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University — continued.
Chairs. Pounded.
Materia Medica 1831 . .
Listitutes of Medicine . . 1839 . .
Forensic Medicine . . . . 1839 . .
Civil Engineering ., .. 1840 . .
Conveyancing 1861 . .
Eng. Language & Litera-
ture 1862 ..
Divinity & Biblical Criti-
p cism 1862 ..
Clinical Surgery . . . . 1874 . .
Clinical Medicine . . . . 1874 . .
Naval Architecture . . . . 1884 . .
Professors. Elected.
Matthew Charteris, m.d. 1880
J. G. M'Kendrick, M.D.,
ll.d., f.r.s
Pierce Adolph Simpson.
James Thomas, ll.d.
d.sc, f.r.s
James Roberton, ll.d..
John Nichol, ll.d..
William Stewart, d.d. ..
George Buchanan, m.d. .
T. M'Call Anderson, m.d.
Francis Elgar, ll.d. . .
The Session begins on the first Tuesday of November & terminates
in the close of April. The numbers who graduated in 1884-85
were :— Doctors of Divinity, 5; Bachelors of Divinity, 17 ; Doctors
of Laws, 11; Masters of Arts, 131; Doctors of Medicine, 22;
Bachelors of Medicine, SI ; Bachelors of Laws, 6 ; Bachelors of
Law, 10 ; Masters in Surgery, 81 ; Bachelors of Science, 8.
Sony man Gillespie Lecturer — John Young, m.d.
Structure, Functions, & Diseases of the Eye — Thomas Roid, M.D.
Constitutional Law & Sistory — Alexander Ure,LL.B.
Public Law — W. Galbraith Miller, ll.b.
Curator of the Library— W. P. Dickson, d.d.
Librarian — James Lymburn
Clerk of Senate — William Stewart, d.d.
Registrar of General Council — Thomas Moir
College Factors— Davidson & Hoggan, 194 Ingram e
Curator — Professor Young
Under Keeper — John Young
204 East George Street.
Founded 1796.
(Incorporated by Act of Parliament, 40 Vic. Cap. xn.)
President— Dr. Andrew Fergus.
Rev. Dr. J. Marshall Lang
William Anderson
Writing and Bookkeeping — D. C. M'Lean
Latin,, Greek & Sebrcw — Thomas Macklin
French— A. L. Gorecki
German — Herr Walter
Shorthand — R. Kirkpatrick
James Young, ll.d., f.r.s.
D. T. Maclay
Secretary— J. B. Kidston, 50 West Regent Street.
Natural Philosophy— James Blyth, a.m., f.r.s.e
Applied Mechanics— W. T. Rowden, e.sc. (London)
Cltemistnt—'W. Dittmar, f.r.s.e. [(Lon.)
Technical Chemistry, " The Young Chair "— Edmd. J. Mills, d.sc, f.r.s.
Anatomy — A. M. Buchanan, a.m., m.d.
Surgery — James Dunlop, m.d.
Materia Medica— James Morton, M.D.
Institutes of Medicine— J. Christie, m.a., m.d.
Practice of Medicine— Samson Gemmill, m.d.
Midwifery — A. Wallace, m.d.
Medical Jurisprudence— Alexander Lindsay, m.d.
Botany— Alexander S. Wilson, a.m. e.sc
Mathematics and Arithmetic— James Blvtb, a.m., f.r.s.e.
Ophthalmic Medicine & Surgery — J. R. Wolfe, M.D., F.R.C.S.E.
Public Sealth— James Christie, a.m., m.d.
Dental Anatomy and Physiology— David Taylor, m.b., l.d.s.
Dental Surgery and Pathology — J. R. Brownlee, l.d.s
Dental Mechanics and Metalogy—W. S. Woodburn, l.d.s.
Aural Surgery— David T;i\lor, m.e., l.d.s.
D. C. Glen
Andrew M'Onie
Natural Philosophy— James Blyth, a.m., f.r.s.e.
Chemistry — W. Dittmar, f.r.s.e.
Technical Chemistry — E. J. Mills
Anatomy d- Physiology— A.. M. Buchanan, A.M., M.D.
Botany — A. S. Wilson,A.M.,B. sc.
Janitor— James Rowe
The University Museum, which contains an extensive collection
of Specimens in Natural History, including most particularly those
of Zoology, Geology, Mineralogy, and Antiquities, is now open to
the public on Wednesdays and Saturdays, from 12 noon till 2 p.m.,
ia,the College Buildings,* 204 East George street.
Elmbank Street.
Founded in the 12th Century.
Patrons— The Hon. the Lord Provost, Magistrates and Town Council.
Managers— Th6 School Board of Glasgow.
Rector — D. H. Paton, ll.d.
Classical— David H. Paton, ll.d. head master ; John Hutchison, a. m
second master
French— F. J. Amours, b.a.
German-C. Schlomka, a.m., Ph.D.
Elocution, Grammar, Composition, Sistory iD Geography— Henry M
Barker, a.m., ll.d.
Mathematics and Arithmetic— Thomas Muir, a.m., f.r.s.e.
Janitor — Robert Hardie.
The Session begins 1st of September. The Vacation extends over July and August.
Writing and Bookkeeping — John Dalziel Maclean
Music— William. Miller
Drawing and Painting — James Campbell
Science— Thomas Muir, a.m.
Gymnastics — Messrs. Roland
Phonography— John Henderson
Lynedoch Place.
Principal — Rev. George C. M. Douglas, d.d.
Professors — Thomas M. Lindsay, d.d. ; James S. Candlisb, d.d. ; and
Alexander B. Bruce, d.d.
Systematic Theology — Dr. Candlisb.
Church Sistory — Dr. Lindsay
Exegesis — Dr. Bruce
Evangelistic Tlicology — Dr. Smith
Pastoral Theology — Dr. Candlish
Christian Ethics — Dr. Lindsay
Apologetic— Dr. Bruce
Sebrew — Dr. Douglas
Lecturer on Natural Science— Henry Drummond, M.A.
Treasurer — James Low
Librarian — Thomas M. Lindsay, D.D.
Sub-Librarian — William Muir
Janitor— John M'Dougal
Kelvin Bridge, Great Western Road
Instituted in 1846.
Resident— Robert Young
Vice-president— William Kerr
Directors— John W. Arthur, Alexander S. Baird, Robert Balloon
Gilbert Beith, W. G. Blackie, Ph.D. Hugh Brown, D. S. Cargill,
John M. Cunningham, James Deas, c.e. James Dunn, Robert
Murdoch, James Roberton, ll.d. and John A. Spens
Secretary and Treasurer — Arthur Hart, C.A. 63 St. Vincent st
Hector— D. Morrison, m.a., ll.d.
Classics— the Rector, William Robertson, m.a. Robert Brown and
Thomas Adams, m.a.
French— F. J. Amours, b.a.
German— Clemens Schlomka, m.a., ph.D.
English— Zachary M. H. Ross, m.a. head master ; Donald Ferguson,
m.a. and William Melven, m.a. assistants
Initiatory Class— Misses Campbell and M'Callum
Math-ematics and Science — James Wood, m.a. Fellow of Queen!s
College, Cambridge, head master ; Andrew Muir & R. W. Thornton,
m.a. assistants
Writing and Bookkeeping— John Maclaren, head master
Drawing — Thomas R. MiUigan
Gymnastics — Arthur Benson
Music— John Maclaren, Academy Choir; Misses Campbell, M'Callum,
Birrel, &c. pianoforte
Phonography — R. Kilpatrick, F.s.s.
Dancing— R. S. Thomson
Janitor— Sergeant John Anderson

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