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FARMERS & GRkZIERS— continued.
Campbell James & John, Achindnin
Campbell John, Achiuduin
Carmichael Alex. & Dugald, Achaghnarian,
Lis more
Carmichael Archibald, Achinduin, Lismore
Carmichael Dugald, Balure, Lisinore
Carmichael Dugald, Killeau, Lismore
Carmichael Dugald & Donald, Stronacraoibt,
Carmichael Hugh, Auchinduin, Lismore
Carmichael S. Sand Point & Tirafour, Lis-
Clark Robert, Glasdrum
Colquhoun Duncan, South Cuil, Duror
Colquhoun John, Eshaig, Druro
Counel Connel, Balnagown, Lismore
Corson David, Crigan
Donald Chisholm, Gloncreran & Conuel Ferry
Duff — (manager), Killechearain, Lismore
Hall Robert, Fasnacloish
Henderson Hagh, Tychreggain
Kennedy Angus, Achairn, Duror
Livingstone Colin, Laggan, Lismore
Livingstone Dugald, Balure, Lismore
Livingstone John, Balernaldllecban, Lismore
M'Arthnr Hugh, Gorten, Glencrevan
M'Coll Alexander, Park, Lismore
M'Coll Archibald, Caolard
M'Coll Donald, Balnagown
M'Coll Duncan, Tighchlachain, Lismore
M'Corniick James, Baligarve, Lismore
M'Corqudale J. & A. Killandrist
M*Culloch John, Blairchasgaig
M'Donald John, South Dallins
M'Donald John, Airds & Caolard
M'Dougall — , Ardsheal & Acharra
M'Dougall Dugald, Raleveblan, Lismore
M'Dougall Niel, Rhugarve [Lismore
M*Gregor Dugald & Alex. Achaghuarain,
M'Gregor John, Baluachdraeh, Lismore
M'Gregor Rev. S. Achosragan
M'Innes John, North Shian
M'Intyro Alexander, Achinduin
M'Intyre Dugald, Frackerasig
M'Intyro Dugald, Salen
M'Intyre John, Keil, Duror
M'Intyre John, Barealdiue, Benderloch
rd'Kay John & James, Glenure
M'Kenzie Archibald, Lurginach
M'Kenzie D. Tarrafochdain
M'Kenzie John, Dalnatraid
M'Laren Duncan, Achavlair
M'Lean Allen, Soutli Cuil
M'Leod Alexander, Ledgrianach
M'Leod John & David, North Dallins
M'Millan Angus, Island of Shuna
M'Millau John, Rhugarve
M'Nicol John, Auchindarrach, Druro
M'Niven John, Woodhall
M'Niven "William, Inverfolla [folia
M'Phail Donald <Sc Alexander, North Inver-
M'Pherson Alexander, Greenfield, Duror
M'Pherson Donald, South Cuil, Duror
M'Vean Mrs. — , Invernauyle
Miller — , Ballachulish
Pattersou Francis & John, Kilchearain
Shankland William, Achnacroish, Lismore
Smith Thomas H. Ardtur
Stewart — , South Inverfolla
Stewart J. C. Salachail
Struthers James, Kinlochlaich, Mains
Strnthers Robert, Glenstockdale
Law Robert, Achosrigan
M'Donald John, Port Appin
M'Millau — , Glencoe
Stewart Alexander, Glencoe
Barr Mrs. — , Ballachulish
Black Angus, Portnacroish
Cameron Hugh, Tayribhie
Cameron John, Tayfuirst
Dickson Mrs. — , Port Appin
Gardner — , Eintallen
Law Robert, Achosragan
M'Donald Mrs. — , Keil,Ledaig
M'Finnan — , Glencoe
M'Intyre Dugald, Salen, Lismore
M'Intyre Dugald, Killeondrist [South
M'Kenzie Mrs. — , Brecklet, Ballachulish
M'Kenzie Peter, Benderloch
M'Phail D. Keil, Ledaig
Rankin Donald & Peter, Achuacone
Rankin John, Tayfuirst
Stewart Jane, Duror
Stewart John, Bachuil, Lismore
Ardgonr Hotel, Thomas M'Lean, North
Corran Ferry
Ballachulish South Hotel (& posting house),
John Currie, Ballachulish Ferry South
Carmichael Douald (temperance), Port Appin
Cammerou John, Ballachulish North
Lochiel Arms, John M'Gregor, Banavie
Smith — , South CoiTan
Cameron Hugh, Duror
Cameron James (& ferryman), Crigan ferrys
M'Calman Caiman, Ballachulish
M*Kay Archibald, Port Appin
Ferguson John, South Crigan
Ferguson John, Inverfolla
Livingston John, Ballachulish South
M'Coll Samuel Ballachulish South
M'Cormick Neil, Baligarve, Lismoro
M'Innes Archibald, Glencoe
Rankin Gillean, Achosrigan
Rowan Allan & Son, Port Appin
Cameron Angus, Sheep Island Lime Works,
Port Appin
M'Intyre Dugald, Salen, Lismoro
M'Coll Dona'd, Balnagown, Lismore
M'Naugbton Peter, Aunat, Corpach
M'Keuzie John, Dalnatraid
Stewart — , Iuverfolla
Argyllshire (13th) Riflo Volunteers— Captain
Lucas, v.c. in command
Black Donald, road contractor. Lismore
Campbell John Macgregor, registrar, Appin
Counell John, saw mill, Glencoe
Currio John, coach proprietor, Ballachulish
M'Donald John, road contractor, Appin
M'Farlaue — , police constable, Glencoe
M'Intyre Donald, inspector of poor, Schoo
Board clerk, &c. Port Appin
M'Lachlan Alexander, pier master & steam-
boat agent, Port Appin
M'Niven William, road contractor, Aupin
M'Phail Duncan, road contractor, Lismoro
M'Vean John, police constable, Port Appin
Menzies John, registrar, Duror
Wilson J. registrar, Lismore
Dummond Dcnald, Achosragan
M'Corquadale John, Port Ramsay, Lismore
M'Donald John, Port Ramsay, Lismore
M'Donald E. Halen, Lismore
M'Fadyen — , Port Ramsay, Lismore
M'Kiuuon D. Port Ramsay, Lismore
Gardner James, Lcttermore
Gardner John, Kiutallen [lessee
Glencoe Slate Quarries — Dr. Campbell,
Carmichael John, Duror
ji'Kiunou Duncau & Collin, Ballachulish
M'Nicol John, Port Appin
M'Pherson Dugald, Lismore
M'Taggart Alexander, Tayribbie
and their ministers.
