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Cuthbort^on John Neilson, chemical, metal & produce broker, 29
Bath st ; res. 25 .Blythswood sq [second Friday
, Kerr & Co. woollen warehousemen, 183 Ingram st — Cash day,
â–  Matthew, weight fCuthbertson & Reid), 134 Buccleuch st
II. tobacconist. GG2 Rutherglen rd. S S
R. & B. umbrella makers, 16 Great Hamilton st
R. & W. engine wasto manufacturers, 9G Brook st. Mile end
â–  Robert, engine waste manufacturer (R. & W. Cuthbortsou),
Newcome, Uddingston
Thomas, woollen warehouseman (Cuthbertsou, Kerr & Co.), 4
Albert drive, Crossbill
Thomas, engine waste manufacturer (R. & W. Cutbbertson), 11
Broompark ter. D [Bothwell st
— Thomas, spirit dealer, 55 King st. Traderston ; res. 44 West
Cutbel Andrew, school, iI2 Sauchieball st
Outhilltbe Misses — , dressmakers, 25 Victoria rd. Govanhill
Cutting Robert, commission agent, 11 Bothwell st
Cuzen Allan, householder, 286 London rd
DACCA Twist Co. (Manchester), cotton spinners & manufacturers, 81
Virginia st— John Agar, agent
Dagnall Williaro, ship's purser, 60 Finlay drive, D
Dairon James, plasterer, 19 Weaver st. Townhead ; res. 16 Whitehill st. D
Dakiu & Diver, tailors, 2S4 Dumbarton rd
Dalbeth Reformatory (Boys'), London rd. Toll cross— James Garden, supt
Dale & Speirs, carvers & gilders, 143 Cambridgo st
Brothers, aerated water manufacturers, 22 Forth st. Pollokshields
â–  George, eating house, 139 George st
Hugh, bootmaker, 439 Gallowgate
John & Co. glass merchants & glaziers, 28 North st. A
R. & Smith, glaziers, glass stainers, painters, &c. 161 Bothwell st
Robert, glazier (R. Dale & Smith), 30 Myrtle st
William, bootmaker, 106 Hospital st. S S
William, confectioner, 16 Russell st. C
Dalgleish Adam, provision dealer, 36 Canning st. C
Alexander, confectioner, 59S Dalmarnock rd.
Anne, householder, 47 Reufrew st
James, church officer, 127 Greenhcad st
John, Turkey red dyer, 133 Bath st
— Peter, fruiterer, 4_M West Muir st. Parkhead [Kelvinside
â–  -Robert, calico printer, 21 West Nile st; res. 1 Dundonald rd.
Thomas, waiter, 291 Hope st
Dalglish Adam, grocer, &c. 96 Main st. B
Andrew A. artist, 26 Renficld st; res. 21 Princes st. Pollotshields
David, agent to the Hamilton Coal Co. 54 St. Enoch square; res.
Stonelaw, Rutherglen
James, spirit dealer, 12 William st. C [lauds
John, engineer (John Dalglish & Sons), Coustonhill Cottage, Shaw-
R. Faluouer & Co. Limited, calico printers, 21 West Nile st : vrorkw,
Leuuoxtown [Rutherglen
Robert, architect, . 178 St. St. Vincent st; res. Reuther Cottage,
Robert, householder, 118 Sauchieball st
William, artist, 26 Renfield st ; res. 21 Princes st. Pollokshields
William, grocer, 4 Victoria st. Gn
Dall Mary J. newsagent, 305 & 338 Gairbraid st. Maryhill
William, dental surgeon, 4 Newton ter. Sauchiehall st
Dallachy Henry, bank agent, Royal Bank of Scotland, Crown st. S S ;
res. 145 Grcenhead st
Dallas Alexander, banker, 56 Buccleuch st
Charles W. provision dealer, 161 Eglinton st. & 85 Norfolk st
Robert, clerk, 52 Cambridge st [dens st
S. & Co. drapers, tailors, clothiers & hosiers, 107 &â–  109 Cowcad-
Simon, draper (S. Dallas & Co.), 6 Holyrood cres. Great Western rd
William, tobacconist, 145 Canning st. C
Dallings Thomas, plumber, 337 Govan st. H [agent
Dalmarnock Estate Office, Strathclyde st. Dalmarnock— John Howison,
â–  â–  Weaving Co. manufacturers, 377 Dalmarnock rd
Dalmellington Iron Co. Limited, iron masters, 109 Hope st— T N 3,009
Dalrymple A. & M. bootmakers, 473 Great Eastern rd
â–  Elizabeth, victualler, 12 Taylor st. Townhead
— — George, brewer (George Dalrymple & Co.), 459 Great Eastern rd
George, spirit dealer, S7 & 89 Trougate, 743 Gallowgate, 459 Great
Eastern rd. & 5 Stanley st. K P
George, spirit dealer, 55 & 57 Langside rd. Crossbill
George & Co. brewers, Home Brewery, 469 Great Eastern rd
George & Co. brewers, 38 North Frederick st — James Gordon, agent
Isabella, householder, 137 New City rd
- — - James, hardware dealer, 26 Stirling rd
Jane, spirit dealer, 48 New rd. Parkhead [rietta st
W. & Co. curriers & leather merchants, Victoria Works, 16 Hen-
