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res. 174 Hen-
Nelsou George, teacher of shorthand, 339 Sauchiehall st
J. & W. masons, 430 Dumbarton ifd. P
James, railway contractor, 12 Elmbanlc cres
. James, spirit dealer, 29 Sauchiehall st. 21 Adelpln st. & 131
West Nile st; res. 235 West Regent st ,„„..,
Jas. writer & notary public (James Service & Nelson), 35 Bath st
Jobn, tube maker, 8 Whitefield rd. Ibrox
'John E. straw bat mannfaclurer (Willis, Nelson & Co.), lhe
Ferns, 3 Aytoun r.l. Polloksbields
j bn H. superintendent of pulice, Western district, Cranston
st. Cranstonliill; res. 207 Keut rd n ,
Matthew, Iruiterer, 180 Dumbarton rd ; res. 219 Berkeley st
. Robert, bookbinder (Robert Nelson & Sons), 5 Derby ter. Dam-
barton rd
Robert & Sous, bookbinders, 8 Princes EOT
Thos live stock salesman (M'Quado & Nelsou), 9 aouthfield tei
Thomas, grocer, 289 New City rd ; res. 125 St. George s rd
William, coach builder, 315 North Woodside rd â–  â– 
derson st
— William, provision dealer, 208 London id
William, plumber, 18 Bridgeton cross
William, ironmonger, 10 Millbrac ores. Langside
William & Co. plumbers, 85 London rd
Nesbit Robert, station master, 29 Calhcart st. S S „„,,„„,,
Ness George, schoolmaster, 15 Roslea drive. D [Helensburgh
-— Jainel, M.A., ll.b. writer (James Miller & Ness), The Eilao,
Robert, bootmaker, 89 Taylor St. Townhead
Robert, schoolmaster, 259 Renfrew st
Walter, mining engineer, 4 West Garden st
William, teacher, 6 Radnor st. Sandyiord
William, furniture broker, 126 Govan rd.Gn
Netherlands Vice-Consulate, 136 West Regent st-J. V. Raalte, vice-
consul [clianan st
Nettleship H. district agent, Gt. Eastern Railway Co. Office, 162 Bu-
Nevill Druce & Co. (London & Llanelly), raw & manu-
factured copper & pig lead-A. G. Kidston & Co. SI
Gt. Clyde st. Glasgow, & 48 Rue-end St. Greenock
Neville Francis, bootmaker, 60 Hospital st ^
New Brunswick Steam Ship Office, 47 Main st-Henderson Brothers
Brunswick Steam Ship Office, 70 Gt. Clyde st-J. & A. Allan
Central Loan Bank, 29 Hutcheson st— John Foard, manager
C l u b 144 & 146 West George st— John Graham, C.A. secretary ;
Edward Cousins, club master [manager
Clyde Towing Co. tug boat owners, 2 Oswald st— Wm. Liddell,
Monkland Forge Co. forge masters 124 St. Vincent st
York Life AsBurance Co. (branch office for Scotland), 69 Bu-
chanan st— W. E. Herbert, manager
York, Lake Erie & Western Railroad Co. 21 West Nile st— John
Johnston & Co. agents . .-'.,.»,
York Royal Mail Steamship Office,30 Jamaica st— G. & J.Burns
York Steamship Office (Anchor Line), 47 Union st-Henderson
Brothers [Murray
York Steamship Office (State Line), 65 Gt. Clyde st— J. B.
York Steamship Office, 70 Gt. Clyde st— J. & A. Allan
Zealand Meat Preserving Co. Limited, 149 Hope st— James
Wotherspoon & Sons, agents
Zealand Mortgage & Investment Association, Limited, 139 bt.
Vincent st-George Brodie, agent [a £ e ~„
Zealand Shipping Co. Limited, 6 Dixon st-John Cadden i Co.
Newall Mary A. glass & china dealer, 87 Victoria rd Crossbill
Newall R. S. & Co. wire rope manufacturers, & sole
patentees of untwisted wire rope signal cords, fenc-
ins strand, sash & picture cords, lightning con-
ductors, &c. 68 Anderston quay-Peter Ferguson,
agent- & at 130 Strand & Brunswick Works, Robin
Hood ia. London, E. & 27 New quay, Liverpool ; manu-
factory, Gateshead-on-Tyne-Sn' advertisement
Newall Thomas, bootmaker, 16 Albert st. Townhead
Newbigcing George, gold beater, 7 South Wellington st
Newcastle (N.S.W.) Steamship Office, 80 Buchanan st
Newcombe Johu, surveyor, 21 Hayburn ores. P
Newcome John, hairdresser, 32 Milton St. Cowcaddens
John, hairdresser, 99 Gairbraid st. Maryhill
Newell William, saddler, 10 Water row, Gn
Newfoundland Steamship Office, 70 Gt. Clyde st-J. & A. Allan
Newgate John R. commission agent, 55 Bath st; res. 4 Mmard ter.
