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Alley Sc Maclellan, Sentinel Works. Pohnadie
Auld David & Sons, R >wchester st. Gallowgate
Dempster, Moore & Co. 49 Robertson st
Hannan & Buchanan (sole manu-
facturers in Scot-
land of Richard's
patent steam
engine indicator,
also makers ot
Bourdon's patent
pressure vacuum
and compound
gauges, engine
counters, engine
telegraphs, reduc-
ing gear for indi-
cating engines,
| salinometers, ther-
mometers, lever
clocks, &c),
75 Robertson st
M'Naught William & Son (makers
of M'Naught's steam engine indi-
cators and oil testers, and indi-
cator makers to the Admiralty), 26
Robertson st
Schutfer & Budenberg, 198 Hope st
Stewart A. & Co. Victoria st. Port Eglinton
Sec Engine Packing, d-c. Manufacturers.
Bennie James & Co. Aitkenheadrd. Polmadie
Forrest & Co. 66 Bath st — See advertisement
Glenn & Ross, 21 Greenhead st
Needham John & Sons (Needham's
special hammer), 25 Market st.
Manchester, & 31 St. Enoch square,
Glasgow — See advertisement on opposite
Walker, Henderson & Co. (& cranes & hoisting
machinery), 61 Bishop st. A
Adria Hungarian Steam Navigation Co.
Limited, 64 George sq— Burrell & Son,
Albion Shipping Co. Limited — P. Henderson
& Co. 16 St. Vincent pi [st
Allan Line— MoseB Buchanan, 62 Buchanan
Allan Line of Steamers & Clipper Packets —
James & Alexander Allan, 70 Great Clyde st
American Line of Steamers, 56 George sq— C.
S. Milne & Co. agents
American Line of Steamships, 62 Buchanan
st — Moses Bucbanau, agent
Anchor Line — Moses Buchanan, 62 Bu-
chanan st
Anchor Line of U.S. Mail Steamships,
Transatlantic, Peninsula.Mediter-
ranean & Indian Steam Packet
Ships Henderson Brothers, Union
st. Glasgow, Water st. Liverpool,
Barrow-in-Furness, & Foyle st.
Ayr Steamship Co. 71 Qneen st— M. S. Suther-
land, agent
Bazin M. & Co. 'Port Said & Suez
Canal), 15 Gordon st— F. W. Allan &
Co. agents
British & African Steam Navigation Co.
Limited, 175 West George st — Chas. Gibson,
British Sc African Steam Navigation Co.
Limited— Taylor, Laughland & Co. 204 St.
Vincent st
British & Burmese Steam Navigation Co.
Limited, 15 St. Vincent pi
British India Steam Navigation Co. Limited,
203 West George st— P. Macnaughtan, sec
Campbeltown Steam Packet Co. 22 Anderston
quay— R. M. Dunlop, agent
Canada Shipping Co. Limited, 28 Hope st—
Peter Rintoul, Son & Co. agents
Cape Mail Line of Steamers (Union
Steamship Co.), 15 Gordon st— F.
W. Allan & Co. agents
Carron Co. 125 Buchanan st. and Port Dundas
Castle (The) Mail Packets Co. Limited (steam
to South & East African portsfroni London)
40 St. Enoch sq
Caw David Sc Co. 175 Weet George st
Channel Line of Steamers, 69 Great Clyde st
— D. A. B. Murray, jun. agent
City Line of Steamships, 45 West Nile st—
George Smith & Sons
Clan Line of Steamers to India and South
Africa— Cayzer, Irvine & Co. Central cham-
bers, 109 Hope st
Clutha Shipping Co. 18 Renfield st— John
Hardie & Co. managers
Clyde Shipping Co. {direct steam
communication to Cork, Water-
ford, Limerick & South of Ireland,
London, Plymouth, Southampton
& South of England), 21 Carlton pi.
