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Hutchison & Co. 35 Bernard sfr. Leith
Hutchison James, 30 St. Andrew square
Jamieson Robert & Co. 23 Forth st
Johnstone Charles & Co. 6 Archibald place
Law William & George, 31 St. Andrew sq
London & Belfast Tea Company, 58b Foun-
London & Counties Tea Co. 104 Kirkgate, L
London & Newcastle Tea Company, 100
High st. 12 Clerk st. 8 Dairy rd. 34 Earl
Grey st. & 101 Kirkgate, Leith
M'Donald K. W. 10 St. Anthony st. Leith
M'Farlane Peter, 35 East Claremont st
M'Gregor James (importer), 34 Hanover st
Mackay Mnea.s t 11 Hill place
M'Laren James & Sons, 2 Victoria terrace
M'Leod Roderick, 279 High st
Macpherson Andrew, 30 Chambers st
Martin D. W. & Co. 10 Union st
Mason David & Co. 88 South bridge
Matbeson, Crichton & Co. 12 Clyde st
Melrose & Anderson, 40 Mitchell st. Leith
Melrose Andrew and Co. (to the
Queen and H.R.H. Prince of
Wales). 93 George st
Paterson Thomas & Co. 37 Grindlay st
Peddie James & Co. 6 Forth st
Pure Indian Tea Co. 39 "Water st. Leith and
6 Bank st
Rae John. 15 Marshall st
Revans William E. 9 Leith walk
Ritchie Alexander, 21 Forth st
Robertson Brothers, 3;* & 33 Timber bush, L
Robertson John, 14 Grove st
Rutherford Robert, 62 Potter row
Scottish Assam Tea Co. Limited, 42 Castle st
Solomons T. V. (agent), 34 St, Andrew sq
Spink Alexander, 7 St. Andrew square
Stewart George D. 8 Hill pi. [Victoria st
Storie James, Son & Co. India buildings,
Traill & Fletcher, 17 Clyde st
Vertue William & Co. 39 Water st. Leith,
and 6 Bank st.
Walker James W. Catherine Street court
Warwick & Sons, Elbe st. Leith
Wells W. 5 Meuse lane
White Richard & Co. 12 Forth st
White Walter, 41a South Clerk at
Wood Harry, 13 Broughton place
See Educational Directory.
{See also Eating Houses and Refreshment
Adair John (commercial), 219 High st
Baird Robert, 90 South bridge
Buchanan's (commercial). 114 High
st— John Nisbet, proprietor
Clark C. 2 Little King st
Cark Robert, 340 & 342 Leith walk
Clue Mrs. — , 17 Greenside st
Cranston Robert (Waverley), 43 Princes st.
