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VOLUNTEERS— continued.
Head Quarters, 146 London Street.
Hon. Colonels— W. Stirling & A. Crum Ewiog
Lieut.-Colonel Commandant— Sir Archibald C. Campbell
Lieut.- Colonel — William Clark
Majors— T. Glen & George Purdie
Captains— ~R. "Whyte, A. R. Goldie, Peter Morrison, R. S. Murray, R
B. Shaw, J. Dale, W. Beardmore, J. Guthrie Smith, J. P. Taylor,
R. Flack, J. Gardiner &R. D. Linton
Lieutenants— R. Walker, G. P. Rome, W. Roxburgh, Wm. Bertram,
D. R. Graham, J. Lammie, J. Graham, J. Donaldson, A. Simpson,
jun. J. Coats, J. Harvey Johnston, J. A. Ferguson, S. Huuter, F.
J. Stevenson, J. C. Alexander & W. Arbuckle
Major <£ Adjutant — J. Croker
Quartermaster — D. Gillies
Surgeons— Alexander Fergus, John E.Brodie, m.d. & A. Wallace, m.d.
Hon. Chaplain— Rev. J. Taylor, D.D.
Begimental Secretery — A. B. Dick-Cleland
Sergcant-Major— John Robinson
Bandmaster — Robert J. Henderson
Headquarters, 81 Greendvke street.
Rifle Range, Patterton, Nitshill.
Son. Colonel — The Marquis of Lome
Lieut.-Colonels—F. R. Reid and J. T. Stewart
Majors— C. M. Williamson and James Menzies
Captains— John Clark, John R Reid, W. W. Nutter, Thos. Johnston,
Thomas Ramsay, R. C. Mackenzie, A. M. Hay, T. D. Tolmie, J. M.
Tulloch, Pat Graham and John Macpherson
Lieutenants— Archibald D. Graham, J. N. Small, Alfred Bennot,
William Patterson, W. J. Mackenzie, James Hay, N. J. Macmins,
P. W. Hendry, W. Brock, Dan Sillars, A. C. Brown, R. S. Houston,
J. A. Robb, G. W. Frame, W. E. Townsend, A. A. Smith, and J.
M'L. Masterton
Adjutant— Major R. M. Tod
Quartermaster — John Macpherson
Surgeon-Major — Thomas D. Buchanan, m.d.
Surgeon — Thomas Buchanan, m.b., cm.
Acting-Surgeons— D. Cowie, D. C. Black, F. Chalmers, and A. M'Phee
Hon. Chaplain— Rev. P. Blair
Sergcant-Major — W. N. Clayton
Uniform, Royal Highlanders (Black Watch)
(2oth and 71st Regimental District), under command of Colonel
0. A. Collins
The object of the Choir Union is to cultivate and diffuse the
knowledge of, and taste for, Classical Music, and for this purpose
frequent public performances are given, at which the leading artistes
in the country appear. Members meet for rehearsal on the evenings
of Monday and Wednesday during the session in the Lesser City
Hall, 231 Buchanan street. Gentlemen and ladies admitted to
membership by application. Gentlemen pay an annual subscription
of five shillings. Subscription Choral and Orchestral Concerts are
given during the season.
Conductor — Allan Macbeth
Treasurer — John LeDnox, 112 Bath st
Acting-Secretary— John Wallace, 58 West Regent st
Librarian — David MacKinlay
Instituted 1863.
Conductor— W. M. Miller
Secretary — Robert Bruce, 152 Oxford st
The object of the society is the study, with a view to public per-
formance, of classical music. The members meet for rehearsal in
the City Hall Saloon, Candleriggs, every Tuesday evening from
August to April inclusive. Gentlemen pay an annual subscription
of 5s., ladies free; and may bo admitted at any time during the
Instituted 1870.
Secretary— 1. B. Mercer, 11 Carnarvon st
The object of the society is the study of classical orchestral
music, practisings held weekly during the winter months. The
directors invite the attention of instrumental amateurs to the
society. Application for membership may bo made to the secre-
tary, or to any member of the committee.
Conductor — James M'Kean
Hon. Secretary— S. B. Chisholm, 28 Abbotsford pi
The object of the society is the study, with a view to public per-
formance, of the higher class of choral music. The society meets
for practice in the S.S. Baptist Church, Kirk street, Gorbals, every
Tuesday evening, from August to April inclusive. Members can be
enrolled at any time during the session. Gentlemen pay an annual
subscription of 5s.; ladies free. An Elementary Class, in connec-
tion with the society, is held in the above-mentioned hall during the
months of May, June, and July, every Tuesday evening.
