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Barclay & Brand, sugar brokers & commission agents, 22 St. Enoch
so— T N 898; T A " Barclay," Grconock; ''Bkand,"
& M'Grcgor, muslin manufacturers, S3 Hutchcson st— Cash clay,
third cash day of month
& M'Kerral, wholesale confectioners, 60 to 70 Henrietta st
& Mathii-sou, iron & steel merchants, 150 to 163 Centre st.
Tradestou— T N 1,538— Cash day, last cash day of every month
Andrew, cork cutter, 124 Sister st. Mile end
Andrew, householder, 1 Lilyhank pi. Hillhead
Brothers, chemical merchants, 63 St. Vincont st
Barclay Brothers, aerated water manufacturers (for
home & exportation), 19 Kirkst.Gorcals
Barclay C. & A. fruiterers, 23G Dumbarton rd. Particle
Charles, smith, 76 Commerce st. S S
Charles M. aerated water manufacturer (Barclay Brothers), 24
Heriot st. rollokshielda
, Curie & Co. Limited, engineers & shipbuilders, Clydeholm
Shipbuilding Yard, & Whitcinch Engine & Ship Repairing
Works, SLobcross— Cash day, last Tuesday— T N 551 ; T A
"Barclay," Whiteinch, by Glasgow — Audrew M'Leau, sec
- — David, mineral water manufacturer (Barclay Brothers), 3 Olrig
ter. Pollokshields
David, pawnbrokers' salesman, 3 Stewart pi. Whiteinch
David, architect (H. & D. Barclay), 19 Kelvinside ter. Hillhead
â–  David S. & Son, funeral undertakers, 17 Dowanhill st. Particle
George, merchant (Barclay Brothers), 37 Burnbank gardens
â–  George, traveller, 803 St. Viucent st
H. & D. architects, 136 Wellington st
Hannah, dairy, 150 Parliamentary rd
Hugh, architect (H. & D. Barclay), 6 Buckingham st. Hillhead
James, slater, 25 Maitland la; res. 51 Gardner st
— — James, traveller, 7 Regent pi. Sbawlands
James, carpenter, 193 Kentrd
James, traveller, 1 Maybank st. Crossbill
â–  Jane, householder. Sackville House, Belgray hill, Spvingbnrn
John, merchant (Heron, Dickson & Co.), 100 Wellington st
John, hardware dealer, 725 Great Eastern rd
•^—- John, wholesale grocer (Anderson & Barclay), Dairy, Ayrshire
â–  John, storekeeper, 45 Apsley pi
L. & M. sawyers, ITillearn st. Possilpark
Mary, greengrocer, 126 Cathcart rd. Govanhill [& Co. agents
, Perkins & Co. (London), brewers, 170 Hope st— J. G. ThoniBon
Peter A. wholesale confectioner (Barclay & M'Kerral), 19 Armi-
dale si. Dennistoun [Crossbill
Robert, iron merchant (Barclay & Mathieson), 9 Myrtle park,
Robert, muslin manufacturer (Barclay & M'Grcgor), 21 Park ter
Robert, iron merchant (Barclay & Mathieson), The Myrtles, 9
Myrtle park, Crossbill [Crossbill
â–  Robert, pawnbroker, 97 Hospital st. S S; res. 9 Myrtle park,
â–  Robert, iron merchant, 79 Centre st ; res. 15 Apsley pi
Samuel, sugar broker (Barclay & Brand), 14 Grosvenor ter.
Kelvinside [shields
â–  Thomas, fancy box maker (JohnPaterson)23Herriot st. Pollok-
Thomas, furniture broker, 700 Rutherglen rd [Hillhead
William, draper, 274 Dumbarton rd. & 261 Great Western rd,
Bari Steamship Office, 54 George sq — Burrell & Son, agents
Steamship Office (Cunard line), 30 Jamaica st — G. & J. Burns
Barker & Renuie, brush & basket makers, 5 Caudleriggs; works,
33 Stockwell st [second Tuesday
D. W. & Co. umbrella manufacturers, 11 Dunlop st- Cash day,
• David W. umbrella manufacturer (D. W. Barker & Co.), 1 Glen-
cairn ter. Kelvinside gardens
Ernest E. artist, 56 Hill st. Garnethill
Jesse D. umbrella manufacturer, 42 Holmhead st ; res. 1 Glen-
cairn ter. Kelvinside gardens [Hillhead
John, brush manufacturer (Barker & & Rennie), 45 Cecil st.
