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PUBLIC BUILDINGS, &c— continued.
Arbuthnot Museum, Chapel st — Jas. Aiken,
curator; Mary Adamson, keeper
Banff (1st) Artillery Volunteers ( No. 6 Battery),
Drill Hall, Broad place— Robert Maitland,
major; Albert Jacobs, drill instructor
Cemetery ;{Now), Constitution at — Robert
Grant, curator
Coast Guard, Watchhouse and Life-saving
Apparatus, Keith Inch— James Good, chief
officer [secretary
Conservative Club, Lodge walk — Wm. Boyd,
Exchange and Newsroom, Broad st— William
Taylor, secretary
Gas Works, Longate— Robert Hall, manager
Lecture Hall, Prince st [Queen st
Library of Society of Solicitors, Court House,
Lifeboat Station, Greenhill, Keith Inch —
Robert Strachan, coxswain
Lighthouse, Buchanness, Boddam — George
Gallie, principal keeper
Mechanics' Institution, Town's House — Wm.
Taylor, secretary ; Alex. Sim, jun. librarian
Mercantile Marine Office, Lodge walk— Geo.
Clubb, superintendent
Parochial Office, 13 Merchant st— Alexander
Aiken, relieving officer
Petorhoad Public Hall Co. Mariscbal st —
William Dinnes, keeper ; James H. Mennie,
i seoretary
Police Board, 16 St: Andrew st— Alexander
Robertson, clerk to the Commissioners of
- Police
Police Office, Narrow lane — George Cran,
Poors' Lodging House, Ugie st — Richard
Noble, governor; Mary Noble, matron
Prince Street Hall, Prince st
Reading Society, Town's House — Alex. Sim,
jun. librarian
Rifle Volunteers (The Buchan) 3rd Battalion
Gordon Highlanders (B & C Companies),
Kirk st — Patrick F. Robertson, major;
Adam Arbuthnot and Robert Robertson,
captains ; John Clarke, drill instructor
Royal Naval Reserve Office, 2 Lodge walk-
George Clubb, registrar
Sanitary Inspector's Office, Charlotte st —
George Henderson, inspector
Shore Dues Office, Harbour st — Thomas
Nicholson, collector
Stamp Office, 12 St. Andrew st — Alexander
Robertson, distributor
Topping's Hall, Chapel st
Town Hall, Broad st
Weighing Machine (Pablic), Bridge st — Jas.
Brand, weigher
Weights & Measures Office, Narrow lane-
George Cran, inspector
Station, lop of Queen st — A. B. Matthews,
station master ; James Roid, goods carting
agent, Broad st
Station, Inverugie (two miles from Peter-
head) — George Anderson, agent
Staiion,NEWSEAT (four miles from Peterhead),
— John M'Kenzie, agent
To and from BLACKHILL (Saturdays only),
fi*om Roval Hotel, Broad st
To and from BODDAM, from Royal Hotel,
Broad st. twice daily
To and from ELLON, from Royal Hotel,
Broad st. dailv
To and from LONMAY, from Royal Hotel,
Broad st. daily
To and from PORT ERROLL, from Royal
Hotel, Broad st. daily
To CRIMOND, James Fraser, from Laing's
Hotel, Monday, Wednesday & Friday
To CRUDEN, John Davidson, from Marischal
st. Tuesday & Friday
To NEW DEER, John Park, from Marischal
st. Friday
To NEW PITSLIGO, John Findlay, from
Broad at. Tuesday
To OLD DEER, George Davidson, from
Marischal st. Friday
To RORA, James Rennie, from Laing's Hotel,
Mondav, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday
To ST. FERGUS, William Strachan, from
Broad si. Monday, Wednesday & Friday
To LEITH, the Peterhead and Leith
Traders, the Sweet Home, weekly, weather
permitting— Robt. B. Hutchison, agent,
Windmill st
"DHYNIE and ESSIE is a united parish in the district of Strathbogio;
XV it comprehends an area of 30 square miles, bounded on the north
by the barony of Gartly, on the south by Auchindoir, and on the west by
Cabrach. The centre may be about 10 miles south from Huntly. The
Soil is rich and fertile on the banks of the Bogie ; towards the hills it is
light and gravelly, yet productive. The only antiquity in this parish
deserving of notice is a vitrified fort on the top of the hill of Noth.
There are two springs in the neighbourhood of Rhynie, remarkable for
the surprising quantity of water they discharge, each being capable of
turning a mill at its source. The places of worship are Established and
Free churches, and a chapel belonging to the Independents. There is
also a public school here. Markets are held on the first Wednesday in
June, the day after Keith in September, and the day after Kinnethmont
in October. Feeing markets are held on theJMondays before the 26th of
May and the 12nd of November ; cattle markets during the winter are
held on the Saturday before the fourth Monday in each month. In 1881
the parish, which covers an area of 12,879 acres, contained a population
of 1,126 persons, and the village 442.