South Side
Clydesdale Steamship Co. Limited, 17 Oswald
st — John M. Slater, secretary
Cnnard Line of Steamships; Glasgow and
Belfast Royal Mail Steamships; Glasgow
& Liverpool Steamships; Glasgow & Lon-
donderry Steamships, Glasgow & Lame
Steamships— J. & J. Burns, SO Jamaica st
Direct (The) Line of Steam Packets, Glas-
gow to Trinidad and Demerara, London to
Demerara and Berhice, and London to
British West India Islands— David Caw &
Co. 175 West George st
Dominian Line of Steamers to Canada and
United States, 7 Royal Bank pi— N. M'Lean
& Co. agents
Dublin & Glasgow Steam Packet Co. — Henry
Lamont, 93 Hope st
Dundalk & Newry Steam Packet. Co. Limited
—James Little & Co. 5 Buchanan st
Ecossaise Steamship Co. 12 Waterloo st— D
M. Stevenson & Co. managers
Elderslie Steamship Co. Limited.29 Waterloo
st— Turnbull, Martin & Co. managers
Empire Steamship Co. 53 Waterloo st— Hugh
Blaik & Co. agents
Escombe Bros. & Co. 51 St. Vincent st
General Shipping Co. 80 Buchanan st—
Aitken, Lilburn & Co. managers
General Steam Navigation Co. Limited, 30
Gordon st— Robert Sinclair, agent
Glasgow & Calcutta Steamship Co. (City line,
via Suez Canal), 45 West Nile st— George
Smith & Sons, agents
Glasgow & Greenock Shipping Co. 86
Broomielaw— James Steel & Son, agents
Glasgow & Inveraray Steamboat Co. 5 Oswald
st — II. T. Clark, manager
Glasgow & Liverpool Shipping Co. 93 Hope st
—Henry Lamont & Co.
Glasgow & Liverpool Steam Packet Co.— G.
& J. Burns, 30 Jamaica st
Glasgow & Liverpool Steam Packet Co.—
Matthew Langlauds & Son, 123 Hope st
Glasgow ii Londonderry Steam Packet Co. —
G. &. J. Burns, 30 Jamaica st
Glasgow & Rotterdam Steamship Co.— James
Rankine & Son, 178 Buchanan st
Glasgow Line of Steam Packets to Jamaica —
David Caw & Co. 175 West George st
Glasgow Shipping Co. 80 Buchanan st—
Aitken, Lilhurn & Co. agents
Greenock Towing Co. 1 Robertson st
Guion Line of Steamers to New York, 62
Buchanan st— Moses Buchanan, agent
Highland Steam Packet Co. (David Mac-
Brayne), 119 Hope st
Hutchison J. & P. 62 & 64 Broomielaw
Indian Steamship Co. Limited, 15 St. Vin-
cent pi
Inman Steamship Co. Limited, 40 St. Enoch
sq — A. & A. Malcolm, agents
Irrawaddy Flotilla & Burmese Steam Navi-
gation Co. Limited— P. Henderson & Co.
15 St. Vincent pi
Isle of Man Steam Packet Co. — Henry
Lamont, 93 Hope st
Java Steamship Co. (from Amsterdam and
Southampton)— James Rankine & Son, 178
Buchanan st [p D
Kirkcaldy Steam Shipping Co. Canal Bank,
Klyde Steamship Co. of Glasgow, Limited, 7
Royal Bank pi— William Jacks, manager
Leith & Newcastle Shipping Co. 40 St. Enoch
Leith, Hull & Hamburgh Steam Packet Co.
40 St. Enoch sq
Loch Goil & Loch Long Steamboat Co. 5
Oswald st — M. T. Clark, manager
London & Edinburgh Shipping Co. 23 St.
Vincent pi — Cowan & Co. agents
Mewling Shipping Co. Limited, 28 Renfleldst
— Robert, Monteith, secretary
Napier Shipping Co. Limited, 12S Hope st—
Lawrence Glen, secretary
National Steamship Co. Limited, 62 Bu-
chanan st — Moses Buchanan, agent
New Zealand Shipping Co. Limited, 6 Dixon
st — John Cadden & Co. ngents
North Brittish Shipping Co. 93 Hope st
Ocean Steamship Co. 36 Ai-gyle arcade— Colin
W. Scott, agent
Orient Line of Steamships, 62 Buchanan st— -
Moses Buchanan, agent
Pacific Steam Navigation Co. 22 Royal Ex-
change sq— Macgeorge & Co. agents
Peninsula & Oriental Steam Navigation Co*.
51 St. Vincent st— Escombe Brothers & Co.
Scotia Shipping Co. 19 Waterloo st— Allan C.
Gow & Co, managers
Sloan William & Co. (Glasgow & Bristol
Channel Steamships), 140 Hope st
State Steamship Co. Limited, 65 Great Clyde
st— John Bruce Murray, manager
Steamship El&a Co. Limited, 28 Renfield st—
Robert Mnnteith, secretary
Swedish Line of Steamers, 21 Hope st—
Monteith, Carlson & Co. agents
The Castle Mail Packets Co. Limitnd (steam
to South & East African ports from Lon-
don), 40 St. Enoch sq *
Union Steamship Co. Limited (Cape
Mail Line), 15 Gordon st— F. W.
