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Marr (The) Type Founding Company
Limited, Whiteford House, and
at 15 Charterhouse st. London
Miller and Richard to Her Majesty
for Scotland) Reikie's court, 65
Nicolson st. & Water lane, New
Bridge St. London
Murray and Gibb (stereotype), 11
Queen St.
Boyle Susan, 105 Pleasance
Chambers Thomas, 2 Brunswick place, 16
Dairy rd. & 3 North West Circus place
Cuthbert James H. 20 St. Patrick square
Eraser Amelia, 21 Howe st
Gibb Alexander, 28 George st
Gibb Richard W. 43 South bridge
Govan A. & T. 43 Clerk st
Govan Adam, 14 North Bruntsfield place
Hepburn James, 61 Nicolson st
Kyle Thos. lx Leith walk
M'Gibbon William. '13 Queensferry st
Nisbet Robert, W Morrison st
Paton James, 29 Home st
Purves James, 59 East Crosscauseway
Robertson James, 32 Leith st. 3 Bread st. &
35 Nicolson st
Ross William, 49 George IV. bridge
Sinclair Samuel H. 43 Broughton st
Sleep Mary Ann, 3 Charles st
Sinith John, 38 North bridge
Smith John & Sons, 79 Princes st
Tavlor David, 7 Union place
Rathie R. 25 Caasewayside
Storey Brothers (late John Ross & Son), 11 &
13 Lothinn rd
TaylO'- John & Son, 109 & 110 Princes st
Watson Adam, 23 Union st
Watson James. 14 Hamilton place
Williamson Henry & Co. 56 Potter row
Wilson & Stevens, 7 Leven st
Aitken A. P. 8 Clyde st
Aitken J. & Son, 238 & 244 Causewayside
Baird Archibald, 17 Union st
Baird C. C. 8 Clyde st
Banks William, 1 Roseburn place
Branford W. C. 22 Clarence st
Eckford James, 22 Great Junction st. Leith
Gratiam David, 19 Dewar pi. Torphichen st
Greig Andrew, 4 & 6 Charlotte Place lane
Grey & Son, 119 Rose st. & 31 Pleasance
Kirk John H. Com ly gardens
M Arthur D. 5 West Lauriston place
M'Callum Alexander, 19 Grassmarket
M'Callu ,i Alexander Inglis, 17 King s stables
Rutherford Richard, 10 Bread st
Scrvmgeour James (and farrier),
129 Rose st
.Walley 'lliomas, 8 Clyde st. & Jane st. Leith
Willi tins Will am. New Veterinary College,
Williams place, Leith walk
Young Thomas, 1 Torphichen st
(Sec also Cabinet Makers and also Joiners.)
Boyd John, 2 York place
Brown W. 8. 28 Howe st. & 22 Hanover st
Croall John & Sons-Head Offices, 23
& 24 Greenside place, and New
Royal Caledonian Bazaar, Middle-
field, Leith walli, connected by
telephone ; Branch Offices : 26 Nicolson
st. 8a Haymarket terrace, Castle terrace,
14 Shrub place, Leith walk, and Caledonian
and Waver ey Railway stations, Duncan
st. Newington, 35 Deanhaugh st. Stock-
bridge, and 245 Great Junction st. & 45
Constitution st. Leith
Pitilay William & Son, 81 Princes st
Harkess Marv, 12 Nicolson st
Hart James, 22 Causewayside
Liston George, S3 George st
M'Gilvray & Coutie, St. John's hill [st
Mackenzie, Stevenson & Co. 129 & 130 Princes
M'Kichen D. & Co. 3 Infirmary st
Mills William, 137 Great Junction st. Leith
Moir Peter, 10, 11 & 12 St. James's place. 74a
Nicolson st 33 Great Junction st. 20 Home
St. Tollcross, & 8 Main st. Newhaven
Murdoch T. & Son, 9 West Maitland st
Mushet John & Son. 11 Hope st
Pairman George M. Broughton market
Paulin & Dunbar, 14 St. Anthony place & 13
Tobago st [Anthony's place
Paulin G. 32 & 42 Jamaica st. & 14 St.
Reid William & Sons, 58 Cockburn st. & 96
Nicolson st
Scott J. & T. 10 George st
Taylor John & Son, 109 & 110 Princes st
Taylor William J. 118 & 120 Duke St. Leith
Whytock, Reid & Co. 9 & 11 George st. &
Rose court
See Cabinet Makers and Upholsterers.
