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NEWSAGENTS— continued.
Warren Alexander, 79 Victoria rd. Govanhill
Watson Mary, 18 Preston st. B
Webster Jane, 138 Nelson st. S S
Weir Andrew, 279 Rutherglen rd
Weir Margaret, 60% Thistle st
Whyte William, 136 Stockwell st ' '
Wilkie Conal, 27 Stevenson st. C
Wilkie William, 41 London rd
Wilson & King, 592a Gallowgate, 35 London
rd. 105 London st. & 11 Parliamentary rd
Wilson Andrew, 243 Duke st
Wilson Andrew, 522 St. Vincent st
Wilson Grace, 590 Rutberglen rd
Wilson James, 178 Stobcross st
Winning Walter, 120 Cumberland st. S S
Winning William, 270 Crown st. S S
Wisbart Robert, 81 North Woodside rd
Woodcock John, jun. 542 NewKeppochhillrd
Wyllie Isabella, 485 New City rd
Yorston James, 102 Paisley rd. West
Young William, 63 Dundas st
Zuill Jessie, 258 Saracen st. Possilpark
Scottish (The) People, 25 Both st
Scottish Umpire (Saturday), 38 Stockwell
st — Hay, Nisbefc & Co. publishers
Sunday Talk (month lv)— Dunn & Wright,
100 & 102 West George st. publishers
Telegraphic News, 16 South Hanover st —
Exchange Telegraph Co. Limited, pub-
Traveller (Friday)— Dunn & Wright, 100 &
102 West George st. publishers
"Weekly Citizen (Saturday), Citizen
buildings— James Hedderwick &
Sons, proprietors— See advertisement
Weekly Register (Saturday) — Robt. Stuart
A Co. 102 St. Vincent st
Young Men's Christian Magazine, 128 Ren-
field st— M'Laren & Sons, publishers
â– with the days of publication, offices,
and proprietors, and publishers.
Adviser (monthly), 108 Hope st— Scottish
Temperance League, publishers
Bailie (The), 14 Royal Exchange sq— A. F.
Sharp & Co. publishers
Christian Herald (Tuesday)— Dunn &
Wright, 100 & 102 West George st. pub-
Christian Leader (Thursday)— Aird & Cog-
hill, 263 Argyle st. publishers
Chiel (Wednesday)— Dunn & Wright, 100 &
102 West George st. publishers
Children's Messenger (monthly), 83 East
Howard st— Charles Glass & Co. publishers
Citizen (daily, evening, and weekly,
Saturday), Citizen buildings-
James Hedderwick & Sons, pro-
prietors — Sec advertisement
Clyde Bill of Entry (Tuesday, Thursday
& Saturday), 90 Mitchell st— A. R. Goldie,
Detective (weekly), 53 Waterloo st— Wm.
Hamilton Seymour, publisher
Engineer & Iron Trades' Review (Thurs-
day), 90 Mitchell st— A. R. Goldie, publisher
Evening Citizen, Citizen buildings-
James Hedderwick & Sons, pro-
prietors—^ advertisement
Evening News.& Star (daily), 67 Hope
st— Frederick Wicks, proprietor-
Sec advertisement
Evening Times (daily), 67 Buchanan
st— George Outram Sc Co. pub-
Glasgow Herald 'daily, andlweekly,
on Saturday), 67 Buchanan st—
George Outram & Co. publishers
Glasgow News (daily), 67 Hope st—
Frederick Wicks, proprietor— See
Glasgow Observer (Saturday), 58 Renfield
st — Glasgow Publishing Co. Limited, pub-
Glasgow Property Circular, 77 Renfield
st— John C. King, publisher
Glasgow Turf Tissue (daily), S Croy pi.
Maxwell st — John Thomson, publisher
.Glasgow Weekly Mail (Saturday,
. One Fenny), 102 to 114 Union st. &
191 Fleet st. London, E.C.— Gunn &
Cameron, proprietors and pub-
lishers—See advertisement
Gov an (The) Press (Saturday), Portland la-
John Cossar, publisher
Herald, 67 Buchanan st-Gcorge
Outram & Co. publishers
League Journal (weekly), 108 Hope st—
Scottish Temperance League, publishers
Mercantile Advertiser (Tuesday), 90 Mit-
chell st— A. R. Goldie, publisher
Mercantile Age (fortnightly), 53 Waterloo
st — William Hamilton Seymour, publisher
Mercantile Age & Textile Times, 128 Ren-
field st— M'Laren & Sons, publishers
North British Daily Mail, 102 to 114
Union st. and 191 Fleet st. London,
E.C. — Gunn & Cameron, pro-
prietors and publishers— See advert
Observer (Saturday), 58 Renfield st — Glas-
gow Publishing Co. Limited, publishers
Quiz (Thursday:, 100 & 102 West George st—
Duun& Wright, publishers
Scotsman (daily), 141 Buchanan st— John
Ritchie & Co. proprietors
Scottish Athletic Journal, 128 Renfield
st— M'Laren & Sons, publishers
Scottish Leather Trader (1st Thursday),
19 Howard st- -Jas. C. Hay, publisher
Scottish Nights, 128 Renfield st — M'Laren
& Sons, publishers
(See also Seedsmen.)