— William, leather merchant (Wm. Dalrymple &Co.),8 Onslow drive, D
Dalveen Margaret, householder, 301 Dumbarton rd
Daly James, jun. draper (James Daly &Co.), 38 Keir st. Pollokshields
James, draper (James Daly & Co.), 4 Royal ter. Crosshill
James & Co. general drapers & warehousemen, 60 & 62 Trongate
— — John, teacher of music, 100 Great Western rd
John, eating house, 23 King st
â–  Maggie, confectioner, 10 Water st. P D
Margaret, tool dealer, 39 & 41 Bridgegate
Dalzell Alexander, hardware dealer, 403 Dumbarton rd
David, tobacconist, 11 Victoria rd. Govanhill
Dalziel Alexander, engineer, 146 Buccleuch st
& Co. seed merchants & commission agents, colliery engineers and
contractors' furnishers, 19 Waterloo st; stores, 19 Commerce st
— — David, wholesale stationer (John Dalziel & Sons), 6 Battlefield
crescent, Langside
â–  George, seed merchant (Dalziel & Co.), Goldilea, Uddingston
— — J. P. rope & twine merchant (Dalziel Rope & Twine Co.), 20 Afton
crescent, Clifford st. Paisley rd. West [Pollokshields
John, spirit dealer, 11 & 13 Hutcheson st; res. 60 Princes st. East,
John, engineer, millwright & machine maker, 230 Stobcro^sst;
res. 119 Sandyford Bt
• John & Sons, stationers & printers, & manufacturers of Ross's
blacking, 220 Ingram st. & 36 Market st
Robert, metal mercbant (Galbraith & Dalziel), 5 East Howard st
(The) Rope & Twine Co. Limited, rope& twine makers, 49 Diuilop st
Thomas H. surgeon, S8 Stirling rd
William, statiouer, 1 Garment drive, Shawlands
Daniel James, flesher, 7 Fleming st. Gn
William, head waiter, 135 Renfrew st
Daniels Dinah, householder, 18 Langside rd. Govanhill
M. & Co. milliners, &c. 251 New City rd
Danks Jolm, flesher, 129 Dumbarton rd; res. 220 Dumbarton rd
Dansken A. B. & Co. assessors of fire losses & valuators, 179 West
George st [ter. Hillhead
-Alexander B. fire loss assessor (A. B. Dansken & Co.), 1 Sardinia
John, measurer, 121 West Regent st ; res. 4 Eldon ter. Partick bill
D'Arcy Jolm & Son, brewers (Dublin), 146 West Regent st— John Baird
& Co. agents
Darge James F. newsagent, 48 Cawcaddens st
â–  William, brassfounder, 82 Oxford st
Dargie James, slater, &c. Elm st ; res. 247 Hospital st. S S
Darling & Taylor, ironmongers & tube brush makers, 217 Argyle st
George E. coal master (Wm. Darling's trustees), 12 Crown gardens,
Dowanhill [gardens, Dowanhill
James T. marine insurance broker, 62 St. Vincent st ; res. 12 Crown
John, coal master iWilliam Darling's trustees), Climpy Colliery, &
178 St. Vincent st; res. 15 Park circus
John, patentee, 11 Bothwell st ; res. 11 Prince Edward st. Crosshill
John, engineer, 34 Queen square, Strathbungo
John & Co. general merchants, 11 Bothwell st [Dowanhill
William, coal master (Wm. Darling's trustees), 12 Crown gardens,
Darling's William trustees, coal masters, Cleugh Gas Coal Works ; office,
178 St. Vincent st [26 Bothwell st
Darlington Wagon & Engineering Co. Limited, railway wagon builders,
Darrie Wm. slater & slate merchant, 60 Bothwell st ; res. 114Bothwell st
Darroch & Espie, shipwrights, boat builders, &c. Springfield quay
Hugh, pawnbroker, 102 Bam st. C
â–  James, baker, 12 & 14 Risk"st. C [st. S S
â–  James, joiner & block maker, 19 Springfield pi. K ; res. 62 Pollok
John, boat builder (Darroch & Espie), 62 Pollok st. S S
Peter & Co. painters & decorators, 110 Mains st
Robert, painter, 102 Dumbarton rd ; res. 122 Berkeley st
William, lithographer, 12 Waterloo st
Darsie Alicia, dairy, 109 Great Western rd
Davidson Mrs. — , householder, 23 South Wellington st
A. & Co. booksellers & bookbinders, 356 Argyle st
Agnes, spirit dealer, 45 Young st. C
Alexander, tobacconist & newsagent, 128 Norfolk st
Alexander, artist, 65 West Regent st ; res. 93 Annfield st. D
Alexander, boiler inspector, 14 Percy st. Paisley rd. West
Alexander, coal dealer, 308 Thistle st. S S
â–  Alexander, optician, 47 London st
Alexander, bootmaker, 5 Westminster ter. Ibrox
Alexander, salesman, 38 Keir st. Pollokshields
Alexander, undertaker (Andrew Menzies),268 Bath crescent
Alexander D. warehouseman, 13 Randolph pi. Mount Florida
& Co. india rubber & waterproof goods manufacturers, 63 St.
