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Bridgeton Bowling Green, Albau st. Bridgeton
Clipping Co. luuslin clippers, 21 West st. Col ton
Heddle Co. heddlo makers, 10 Ruby st. Bridgelou
Old Victualling and Baking Society, Limited, grocers, &c. 139
to 147 Miiiust, Bridge-ton — John N. Derby, secretary
Registry Olftce for births, deaths & marriages, 27 Mordaunt st.
Bridgeton — Jaraos Tait, registrar
T< mperance Institute, 34 Landres^y st. Bridgeton
. Victualling Society, Limited, grocers, &c. 18;j Main st. Bridge-
ton — Dugald Butler, manager
Working Men's Club, 157 Canning st, CM ton
Brido E. carver & gilder, 7 Queen's arcade
Brieu John, slater & plasterer, 11 St. Joseph's pi. Abcrcromby st
â–  John, slater, 4 William St. C
Briggs Arthur, bank teller, 15 Windsor st
Ralph, clothes broker, 14 Water st. P D
Briggs Thomas, tarpauling.packing material & twine,
&c. manufacturer, & cotton, flax & jute spinner, 187 George
st — W. Newton MaeCartney, manager
Brims David, wright, 171 Pitt st; res. 123 Bath lane
James, provision dealer, 567 Govau rd. Gn
Brinldey Robert, artist, S3 Smith st. Hillhead
Robert, photographer (Alex. M'Nab), 1 West Bank pi. Hillhead
Brisbane John, hardware dealer, 63 Tbistlo st. S S
Peter, dairyman, 76 Great Western rd ; res. 80 Great Western rd
Robert, warehouseman, 7 Leven st. Pollokshields
- — Samuel, dairyman, 643 Garscube rd
â–  â–  W. lace warehouseman (Whyte & Brisbane), 67 Abbot 3ford pi
Bristol, Cardiff & Swansea Steamship Office, 140 Hope st— W. Sloan
and Co.
Britannia Music Hall, 115 Trongate — U. T. Rossborough, proprietor
British & African Steam Navigation Co. Limited, 175 West George
st — Charles Gibson, secretary — T N 1010
& African Steam Navigation Co. Limitad, 201 St. Vincent st
— Taylor, Laughland & Co. agents
& Burmese Steam Navigation Co. Limited, 15 St. Vincent pi
& Foreign Glass Warehouse, glass shade, &c manufacturers,
45 St. Enoch sq
& Foreign Marine Insurance Co. Limited, 125 Buchanan st
— HuKh Aird & Co. agents
British & Foreign Mineral Water Co. mineral water
manufacturers, 332 New City rd— T N 199
British (The) & Foreign Novelty Co. importers of foreign and fancy
goods, 95 Batli st
(The) & Foreign Stamp Co. 95 Bath st [agent3
& Foreign Steam Packet Office, 30 Jamaica st — G. & J. Bums,
& Foreign Supply Association, impurters of American goods, &c.
174 & 176 Trongate [— G. & J. Burns, agents
& North American Royal Mail Steamship Office, 30 Jamaica st
(The) Asphalte Co. asphalte manufacturers, 97 West Milton st
— Cash day, last cash day in month
Empire Mutual Life Assurance Co. 119 St. Vincent st -James
1*'. Lamont, local secretary
(The) Hair Co. Limited, curled hair manufacturers & feather
merchants, Hoodville st. Gn— James Sinclair, secretary
India Steam Navigation Co. Limited, 203 West George st — P.
Macnaughtan, secretary — T N 632; TA " Sec&etahy,"
Legal Life Assurance & Loan Co. Limited, 1 Richmond st —
Henry Steel, manager & secretary
Linen Co. bankers, 110 Queen st ; Thomas Balmain, agent;
Walter Ritchie, signs pro agent ; T. S. J. Johnston,
cashier; R. A. Scott, accountant; J. Morrison, J. R. M.
Smith, G. B. Sherwood, and J. Lillie, tellers. Town
branches & agents — Anderston,13 &15 Stobcross st. J.Fraser,
agent ; 26 Bridgeton cross, Thomas Kinnaird, agent;
539 Sauchiehall st. Johu Richard, agent; 520 Gallowgate,
James G. Todd, agent; 172 High st.W. Metcalfe &R. Russell,
joint agents ; 205 Main st. S S, George Mitchell, agent ; 2
Great Western rd. James Whyte, agent ; 69 Dumbarton rd.
