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Keith Skene, 2 North Charlotte st
Keith Thomas, 2 North Charlotte st
Kennedy Charles, 16 Arniston plaoe
Knox William, 11 Hart st
Lawson Robert, 51 Queen st
Linton John, 60 George square
Little.iohn Henry D. m.d. 24 Koyal circus
Lorn John, 27 Drummond place
Lowe John, 39 Cowgate
Lowne Thompson, 46 Minto st
Lundie Robprt, 35 Warri-nder Park rd
Lyon Felix William, 5 Duke st
Macarthur John Alexander, M.D. Beacheroft.
Trinity rd. Trinity
M'Bride Peter, m.d. 16 Chester st,
M'Call John, 4 Leopold place
M'Callum Edward, 3 Brandon st
Macdonald Angus. M.D. 29 Charlotte square
M'Fadgean G. 9 East Hermitage place
M' Gibbon John S. 55 Queen st
Mai-Gillivray Charles W. 11 Rutland st
M'Gregor N. 20 Queen st
M'Kay George, 2a Gilmore place
H'Kenzie Geo. H. m.d. 1 Northumberland st
M'Lachlan John, 30 Lothian st
Maelagan Douglas, 28 Heriot row
Maclagan Robert Craig, 5 Coates' crescent
M'Laren Agnes, m.d. 26 York place
M'Laren P^H. M.D. 1 Drumsheugh gardens
Macqueen Daniel, m.d. 2 Clarendon crescent
MacWharrie Robert, Avenel, Colinton rd
Malcolm Robert Bowes, 126 George st
Menzies David, 21 Rutland square
Menzies William, 3 Lothian rd
Mill James, 34 Summerside st
Millar Thomas, M.D. 5 Royal circus â– 
Miller Alexander G. M.D. 11 Walker st
Miller Peter. 8 Bellovue terrace
Mitchell Arthur, 34 Drummond place
Moinet Frank W. M.D. 20 Coates' crescent
Moir Alexander, 30 Buccleuch Street place
Moir John, m.d. 52 Castle st
Moir John, m.d. 17 Spottiswoode st
Moir Robert, 48 George square
Mowat John. M.D. 1 Hope Park terrace
Muirhead Claud, M.D. 30 Charlotte square
Murdoch T. Burn, 31 Morningside rd
Murray David, M.D. 2b Grove st
Murray Donald R. 41 Albany St. Leith
Murray James, 12 Claremont place
Murray R. Milne, 10 Hope st
Naismith Charles, 19 Buccleuch place
Newcomb Henry, 5 Dalrymple crescent
Oliver George, 14 Hart st [Wi
Oliver Sommerville, Vue Ville, Ferry rd
Orphoot Peter A. m.d. 113 George st
Oswald Henry, Polwarth terrace
Paterson George, m.d. 15 Merchiston park
Paterson Robert, 6 Merchiston crescent
Paton D. Noel. 21 Maitland st
Pattison Thomas H. 26 London st
Peddle Alexander. 15 Rutland st
Peddie Henry A. 2 Palmerstou place
Philip R. W. 12 Hope st
Pkiyfair John, 25 Rutland st
Pridie James D. 6 Minto st
Pringle John. 27 Rutland square
Puilar Alfred, 3 East Castle rd
Rattray James C 61 Grange loan
Redpath Robert K. W. 18 Hillside st
Ritchie D. Leone, 45 East Claremont st
Ritchie James, 14 Charlotte square
Ritchie Robert P. m.d. 1 Melville crescent
Robertson D. Argyll, 18 Charlotte square
Robertson John, 104 Lauriston place
Ronaldson Thomas R. 18 Bruntsfleld place ^
Rosa George, 17 Gayfleld square
Ross J. M. 112 Gilmore place
Russell J. A. Woodville, Canaan lane
Russell William. 33 Gay field square
Rutherford William, 14 Douglas crescent
Sanderson Alfred. Saint Martin's Lodge,
Wardie crescent
Shand John, M.D. 34 Albany st
Sheriff Thomas, 31 Hatton place
bhirreff William H. 29 Castle terrace
Sidey James A. M.D. 20 Heriot row
Simpson Alexander R. 52 Queen st [nington
Simpson James. Eastwood, Ferry rd. Bon-
Sinclair Alexander J. 21 Northumberland st
Sloan Allan Thomson, 22 Forth st
Smart Andrew, 20 Charlotte square [rd L
Smith George D. M.D. The Priory, Newhaven
Smith George H. 80 Great King st
Smith John, 11 Wemyss place
Smith John Cormack, 13 South Norton place
Snmervillo A, T. 4 West Newington terrace
Spence Thomas F. 8 Castle terrace
Stanley William M'Gregor, 4 Carnarvon ter.
