burnell Mrs. — , Maxwelton, Strone
Cameron Rev. John, Kilmun
Campbell Mr. Colin, Blarachorine, Blairmore
Campbell Capt. Robert, Ferngrove, Kilmun
Chalmers Mr. — , Cosieneuk, Strone
Clark Miss Janet, Succoth Villa, Blairmore
Coates James, Esq. Strone
Colquhoun Mtb. — , Woodbine Villa, Blairmore
Connell Mrs. Jane, Bannachra, Blairmore
Connell Mr. William, Woodburn Villa, Strone
Copland Mr. William Robertson, Blair Cottage,
Craig Rev. Robert, The Manse, Ardentinny
Crawford Mr. William C. Loch Long Cottage,
Cuthbert Mr. Hugh, Ardbeg House
Davie Mr. John, Blairmore
Davies Mrs. S. A. Blair Linn, Blairmore
Diok Mr. George H. Glenconnor, Blairmore
Dickie Mr. John, Shieldhill, Strone
Donaldson Mrs. Janet, Firwood, Kilmun
Dougall Mr. Andrew, Woodlands, Kilmun
Douglas General Sir John, g.c.b. Glenfinnart,
Drew Mr. Alex. Creggandarroch, Blairmore
Duncan James, Esq. Benmore House, Kilmun
Dunlop Mr. George, Hazelbank, Blairmore
Dunlop Mr. Nathaniel, Craigend House, Kil-
. Gibb Mrs. Alice, Rhuebegg House, Strone
Gibson Mr. Francis, Lake Villa, Kilmun
Gilmour Mr. J. B. Arden Cottage, Blairmore
Glover Mr. Hugh, Argyle Cottage, Strone
Gray Mrs. Elm Bank, Strone
Hamilton Mr. James, Darnead, Blairmore
Harvey Miss Lily, Craighoyle House, Arden-
Henderson Mrs. — , Craig Villa, Strone
Henderson Mr. Robert, Vine Cottage, Blairmore
Herbertson Mr. George, Moss Knowe, Blairmore
Highgate Mr. John, Mossgiel Villa, Blairmore
Hillcoat Mrs. — , Oakbank, Blairmore
Husband Mr. Andrew, Greenfield, Strone
Jackson Mrs. C. Kilmun Cottage, Kilmun
Jamieson Mr.William, Bracken Brae, Blah-more
Jeffery Mrs. Annie, Glen Cottage, Strone
Johnstone Mrs; — , Marine Villa, Blairmore
Kirkwood Mr. James, Blink Bonny, Ardentinny
Lang Mr. William, Jessamine Villa, Blah-more
Laurie Miss — , Anchorage, Blairmore
Lawrie Miss Marion, Alder Bank, Blairmore
Leishman Mr. John, Hopebill, Kilmun
Lyle Mrs. — , Ferry Park, Blairmore
M' Arthur Rev. A. Strone
M'Call Miss —, Sunnybeach, Strone
M'Corqudale Mr. Alex. Sunnybank, Ardentinny
M'Crone Mr. James, Grace House, Kilmun
M'Dougall Mrs. Catherine, Stanley-wic, Blair-
more [more
M'Dougall Miss Margaret, Gregg Lodge, Blair-
M'Farlane Mr. Robert, Raven Rock, Ardentinny
M'Gregor Mrs. Janet, Ben Ledi, Strone
M'Indoe Mi-. Frederick H. P. Blair Athol, Blair-
M'lntyre Mr. Duncan, Kilmun
Mack Mrs. Mary, Lee Bank:, Blairmore
M'Kay Mr. George, Kintail Brae, Blairmore
M'Kechnie Mr. Robt. Rhumore House, Kilmun
M'Kenzie Mrs. Janet, Calton Hill, Blah-more
M'Kerchar Rev. Daniel, Free Church Manse,
M'Kinlay Mr. George, Blairnaine, Blairmore
M'Kinlay Mr. Robert, Rowavon Cottage, Blair-