Auchindoir, a parish with which Kearn has been incorporated, is
about 7 miles long and 5 broad, distant from Huntly 12 miles, and the
acreage of which is 15,310. A bluish coloured fibrous asbestos is found
in great quantities in the fissures of the rocks, which the sportsmen
frequently use for wadding for their fowling-pieces. The parish also
abounds with freestone. The only river of note is the Bogie. There
are Established and Episcopalian churches and a public school, and at
Lumsden, a small village in this parish, erected within the last forty-
POST OFFICE, Rhynie, James Mitchell, Post Master.— Letters arrive from the North and South at 10 40 a.m. and 2 10 p.m., and from
Strathdon at 7 40 a.m., and are despatched to the North & South at 7 45 a.m. and 3 15 p.m., and to Strathdon at 10 45 a.m. Double mail to
Strathdon on Saturdays, arriving at 5 45 p.m., and despatched thereto at 7 30 p.m. IS" Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank.
Post Office, Kinnethmont, John Morrison, Post Master. — Letters arrive from all parts, Aberdeen and Insch at 9 a.m. and 1 p.m., and are
despatched thereto at 6 30 a.m. and 1 10 p.m. IS* Money Order Office and Savings Bank.
Post Office, Lumsden, Robert Murray, Post Master.— Letters arrive from all parts at 11 20 a.m., and arc despatched at 7 5 a.m. Extra
mail on Saturdays arriving at 8 10 p.m. and despatched at 5 p.m. IS" Money Order Office and Savings Bank.
Post Office, Cabkach, Miss Macpherson, Post Mistress. — Letters arrive from Rhynie at 2 p.m. and are despatched thereto at S p.m.
IS" The nearest Money Order Office is at Rhynie, 8 miles distant.
five years and named after the proprietor, are Free and United
Presbyterian churches and a public school. Fairs are held on the last
Tuesday in April, last Friday in May, and third Tuesday in August,
(o. s.). Population of the parish in 1881, 1,514.
Cabrach parish is partly in the county of Aberdeen and partly in
that of Banff, extending in length 5 miles by about 3 in breadth, distant
from Aberdeen 45 miles, and from Huntly 20. In the parish are an
Established church, one in connection with the United Presbyterians,
and two public schools. The Deveron and the Fidditch water this
parish. The mountains abound with game. Acreage, 34,103. Popula-
tion in 1881, 682.
Clatt is a parish of 5,711 acres. The village is situated 10 miles
s.s.e. from Huntly, and 33 w.n.w. from Aberdeen, on the rivulet Gaudie,
which afterwards falls into the Urie. It was elevated into a burgh of
barony by James VI. in 1501, with power to hold weekly and annual
markets. The superiority belongs to the family of Gordon, of Knockes-
pock, who have evinced a laudable anxiety for the improvement of the
place. The only place of worship is a church under the Establishment,
and there is also a public school. A fair is held on the third Wednesday
in November. Population of the Quoad Sacra parish in 1881, 452.
Kinnethmont parish extends about 6 miles in length by 3 in breadth,
and is about 8 miles south from Huntly. The parish, the extent of
which is 8,468 acres, is watered by several small streams, and generally
the soil is fruitful. Here are Established and Free churches. Popu-
lation of the parish in 1881, 999.
Anderson Rev. Alexander, Auchindoir Manse
Bruce Rev. Thomas, Free Church Manse, Rhynie
Burnett Rev. Thomas, Kinnethmont
Calder Rev. James J. The Manse, Rhynie
Faulkner Mr. Charles A. L. Rhynie
Galloway Mr. Peter, Rose Ville, Rhynie
Gatherer Patrick, Esq. (factor to Col. Hay),
Gordon Carlos P. Esq. Wardhouse
Gordon Mrs. Hannah, Knockespock
Gordon J. S. Esq. of Craig, Auchindoir
Grant Robert S. Esq. of Druminnor [mont
Hay Colonel Alexander S. Leith Hall, Kinneth-
Macmillan Rev. G. G. Cabrach Manse
Mathieson Rev. T. Kinnethmont
Minto Rev. John, Clatt
Nicoll Rev. Harry, Lumsden
Selbie Rev. G. A. Clatt Manso
stark Rev. James, Lumsden
Williams Rev. R. W. Bogieside, Ryrde
Withers BeTi AlexftBOer, Cabrach
Public Schools: —
Auchindoir — M. Cran, mistress
Cabrach— Alexander Craib, m.a. master
Cabrach — Thos. Robertson, m.a. master
Clatt — John Robertson, master
Kinnethmont— William Gerrard, master;
Jane Forbes, mistress
Lismoir — Joseph Allan, master
Lumsden — John Brown, master
Old Town, Kinnethmont — William Mackie,
Rhynie & Essie— Robert Rattray, master;
Isabella Cran, mistress [master
Allan James, Rhynie
Knight Margaret, Lumsden
Young James, Kinnethmont
North of Scotland Bank, Limited (Branch),
Rhynie — draws on the head office, Aberdeen,
& Union Bank of London, London— Jamea
Stewart, agent
Noeth of Scotland Bank, Limited (Branch),
Lumsden — draws on the head office, Aber-
deen, & Union Bank of London, London —
James Wallace, agent
Town & County Eank, Limited (Branch),
Rhynie — draws on the head office, Aberdeen,
& the Joint Stock Bank, London — James
Lawson, agent
Fullerton Thomas B. Auchindoir
Johnstone David, Auchindoir
Mann George, Lumsden
Riddle Charles, Rhynie
Robertson James, Old Town, Kinnethmont
Singer John, Kinnethmont
Smith John, Kinnethmont
Watt William, Clatt

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