Vincent st
& Co. plasterers & modellers, 144a Bath st
' & Gordon, oil & colormen, 229 Stirling rd
& Johnston, provision merchants, 12 & 14 Wilson st
& Son, carvers & gilders, 87 & 89 London st
â–  Andrew, cooper, Dundas st. K ; res. 53 Clarence st. S S
â–  Andrew, agent for Lloyd, Altree & Smith (London), warehousemen,
15 Renfield st; res. Lenzie
Ann C. householder, 51 Abbotsford place
Arthur, auctioneer (J. Davidson & Co.), 7 Ibrox ter. Gn
Brothers, wholesale grocers, 41 & 43 St. Enoch square— Caah days,
Wednesday <£ Saturday
C. & A. drapers, 72 Elderslie st
C. & Sons, Limited, paper & paper bag makers, 51 St. Enoch sq
Charles, dairy, 3 2 Argyle place, Springburn
— — David, civil engineer, 21 Albert drive, Crossbill
Donald, dairyman, 13 Carrick st
Elizabeth, spirit dealer, 24 Lancefield quay
Frederick, tobacconist, 17 New Cityrd
George, carver & gilder, &c. 123 Sauchiehall st. & carver & gilder
(Davidson & Son) ; res. 248 Sauchiehall st
George, flesher, 174 Garngad rd
George, cab hirer, 28 Cumberland st. C
Hannah, spirit dealer, 61 Green st. C
Helen, householder, 49 Park rd
Hugh, draper, 12 Garturk st. Govanhill
Hugh, flesher, 20 Stevenson St. C
Hugh, dairyman, 82 Queen st. Gn
Hugh W. traveller, 24 Leven st. Pollokshields [Burnside
Hugh W. cloth merchant, 10 Hutcheson st ; res. The Terrace,
J. & Co, plasterers, 14 Hill st. Garnethill
J. & Co. auctioneers & appraisers, 22 Argyle sfc
J. & T. wholesale grocers and tea dealers, 72 Robertson st
James, accountant, 4 West Nile st; res. Kilmalcolm [Park st
James, india rubber manufacturer (Davidson & Co.), S3 West End
James, rjrovision merchant (Davidson & Johnston), Kilmalcolm
James, wholesale grocer (Davidson Brothers), West Regent st
James, wine merchant (Nicol Anderson &Co.), 71 Forth st. Pollok-
James, grocer, 67 Cathcart rd. Govanhill [Cambuslang
James D. manufacturing jeweller, 38 Queen st; res. Craig Monie,
James M. fish curer, 33 East Clyde st. and 372 Pollokshaws rd ;
res. 249 Pollokshaws rd
Jane, householder, 76 Cumberland st. S S
â–  Jeannie, newsagent, 519 Gallowgate
John, plasterer, 287 North Woodside rd
â–  John, master mariner, S Bellahouston ter. Ibrox
John, grocer (J. and T. Davidson), 308 St. Vincent sfc
— TT.Jonu, pork butcher (William Annacker), Eller green, Bearsden
: John, plasterer (Davidson and Co.). 5 Rosehall st
John, traveller, 51 Grant st
John, flesher, 575 Springburn rd [st. Mile end
John, grocer & spirit dealer, 16 Great Hamilton st. & 43 Millroad
â–  John, lilecutter, Portugal lane ; res. 17 DrummoncL ist
John, draper, 91 South Portland st
John A. wai-ehouseman, 2 Maybank st. Crosshill
John C. designer, 16 Abbotsford pi
John M. manager, 20 Circus drive, Dennistoun

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