J. Miller, agent; South Side branch, 1 Eglinton st. Win. N.
Graham, ageut ; 110 & 112 Trongate, William Metcalfe & R.
Russell, joint agents; 35 Union st. Robert Calderwood,
agent; 165 West George st. George Lammie, agent; 112
Ren field st. James P. Laidlaw, ageut; Pollokshields, Win.
Hamilton, agent ; Strathbungo, John M'lutoBh, ageut
Patent Leather Cloth Co. leather cloth manufacturers, 182
Hope street
British Sanitary Co. manufacturers of earth closets
& other sanitary appliances, & agents for disinfec-
tants, 56 Sothwcll st
Lritish Workmen's Assurance Co. Limited, 37 Bath st— J. T.
Wratlen, superintendent
Briton Alexander, bootmaker, 58 Queen st; res. 332 Duke st
Brit tain Robert, sail maker (Robert Brittain & Co), 85 Polio It st. S S
Robert & do. sail makers, 28 Dale st. Tradeston
Britton Isabella, fent dealer, 197 Cumberland st. S S
Joseph, painter, 10 Watt s'o. S S [ter. East, P
Broadfoot James, coppersmith (Johu Broadfoot & Sons), 2 Hamilton
John, loan office, 4 Wellington st; res. 20 Kelvinhaugh st
John & Sons, hrassfouuders, Finnieston Brass Foundry, 55
Finnieston st
j Malcolm, slater & plasterer, 5 Cornwall st. Plantation
r S. & Co. produce & commission merchants, 21 Hope st
Sarah, furniture broker, 16 Smith st. Whiteinch
Sydney, produce merchant (S. BroaJfoot & Co.), Lenzio
Walter, bootmaker, 131 Kent rd [Union st
Broadhurst & Co. (.Manchester), indiarnbber manufacturers, 27
Broadiey Frederick, agent to the Broughton Copper Co. Limited, 28
St. Enoch square ; res. Lenzie
Mark, merchant (George Handasyde, Dick & Co.), 31 Bucking-
ham ter. Hillhead
Brock Andrew, plumber & tinsmith, 126 Cumberland st. S S
Andrew, grain merchant (Wm. Brock & Son), Benvue, Busby
Hugh, veterinary surgeon, 112 North st
James, engineer, 28 Maxwell rd. Pollokshields
• John, font dealer, 28 Kent st
John C. writer, 4 Ardgowan er. Sandy ford
Brock Robert, tinsmith, 224 Main st. Shettleston
Robert, agent, 10 Howard st ; res. 229 Onslow drive, D
William, commission agent (William Brock & Co.), 6 Ashton ter.
Wm. merchant (John Graham & Co.), 52 Lacrosse pi. Hillhead
William & Co. commission agents, 95 Bath st
William & Son, grain merchants, 17 Waterloo st— T N 3,00-1 —
Ga*h day, Tuesday t& Friday
Wm. J. merchant, 109 Hope st ; res 52 Lacrosse pi. Hillhead
Brockett Andrew, spirit dealer, 384 St. Viucent st; res. 8 Dover st
Brode Julius, paper box maker, 21 Albert drive, Crossbill
Brodie & Co. drysaltcrs, 33 Bath st
Andrew, lauudcrer, 47 Mains st [Langside
George, writer, 139 St. Vincent st; res. 5 Walkiushaw ter.
George, coach hirer, Palm st
â–  Hugh, traveller, T-i Finlny drive, D
Hugh, stationer, 417 Eglinton st
James, provisiou dealer, 131 London rd; res. 101 Greouhead st
.lessie, householder, 14 South Woodside rd
John, spirit dealer, 18 William st. Cowcaddens
-John, dairyman, 43 Main st. B
: John E. surgeon, 1 Albany pi. Sauchiehall st. & 462 Argyle st
Maclean, chartered accountant, 22 Renlield st; res. 44 West-
b mrne gardens
Robert, chemist, 253 Crown st; res. IS Apslev pi. S S
Robert, writer (M'Clure, Naismith, Brodie & Co.), 23 Belhaven
ter. Kelvinside
Thomas, wholesale druggist (Brown Bros. & Co.), 6 Biunie pi
Thomas, schoolmaster, 60 M'Culloch st. Pollokshields
Thomas M. saddler, 9 Balmore st. Possilpark
Brodley Janet, confectioner, 93 North Woodside rd
Brogau Anthouy D. glass manufacturer (The Glasgow Plate Glass
Co.), 1 Kelvinside ter. West
Dsnis, tailor, 1 Milton st. Cowcaddens
Denis, tailor, 6 Eastueld place, Springburn
James, plasterer, 1 Dobbio's loau; res. 50 Glebe st, Townhead
John, llesher, 365 Argyle st
William, hairdresser, 3 Landressy st. B [Hillhead
Bromhead Horatio K. architect, St. Vincent st ; res. 27 Bank st.
