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Crocket William, 21 St. Andrew st
Dove James & Thomas, 15 AS 23 St. Andrew sq
Dove John, 1 St. Andrew sq. & 31 AS S3 St.
Andrew et
Watson Andrew (rash), 17 Port Dandas I'd
See Venetian jBliml Makers.
Alexander William, 104 West Campbell st
Anderson & Elder, 151 Hope st
Anderson & Shaw i& proprietors of
the " Challenge " ' & " Erin-go-
bragh" whiskies), 6 to 12 West
Campbell st
Anderson Nieol it Co. 31 St. Enoch sq
Armstrong Robert, 86 Dalhousie st
Arrol Archibald & Sons (Alloa), 16 Dixon st
Arthur W. AS J. 127 West Regent st
-Baird C. J. AS Co. 33 Hope st
Baird John AS Co. 146 West Regent st
Ballantine George & Son, 100 Union
st; bonded vaults at Granton,
near Edinburgh
Barr Thomas, 117 West Regent et
Bell, Rannio & Co. (Leith), 116 St. Vincent
st — William Davie, agent
Bennett & Co. 84 York st
Blair Campbell, 38 AS 40 Jamaica st
Bodega Co. Limited, Spanish Wine
Exchange pi.
225 New City
rd. 183 North
st. & 5, 7 & 11
Kent rd. Glas-
gow — J. H.
Roger, mana-
ger — Bodega
agencies : 29
Paisley road
3- j t West, 12 Re-
J&uwglfr? tpn* Pi- Shaw-
K= ^ ^ L lands, and at
' Greenock ; branches also at Lon-
don, Liverpool, Manchester, Bir-
mingham, Bristol, Brighton,
Portsmouth, & Dublin
Brechin William AS Son, 16S Gallowgate
Brown & Co. 305 South York st. S S
Brown Robert, 17 Hope st
Brown Robert AS Co. (brokers), 41 to 45
Washington st
Bryce Alexander & Co. 40 AS 42 St. Andrew st
Buchanan AS Currie, 48 Renfield st
Buchanan John & Co. 130 Hope st
Bnchanan, Soott AS Co. 76 Glassford et. & 9
Garthland st
Cairns Robert W. 5 Miller st
Campbell David AS Son, 126 St. Vincent st
Chrystal Robert & Sons, 153 West George st.
North st. corner of Charing cross, AS 249a
New City rd [change sq
Cockburu, Campbell & Co. 26 Royal Ex-
Cowau John, Marshall & Co. lo'4 West
Campbell st
Craig James AS Son, 1S7a St. Vincent et
Crawford Daniel & Sod, 81 Queen st
Dulrymple Geo. 461 AS 463 Great Eastern rd
Dewar James H. 47 Rose St. Garnet-
hill, 190 St. George's rd. & 196
Garscube rd
Duncan D. AS T. 98 West Regent st
Edgar William F. 159 Buchanan st
Fairley John G. 67 Bath st
Ferguson Alexander AS Co. (AS proprietors of
"Breadalbane," "Caledonia," "Clydes-
dale," AS "Ben Lomond " Blends of Scotch
Whiskies), 106 West Kegerit st
Ferguson J. & A. 67 Union st
Ferguson James & Sons, 9 Cadogau st
Fraser Archibald AS Son (& proprietors of (he
" Old Lovat" whisky), 31, 33 & 37 St. Vin-
cent pi
Fraser William, 13 & 15 Eglinton St.
South Side
Fraser William L. 52 West Nile st
Galloway & Watson, 49 Jamaica st
General Supply Association, Limited, 72 AS 76
Bath st. AS 61 Great Western rd— James
Haig, manager
Gibb & Bruco, 57 Buchanan st
Gilbey W. AS A. (& importers & distillers), 84
Union st. AS at London, Edinburgh, ASc,
Gillies William, 206 Argyle st
Gillies William, 49 Waterloo st
Gordon James, 88 North Frederick st
Gott George, 73 Bath st
Graham Robert & Sous. 80 London st
Gray & Co. 1341^ West George st
Greenleee Brothers (sole proprietors of the
"Lome" Highland whisky), 88 Stockwell
st; stores, 87 to 53 Osborne st. AS at 81
Commercial st. London
Greger Max, Limited (London), 63 St.
