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; Rockville
Milne John R. hairdresser, 158 North st ; res. 32 Kelvin drive
Jonathan, teacher, 804 Bath st
Mary, baker, 101 Sword st
Peter, tailor, 12 Douglas st
Thomas, traveller, IS Garturk st. Govanhill
Walter, billiard room proprietor, 2 Howard st ; res. ill wau si
William, ice merchant. 68 Bridgegate •
William, agent (William Milne & Co.), 5 Hayburn cres. Partick
William, tobacconist, 77 Eglinton st
— William, confectioner, 83 Ardgowan st. S S
â–  William, clerk, 2 Willowbank cres
William, spirit dealer, 291 Sterling rd
â–  William & Co. commission agents, 219 Hope st
William & Co. East India merchants, 191 West George st—
T A " Cargtll," Glasgow
Milner's Safe & Lock Co. Limited, 101 St. Vincent st .
Milroy Samuel, grain merchant (Peter Rintoul, Son & Co.), li
Montgomery drive, Kelvinside
Thomas, draper, 55 Paisley rd. West
Milthorp G. & F. (Wakefield;, printing ink manufacturers, 125 Ken-
field st— Thomas E. Alexander, agent .
Milton Chemical Co. soap manufacturers, 90 Cowlairs rd. Spring-
burn, & 49 Bath st
Clnb, 11 Maitlai.d st
Club Co. Limited, 34 Hutcheson st— Edward Smith, agent
Estate Office, 88 Bath st— John Proudfoot, agent
Milwain James, commission agent, Morrison court, 108 Arygle st ;
res. 1 Landore ter. Langside
Mingay Frank H. bank clerk, 40 Bank st. Hillhead
Minto Barbara, confectioner, 325 Saracen st. Possilpark
David & Sons, Glasgow Grain & General Grinding Mills and
Coffee Roasting Works, 38 to 46 Grame st
James, accountant, 23 Bentinck 8t
James, coffee roaster (David Minto & Sons), 23 Bentinck st
John, coffee roaster (David Minto & Sons), 168 Cumbraeparkst
. John, coffee roaster (David Minto & Sons), 53 Meadowpark St. D
Peter, coffee roaster (David Minto & Sons), 118 Onslow drive, D
Mirrlees J. & A. organ builders, Cambridge la
James Buchanan, engineer, &c. (Mirrlees, Watson & Co.), Ked-
lands, Hillhead
Robert, flesher, 25 Aitkenhead rd. Polmadie
Watson & Co. engineers & sugar machinery manufacturers,
Scotland Street Iron Works, 45 Scotland st; TN 699;
T A " Muvrlees," Glasgow
Mirylees James S. produce broker (Moir, Kirkwood & Co.;, 6 Gay-
field sq. Edinburgh
Misa Manuel (Xerez), wine shipper, Faculty buildings, 62
George's pi— D. Macdongali, jun. and Co. agents
Mission Laundry, 15 Whitevale st
to the Out-Door Blind, 4 Bath st
Mitchell Misses—, dressmakers, 5 Windsor ter. St. George's rd
Misses — , dressmakers, 173 Shamrock st. West
A. & J. provision merchants, 52 Ingram st
\, jon. y. Sons, manufacturers, 112 Brunswick st.
Mills, 236 Possil rd— T A " Vestige," Glasgow
Adam, bank agent, 431 Gallowgate
Agnes, householder, 12 Dalhousie st
Alexander, bank teller, S8 Bute ter. Strathbungo
Alexander, wright & packing case maker, 27 Whitevale st ; res.
24 Bluevale st
Alexander, house factor, 173 West Scotland st. & 2 Whitehall St.