and (New Waverley), 29 Waterloo place
Crown, John Miller, Princes st. & 2 West
Register st
Darling's Regent Hotel, 20 Waterloo place-
James Darling, proprietor
Dowdy R. W. 17 Greenside st
Drummond Peter, 11 Calton st
Fuller John A. 20 North bridge
Fuller William, 142 High st
Hogg Thomas, 2 Hunter square
M Arthur William, Coltbridge
M'Laren Duncan (Tre velyan) , 3
Calton st
Macpherson John, Cockburn Hotel, Waver-
ley bridge
Melville Robert, City Temperance Hotel, 14
Cockburn st
Porteous James, 104 High st [rd
Robinson John (St. Cuthhert's), 37 Lothian
Shepherd Thomas, 19 South St. David st
Suttie Richard, 20 & 23 South bridge
Thomsou Helen, 53 High st
Trevelyan, Duncan M'Laren, 3 Calton st
University Temperance Hotel, Mrs. Ward,
5 South College st
Walker William, 21 Leith st
Waverley, Robert Cranston, 43 Princes st
Waverley (New), Robert Cranston, Old Post
Office buildings, Waterloo place
Yonnie Mrs. — , 6 Calton st
Brown John, 4a North bridge
Duffy Peter J. 265 High st
Flint Frances W. 38 Cockburn st
Lawson & Raeburn, 31 North Bridge st
Peacock Edward, 35 Cockburn st
Turner Thomas, 3 East Register st
Brown R. & Son, 17 St. Anthony place
Field and Allan, 135 George st. and
46 Bangor rd. Leith— See add.
Gunn & Co. 130 George st
Hawley W. Millons & Co. 137 George st
Hutchison James, Viewforth park
Lightbody John, 44 Grindlay st
Murray Patrick, 73a Grove st
Porteous Alex. Haddington place, Leith walk
Potts G. & H. 6 South Frederick st
Reattie Donald W. 17 Baltic st. Leith
Beattie William and Sons. 29 Fount'
ain bridge
Brown John, 57 St. Leonard st
Brown Matthew and Sons, 9 Cham-
bers st. and 49 South Clerk st ;
timber yard, 57 St. Leonard st
Brown Thomas, Montgomery st
Clark Martin, Silvermills
Crawford John, 19 Leith walk
Cunningham James & Sons, 11 Pattison st.
& 11 Poplar lane, Leith
Dickson John, 107 Great Junction st. Leith
Duncan James & Co. 12 Baltic st. Leith
Edwards Henry, Miln's close, 212 Canongate
Fergus William, 1 Queen's place, Leith walk
Ferguson. Davidson and Co. 133
Princes st. and 251 Great Junction
st. and Albert st. Leith ; and at
Glasgow and Greenock
Garland A. & Roger, 6 Links place, Leith
Gaudie David, West Bowling Green st.
Gibson Henry, 3 Gibson st [Leith
Gilchrist Anthony, 89 Great Junction st.
Hepburn William, 23 Caledonian crescent
Hill John & Sons, 4 Links place, Leith
Hutchinson A. H. & Co. 84 Constitution st. L
Hutton William, 29 Rankeillor st [3t
M'Adie David, South Gray's close, 56 High
Martin David, 40 Haddington place
Maxwell James, Maxwell st
Mitehell John & Co. 230 Leith walk
Mitchell, Somerville & Co. 22 Baltic st. Leith
Park Dobson & Co. Sands, Albert dock, Leith
Plenderleith John, 122 George st
Port Hopetoun Saw Mill Co. Limited, 125
Fountain bridge
Rennie A. R. & Co. 24 Bernard st. Leith
Ritchie Charles, New place
Souness J. & A. Cemetery rd. Warriston
Stewart Frank, Drum place, Easter rd
Stewart William, 3 Marchhall crescent
Tainsh James (broker). 12 Baltic st. Leith
Thomson Mitchell & Co. 12 Queen st. and
Granton Saw Mills. Granton harbour
Walkingshaw Francis and Co. Edin-
burgh Saw Mills, Annandale st
{See also Metal Merchants.)
Gallie, Laird and Co. 53 High st. and
Constitution st Leith
Rcdpath. Brown and Co. (and sheet
iront 21 Albert st. Leith walk;
Branch Warehouse, 50 Grass-
Wishart D. F. & Co. IS Picardy place
{See also Coppersmiths and Braziers )
Adams Henry, 84 Fountain bridge
Adams John, 30 Nicolson st
Aitken Robeit, 18 West Richmond st
Anderson John H. 22 Victoria st
Anderson Thomas, 20 St. Leonard st
Brotherston Alexander & John, 25 and 46
Candlemaker row
Brown Alexander, 48 Shore, Leith
Callam George & Co. 13 Greenside place
Cameron J. & J. 7 Teviot place
Cay & Johnston, 7 Greenside place
Christie John, 28 Argyle place
Clark & Beat-son, 124 Princes st
Cochrane John, 77 and 78 Kirkgate, Leith
