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Macfarlane Alex, bootmaker, 336 Duke st ; res. 1 Armadale st. D
M'Farlaue Alexander, cashier, 17 Hamilton ter. West, P
Macfarlane & Co. glass bottle merchants, 57 Oswald st
M'Farlane & Co. trunk & portmanteau makers, 235 Ingram st
Macfarlane & Craig, mill & engineer furnishers, 77 East Howard st
& Hutton, chartered accountants & stockbrokers, 179 West
George st-T N 3,121
& Smith, painters & decorators, 154 St. Vincent st
& Thomson, accountants & stockbrokers, 49 West George st
& Townsend, distillers, 4S St. Enoch sq. & Scapa, Orkney
M'Farlane & White, brassfounders, 105 Bishop st. A
Macfarlane Andrew, surgeon, 71 St. James st
Andrew, flesher, 352 Dumbarton rd. P
Andrew, spirit dealer, 91 Govan st ; res. Abbotsford pi. S S
M'Farlane Annie, draper, 851 Garscube rd [Pollokshields
Archibald, [Bailmaker (John M'Farlane & Co.), 70 Forth st.
Archibald, smith, 10 Market st ; res. 13 Holmhead st
Macfarlane Archibald wright (Archibald Macfarlane & Son), 71 West
Cumberland st
Archibald, jun. wright (Archibald Macfarlane & Son), 71 West
Cumberland st
• Archibald & Son, joiners & packing case makers, 75 Cathedral st
M'Farlaue Archibald F. smith, bellhnnger & gasfitter, 10 Margaret
st. High John st j res. 13 Holmhead st
Brothers, engineers, 10 Hyde Park st. A
Charles, commission agent, 40 Union st; res. 4 Regent Park
ter. Strathbungo
Macfarlane Colin & Co. coopers, 109 Moore st. Gallowgate
D. agent for Cooke, Sons & Co. (London), carpet manufacturers,
27 Ann st
M'Farlane D. & Son, timber merchants & saw millers,
Ruchill Saw Mills, Maryhill rd. Glasgow— T N 196—
— See advertisement
M'Farlane Daniel, coal dealer, 19 Black st. St. Rollox [bill
Daniel, timber merchant (D. M'Farlane & Son), Lome ter. Mary-
— — Daniel, jun. timber merchant (D. M'Farlane & Son), Gairbraid
ter. Maryhill
— — David, flesher, 5 Morrison st ; res. 85 King st. S S
Macfarlane David, glass bottle merchant (Macfarlane & Co.), Frank-
lin ter. Dumbarton rd
M'Farlane Donald, trunk maker (M'Farlane & Co.), 300 Cathcart rd
Donald, rope & twine maker, 338 Garnethill
; Duncan, tailor, 827 Argyle st
Duncan, boiler composition maker (Rcid, M'Farlane & Co.),
23 Radnor st
. Duncan, tobacconist, 44 Nelson st. S S
Ellen, eating house, 751 Garscube rd
Macfarlane George, manufacturing chemist (Springburn Chemical
Co.), 3 Hamilton drive, Hillhead
George, consulting engineer, Dunsloy, Bellahouston
M'Farlane George, mangle manufacturer, 128 Sauchiehall st ; works,
53 Stockwell st ; res. 8 Main st. G [Renfrew st
Macfarlane George, merchant (George Gray Macfarlane & Co.), 172
Geo. Gray & Co. merchants, 4 West Regent st — T A " Regent,"
Glasgow — Cash day, 10th of month
Henry, cooper (Colin Macfarlane & Co.), Craigneuk, D
M'Farlane Isabella, smallware dealer, 411 Garscube rd
« J. ironmonger, 11 Trougate
M'Farlane J. & A. manufacturers to the trade only of
mangles, wringers, washing machines, laundry-
stoves, &c. ; domestic joinery, coopery, wood turnery,
&c. ; importers of French & American goods, Albert
"Works, Cranstonhill
Macfarlane J. & Co. bootmakers, 3 Norfolk st. G
- — J.&R. fleshers, 239a New City rd
James, shipowner (John & Jas. Macfarlane), Helonsbnrgh
M'Farlane James, hatter, 191 Garscube rd
James, flesher, 9 Oswald pi. \Vhiteinch
Macfarlane James, commission agent, 8 South Frederick st; res. 17
Kersland ter. Hillhead
James, joiner (Win. M'Gown & Co.), 12 Colebrooke st. Hillhead
James, baker (John Macfarlane & Son), 7 Seton tor. D
M'Farlane James, chemist, 70 Caledonia rd. S S
James, grocer, 95 Pitisley rd. West
James, baker, 9G Great Hamilton st. & 294 Duke st
— James & Co. drapers, 19 Nelson st. City
Macfarlane Jas. E. householder, Ayton Villa, Maitland pi. Laugside
M'Farlane J aue, baker, 23 Norfolk st. G
Macfarlane John, beer & porter retailer, 93 Wynford st. Maryhill
— —John, grain merchant (M. & J. Macfarlane), 11 Camphill
quadrant, Laugside [field rd. P
John, baker, 392 Dumbarton rd. P ; res. Viewfield House, Ann-
- John, jun. tobacconist, 89 Wynford st. Maryhill
M'Farlane John, purveyor, 56 College st
— — John, confectioner, 3 West Nile Bt. & dairyman, lOODundas st;
res. Cathedral st
John, grocer, 507 Govan rd ; res. 2 Brighton ter. Gn [hill
Macfarlane John, merchant (Man- & Macfarlane), 52 Rose st. Garnet-
M'Farlane John, jun. hairdresser, 523 Gallowgate
Macfarlane John, bookbinder, 26 Hopetoun pi
M'Farlane John, secretary of the Cassell Gold Extracting Co. Ltd.