Austin &M' Asian, 16 Buchanan st; nurseries
Coplaw hill & Titwood
Bainbridge George, 5 Nelson st. S S
Brown John & Co. 12 Duulop st
Bryce William & Co. 24 James Watt st
Fox Peter, 650 Eglinton st
Gibson Robert, 56 Queen st
Leighton William, 89 Union st [loof
Macdonald & Sinclair, Westfield la. Crossmy-
M'lnaney Peter, Bazaar & 78 Candloriggs
Mackenzie Peter, 65 St. Vinceut st
M'Meekin John, 52 Dumbarton rd. P. and
Hamilton drive, Hillhead
M'Neil John & W. B. 105 Union st
Moore William E. 115 Sauchiehall st
Pender James, 48 French st. B
Schmelzer H. & Co. 71 Waterloo st
Scott & Co. 28 Queen st
Smith & Simons, 36 & 38 Howard st;
nurseries, Kennishead
Storrie Alexander, Whiteinch
Sutherland J. & Co. 285 Sauchiehall st;
nurseries, Lenzie
Thomson R. B. & Co. 57 Gordon st
Thyre J.& R. 83 St. Viucent st ; nurseries,
Hughenden rd. Kelviusitle
Wilson, Malcolm & Co. 24 James Watt st
Gemmell John, Bishop st. A
Jarvie R. & J. (merchants), 19 Stobcross st
Nhnmo William, 2 Oswald st
Scott A. & R. (sole makers of Scott's
Midlothian oat flour i, Clarence st.
Kingston— Medals, Glasgow, 1883
London, 1S34 ; New Orleans, 1885
Gunn David W. 104 Rotten row
Hamilton J. & D. Melville pi. 132 Trongate
Harold William, 23 & 25 Abercorn st
Hawthorn Mary, 68 East John st. Camlachie
Hav William, 157 Stirling rd
Henderson William, 79 East Rose st. C
Hines Francis, 105 Rotten row
Kettle Robert, 59 Grove st|
Keuchan Adam, 49 Cedar st
King George, 15 Orr st. Mile end
King James, 39 Clyde st, P D
Kinloch John, 205 Gavscuhc rd
Kinnaird Christopher, 30 Bridge St. P
Lang James, K'O Garngad rd
Law Thomas, 70 & 72 Norfolk st. G [gate
Loo Peter (merchant), 7 High st. & 84 Tron-
Lockie Andrew, 542a Dobbie's loan
Love Agnes, 778 Garscube rd
McAllister Janet, 153 Castle st
M'Connachie Janet, 3% Green st. C
M* Crone William, 171 Govan st. H
M'Donald Allan, 456 & 45S Duke st
M'Donald John, 4 Terrace st
M'Ewen Caroline, 151 Renfield st
Mackay James, 10 Abercromby st
M'Keuzie Hugh, 342 Garscube rd
M'Lean Duucau, 19 Ladywell st
M'Nicol Alexander, 36 King st. T
Meiklem Archibald & Co. 45 London st
Millar Andrew, 217 Saracen st. Possilpark
Morrison Robert, juu. 100 Bain st. C
Morrison William, 115 Douglas st. P
Murray Charles, 42 Stevenson st. C
Murray Lockhart, 26 Marlborough st. C
Ogilvio Margaret, 58 Dale st.B
Park Jane, 646 Gallowgate
Patersou R. L. & Co. 98 & 100 Canning st. C
Pollock James, 39 Milton st. Cowcaddens
Rankin Charles, SO Green vale st. Mile end
Robs Margaret, 207 New City rd
Scott Isabella, 233 Nuneaton st. B
Shaw John, 61 North Woodside rd
Smith Alexander, 210 Parliamentary rd
Stirrat Hugh, 747 Gallowgate
Stout Mary, 80 Kirk st. C
Taylor Agnes, 259 New City rd
Thomson Alexander, 524 New Keppochhill rd
Thomson Malcolm, 9 North st. A
Watson Andrew, 52 Glebo st. Townhead
Welsh Joseph, 58 Carrick st
Wbitelaw Isabella, 383 Garscube rd
Wigton John, 131 Plantation st. PJantation
Wilson Matthew, 375 Govan St. H
Wilson William, 112 Reid st. B
Wotherspoon James, 08 North Woodside rd
Alexander, Fergusson & Co. 36 to 48 M'Al-
pine st