Dairy rd
Stewart John S. 16 Merchiston terrace
Stewart Thomas Grainger, 19 Charlotte sq
Stewart William, 105 Ferry rd. Leith
Stirling Stewart, M.D. 6 Clifton terrace
Struthers James, 39 Charlotte st. Leith
Surrenne J. G-. 10 MayviUe gardens, Trinity I Bend7.ulla H. 10 Pieardy place
8ym Allan C. 144 Morningside rd
Symington Johnson. 10 WarrenderParkeres
Taylor John, 2 Arthur st. Leith walk
Taylor William, 12 Melville st
Thatcher Charles Henry, 13 Albany st
Thomson Alexander, 11 R;mkeillor st
Thomson George, 2 Saxe-Cohourg place
Traquair Ramsay H. m.d. 8 Dean Park cres
Troup Francis, m.d. 1 Minto st
Tuke John B. 20 Charlotte square
Turnbull Peter, m.d. 7 Merchiston crescent
Underbill Charles E. 8 Coates' crescent
Walker Andrew W. 17 Forth st
Walker William, 47 Northumberland st
Watson Patrick H. 16 Charlotte square
Webster Arthur D. 10 West- Newington ter
Weir Thomas Graham, 36 Heriot row
Williamson Thomas, 53 Charlotte st. Leith
Wilson David, 12 Dean terrace
Wilson John Lyon, 44 South Clerk st
Wilson T. Duddington,5 West Newington ter
Wilson William. 21 Young st
Wolston W. T. P. m.b. 46 Charlotte square
Wood Russell E. 9 Darnaway st
Wright Alfred, 4 G-lengyle terrace
AVylie Hamilton, 1 George pi. Leith walk
Wyllie John, 1 Melville st
Young James, m.d. 14 Ainslie place
Young P. A. m.d. 25 Manor place
Young Peter, 43 Heriot row
Ziegler William, 47 George square
See Cutlers and Surgical Instrument Makers.
(See also Architects, and also Civil Engineers.)
Those marked thus t are Ordained.
Beatson William, 31 Charlotte st. Leith
tBeattie George & Son, 68 George st
tBrown & Lawrence, 57 Hanover st
fBrunton William N. 14 Forth st
.tCalvert Edward, 10 North Saint Andrew at
jChalmers John, 1 Claremont place
tCousin and Ormiston, 140 Princes st
Craig George, 85 Constitution st. Leith
Cruickshank John (insurance), 73
George st
Dick James (marine), 35 Constitution st
tFairbairn Thomas, Kilmaors rd
fFairley James, India buildings
Francis W. H. 122 George st
[WardieJ-tGoalen James. 161 Constitution st. Leith
Hay Alexander, 122 George st
Henderson Peier L. 122 George st
jHogg William, llA Hanover st
tJobnston & Gibson. 7 St. Andrew square
fJohnston William, 28 Dundas st
tKilgour John, 37 Frederick st
fLawrie Andrew, 53 George st
t Little Robert, 35 Chalmers st
tLorrimer & Fairbairn, 6a George st
M'Glashan William (engineers'), 34 Com-
mercial st. Leith Tst
M'Kay Lewis (insurance), 10 North St. David
tMarwick Thomas P. 1 Spottiswoode st
fMasterson John, 122 George st
Moncur Thomas, 5 Brown st
Morham George, 34 St, Andrew square
Paterson Robert Hamilton (of buildings),
10a George st
Peddie & Francis, 122 George st
Penman William, 6 North Charlotte st
fPorteous Alexander, jun. 130 George st
Proudfoot James, 5 Parkside st
t Roberts Robert, (building), 38 Hanover st
tRussell William T. 74 George st
tSmith R. & A. K. 130 George st
tStirton James, 30 Rankeillor st
Strachan Thomas, 5 Randolph place
tSutherland James, jun. 2 George st
tWhitelaw John, USA George st
t Young Thomas, 26 Maryfield place
Marked thus * are also Clothiers.