57 West George st ; res. 9 Grantley st. Shawlands
John, grocer, 398 Paisley rd. West
Macfarlane John, boiler maker, 5 Hill st. Garnethill
John, shipowner (John & Jas. Macfarlane), Belmont, Gonrock
John, flesher (J. & R. Macfarlane), Annfield Villa, Bearsden
M'Farlane John, eating house, 168 Garscube rd
Macfarlane John, fruiterer (John Brown & Co.), 30 Stockwell st
M'Farlane John, produce broker, 23 North Albion st; res. Busby
John, provision dealer, 267 Stirling rd
Macfarlane John, salesman, 38 Langside rd. Crossbill
John, householder, 19 Ann st. Hillhead
Utf'Farlane John, plumber, 182 Eglinton st; res. 62 Paterson st
-i 1 -— John, manager, 144 Berkeley st
— — John, engineer (M'Farlane Brothers), 180 Berkeley st
— * — John, laundry, 12 Glebe st. Townhead [barton rd
— — John, washing machine maker (J. & A. M'Farlane), 228 Dum-
John, draper, 85 South Albion st ; res. 18 Great Hamilton st
John, secretary, 9 Grantley pi, Shawlands
Macfarlane John, writer & notary public, 98 Bath st ; res. Craigielea,
M'Farlane John, plumber & gasfitter, 107 Dumbarton rd. Partick, &
Summerfield pi. Whiteinch ; res. 48 Hairst st. Renfrew st
Macfarlane John, spirit dealer, 191 Castle st ; res. Gt. Western rd
M'Farlane John, joiner, 66 South Kenning pi. Paisley rd
Macfarlane John A. land surveyor, 65 West Regent st; res. 6 Nelson
ter. Hillhead
M'Farlane John & Co. sailmakers, 9 Park st. K P
Macfarlane John & James, shipowners and shipping agents, 26
Oswald st— T N 938 ;TA" Farlan, " Glasgow
M'Farlane John & Sons, bakers, 118% Green st. C
Macfarlane John & Sons, bakers, Wesleyan st
JohnL. baker(John Macfarlane & Sons ),Benview, Pollokshields
John R. artist, 447 Sauchiehall st
M'Farlane John R. marine insurance broker, 62 Buchanan st ; res.
