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STATIONEES— continued.
Kirk Jobn, 20 Argyle place
Lyon George, 21 Nicolson st
M'Ara Duncan, 4 Cockburn at
^Macart James, 46 Tolbooth wynd, Leith
M'Donald Mary, 1 Tollcross
â– tMacfarlane & Dickson (wholesale), 2 & 4
Young st
â– Maefarlane Daniel & Co. 2, 3 & 4 India
buildings, Victoria st
•Macniven & Cameron, 23 to 33 Blair st
■•M'Niven P. & W. 19 Blair st
Mann Mary, 32 Home st
Maxwell Jobn M. 12 Albert place, Leitb
•Miller David & Son, 33 South Hanover st
Miller Jobn, 80 Causewayside
Milne W. & J. 126 Princes st
Morison George. 1 North Merchiston avenue
Murray & Russell, 125 Nicolson st
Murray Jobn (law), 78 Queen st
•Nimmo William and Co. 54 Consti-
tution st. Lsith
•Ormiston & Glass (fancy). 8 Elder st
Orruck & Son, 4a North bridge
*Padon A. & D. 13 St. Andrew st
Pollock Peter & Co. 22 East Preston st
Pringle William D. 156 Fountain bridge
Purves John, 39 AVilliam st
Eeid & Son, 35 Shore, Leith
Ritchie Alexander & Son, 51 York place
•Ritchie James & Son, 2 North St. David st
•Ritchie William, 16 Alder st
Robertson Thomas, 7 Shandwick place
•Robinson Henry, 11 Greenside st
Ross William S. 9 Beaufort rd
Russell Isabella, IS South College st
Rutherford M. 10 Clerk st
•Scott and Ferguson, and Burncss
and Co. (manufacturing). 18 Clyde
st. and 2 North St. Andrew st
Scott Philip, 34 Bernard St. Leitb
Shiels Isabella, 2 Montrose terrace
Simpson David C. (label manufacturer), 26
Montrose terrace
Sinclair Colin, 52 Princes st
Smith & Ritchie, Amphion Works, Albert st.
Leitb walk -
•Stewart George and Co. (manu-
facturing), 92 George st
Tait James, 9 Williams place
Thorburn & Co. 42 George st
•Thyne William, 24 St. James's square
Tull'is R. & Co. 7 George st
Turner James & Co. 9 Lothian rd
•Waddie & Co. 8t. Stephen st
•Waterston & Johnston, 19 Bernard st. Leith
Waterston George, and Sons (whole-
sale manufacturing
stationers, account
book and envelope
>malr.ers, litho-
graphic and letter-
' press printers), 56
to 60 NorthHanover
st. and 9 Rose st.
City, London
Watt William, 9 Morningside terrace
White & Eagle, 26 George st. & 12 Thistle st
•Whyte Andrew & Son (wholesale & export),
Easter rd. & 2 North St. David st
Wilson George A. 46 Queensferry st
Wilson James, 37 Castle st
Wylie John, 3 Clerk st
Young M. 51 Lothian rd
Allan Jane, 137 George st
Chalmers Miss — , 8 Glover st
Corner Mary, 161 Rose st
Dailey Mary, 13 Carnegie st
Johnston Mrs. — , 17 Arthur st
Kenneth Mary Ann, 41 Caledonian crescent
M'Eryde Agues, 30 Queensferry st
Melville M.""H. 56 George st
Moffat Mrs. — , 5 Glanville place
Nasmyth J. 169 Fountain bridge
Ogg Rachael, 15 Maitland st
Salomon Clara, 15 Maitland st
Stevenson Alexander, 53 & 54 South bridge
Summers & M'Intyre, 6 North Bank st. & 2
South Castle st
Thyne & Tait (skirts, &c), 37 Lothian rd
Utterson Mary, 30 South Frederick st
Ballantyne, Hanson & Co. Paul's Work,
Denby John, 4 Swinton row
Stevenson & Co. 26 Thistle st
Leith (The) Steam Stevedore Co. Limited,
20 Baltic st. Leith
M'Queen James, 2 Dock place, Leith
Walker Archibald, Granton Harbour