Colour, Paint and Varnish Manufac-
B>yden John and Sons (of every
description). 16 Frederick St. and
24 Renfleld St. Glasgow ; 7 Princes
st Perth ; Commercial st Dundee ;
and 2 Bulstrode st W. and 90
Gloucester rd. S.W London
Bryden William and Sons, 55 George
st, and 112 St. Vincent st. Glasgow
Burnett Peter S. 24 Grove st
Daw-Mm John, St. Stephen st
Douglas Andrew and Son (and wire
gauze), 10 and 22 Greenside place
Duncan J. S. Marchmont lane
HislopR G. 7&9Pittst
Laidlaw Robert and Son, Simon sq.
Howden st— .See advt
Miller John, 107 Constitution st. Leith
Paterson William, 19 West Nicolson st
(.See also Grocers and Tea Dealers, and also
Grocers and Spirit Dealers.)
Adams James, 188 Cowgate
Attehson David, 19L Pleasance
Aitchison Robert, 10 Lauriston st
Alexander Catherine, 1 Simon square
Allison James, 63 Grassmarket [gate
Anderson Alexander, 32 South Back Canon-
Anderson Robert, 14 George st. Leith
Aris William, 75 Grassmarket
Armour John. 7 Dumbiedykes rd
Baird Georgina, 64 St. Andrew st. Leith
Ballingall Ann, 71 Kirkgate, Leith
Barrett Walter, 135Canongate
Batchelor Ann, 7 East Arthur st
Bathgate Alexander, 52 Causewayside
Bathgate Mary, 90 Albert, st
Beach Thomas, 8 Lome st
Beaton Walter, 6 Queen st. Leith
Bezelly Christopher, 2a Buccleuch st
Black Margaret, 28 Lome st
Black Robert, 43 North Richmond st
Blaekadder Margaret, 2 Buccleuch st
Blackball Andrew, 357 Leith walk
Blackhall Susan, 10 Dairy rd
Blaekie James, 19 South St. James st
Blanche Peter J. 20 Tolbootb wynd, Leith
Boe Lilias, 3 Sandpnrt st. Leith
Bokless Julia, 16 Pleasanee
Bole- Peter, 22 St. Mnry st. 13 India place,
11 West port & 54 Bristo sfc
Bolton George, 75 Kirkgate, Leith
Borthwi'k Charles, 24 West port
Brooks John, 1 St. Cuthbert's place
Brodie Jane, 5 Admiralty st. Leith
Brown Adam, 14 St. Mary st
Brown Charles, 145 Canongate
Brown Isabella, 86 Main st. Newhaven
Brown John, 28 Easter road
Bruce James, 15 Moncrieff terrace
Bruce Janet, 49 Abbey hill
Bruce Thomas, 74 Giles st. Leith
Bryee John, 8 Granton rd. Wardie
Buckle George, 280 Bonnington rd
Burdus Janet, 73 Canongate
Burnett Andrew, 23 Hercules st
Calder Peter M. 128 Leith walk
Campbell Daniel, 219 Canongate
Campbell John, 22 Water st. Leith
Campbell Thomas, 110 Duke st. Leith
Carmichael v\ i liam, 24 Carnegie st
Carty Patrick, 141 Pleasanee
Charters John, 22 Fr derick st
Cheyne Alex nder, 4 Gibbs entry
Christie Charlotte, 11 Abbey hill
Clark Margaret, 1 West End place, Dairy rd
Cleghorn Robert, 278 Bonnington rd
Connelly Hugh, 3" Queen st. Leith
Conway Michael, 68 West port
Cooper Arthur, 16 8outh St. James st
Corbett Alexander, 95 St. Leonard st
Cormack Elizabeth, 21 North Richard st
Cormack James, 267 Cowgate
Cowe John, 6 St, Andrew st. Leith
Craik Edward. 34 Glenogle at
Crawford Mary Ann, 237 Canongate
Crombie Alexander, 9 Dairy rd
Crooks Samuel C. 9 St. Patrick square
Cumming Allan, 3 Brunswick rd
Cumming James, 4 Royal Park terrace,
Daily Catherine, 54 Cowgate
Danks Elizabeth. 4 Bristo place
Deane Joseph, 185 Great Junction st. L
Dempster Margaret, 18 Shore. Leith
Denfiam James F. 45 Deanhaugh st
Devlin Ann, 27 Bridge st. Leith
Dewar Adam, 40 Raeburn place
Dick John, 28 Queen st. Leith
Dick Robert, 22 Albert st
Dickinson John, 63 Tolbooth wynd, Leith
Dickson Agnes, 311 Lei 1 h walk