George's pi — Colin C. Hodge, agent
Hair J. AS Co. 143 Wellington st [don et
Hamilton David, 35 Anufield st. AS 41 Bran-
Hardie John & William, 139 West George st
Hawkes Z. C. AS Co. 192 West George st
Hav William, Fairman & Co. 86 Douglas st
Higgins Francis, 65 AS 67 Stockwell st. AS 63
to 69 Osborne st
Hillcoat Robert & Sons, 39 Stockwell st
Hodge Colin C. 63 St. George's pi
Hope & Xing, 140 West George st
Hopkins John AS Co. (brokers), 25 Gordon st
Hunter & Co. 16 Cochrane st
Jackson R. AS Co. 68 Renfield st
Johnston George, 139a St. Vincent st
Kerr William & Co. 93 Ingram st
Lamont & Co. (" Ferintosh " Old Scotch
Whisky), 49 Virginia st — See advertisement
Lang Brothers, 10 Oswald st. and at
Glen Guin Distillery, Killearn
Lang William. 73 Queen st [cross
Littlejohn J. & D. 8 & 10 Newton st. Charing
Lowrie W. P. 45 Hope st
M'Call James AS Son, 9S West George st
M'Donald P. AS Co. 2, 3a OS 4 Carlton pi. G
Macdougall D. jun. & Co. Faculty
buildings, 62 St. George's pi
M'Dougall 1>. A. AS Co. 13 Drury st
M'Genn P. S. AS Co. (brokers), 9 Howard st
Macgregor & Turner, 108 Argyle st
M'Intvre John & Co. 147 St. Vincent st
MacLachlan John, Garscube cross
M'Lean Alexander, Melville pi. 132 Trongate
Macleay, Duff & Co. 122 St. Vincent st
Maclennan A. & Co. 212H St. Vincent st
Macpberson Margaret, 387 Argyle st
M' William J. AS J. 38 Queen st
Manuel & Webster, 137 Buchanan st
Blather John AS Son, 147 Queen st
Menzies James, 68 Bath st
Mitchell AS Co. of Belfast, Limited, 167 St,
Vincent st— David Mitchell, agent for
Scotland — See advertisement
Murdoch Alexander & Co. 123 Hope st
Murray James AS Co. 43 AS 45 Oswald st
Orr J. R. & D. 29 Waterloo st [st
Paxton Matthew, 199 Argyle st. & 11 Jamaica
Peden James, 246 West George st
Reid & Thomson, 36 Royal Exchange sq
Reid John, 62 St. Vincent st
Riemann AS Co. (AS lager beer importers), 171
to 175 Holm st
Ritchie James AS Co. 45 Hope st. & 14 Bow la.
London, E.C.
Robertson & Baxtt r,18 West Nile st.AS at Leith
Ronald AS Co. 152 \\ est George st
Russell James AS Co. 255 St. Vincent st
Rutherford AS Co. 9 AS 11 Jamaica st
Sandeman Charles AS Co. 139 West Regent st
Saudeman David AS Son, 53 Miller st
Sanderson George, 51}ii West Regent st
Scott John, 135 West George st
Seligmann Sigisund M. 129 St. Vincent st
Sherriff J. B. 5 Wellington st
Skinner Henry, 91 Catlicart rd. Govanhill
Smith Brothers, 101 Waterloo st
Smith John H. 80 West Regent st
Stevenson R. Taylor AS Co. 430 Parliamentary
rd. 260 AS 262 Buchanan St. AS 69 AS 71
Bridge st
Stewart A. AS Co. 130 West Regent st
Stewart, Pott AS Co. 45 AS 51 Miller st
Stodart J. AS G. 80 West Nile st
Sword James AS Son, 43 AS 47 Hutcheson st
Symington Andrew AS Co. 119 St. Vincent st
Taylor AS Ferguson, 38 Oswald st
Taylor E. AS R. Ill Stirling st
Taylor William, 224 Gallowgate
Teacher William AS Sons, 14 St. Enoch sq
Thorn AS Cameron, 89 to 105 Gheapside st. A
Thomson A. G. AS Co. 129 Hope st;
Thomson J. G. AS Co. 170Hopo st
Thomson Robert, 45 Hope st
United Vineyard (Proprietors of, Cognac), 140
West George st— Hope AS liing, agents
Vannan A. AS R. 75 Argyle st
Vine Growers' Co. of Cognac (Jules Duret AS
Co.), 45 AS 51 Miller st— Stewart, Pott AS Co.