Alexander, timber merchant (Edmiston & Mitchells), Glenlee,
Alexander, engineer, 4 Bell Vue ter. Tower hill, Springburn
, Alexander, jun. manufacturer (A. Mitchell, jun. & Sons), 10
Wilton cres. New City rd
Alexander & Son, plumbers, 8 Cubie st. Mile end
Alexander B. umbrella manufacturer (D. W. Barker & Co.), 38
Windsor ter. St. George's rd
Alexander D. surgeon, 13 Elmbank st
, & Co. match manufacturers, Woodville st. G
& Co. of Belfast, Limited, wine & spirit merchants, 167 St. Vin-
cent st— David Mitchell, agent for Scotland— See advert
& Co. distillers (Belfast),38 North Frederick st— James Gordon,
Andrew, bootmaker, 16 Raeberry st
Andrew, provision dealer, 16 Glebe st. Townhead
Andrew, writer (Mitchells, Cowan & Johnston), 20 Woodside pi
. Andrew, linen manufacturer (Andrew Mitchell & Co.), South
park, Kilmalcolm [head
Andrew, draper (W. Beaton & Co.;, 6 Lilybank gardens, Hill-
Andrew, spirit dealer, Port rd ; res. 212 Hope st
Andrew, slater, 8 Melville st. T
Andrew & Co. canvas & sail cloth manufacturers, 12 Princes sq
Angus, manufacturer (Sinclair & Mitchell), Hazelwood, Camp-
bill avenue, Langside
B. & M. saw millers, &c. 16 East Campbell st
Bella, dairykeeper, 25 Butterbiggin rd. Govanhill
Benjamin, saw miller (B. & M. Mitchell), 16 East Campbell st
Catherine, confectioner. 499 Springburn rd [Sauchiehall st
David, commision agent, 51 Miller st ; res. 25 Westminster ter.
David, dairyman, 7 Iona pi. Mount Florida [berry st
David, cabinet maker & upholsterer, 80 Park rd ; res. 108 Rae-
David, agent for Mitchell & Co. of Belfast, Limited, 167 St. Vin-
cent st ; res. Millfield, Polmont
David, plumber, 61 Bank St. Hillhead
David, bootmaker, 45J4 Brown st [res. 5 Douglas st
Duncan S. shipping agent & outfitter, 178 & 180 Broomielaw ;
George, fleBher, Dead Meat market, Moore st. Gallowgate
George, agent for the British Linen Co. Bank, 269 Main st ; res.
8 Albert drive, Crosshill [Hillhead
George A. coal master (Kerr & Mitchell), 2 Lilybank gardens,
Hugh, dairyman, 235 Caledonia rd. S S
J. & w. watchmakers & jewellers, 140 Buchanan st [Hillhead
J. c. writer (Mitchells, Cowan & Johnston), 11 Buckinghami ter.
J. Dunlop, merchant (J. Dunlop Mitchell & Co.), 31 Sardinia
ter. Hillhead
Mitchell J.Duulop & Co. merchants, glass manufacturers & merchants
& importers of foreign & fancy goods, 130 to 136 Ingram st—
T A " Mitchell," Glasgow [burgh
James, iron & commission merchant, 45 Union st ; res. Hclens-
James, confectioner, 25 Wesleyan st
James, dairyman, 8 James pi. Gn
James, bootmaker, 104 London rd
James, draper, 174 Dumbarton rd. P ; res. Dowanvale House, P
James, brassfonnder, 10 Renfield la ; res. 3 Holmhead st
James, typefounder, 181 Trongate
James, wright, Snrrey st
James, teacher of music. 44 Shamrock St. West
James, spirit dealer, 63 Dale st ; res. 173 Pollok St. S S
James, accountant & assessor of income tax, 20 Carlton pi
James, ironmonger, 263 New City rd ; res. 21 Raeberry st
James, coach hirer, 186 Hill st. Gallowgate
James, clothier (James Mitchell & Co.), 421 St. Vincent st
James & Co. clothierB, 50 St. Enoch sq .,,,,„„ *
James L. timber merchant (Edmiston & Mitohells), 10 Great
Western ter. Kelvinside ' .
Jessie, draper, 113 Cathcart rd. Govanhill [Kelvinside
John, merchant, 55 West Regent st ; res. 1 Bowmont gardens,
John, commission merchant (John Mitchell & Co.), 2 Lyne-
John, surgeon Bella View House, Rntherglen, & 125 London id
John, grocer, 194 North st ; res. 100 Woodlands rd
John, match manufacturers (Mitchell & Co.), 13 Afton cres.