Dillin Margaret, 21 Fox st. Leith
Dixon Eliza, 36 Main st, Newhaven
Doig Elizabeth, 88 Albert st
Dona'dson Rachael, 40 Grove st
Donohue Agnes, 64 Candlemaker row
Douglas Helen, 4 St. Cuthbert's place
Duffy Patrick, 21 Elbe st. Leith •
Duncan Peter, 95a Pleasance
Dunn Thomas H. 28 Carnegie st
Eadie Mary, 5 Trafalgar lane, Bonnington
Elder Mary, 42 Easter rd. Leith
Elliot John, 276 Canongate
Ewing Isabella, 1 St. Leonard st
Fairley Elizabeth, Sa Spence's place
Falconer Isabella, 54 Main st. Newhaven
Farmer Alexander, 147 High st
Fearn Mary, 4 Ferguson buildings
Ferrie William, 6 Gilmour sfc
Ferry James, Yardheads, Leith, & 9 Wallis
place, Easter rd
Flynn James, 254 Canongate
Forrest James, 8 Admiralty st. Leith
Frame Ellen, 12 Fox st. Leith
Fraser Alexander, 11 Canongate
Fraser Alexander, 13 Richmond place
Fraser Elizabeth 3 Ea?t Eyre place
Freeman Robert, 55 Blackfriars st
French Robert, 2 Castle Barns
Gallagher John, 53 St. Mary st
Galloway W. N. 34 Hanover sfc
Gardiner William, 23 Greenside row
Gilbertson John, 1 Prospect terrace
Glen Barbara, 6 South Holyrood st
Gordon John, 34 Gordon st
Gordon John, 14 West Castle Barns [Ion
Gordon William, 3 Trafalgar lane, Bonning-
Gnve James, 8 Prospect st.
Gow James, 8 Main st. Newhaven
Gowans Georgii.a, 2 Semplett
Graham George, 36 Causewayside
Greig James, 12 Haymarket terrace
Grieve Jane, 8 Arthur st
Guild John, 59 Canongate
Hamies Charles, 5 North Richmond st [rd
Hamill Agnes Margaret, Reid ter. Glenogle
Hanlon J. 57 Blackfriars st
Hanlon John, 52 Charlotte st. Leith
Harpley Flora, 4i Couper st. Leith
Hastie Archibald, 16 Gilmour st
Henderson James, 11 Couper st. Leith
Henderson James, -"4 South Back Canongate
Henderson Margaret, 1 Clyde st
Henderson Sarah, 2 Salisbury terrace
Hewitt Jane. 34 North Richmond st
Hobbs J. 4 Wolseley place
Hogg John 23 Trafalgar lane, Bonnington
Hope Robert 96 Abbey hill
Hunter John, 21 Greenside st
Hurst William, 99 Abbey hill
Insall John, 13 Hercules sfc
Johnson Fred, 6 Tynecastle terrace
Johnston George, 280 Leith walk
Johnston James, 16 Greenside st
Johnston Robert, 51 Hanover st
Kerr Henry, 4 Wallis pi. Easter rd
Kerray John, 13 Falsbaw st. Leith
Knox William, 17 Greenside row
Laing John, 57 Clerk st
Laing Patrick, 6 Catherine st [causeway
Lamb James, 1 Cowans close, East Cross-
Lawrie Robert, 20 Prince Regent st. Leith
Layden John, 171 West port
Lee Peter, 16 South Colleee st
Leighton Rubina, 38 North Richmond sfc
Livingston Jane, 23 Haddington place
Lockhart Robert, 140a Pleasance
Logan Martin, 43 Giles sfc. Leith
Louttit Isabella, 107 St. Leonard st
Lumsden Catherine, 30 Main st. Newhaven
Lumsden Christina, 16 Bristo st
Lynch Rosanta, 66 West port
M'Cormack Hugh, 120 Bonnington rd
M'Cormack James, 16 Carnegie st
M'Donald Angus, 44 West Richmond st
M'Donald Daniel, 142 Pleasance
M'Donald John, 8 East Richmond st
Macdonald Mary, 49 Pitt st
M'Ewen Jessie, 59 High st [rd
M'Farlane Margaret, 3a Downfield pi. Dairy
M'Fee Duncan, 173 Canongate
M'Gibbon Peter, 92 Pitt st
M'Glashan Margaret, 39 Sandportst. Leith
M'Gregor Flizabeth, 7 Robertson place
M'Gregor Margaret, 3 St. Leonard st
M'Kay David. 13 Moncrieff terrace
M'Lean William, 76 Canongate
MTJeod John, 30 Carnegie st

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