agents *
Walker Duncan (AS proprietor of " Old Glen "
and "Mountaineer" Highland whiskies AS
" Lake " Irish whisky), ^23 Hope st
Walker John AS Co. 42 West Nile st
Warren Thos. jun. AS Co. 109 West Nile st
Watson Alexander, 28 St. Enoch sq
%Vatson & Middleton (wholesale
whisky, brandy, wine and tea mer-
chants ; sole proprietors of the
"Balloehmyle" Old Scotch Whis-
ky, and the " Shillelagh " Old Irish
Whisky; sole agents in Scotland
for Messrs. Beylard & Co. claret
shippers, Bordeaux), 19 & 21 Os-
wald st
Watson Charles, 205 West George st
Watson William, 79 Bath st
Whitelaw AS Weir, 110 Wellington st
Williamson J, AS R. 85 Queen st
Wilson John AS Co. 211 Hope st
Wright & Greig, 90 West Campbell st
Smith G. B. & Co. 61 West Regent
st ; works, Keppochhill
Christie George 'fine brass & copper
wire drawer and weaver), 51 to 57
Ladywell st
Needham John & Sons, 25 Market
st. Manchester, and 31 St. Enoch
sq. Glasgow — See advertisement opposite
Steel Manufacturers
Whitecross Wire and Iron Co. Limi-
ted (all kinds of English and
Swedish charcoal wire; all va-
rieties of wire for weaving and
working purposes; also best selec-
ted charcoal 'wire for pit ropes;
best galvanized wire for tele-
graphs, wire rope for standing
rigging, and all varieties of best
galvanized strand, wire netting,
wire nails, &c), Milner st. Bank
quay, Warrington— William Car-
son, managing director ; & 2 Ring
William St. London, E.C— John
Abercrombie, agent
See Iron and Wire Fence Manufacturers.
Couslane Archibald & Co. 37 Hunter st
Glasgow Iron AS Brass Wire Co. 9 York st
Scott AS Co. (merchants), 28 Queen st
Barton William AS Co. 65 Clyde pi
Black John AS Co. 204 Elliot st. A
Craven AS Speeding Brothers (Sunderland),
75 West Nile st — W. G. Morrison AS Co. agts
Dumbarton Rope Works Co. 108 to 114
GourookRope Work Co. 11 West st. T
Newall R. S. & Co. (and sole paten-
tees of untwisted wire rope signal
cords, fencing strand, sash and
picture cords, lightning con-
ductors, &c.i. 68 Anderston quay-
Peter Ferguson, agent ; and at 130
Strand, London, Brunswick Works,
Robin Hood lane, London, E. and 7
New quay, Liverpool; manufac-
tory, Gateshead-on-Tyne— See advt
Preston J. A. AS Co. 69 Preston st. London rd
Riddell William AS Co. 142 Trongate
Rowat Alex. AS Co. 25 Candleriggs; works,
129 Grasme st— See advertisement
Thomson Archibald & Co. 58 West Howard st
Marked thus * are Wire Cloth Manufacturers.
Artingstall George & Co. (manufac-
turers of all kinds of woven wir e
for millers' use, chemical works
and mines), Warrington
^Christie George, 51 to 55 Ladywell st
"Cousland Alexander '&. Son (and
wire cloth manufacturers!, 3 Mit-
chell st; works, 28 Yorkst— Sec advt
Dempster, Moore AS Co. 49 Robertson st
Fleming P. AS E. AS Co. 29 Argyle st— See
"Leitch Archibald, 28 AS SO East Clyde st
♦M'Donald Robert, 28, SO AS 32 Thislle St. G;
Office, 45 Union st — See advertisement
M'Glasbau John AS Co. Catheriue la
Riddell William & Co. 142Trongate,
& 136 Springfield rd
Rowat Alexander & Co. 25 Candle-
riggs; works, 129 Grseme st— See
Smith G. B. & Co. 61 West Regent st ;
works, Keppochhill
Stevenson John, 266 Argyle st
See Engravers.
See Timber and Wood Merchants,

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