Established Churches :—
Appin — Rev. Simon Macgregor, m.a.
Duror — Rev. James M'Dougall
Glencoe — Rev. Wm. Sutherland, m.a.
Kiiu allie— Rev. Archibald Clark
Kingairloch — Rev. Alexander M'Kenzie
Lismore— Rev. Gregor M'Gregor
Episcopal Churches : —
Glencieran & Appin (Strath)— Rev. P. E.
Ballachulish South — Rev. D. Cameron
Duror— Rev. Dugald M'Kenzie
Glencoe — Rev. Robert M'Pherson
Free Churches: —
Appin- Rev. Duncan C. Ross, m.a.
Glencoe — Rev. D. M'Murchy
Kilmallie — Rev. — , M'Kenzie
Baptist Chapel, Bachuil
Congregational Chapel, Appin
United Presbyterian Church, Lismore
Rohan Catholic Chapel, Ballachulish
South— Rev. John M'Donald
To GLENCOE, head of LOCH ETIVE, &c.
from Ballachulish South Hotel, during
summer & autumn— John Currio, Iessoe
WILLIAM, Steamboats twice daily in
summer, and a Mail Boat daily all the
There are Goods Steamboats from Appin
Northwards, on Tuesday and Friday, and
Southwards on Monday and Thursday
BONAW, or Bunawe, is a small scattered village on the river Awe,
122 miles n.w. of Edinburgh, 80 n.w. of Glasgow, 12 e. of Oban,
and 20 n. of Inverary, by Port Sonachan ferry — but round the head of
Loch Awe, by Dalmally, avoiding the ferry, it is 32 miles. The
manufacture of pig-iron, which at one time flourished here, has now
ceased. Bonaw granite quarries, leased by Messrs. William Sim & Co.,
Glasgow, employ about 200 workmen. Bonaw is much celebrated for
its salmon fishery, which affords employment to a considerable number
of persons in the fishing season. Large quantities of fish are sent fresh
in boxes to Glasgow and other parts of Scotland. The church, which
was erected in 1827-8, stands near the road to Inverary, where also is
the parish school ; the funds for both these structures were supplied by
the munificence of General D. Campbell, of Lochnell. A rude block of
granite, the first monument erected in Britain to the memory of Lord
Nelson, may be seen, on an eminence near the village. Since the com-
pletion of the Callander and Oban railway, Bonaw is becoming a
tavourite resort for tourists, several new villas having been built and
others are in course of erection. There is an hotel near to Taynuilt
station, and anglers can obtain fishing in the famous salmon river Awe.
At Ardchattan, about four miles north-west on the opposite side of
Loch Etive. stand the remains of an ancient priory of the Benedictines,
POST OFFICE, Taynuilt, Alexander Campbell, Post Master,— Letters from Edinburgh, Glasgow, the South, &c, arrive at 6 45 and 11 49
a.m., and are despatched thereto at 1 10 and 4 35 p.m. ; from Oban, Fort William, Ac, at G 45 a.m. and 4 85 p.m., and are despatched at 11 49 a.m.
and 4 85 p.m.; from Dalmally and Inverary at 6 45 a.m., "and are despatched at 4 35 p.m. t^ Money Order and Telegraph Office and
Savings Bank.
Post Office, Ledaig, John Campbell, Post Mas ter.— Letters arrive from all parts at 2 5 p.m., and are despatched at 10 30 a.ni
IS" Money Order and Telegrajih Office and Savings Bank.
founded in 1232, by M'Coull, ancestor of the Lords of Lome. Here
Bruce is thought to have held a Gaelic council after the battle of
Methven. A church was erected at Ardchattan in 1S86, at an expense
to the heritors of about £1,000; it contains sittings for four hundred.
The objects that most forcibly strike the attention here are Loch Etive
and Ben Cruachan — the latter, with its broad shoulders, rearing its
blunt-pointed summit 3,670 feet above the salt water that laves his foot.
Its circumference at the base is twenty miles. The journey is somewhat
fatiguing, but the view obtained from the summit will amply reward
the tourist for the trouble of ascending, as it extends over the whole
archipelago of the Western Isles from Islay to Skye ; previous to- rain
and other changes of weather, sounds are said to issue irom Ben
Cruachan. The population of the quoad sacra parish of Ardchattan
was in 1881, 1,390.
Two miles east of Taynuilt, where a stone bridge crosses the river
Awe, is the scene of Sir Walter Scott's tale of the " Highland .Widow,"
and two miles further is the Pass of Cruachan or Brander, where
King Robert Bruce defeated Macdougal of Lome, in 13U9. Fairs are
held at Glenorchy on the third , Wednesday in March and fourth
Tuesday in November; and at Connel on Saturday before last
Wednesday in May, and on Thursday before last Wednesday in October

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