11 Walmer cres. Paisley rd. West
Joseph, eating house, 74 & 76 Maxwell st
Macfarlane M. & J. grain, hay & straw merehatrts, 151 North st. and
job and post masters, 112 North st— T N 158
Malcolm, brush dealer, 134 Bain st. C
M'Farlaue Malcolm, coal dealer, 244 Pollokshaws rd
Macfarlane Margaret, householder, 334 St. Vincent st
M'Farlane Margaret, dairy, 260 Dumbarton rd
Mary, pawnbrokers' ualeshop, 10 Bishop st. A [arcade
Macfarlane P. & Sons, watchmakers & jewellers, 10, 11 & 12 Argyle
M'Farlane Parlane, engineer, 142Pollok st. S S [Minerva st
Macfarlane Parlane, commission agent, 57 Oswald st ; res. 20
M'Farlane Peter, engineer (M'Farlane Bros.), 39 Old Dumbarton rd
Peter, cab hirer, 41 Mordaunt st. B
Macfarlane Peter, watchmaker, 17 Arlington st. Woodlands rd
M'Farlane Peter, manager, 54 Lacrosse pi. Hillhead
Macfarlane R. & Co. agents, 21 Hope st [Bath st
Richard, manager, Distillers' Co. Limited, Port Dundas ; res. 190
Robert, flesber (J. & R. Macfarlane), Eden pi. Bearsden
Robert, writer (M'Clines, Thomson & Macfarlane), Roodsland,
Robert, distiller, 48 St. Enoch sq
Robert, jeweller (P. Macfarlane & Sons), Prestwick
Samuel, manufacturer (John Kiug & Son), Meadowbank,
Torrance of Campsie
, Strang & Co. Limited, cast iron pipe founders, 145 St. Vincent
st. & Lochburn Iron Works— T N 930; T A "Lochburn,"
Glasgow— Cash day, first Tuesday
M'Farlane Stewart, engineer (M'Farlane Brothers), 20 Dumbarton rd
Macfarlane Thomas, provision dealer, 126 Great Hamilton st
Thomas, traveller, 10 Rogent pi. Shawlands [shields
Thomas, manufacturer (Tiliie & Henderson), Braehead, Pollok-
M'Farlane Thomas, supervisor of inland revenue, 16 Whitehill st. D
Violet, dressmaker, 33 Rose st. Garnethill
Macfarlane Walter, manager, 40 Claremont st
Walter, brush maker, 10 St. Andrew's la
Walter, farmer, Gairbraid Farm, Maryhill
Walter, ironfounder (Walter M'Farlane & Co.), 22 Park circus
Walter, jun. ironfounder (Walter Macfarlane & Co.), 12 Lync-
doch cres
Walter & Co. architectural, sanitary & general iron
founders, Saracen Foundry, Possilpark, Glasgow— T A
" Saracen, " Glasgow
M'Farlane William, house furnisher, 6 Clyde ter. and 10 Main st. G
William, hay & straw dealer, 8 St. Andrew st
William, spirit dealer, 55 Abercromby st. C
William, surgeon, 295 & 304 London rd
William, mangle and wringing machine maker, 53 Stockwell st.
and 128 Sauchiehall st [Partickhill
William, commission agent, 77 Queen st; res. Viewfield House,
Macfarlane William, accountant, 53 Finlay drive, D
William & Co. calenderers and packers, 31 to 35 West George st.
and 16 to 28 East George la
M'Feat Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, 327 Dumbarton rd
John, hairdresser, 962 Govan rd. and plumber, 28 Helen st. Gn ;
res. 88 Hamilton st. Gn [Mount Florida
Walter, commission agent, 76 West Howard st; res. 10 May ter.
M'Fedries Samuel, confectioner, 62 West Scotland st
M'Fee John, house factor, 34(3 Crown Bt. S S
— — M. H. baker and confectioner, 31 Cowcaddens st
Robert, hosier and hatter, 351 Cumberland st. S S
Robert C. marine superintendent, 35 Bentinck st
Maclle Archibald, schoolmaster, 22 Carment drive, Shawlands [West
Archibald, auctioneer, 11 Drury st ; res. 9 Caprera pi. Paisley rd
Daniel, civil engineer aud architect, 42 Bath st; res. 7 Rupert st
M'Fio James, confectioner, 199 Sauchiehall st
Macfie Johnstone, m.d. surgeon, 2 Newton ter. Sauchiehall st. and
23 Ashton ter. DowanhiU
M'Gafferty John, furniture broker, 13 Parson st. Townhead
M'Gahan James, hairdresser, 46 Green st. C [st. B
M'Gallagley Cornelius, pawnbroker, 72 Pollokshaws rd ; res. 51 Dale
M'Gannigle Michael, chimney sweep and soot merchant, 19 Fer-
guson st
M'Garrell Michael, greengrocer, 22 Milton st. Cowcaddens
M'Garrigle Elizabeth, furniture broker, 136 South Wellington st
William, flesher, 59 & 61 Bell st. City
M'Garry Bernard, bootmaker, 5 College st
Henry, hairdresser, 111 Dumbarton rd. P
Jame.s spirit dealer, 124 Bridgegate
James, clothes dealer, 184 Saltmarket
M'Garvey James, hairdresser, 101 Oxford st
John, hairdresser, 374 Ruthergleu rd. S S
M'Garvie Elizabeth, dairykeeper, 121 Maclean st. Plantation
John, hairdresser, 336 Cumberland st. S S
M'Gavigan John, ticket writer, 190 Trongate ; res. Lenzie
i M'Gavin Agnes, toy dealer, 38 Main st. Plantation
Alexander & Co. bonding warehouse owners, 13 Dixon st
I Alexander C. bonded storekeeper, St. Enoch's wynd and 40
Oswald st
Janet, confectioner, 78 Ingram st
j Nathan, grocer, 426 St. George's rd ; res. 99 Cowcaddens st
| Samuel, clothier, 218 Argylo st;' res. 8 Regent Part sq.

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