Thomas, spirit dealer, 332 Scotland st ; res. 97 Shields rd. S S
Barlas Alexander R. manager, 73 Wilson st. Hillhead
â–  David, householder, 136 Holland st
â–  G. & Co. masons, 7 Rutbven st. Kelvinside
George, mason (Geo. Barlas & Co.), 13 Ruthven st. Kelvinside
Barlow James, greengrocer, 155 London rd
â–  John, m.d. surgeon, 27 Elmbank cres
T. C. firework artist to the Queen, the Dukes of Hamilton and
Argyle, & the Most Noble the Marquis of Bute, &c. 103 Bath
st ; works, Teuchar hill. Govan— See advertisement
Barnes Ann, china & glass dealer, 40 Dtmdas st
Thomas, manufacturing chemist (O. R. Barbour & Co.), 492
St. "Vincent st
Barnet & Young, upholsterers' trimming manufacturers,12 Cadogan st
Barnet David, teacher of navigation, 40 Clyde pi; res.
21 Apsley pi. S S
Barnet Hugh, linen merchant (Rutherfurd Brothers), Elmwood, 36
Queen Mary avenue, Crossbill [12 Cadogan st
John, upholsterers' trimming manufacturer (Barnet & Young),
Barnett Hugh, grain merchant, 596 Gallowgate ; res. 189 Bellfield ot
â–  Marion, hardware dealer, 36 Stewart st
— William, bootmaker, 297 St. George's rd
â–  William, brushmaker, 140 West Nile st ; res. 5 Rosehall st
Barnsmuir Coal Co. coal masters, 12 Waterloo Bt [Partick hill
Barnwell Richard, shipbuilder (John Elder & Co.), 8 Foremount ter.
Baronsfeatber Wm. H. secretary, Rosebank, Mansewuod, Pollok-
Barony Parish Dispensary, 15 & 17 Broad st. Mile end
Parochial Offices, 38 Cochrane st— James R. Motion, inspector;
George Donaldson, cashier; D.R. Cunningham, inspector's
clerk [Wood, collector
Parochial Poor Rates Office, 38 Cochrane at — William James
Barr A. & D. printers & publishers. 79 London st
Agnes, provision dealer, 275 Argyle st
â–  Albany P. wool broker, 22 Albert road East, Crossbill
â–  Alexander, potato merchant, 31 North Hanover st; res. 48
Grafton st [West Princes st
Alexander, muslin manufacturer (William Barr & Sons), 11
Alexander, cashier, 30 Lansdowne cres
â–  Alexander, asphalte manufacturer (James Greenshields & Co.),
Whitehurst, Kilwinning ("Princes st
Alexander, niushX manufacturer (William Barr & Sons), 11 West
Barr & Carstairs, chartered accountants (J.M. Barr,
Portuguese vice-consul for Greenock), & district
managers of the Wine Trade Creditors' Association
(London), 85 Queen st
Barr & Co. provision dealers, 196 South Wellington st. S S
& Higgins, coalmasters, 1UU Wellington st
& Knox, measurers, 132 West Regent st
Audrew, joiner, 24 Hope work lane
Catherine, householder, 64 Abbotsford pi
David, draper, 78 Oxford st.'S S ; res. Rosslyn Villa, Glencairn
drive, Pollokshields [ter. Kelvinside
David, writer (Moucrieff, Barr, Paterson & Co.), 10 Westbourno
Elizabeth, tobacconist, 137 Govan rd
Emma, confectioner, 40 Gilmour st. Oaf lands
Esther, hardware dealer, 11 White st. Govan
Francis, newsagent, 11J£ Morrison st
Francis, spirit dealer, 5 Springhill ter. Crossmyloof
â–  George, tailor, 83 South Portland st
George, chemical builder, 31 Springburn rd
J. & G. fieshers, 49 Albert st. Townhead
J. M. accountant (Ban- & Carstairs), & Portuguese -vice-consul
for Greenock, 85 Queen st ; res. 9 Granhy ter. Hillhead
J. M. cutler, 41 Nelson st
James, tinplate worker, 38 Thistle st ; res. 24 Mathieson st. S S
James, householder, 16 Garturk st. Govanhill
James, builder (Bell, Hornsby & Co.), 16 Kilburn ter. Govanhill
James, writer, 83 Finlay drive, Dennistoun
James, grocer, 1 Swan st. Port Dundas ; res. SO Ronald st
James, surveyor, 132 West Regent st; res. 53 Hamilton drive,
James, slater, 83 Nelson st ; res. 50 King st. S S
James, musliu manufacturer (W. Barr & Sons), 1 Clifton st
James, boiler coveror,' 45 Nipperhall st ; res. Windsor ter. 69
St. George's rd
â–  James, spirit dealer, 182 London rd. 650 Gallowgate, 347 Dal-
marnock rd. 78 Bellgrovc St. & 160 Ingram st
James, manager, S20 Gairbraid st. Maryliill
James, warehouseman (Hunter, Barr & Co.), Pollokshields
John, engineer, 77^2 Main st. Anderston ; res. 26 Carringtonst
John, commission agent, 55 Glassford st ; res. Irvine
John, oil & colour dealer, 12 Govan st; res. 92 Hospital st
John, tobacconist, 220 Dumbarton rd. Particle
John, hydraulic engineer, 77% Main st. Anderston
John, slater, 100 St. -James's road
John, wholesale grocer (Wilson, Ronald & Co.), 22 Salisbury pi
John, warehouse owner (Alexander M'Gaviu Jfc Co.), 2 Cam-
bridge ter. Albert rd. Pollokshields
John, flesher,280 Great Eastern rd
John, house factor (John Barr & Baillie), 20 Albert drive
John, pawnbroker, 27 Maitland lane; res. US Sauchiehall st
John & Baillie, house factors, 74 Bath st [head
John M'Q. accountant (Barr & Carstairs), 18 Hillhead st. Hill-
M. & J. milliners, 279 Gallowgate
Margaret, fent dealer, SO Kent st [30 Monteith row
Matthew, oil skin clothing manufacturer, 68 Glassford st; res.