Allan & Co. agents
West Highland Steamship Office, 20 Robert-
Bon st — Martin Orme, agent
White Star Line of Steamships, 62 Buchanan
st — Moses Buchanan, agent
Lancaster & Tonge (Pendleton, Man-
chester, manufacturers of the " Lancaster "
high pressuie and the " Lancaster " expan-
sion), 57 Osborne st, Stockwell st— R. .
Thomson, sole agent— See advertisement
Acme Steel Foundry Co. (crucible),
191 Hope st; works, St. Rollox
Andrew J. H. ft Co. (Sheffield), 34 St.
Enoch sqt — Sec advt. on opposite pctgei
Ashforth Joseph & Co. 104 West George st
Baird's Crucible Steel Co. Clyde Steel Works,
46 Washington st
Barclay & Mathieson, 159 to 163 Centre st. T
Barrow Hasmatie Steel Co. Limited, 7 Royal
Bank pi — William Jacks, agent
Beardmore J. & W. Farkhead Iron
and steel Forge and Rolling
Mills, Parkhead
Bennie David & Sons, Star Iron and Steel
Works, Petershill rd; office, 93 Dunlop st
Cammell Charles & Co. Limited
(Sheffield), 11 West Regent st—
William Lester, agent
Carntynp Iron Co. Edinburgh rd. Parkhead
Cook William & Sons, Glasgow Saw
& File Works, Elliot st. & Havelock st.
Cranstonhill, and Glasgow Steel Works,
Washford rd. Sheffield
Crossl^y William, 153 Queen st
Donald John 8s Son, 42 Cadogan st
Dunlop Ebenezer D. 68 St. Vincent st
Fergus James & Co. 53 York st
Glasgow Iron Co. 168 St. Vincent st; works,
St. Rollox, Motherwell & Wishaw
Greig David & Co. 58 Cadogan *st
Hetherington J. B. & Co. (merchants), 39
Clyde pi. ft 18 Centre st. T
Jessop William & Sons, Limited (Sheffield),
57 Hope st— D. Ross M'Kellor, agent
Kidston A. G. & Co. 81 Great Clyde
st. and 43 Rue-end st. Greenock
Kirsop A. B. & Co. 35 M'Alpine st
Lindsay & Co. 15 Cathedral st
Macalister George, 124 St. Vincent sfe
Maceacham J. J. 122 Wellington st
Makin Thomas & Sons (makers of
steel, files and cutlery), Castle
Works, Edward st. Sheffield
Merry & Cuninghame, 127 St. Vin-
cent street ; works, Glengarnock
Millec Thomas & Co. 134 St. Vincent st
Moor Steel & Iron Co. Limited, 59 St. Vincent
st — William French, agent
Morris, Warden & Co. 157 St. Vincent et
Morton Archibald & Co. 35 Robertson st
Mossend Iron Co. 172 Weet George st ; works,
Mossend station
Murdoch Alexander, 191 Hope st. & 77 West
Regent st
Murdoch Robert & Co. 21 & 23 Robertson st
Paul & Alexander, 39 West Campbell st
warehouses, 22 & 26 Cadogan st. & 49
Wellington la
Ralston, Goodwin & Co. 234 Buchanan st
Renuie D. & Co. 823 Gallowgate
Robertson M. W. & Co. (refiners), 162 Glen-
park st. Duke st
Spencer Walter & Co. (Rotherbam), South
area, Royal Exchange— J. Wilson Mack,
Springfield Steel Co. 777 London rd
Steel Co. of Scotland, Limited
(Siemens' process, works, Hall-
side, Newton station, Caledonian
Railway, & Blochairn Works,
Glasgow. Manufacturers of steel
rails, plates, forgings, castings, &
patent moulded spur wheels and
pinions), 150 Hope st
Stewart Charles R. 57 Robertson st
Stones & Campbell, Helen st. Gn
Tennant Adam, 53 Waterloo st
Turton Brothers & Matthews (Sheffield), 134
St. Vincent st— William Dunlop, agent
Vulcan Forge & Steel Co. 26 Bothwell st
Wylie William (steel founder & patent cattle
fittings manufacturer), 29 Waterloo st

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