Dodds Peter, 53 Duke st. Leith
Doig Hercules, 53 Clerk st. & 20 Gifford park
Doig Thomas B. 3 St. Patrick square
Douglas Edwin. 58 Morningside rd
Fouiis David. 61 George st
Gillies William, 3 Church st
Gordon William, 125 High st
Holburn John G. 4 Greenside row
Jacob William, 83 Leith walk
Kay Brothers, 11 South Clerk st
Keilet Alexander, 9 Downie place
Kelly John & Son, 113 Rose st,
Kennedy Thomas, 3 Adam st. West
Lawrence William, 15 Elm row
M'Culloch Alexander, 2 West Crosscauseway
M'Ginnes Charles, 84 West port
Machie John, 21 Howe st
M'Laren Duncan, 25 Bread st
M'Lean Henry. 33 South Back Canongate
Macnaught William F. 2 York lane
Main William, 92 West bow
Miller James, 97 Pleasance
Miller James and Son (and gas-
fitters), 70 and 71 Princes st
Mitchell P. 7 Hanover st
Moyes James, 23 Grassmarket
Rutherford James, 16 & 75 Haymarket terrace
Scobie & M'Intosh, 47 Cockburn st
Sibbald J. & Sons, 12 Shandwick place
Slimon R. & D. 40, 41 & 42 Shore, Leith
Smiths and Co. 83 George st
Stark G. & J. 24a & t 2H Earl Grey st
Sturrock John, 4 Market pi. Stockbridge
Wilkie & Paul, Grove Works, Brandheld st
Williamson George, 36 Pleasance
Williamson J. W. 108 Giles at. Leith
Young J. & D. 22 Greenside st
Young John A. & Co. 112 & 114 Nicolson st â– 
Carter John, 49 Shore, Leith
Cavanagh D. 21 North bridge
Christie Henry (& snuff), 13 Nicolson square I
Cotton George & Son, 100 Princes st
Cotton John, 7 South Frederick st
Galloway William, 32 Victoria st. & 85 Nicol-
son st [Grassmarket
Gordon Robert (and snuff), 5 Heriot bridge,
Hendrie James, 4 Catherine st
Kerr Thomas (& snuff), 102 West bow
Laurie, Son & Co. (importers), 1 India build-
ings, Victoria st
Laurie George, 89 Sonth bridge
Let-ham Isabella L. 71a Shore, Leith
M'Kinnell William, 27 East, Norton place
Marshall Archibald, 90 West bow
Ritchie A. H. & Sons, 5 Kirkgate, Leith
Ritchie David, 53 Cockburn st
Ritchie David & Co. 50 North bridge, 149 •
Princes st. & 1 South bridge
Ross John, 110 West port
Rutherford Charles D. 3 & 5 Johnston ter
Sinclair J. & R. 74 Leith st. & 3 North bridge
Slight James, 145a Princes at
Stevenson & Co. 9 Calton st
Sutherland James, 10 High st
Sutherland Robert, 87 Pitt st. & 29 Forrest rd
Thomson & Porteous, 8, 9 & 10 Greenside st
Wilson John, 7 Cowgate head
Cochrane Thomas, 547 Castle hill
Cockburn George, Storey's alley, Kirkgate, L
Mackenzie John, 8 St. John's hill
Mathieson Murdoch, Bea\ erbank place
Pye & Robertson, 101 High st
Smith, Henderson & Co. 146 Canongate
Swaney William, 107 Giles st. Leith
Wilson Peter, 118 Kirkgate, Leith
Ainslie David. 50 Fountain bridge
Airt H. & G. 2 Williams place
Allan John, 33 North Bruntsneld place
Allardice Thos. 34 West Register st
Anderson Mary, 51 Pitt st
Archibald James, 1 Dairy rd
Arnold Andrew, 40 Earl Grey st
Baxter Catherine, 30a Greenside st
Baxter Isabella, 30 Bridge st. Leith
Baxter S. 10 Roseburn terrace
Beacham Margaret, 1 North bridge
Bell William, 121 Canongate
Beveridge Robert, 3 Leith st
Billington Elizabeth, 116 Cause way side
Bird William Henry, 14a Tobago st
Black Mina. 33a Frederick st
Boyd Robert, 5 Clerk st
Brown Robina, 32 Greenside st. & 95 Leith
walk, Leith
Burns Andrew, 499 Lawnmarket
Camblin Samuel, 128 West Fountain bridge
Campbell Alexander, 15 Caledonian terrace,
Dairy rd
Carter John, 49 Shore, Leith
Cavanagh Dominie, 21 North bridge
Chalmers David. 20 Roxburgh place
Christie Henry, 3 St. Patrick st
Christie Henrv, 45 High st. & 13 Nicolson sq
Christie William H. 2 & 7 Leith st
Cochran Ann, 26 Sandport at. Leith
Cotton George & Son, 100 Princes st
Cotton John, 7 Frederick st
Cruicksbanks James, 6 Orchardfield place
Curie William, 25 St. Leonard st
Davidson John, 3 Lindsay place
Davies Mary, 23 Brougham place
Dear Thomas, 64 Lauriston st
Donald James, 272 Leith walk

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