Britannia Music Hall I 115 Trongate-H. T. Rossborougb, proprietor
Eden Concert Hall, 136 Sauchieball st-J. Johnston Yuile nron
Folly Music Hall, 19, 21 & 23 Dunlop st-Alexand« MaSgor
proprietor b *
Gaiety Theatre, 85 Sauchieball st-D. S. M'Kay, lessee & manager
Grand Theatre, Cowcaddens st— T. W. Charles', lessee
Hengler's Cirque, Wellington st
Museum, 44 Trongate— Jessie Fletcher, proprietress
New Star Theatre, Watson st. Gallowgate— D. S. M'Kay, lessee and
Koyal Botanic Institution and Gardens, Great Western rd. Kelvin-
side ; office, 140 Hope st— Alex. Sloan, secretary; Robert Bullen,
curator; James Dougall, collector
Royal Princess's Theatre, Main st. Gorbals— H. Cecil Beryl, lessee
Royalty Theatre, 5S Sauchieball st— Howard & Wyndhani, lessees
Scotia Music Hall. Stock^ell st— Christina Bayliss, proprietress
Theatre Royal, 77 Cowcaddens st— Fred W. Sidney, lessee
Waxwork Exhibition and Menagerie, 137 Argyle st— Herbert Crouch
Waxwork Exhibition, 151 Trongate— Wm, Macleod, proprietor
Whitebait Concert Hall, 20 Buchanan st— W. R. Smith, lessee
Ablingdon Hall, 12 Stewartville st. Partick
Accountants' Hall, 106 West Nile st— Alexander Sloan, C.A. sec-
retary ; George Adams, officer
Albany Bowling Green, 8 Chatham pi. Stirling rd
Albert Hall, 285 Bath st
Albion Halls, 29 College st
Alexandra Park
Amalgamated Society of Engineers, 182 Trongate— George Camp-
bell, treasurer
Anderston Day Nursery, 79 M'Alpine st — Mary Grant, matron
Arcades — Argyle st. Sauchiehall st. & Cowcaddens
Archaeological Society, 207 Bath st
Arlington Swimming Club & Baths, Arlington st. Woodlands rd—
Alexander Sloan, secretary
Army and Navy Pensioners' Employment Society, 75 Jamaica st—
T. Tully, secretary
Assay Office, 8 Princes square, Buchanan st
Associated Calendermen's Committee Rooms, 16 Canon st
Associated Iron Dressers Hall, 8 Watson st
Associated Iron Moulders' of Scotland, 28 St. Enoch square— JameB
N. Jack, secretary
Associated Shipwrights' Society, 27 Hope st— Alexander Wilkie, sec
Barony Church Mission Hall, 227 Parliamentary rd
Barracks, Gairbraid st. Maryhill
Bath Street Assembly Rooms, 138 Bath st
Baths, 105 London rd— John Rodger, superintendent
Bazaar Office, Bazaar, Candleriggs — James N'Nab, superintendent
Bird & Dog Market, 190 Saltmarket
Blacksmiths' Hall, 49 Ingram st. ttasl
Board of Trade Offices, 7 York st
Boyle Memorial Hall, Thistle st
Brassfouuders'Hail, 40 Candleriggs
Bricklayers' Hall, 11 Spoutmouth, Gallowgate
Bridgeton Public.Hall, 136 Main st. B
British Order of Ancient Free Gardeners, 64 Stanley st. KP
Broomloan Hall, Broomloan rd. G
Buchanan Hall, 233 Buchanan st
Caledonian Halls, S3 London rd [C
Calton, Mile end, & Bridgeton Mechanics' Institution, 46 CauniDgst.
Cambridge Hall, 228 Cambridge st— William M'Kenzie, keeper
Cattle Market, Duke st. & Bellgrove st
Cheese Market, 31 South Albion st
Christadelphian Hall, 72 Trongate
Christian Conference Hall, 233 North st
Christian Israelites Meeting Room, 2 Carlton place, G
Christian's Meeting House, 13 Great Wellington st. S S
City Assessment Offices, 21 Ingram st
City Chambers, 49 Ingram st
City Clothes Market, Glasgow green
City Commercial Hall, 42 Argyle st
City Hall, 29 South Albion st
City Industrial Museum, Kelvingrove Park
City Police Key Office, Miller st
City Poor Rates Offices, 14 Ingram st— David Hall, collector
Clarendon Halls, 237a New City rd
Cleansing Department Office, 234 Parliamentary rd
Clyde Place Home, 16 Centre st. Tradeston— William Whiteside,
Clydesdale Cricket Club Ground, PollokBhaws rd [sec
Clydesdale Horse Society, 194 St. Vincent st— Archibald M'Neilage
Clydesdale Masonic Hall, Adelphi ter. H
Corn Exchange, 81 Hope st— William Annan, sec
Corporation Galleries of Art, 270 Sauchieball st
Corporation Gas Offices, 42 Virginia st
Corporation Water Works Office, 23 Miller st
Corps of Commissioners' Office (Glasgow Division), 68 West Regent
st— Major J. Hawkins, commanding division
Council Chambers, Wilson st
Council Hall, Wilson st
Court Hall, 34 Kennedy st
Crown Halls, 98 Sauchieball sfc
Cunningham Free Church Mission Hall, 34 Govan st. G
Custom House, 94 Great Clyde st [sec
Dreadnought Hotel Co. Limited, 45 West Nile st— David Rattray,
Dyers' Hall, 180 Gallowgate
East Park Cottage Home (for children), Gairbraid st. Maryhill
Edlingtcn PuhlicHail, 13 Eglinton st. L
Elder Park, Govan rd. G [keeper
Faculty of Procurators' Hall, 60 St. George's pi— William Wood,
Faculty of Procurators' Public Sale Room, Faculty buildings, 68 St.
George's pi — William Wood, keeper
Ferguson Bequest Fund Office, 94 Bath st— M. S. Tait, sec
Fire Engine Station (Central), 46 College st— William Paterson,
Fire Engine Station, 25 Maitland st — Alexander Henderson, fireman
Fire Engine Station, Northern District, 30 Kennedy st
Fire Engine Station (St. Rollox), SO Kennedy st. St. Roll ox— William
Paterson, superintendent
Fire Engine Station, Southern District, South Wellington st

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