Partick hill r „ ,
Newland J. & Co. lish salesmen, Fish market [Goyan rd
Nowlands A D. ship chandler (A. D. Newlands & Co ), 5 Camden P .
A . D. & Co. ship store merchants & ship chandlers, 33 Robert-
, Andrew, cabinet maker, 24 Tureen st ; res. 113 Green St. C
Daniel M'A. furniture dealer, 165 Saltmarket
George F. writer. 6 Lynedocli cres
James, merchant (T. & W. Newlands & Co.), 6 Lynedoci cres
James N. produce broker, 49 Jamaica st
Joseph F. accountant (Paterson aud Newlands), 25
Huntlv gardens
Mary, milliner, 33 Queen st ; res. 176 Kent rd [11 Kent St. C
Peter, hav & straw dealer, 58 Moucur st. & livery stable keeper,
X. & W. & Co. Brazilian merchants, 49 West George st— Cask
day, last cash day . . .
William, merchant (X. & W. Newlands & Co.), 6 Lyuedoch cres
Newman David, m.d. surgeon, 18 WoodBide pi [108 Argylo st
J. agent for Faudel, Phillips & Son, warehousemen (London),
Thomas, newsagent, 92 Hendersonst .
Newport Steamship Office, 140 Hope st— William Sloan & Co.
Newry Steamship Office, 69 Buchanan st— James Little & Co.
Newton & Blair, plumbers, 26 West Muir st. Parkhead, & 2 Cathkin
pi. Shettleston
J & W. fleshers, 512 Spriugburn rd. & 372 Dumbarton rd
James, spirit dealer, 359 Springburn rd; 152 London rd. B; &
226 Baltic st; res. 34 Hillside St. Springbum
JanSt, spirit dealer, 126 Parliamentary rd _
Keates & Co. copper smelters. 38 Queen st— George Blair, agt
Newton Robertson & Co. Welsh, Scotch & Westmor-
Newton Walter D. flesher, 122 Castle st; 146 Garngad rd. & 678
Springburn rd [Billhead
William, merchant (Kerr, Newton & Co.), 3 Eton gardens,
â–  William D. flesher, 378 Springburn rd
â–  William W. slate merchant (Newton, Robertson & Co.), West-
field Cottage, Shawlands
Niblock William, merchant (James Hall & Co.), Renfrew st
Nicaraguan Consulate, 76 Virginia st— PaulLiepmann, consul
Nichol, Anderson &Co. baby linen & ladies' underclothing manufac-
turers, 103 Hutcheson st
Ann, householder, 247 Dumbarton rd
Duncan, eating house, 967 Govan rd.Gn
Henry, hairdresser, 95c Castle st [ter. Strathbungo
James, stay manufacturer, Brunswick st; res. 11 Regent Park
Jane, draper, 268 Cumberland st. S S [Kelvmsida
John, professor of English literature, 14 Montgomery crescent,
John, herbalist, 634 New City rd «.„,,,.
John, baby linen manufacturer (Nichol, Anderson &â–  Co.), 15
Regent Park ter. Strathbungo
Lawrence, slater, 29 Craigiehall st. Plantation
Nicholas Mina, hardware dealer, 35 Duke st
Nichols, Evans & Clow, boot & B'noe manufacturers, 55 Glassford st
Nicholson Alexander, boiler maker (Alexander Nicholson & Co.), 6
Annfleld pi. D . „_
Nicholson Alexander & Co. makers of land & marine
boilers, tanks. Sec. Crownpoint Boiler Works, St.
Marnock St. Mile end
Nich6l80n J. tailor, 13 Bedford st
James, drysalter (Arthur & Hinshaw), 31 India st
Janet, confectioner, 1 Main st. G
John, hardware dealer, 68 Cambridge st. & painter, 210 Hope
st ; res. 65 Cambridge st
John, eating house, 18 Maitland st
Peter, buotmaker,113Stirlingrd
William, house factor, 23 Hozier st. P ; res. 24 Hayburn cres. P
William, jun. agent, Commercial Bank of Scotland, Limited
(Branch), 364 Dumbarton rd. P ; res. Hayburn cres. P
Nickel Andrew, tailor & clothier, 77 Nelson St. & 110 Paisley rd.