Aspin James, 51 Hydepark st. A
Baird Robert & Co. 35 Glassford st
Barr John, 12 Govan st. G
Beaton Sibella, 403 Argyle st
Blackwood Peter (paraffin oil), 13 Lyon st
Blane William B. 34 Thistle st. G
Bowie Isabella, 7 Strut hers st. C
Bowie Joseph, 45 Wilson st. P
Bremner John, 62 Reid st. B
Brown David, 118 Parson st. Townhead
Brown Robert & Co. 122 Westst. T
Brown William, Sons & Co. (and
colour), 22 St. Enoch sq
Buchanan Robert, 53 Castle st
Campbell William, 43 Mair st. Plantation
Chalmers Arcbibald, 69 Maitland st
Chisholm John, 130 Carhcart rd. Govanhill
Christie R. 95 Govan Bt. H
Clydesdale Brown, 60 Brown st
Coghill George, 100 Thistle st
Cooper George, 20 Findlay st
Core Robert S. 203 Gallowgate [park
Crawford Elizabeth. 312 Saracen st. Possil-
Cumming James, 266 Nuneaton sfc. B
Cunningham Jas. 34 Maclean st. Plantation
Davidson & Gordon, 229 Stirling rd
Dougall Andrew, 203 Castle st
Edgely P.J. & Co. 13 Shamrock st. West
Elliott Thos M. 24 & 28 Argyle pi. Springbum
Ferguson Archibald, 52 Waterloo st. Mile end
Fisher Peter. 57 High st
Forrest Joseph, 28 Melville st. T
Eraser Alexander, 242 High st
Fulton Robert & Co. Greendyke st
Fyfe W. & R. 68 and 70Paterson st.
South Side
Gibson Charles, 178 London rd
Gilchrist John, 5 Orchard St. P
Gough Robert, 1 James st. Mile end
Gowans John, 51 Gt. Eastern rd
Graham Ann, 287 Argyle st
Graham James, 12 Broad st. Mile end
(See also Oil Merchants.)
Aim J. & J. Crawford st. Port Eglinton
Anderson & Wallach, 43 Virginia st
Anderson D. R. A. 19 Portman St. K P
Auuick Lodge Oil Co. Limited, 59 St. Vincent
st ; works, Annick Lodge, near Irvine —
John Wilson, secretary
Bain & Bremner, 51 Cadogan st
Bird Malcolm & Co. 97 West Milton st
Blacklock & Macarthur, Clydesdale
Faint, Oil, Colour and Varnish
Works. 96 to 106 Dale st. and 171 to
178 West st. Tradeston, and 27
Leadenhall st. London, E.C.
Blackston Mineral Co. (crude), 18 George sq;
works, Blackston, Paisley
Borland Matthew (resin oil), 270
Crownpoint rd. Mile end
Bremner John A. & Co. (Manchester), 79 West
Regent st — Wallace, Wilkie & Co. agents
Brown William, Sons & Co. 22 St.
Enoch square
Broxburn Oil Co. Limited, 28 Royal
Exchange square ; works, Brox-
burn, Linlithgowshire
Bruce Bros. & Co. Govan Oil Works, Helen st.
Burntisland (The) Oil Co. Limited
(burning and lubricating oils,
paraffin scales, sulphate of am-
monia, &c), 15 Hanover st. Edin-
burgh ; works, Burntisland —
William N. Grainger, general
manager & secretary
Cairns & Co. St. Rollox Works, 83 North
Oswald st. St. Rollox
Clippens Oil Co. Limited, 16 Bothwell st ;
works, Clippens, by Johnstone, &Pentlaud
& Straiton, Loanhead
Craig <S Rose, 100 Holm st
Cunningham J. & Co. 90 Kinning st. Kingston.
Dee Oil Co. 26 Renfield st— John Hamilton &
Co. agents
Dick & Parker, Milton st
Dick W. B. & Co. 22 Hope st ; works, Crown-
point rd. Glasgow, & at Liverpool, Mau-
chester & Barrow-iu-Furcess
Evans Jas. W. & Co. 440 Great Eastern rd
Findlater & Co. 19 Waterloo st; works,
Springbauk Oil Works, Springfield rd

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