Patrick, writer, 51 Bath st; res. 22 Salisbury ter. Hillhead
â–  Peter, paraffin oil dealer, 60 Stewart st
R. L. householder, 44 Hillhead st. Hillhead
Robert, draper, 125 Abercrornby st.Calton [Pollokshields
Robert, marine surveyor, Cawdor House, 17 Nithsdale drive,
Robert, rag merchant, 89 North st. Anderston
Robert, warehouseman, Sardinia ter. 8 Cecil st. Hillhead
Robert, tobacco manufacturer (Robert Barr & Sons), 10 Somer-
ville pi. Monteith row
Robert, cork manufacturer, 137 West Nile st
Robert & Sons, tobacco, &c. manufacturers, 84 King st
Thomas, wine importer, 117 West Regent st
Thomas, hardware dealer, 117 Maclean st. Plantation
Thomas, coal master, 100 Wellington st
Thomas, traveller, 8 Percy st. Paisley rd. West
Thomas, surgeon, 7 Albany pi. Sauchiehall st
W. B. wholesale cabinet maker (Campbell, Barr & Peddie), 1
Queen Mary avenue, Crossbill
W. B. manufacturer (W. B.Barr & Co.), 4 Park tor
â–  W. B. & Co. muslin manufacturers, 107 St. Vincent st; mills, 10
Tylefield st. Calton
William, wine merchant, West Regent st; res. 37 Garnethiltst
William, draper (William Ban* & Sou), Stanley House, Cop-
land rd. Govan
William, engraver, 110 Onslow drive, Dennistoun
William, opticiau (Kelso & Co.), Stanley House, Govan
William, agent to the Limerigg Coal Co. Limited, 97 West
George st ; res. 15 Kelvinside ter
William, newsagent, 228 New City rd. 42 Dumbarton rd. & 62
Sauchiehall st ; res. 87 Derby st. Sandiford
William, watchmaker, 353 PaiBley rd
William, yarn merchant (Smith & Barr), East Kilbride
William, manufacturing chemist (William Barr & Co.), Bellshill
William & Co. manulacturing chemists, 11 Mill st; works,
William & Son, drapers, &c. 639 Govan rd. Govan
William & Sons, muslin manufacturers, 54 Gordon st
William & Sons, coalmasters, 10 Bothwell st
William B. manufacturer (W. B. Barr & Co.), 4 Park ter
William B. & Co. muslin manufacturers, 107 St. Viucent st
Barracks, Gairbraid st. Maryhill
Barras Andrew, packer, 20 St. Vincent la; res. 29 Cowcaddens st
James, surgeon, 700 Govan rd. Govan, & 4 Osborne ter. Cope-
land rd. Govan
•, M'Farlane & Co. calenderers & packers, 20 St. Vincent la
Barrdykcs & Hillside Coal Co. 101 West Regent st^Thoinas Hamil-
ton, agent
Barrett & Co. aerated water manufacturers, 103 Bothwell st
Francis T. librarian, 2 Victoria pi. Shaw lands
Joseph, confectioner, 614 Dalmarnock rd
Barrhead Alexander, dairyman, 5 Kensington ter. Ibrox
Barrie & Dick, warehousemen, 42 Argyle st
Andrew, farmer, West Henderson, Paisley rd. Govan
Catherine, newsagent & toy dealer, 262 George st

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