West; res. Kensington ter
(The) Co. nickel & cobalt refiners, 69 St. Vincent st— H. A.
Jones, Commercial secretary
Nicol Adam, provision dealer, 433 Argyle st
Alexander, farmer, Shettleston „,,..* [Shawlands
Alexander S. yarn agent (R. D. Nicol & Co.), Trefoil House,
& Halliday, auctioneers & valuators, 12 Trongate
M'Vicar, plasterers, 727 Govan rd. Gn
Andrew, wright, Pollokshaw rd. Strathbungo
Andrew, tobacconist, 4 Bute ter. Strathbungo
Archibald, confectioner, 112 Dnke st
Archibald, tailor, 68 Eglinton at
George, dairyman, 129 Broad st. Mile end
George, dairyman, 218 Dalmarnockrd
Henry, printer, 86 York st ; res. 122 Berkeley st
Henry, painter, 218 Paisley rd. West
Isabella, householder, 15 Windsor st
J. M. householder, 28 West End Park st „ „.„ _ . .
Jas. provision dealer, 130 Garngad rd. & 105 & 317 Garscube rd
James, watchmaker, 182 Cumberland st. S S
— James, city chamberlain; office, 70 Hutcheson st; res. 23
Buckingham ter. Hillhead
James W. grocer, 424 New City rd [ "J n ?r 8 ^
John, chemist, 190 Dumbarton rd. P; res. 2a Argyle pi. Hynd-
John, tailor, 1 Paterson st ; res. 174 Gt. Western rd
John, provision dealer, 18 Victoria rd. Govanhill
John F. eating house, 169 West Nile st
Julia, shopkeeper, 3 Raglan st
M. & J. diapers, 573 Dalmarnock rd Iâ„¢
Obadiah, hairdresser, 5 M'Farlane st.'Gallowgate,!&,79 Garsoube
R. D. & Co. cotton yam agents, 16 St. Vincent pi
Robert, dairyman, 169 James st. B
Robert, tool dealer, 150 Saltmarket
Robert, shellfish dealer, 11 Orr st. Milo end
Robert D. yarn agent (R. D. Nicol & Co.), 24 Lansdowne cres
Samuel, flesher, 355 Crown st. S S
-, Spence & Co. loan office, 114 West Nile st _
Thomas, manufacturer of down quilts, & curled hair & feather
merchant, &c. 53 Cochrane st ; works, Calton ; res. Hope
Cottage, Houston
Thomas D. hairdresser, 569 Gt. Eastern rd
William, tailor, 146 Westmuir st. Parkhead
William, cashier, 121 Greenhead st [Cottage, Forfar
Nicoll James, live stock salesman (Gillies & Wylie), Kingston
James R. oil merchant, 22 Hope st ; res. 71 Sandyford st
James W. provision dealer, 59 Stevenson st. C
Robert, grocer, 197 Dalmarnock rd
Nicolls T. J. engineer, Glasgow & Paisley &c. Joint Railways, 14
Bridge st; res. 3 Maxwell ter. Pohokshields
Nicolson David, spring maker, 152 St. Vincent la ,.„.._!
David & Son (Edinburgh), brewers, 60 West Regent st— Robert
Ellison, district manager
Donald, dining rooms, 177 & 147 North st
James, sewing machine agent, 101 Dumbarton rd
John, agent (John Nicolson & Sons), Marylea, Paisley
John, plumber, 34 Duke st
John, printer, 210 Hope st ; reB. 63 Cambridge st
John & Sons, commission agents, 88 Queen st
John S. spirit dealer, 125 West Graham st
, Macwilliam & Macgowan, writers & notai'ies,163 West George st
Niddrie & Co. greengrocers, 12 Milton st. Cowcaddens
Ann, bookseller, 284 New City rd
Nielson & Maxwell, iron & metal merchants, 8S & 90 Cadogan st—
T N 573 ; T A " Waeden," Glasgow
Night Asylum for the Houseless & House of Industry for Indigent
Females, 71 North Frederick st-John M'Whirtcr, supt
Nilsson Oxal, eating house, 4 Andejston quay
Nimmo A. commission agent, 29 Waterloo st
Alexander, launderer, 44 Albert rd. Polloksh ields
Alexander, flesher, 50 Wilson st. P ; res. 5 Maxwell st. P
land siate & cement ^erchants, .52 St. Enoch square; ilexander , fle3her>5 n Wilson st. P ; res. 5 maxweu st.x-
Mo^d Jutlc°ion tarn » lnU8 ' & at Bowlln £' SJUoth* | s^bf D ! g; 00l n e r^ a rni9hers& oil merohants, 72a Waterloo

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