Clifford st. Paisley rd. West
John, cab proprietor, 57 Port Dnndas rd
John, greengrocer, 45 Copeland rd. Gn
John, superintendent, 19 Woodrowiow, Pollokshields
John, jeweller (J. & W. Mitchell), 12 Queen's ter. West
John, spirit dealer, 21 Argyle st. & 730 London rd ; res. 483
London rd
John & Co. flour merchants, 33 Hope st
John & Co. merchants, 24 George sq
John M. flour merchant ( Jno. Mitchell & Co.), 116 Annfield st. D
Jno O leather merchant (Schrader & MitcheU),7 Hnntly gardens
Joseph, bootmaker, 399 Argyle st ; res. 419}S Argyle st
Lewis, slater & cement worker, 509 St. Vincent st
(The) Library, 60 Ingram st— F. T. Barrett, librarian; John
Ingram, sub-librarian
Margaret, greengrocer, 9 Lome pi. Mount Florida
Margaret, householder, 28 West End Park st
Margaret, householder, 26 Newton st. Charing cross
Moncrieff, chartered accountant (Mitchell, Watson & Wink), 4
Windsor ter. West
Nicol, grocer, 164 St. George's rd
r. & Co. woollen manufacturers, 24 Howard st. B
jj Kennedy, resident secretary, Scottish Accident Assurance
Co. Limited, 50 West George st ; res. 2 Douglas ter. Pollok-
shields : [Kelvinside
E. m. coal master (James Nimmo & Co.), Auchengray House,
Robert, dairyman, 203 Gairbraid st. Mary hill
Robert, assistant secretary, Union Bank of Scotland, Union st ;
res Stratheden, 5 St. John's rd. Pollokshields [land st
Robert, veterinary surgeon, 6 East Clyde st ; res. 10 Sonth Port-
Eobt. veterinary surgeon (Robt. Mitchell & Son), 10 Walworth
ter. Kent rd
Robert, spirit dealer, 43 West Bothwell st
Robert, china dealer, 454 Gallowgate
Robert, greengrocer, 25 Cathcart rd. Govanhill
Robert, wholesale grocer & tea merchant, 28 to 84 Jackson st ;
res. Craigshiel, Crossbill
Robert & Co. manufacturers, 24 Howard St. B
Mitchell Robert and Son, veterinary surgeons & van builders,
18 & 20 Shaftesbury St. & 1 to 7 Shaftesbury lane, A— See advt
Mitchell Sarah, dressmaker, 4 Gardner st 11nm f?, re3
Simpson R. manufacturer (A. Mitchell, jun. & Sons), 10 Wiltou
Stephen, tobacco manufacturer (Stephen Mitchell & Co.), 29
Westbourne gardens, Kelvinside
Stephen & Son, tobacco manufacturers, 36 St. Andrew sq— Cash
day, Tuesday .
Thos. funeral furnisher, 3 Silvergrove st ; res.. 102 Canning st. C
Thomas, provision dealer, 154 Caledonia rd. S S
Thomas, dairyman, 284a Possil rd
Thomas, sewed muslin designer, 21 Drury st
W. G. & Co. calenderers, finishers & packers, 4 & 6 Montrose st
works, Barrowfield
. w. R. & Co. warehousemen, 85 Buchanan st
Watson & Wink, chartered accountants & stockbrokers, & resi-
dent managers for the Queen Insurance Co. and the Em-
ployers' Liability Assurance Corporation, & agents for the
National Guarantee & Suretyship Association, 75 St.
George's pi— T N 767
William, spirit dealer, 293 Main st. B
William, M.A. teacher, 20 Wilton ter
William, confectioner, 104 Paisley rd. West [vmside
William, calico printer (Wm. Mitchell & Co.), 18 Kew ter. Kel-
William, flesher, Dead Meat market, Moore st. Gallowgate
William, Temperance Hotel, 11 Cowcaddens st
William, flesher, 43 Finlay drive, D
William, flesher, 205 Great Eastern rd
William & Co. merchants, 134 Wellington st '. ' .. ,
William & Son, wrights, 555 Govan rd [Pollokshields
William C. commission agent, 9 Gordon st ; res. 56 Kenmure st.
William C. agent, 85 Queen Bt
William J. jeweller (J. & W. Mitchell), 12 Queen's ter. West
Wm. Nelson, tobacco manufacturer (Stephen Mitchell & Son),
26 Hamilton Park ter. Hillhead
William R. engraver, 109 Hope st
y? m . a. -warehouseman (W. R. Mitchell & Co.), 6 Lawrence pi. P
William T. bookkeeper, 4 Garturk st. Govanhill
Mitchells, Cowan & Johnston, writers, 160 West George st— T N SbJ
Mitchett John, tea dealer, 147 Main st. A. 238 Dumbarton rd. P. 24
London rd. 669 Gallowgate, & 185 Cowcaddens; res. 9b San-
dyford st
Mizpah Hall, West Campbell st

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