M'Kinnon Mrs. — , Cothouse
M'Kinnon Capt.Wm. Auburn Cottage, Strone
M'Kinnon Mr. Robert, Lirmburn, Blairmore
M'Lean Mi-. Andrew, Ottabourne Villa, Blair-
more [more
M'Lean Mr. William L. E. Duart Tower, Blair-
M'Naughton Mrs. — , St. Ann's Lodge, Blairmore
Marquis Mr. Duncan, Fraser Bank, Strone
Mercer Mr. John, Dunstrone, Strone
Millac-Mr. John Bell, Strone
Milnes Mrs. Grace, Mansion House, Kilmun
Mitchell Mr. Alex. A. Burncrook, Blairmore
Mitchell Miss Mary, George pi. Strone
Mowbray Mr. John W. Clutha, Strone
Mowbray Mrs. Mary, Strone House, Strone
Muir Mrs. Christina, Loch view, Kilmun
Munro Mr. Daniel, Rose Bank, Kilmun
Munro Miss Jane, Craigielee, Blairmore
Murison Mr. Joseph, Coliebeg House & Abbey-
stone, Kilmun
Murray Mrs. R. Kilmun
Murray Mr. Thomas, Finnartbank, Kilmun
Murray Mr. William M. Kilmun
Neill Mr. Jas. K. Thornbank Villa, Blairmore
Neilson Mr. Matthew G. Thorncliffe, Blairmore
Orr Rev. John, Fountain villas, Kilmun
Paterson Mr. Archibald, Forest Side, Kilmun
Pitkethly Mr. James, Seafield, Strone
Reid Mrs. Alexander, Dunmore House, Strone
Richardson Mr. James, Lome Villa, Strone
Richmond Miss Clara, Avonholm, Strone
Richmond Mr. James, Avonholm, Strone
Ritchie Mr. John, Langdale Cottage, Blairmore
Ritchie Mi 1 . William, Blairbeg, Blairmore
Robertson Mrs. Elizabeth, Rivet Bank, Kilmun
Robertson Rev. F. L. Finnart More House,
Rodger Mrs. Mary C. Garrachune, Kilmun
Rohead Mr. John, Heather Bank Cottage,
Rowan Mr. Michael, Finnart Lee, Kilmun
Schrader Mr. George, Dun Edin, Strone
Scott Mr. Alexander, Fountain Villa, Kilmun
Small Mrs, J. A. Gowan Brae, Blairmore
Smith Mi-. Joseph N. Mountstuart, Blairmore
Steel Mr. James, Heath Bank, Blairmore
Stewart Mr. James, Ailsa View, Strone
Taylor Mr. John, Eglington Cottage, Blairmore
Thomson Mr. Donald, Munzie Villa, Blairmore
Turnbull Mr. John, Ashcliff, Blairmore
Turner Miss Charlotte, Kilmun
Twaddle Mr. John, Rock Cottage, Strone
Watson Mr. John H. Kilmun
Wilson Mr. Robert, Laurel Grove, Blairmore
Wilson Mr. William, Rock Side, Blairmore
Wood Mrs. Elizabeth, Beechwood, Strone
Board Schools:—
Ardentinny — Margaret Giifen, mistress
Rashfield — Angus M'Pherson, master
Strone — William Baird, master
Clydesdale Bank, Limited, Strone (Branch
from Dunoon)— J. Dobie, agent
Campbell Duncan, Kilmun
M'Kay William, Ardentinny
Ferguson James, Kilmun
M'Kellar Gilbert, Kilmun
M'Kellar John, Blairmore
Ferguson Michael, Ardentinny Hotel, Arden-
Gillies Donald, Blairmore
M'Coll Duncan, Kilmun
M'Farlane Malcolm, Strone
M'Farlane Thomas, Blairniore

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