Brook Jo^as & Brothers, thread manufacturers, 10 Garthland st ;
works, Meltham Mills, near Huddersfield— R. T. Challand,
manager [Crossbill
Joseph, organ builder, Butterbiggan rd ; res. 115 Victoria rd.
Brooks & Co. block makers, 33 St. James st. S S
& Hamilton, sewed muslin manufacturers, 27 Ann st
Jaue, provision dealer, 121 Sister st. Milo md, & 242 Great
Eastern rd
Janet, spirit dealer, 253 Parliamentary rd
John, musical instrument dealer, 91 Eglinton st; ros. 17
Cumberland st. S S
John, agent, 40 Union st
Johu, greengrocer, 6 Hartfield st. St. Rollox
John, block maker (John Brooks & C >.), 93 Gloucester st. S S
â–  John & Sons, smiths & gasritters, 118 George st
Joseph E. c.e. manager, Briedfaulds Cottage, Tollcross
P. M. muslin manufacturer (Brooks & Hamilton), Eosslyn ter.
Thomas, hairdresser, 465 Great Eastern rd
William, plumber, 477 London rd
Broom & Moir, coal & iron merchants, 4 York st
David, house factor, 75 Bath st ; res. 35 Elmbauk pi
Broomball John, smith, Inchbelly rd. Springburn
Broomward Weaving Co. Limited, spinners & manufacturers, West
st. C ; registered office, 24 George sq— John Gourlay, sec
Bropby James, boot top manufacturer, 5 Schiplta pass, Gallowgate
BrotcLie John, printers' brass rule maker, 25 Eglinton st; res. 22
Preston st
R. & Co. tea merchnnts, 5S Hopest
Brough David, tailor, 749 Great Kastern rd
Isaac, coal dealer, 6 Gibson st. C
Thomas, confectioner, 4 Kirk st. C
Broughton Copper Co. Limited (Manchester), manu-
facturers of copper rollers and single plates for
calico printers, 180 West George st — M'Crindell,
Schaw & Co. agents— See advertisement
Broughton Copper Co. Limited (Manchester), makers
of copper and brass tubes for locomotive, marine,
condenser, steam, gas and other purposes; ingots,
bolts, plates, hydraulic rams, covered copper and
brass, or electro -coppered, 2S St. Enoch square-
Frederick Broadiey* agent— See advertisement
Brown Miss — , householder, 56Kelvingrove st
A. & Co. commission agents, 8 & 10 North Coburg st. & 33 Hope st
A. Kirkwood, house factor, 243 St. Vincent st; res. 60 Victoria rd
Abel, surgeon, Victoria drive, Mount Florida, & 132 Cathcart rd.
Abraham, china dealer, 51 Cathcart rd. Govanhill
Agnes, smallware dealer, 116 Sister st. Mile end
Agnes, greengrocer, 54 Springfield rd
Brown Alexander (late Wm. Mills), slater & plasterer,
65 Dalhousie st; res. 233 Cambridge st
Brown Alexander, house factor, 102 Burnside st ; res. 3 Holyrood ores
Alexander, tailor & dairyman, 160 & 162 Cathcart rd. Govanhill
Alexander, traveller, IS Langside rd. Govanhill
Alexander, manager, Wm. Younger & Co. brewers (Edinburgh), 61
North Hanover st ; res. Strathlea Villa, Lenzie
Alexander, joiner, &c. 29 &S3 Sussex st. Kinning Park
Alexander, grey cloth merchant (Alexander Brown & Co.), The
Craigs, Carmunnock
Alexander, baker (M. & A. Brown), 76 Douglas st
Alexander, plasterer, 03 Grafton st
Alexander, bootmaker. 172 Main st. B
Alexander, plumber, &C. (Brown & Young), 29 Scott st. Garnethill
Alexander, gas engineer (Alexander Brown & Co.), 62 Cromwell st
Alexander, warehouseman, 2 Park view, Langside
Alexander, French polisher, 140 Renfield st
Alexander & Co. gas engineers, 24 Gordon st. & 64 Cromwell st
Alexander & Co. commission merchants, 33 Hope st

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