Adair & Co. 32 & 33 North bridge, 74 & 75
South bridge & 50 Princes st
Aitchison John, 19 Waterloo place
^Alexander Alice, 50 Clerk st
*Allan .lohn, 1 Teviot row
Allan Mark S. 51 Cumberland st
Allen J. & R. 80 to 84 South bridge
Anderson John, 13 North bridge
* Anderson William, 36 St. Patrick square
* Anderson William & Sons, 17 George st
*Arnot & Co. 105 South bridge
^Atkinson Isaac, 12 St. Andrew square
Ayer James & Son, 18 Catherine st. and 16
Broughton st
*Bain W. W. 35 Cockburn st
*Banks James, 15 Nicolson square
*Barker & Forbes, 32 South bridge
Beveridge & Gillies, 5 Hanover st
Black Charles, 25 St. Stephen's st
Black James, 18 Orwell place
Blfick James, 34 William st
Black Thomas, 53 George IV. bridge
*Black W. & J. 13 Commercial pi. Leith
Blake Alexander, 8 Forth st
*Bolan John, 36 Victoria st
Bolan Thomas, 120 High st
Bone Job, 8 North bridge
*Boylan Thomas, 123 High st
Brooks Abraham, 21 St. Mary st
Brown Alexander C. 32 Brisio st
Brown Andrew, 4 Northumberland place
"Brown Brothers (and outfitters), 14
George st
Brown James, 9 Shandon st
Bruce Michael, 2 London st
*Brunton Wm, 18 Caledonian ter. Dairy rd
*Bums & Bell, 10 Bank st
Caird Andrew, 48 Kirkgate, Leith
raider Robert, 18 Caledonian place
*Campbell Alexander, 13 White bank
*Campbell Alexander, 2 South bridge
Campbell D. 128 Nicolson st
*Carrol Charles, 1 Crichton st
*Cathie N. & Son, 51 George IV. bridge
Chalmers David, 4 Summerball square
Chalmers William, 14 Bristo st
Chamberlain Gabriel, 115 Rose st
Chisholm James, 113 Nicolson st
Chisholm Peter, IS Bristo place
Christie and Kilpatrick (robe
makers to the University), 104 and
105 South bridge
^Christie J. & Son, 11 St. Andrew square
Christison William, 12 Royal Exchange
Clapperton John & Co. 35 Hanover st
Clark G. & J. 10 Nicolson st
Cochrane William, 16 North Junction st. L
Combe Matthew & Son, 13 North bridge
Cooper Robert, 43 Kirkyate, Leith
Corner Alexander, 72 Thistle st
Cowan & Cormack, 42 Grindlay st
Cownie J. G. 39 South bridge
*Cownie William, 50 Hanover st
*Cownie William & Son, 63 South bridge
*Craig Alexander, 32 Ciledonian terrace
Craig James, 257 High st
Crighton Thomas, 7 Taylor place
Criiickshank Alexander and Sons,
57 and 61 George st
^Davidson David, 22Brunton place
Donaldson Jessie, 5 West Adam st
Douglas T. B. & Co. 12 Freder'ck st
Downes William G. 169 George st
^Dresner Philip, 2S Sandpo'-t st. Leith
*Drummond Peter, 13 Leith st
Duncan Samuel, 61 Frederick st
Dunn Thomas, 5 Brunswick st
Dussell Charles, 3 Wemyss place
*Edington & Son, 1 Clarence st
Evans & Co. 16 Nicolson st
Farquharson Robert, Trinity rd. Trinity
Ferguson James H. 31 Elder st
Ferguson John, 27 South bridge
Finlayson D. & Son, 21 George st
Finnigan Peter, 20 Lauriston st
^Forrest George & Sons, 19 Brougham st
*Forsyth John S. 8 Deanbank place
Fotheringham David, 21 Earl Grey st
Eraser Peter, 8 North bridge
Fraser Thomas, 36 Home st
Frederick John, 19 Barony st
Gibb George, 57 South bridge
*Gibb William & Snn. 26 St. Leonard st
*Gibson & Dunbar. 38 Chambers st
*Gibson James, 35 Leith st
*Gillies & Kennedy, 47 & 49 Grassmarket
Gillies George, 8 Kerr st
Godfrey Thomas, 12 Bread st
*Good Brothers. 73 Fountain bridge
*Goo'"sir George, 24 South bridge
Grant Daniel, 501 Lawnmarket
*Green Alexander, 62 Rose st
*Gulland & Kennedy, 55 Hanover st
*Hanning Adam, 52a Grove st
Hanton James, 59 South bridge
Harper Thomas, 8 High riggs
Harrison and Son, 36 and 37 North
bridge t
*Harrower Robert, 196 iV.orningide rd
Hastie James, 171 Fountain bridge
*Hay John & Co. 55 North bridge
*Hayne Andrew, 31 Buccleuch place
Hendry Thomas. 7 MelvUle place
*Henhey and Son. 21 and 23 Leith st
— See advertisement
*Henry Samuel. 34 Sandport st. Leith
Hep worth Joseph & Son, 76 South bridge &
31 & 32 Tolbootb wvnd, Leith
*Hodge George & Co. 5 South East Circus pi
Ho^i "W. and A. 83 George
Holtum and Welsh (and habit and
breeches makers, and hatters), 6
George st

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