Ainslie & Park, 34 St. Andrew square
Bell. Begg it Gowan, 10 North St. David st
Cochrane James, 1 Hanover st
Cunningham Peter .S; Son, 5 St. Andrew sq
Denholm George, i North St. David
Dickie Henry David, 63 North Hanover st
Dickson James G. 8 York buildings
Fulton Francis, 1 Hanover st
Gilmour & Shaw, 18St. Andrew square
Hamilton & Armour, 34 St. Andrew square
Hardie R. S. L. 19 St. Andrew square
Hislop Henry William, 14b George st
Kerr & Bonnar, 19 St. Andrew square
Lawrie & Ker, 4 St. Andrew square
Lyle Thomas, 65 Princes st
Maclagan D. & Douglas, 53 George st
Macnair Robert, 34 St. Andrew square
Macrorie & Thomson, 41 George st
Martin F. S. 41 Hanover st
Miller Thomas & Sons, 6o Princes sfc
Oliver J. P. 55 North Hanover st
Pattison & Macnair, 34 St. Andrew square
Ritchie & Hardie, 10 St. Andrew square
Robertson C. S. & J. 9 North St. David st
Robertson Jobn & Co. 31 George st
Sime & Sullivan, 14 Frederick st
S'enhouse & Johnston, 30 St. Andrew square
Sutherland Edward S. 2 George st
Tod J. H. 36 Hanover st
Torrie, Brodie & Maclagan, 53 George st
Walker James D. & Watson, 14 South St.
Andrew st
White James & Co. 9 York buildings
Calver Robert, 9 Hill place
Gilmour J. T. 34c Hanover st
Greenville Mrs. — , 22 Bread st
Johnston Miss — , 7 Hay st
Lawrence W. 15 Elm row
Moffat James, 10 Catherine st
Reid Eliza. 30 Hanover st
Stewart & Ross (Glasgow), 34 St. Andrew aq
— Samuel Weir, representative
Sutherland Jemima B. 44 South Clerk st
Taylor George. 50 South bridge
Aikman & Co. 1 Calton place
Finlayson Robert C. 13 West Register at
Fleming James & Co. Albert St. Leith walk
Hamilton A. & J. I Roxburgh st
Jager George & Son, Bonnington Sugar
Refinery, Bonnington road
M'Call Peter & Co. Abbey st
M'Queen Jobn & Co. 35 George IV. bridge
Storrie J. & Son, 1 India buildings
Affleck James, M.D. 38 Heriot row
Aitchison Robert, m.d. 17 Great King st
Aitken David W. 3 Argyle place
Alexander William B. 8 Bbnheim place
Anders n Joseph, m.d. 14 Gillespie crescent
Andrew James, M.D. 2 Atholl crescent
Annandale Professor Thomas, 34 Charlotte sq
Armstrong George, 18 Brunton place
Bairstow Thomas, 13 Buccleuch place
Baker Robert, 55 Melville st
Balfour George W. 17 Walker st
Balfour J. Craig, 12 Minto st
Balfour Thomas A. G. 61 George square
Bannerman William, -8 Ardmillan terrace
Barbour Alexander H. 50 Queen st
Beilby George T. Falcon Cottage, Morning-
Bel! Charles, m.d. 22 Gilmore place
Bell J. W. 10 Granville terrace
Bell Joseph, 2 Melville crescent
Bennet James, m.d. 49 Charlotte st. Leith
Berry George A. 23 Rutland st [tier
Beveridge Alexander W.m'.d. 26 Buckingham
Beveridge James S. 8 Eildon st
Black Alexander, M.D. 8 St. Vincent st
Black William Thomas, 2 George square
Blakie Robert H. 2 Newington terrace
Bleloch Archibald, 2 Lonsdale terrace
Bowie Jobn, 43 Lauriston place
Brakenridge David, 10 St. Colme st
Bramwell Byrom, 23 Drumsheugh gardens
Bremner Bruce Allan, Streatham House,
Canaan lane, Morningside
Brewis Nathaniel T. 59 Queen st
Brown J. Graham, 16 Ainslie place
Brown J. Macdonald, 6 Atholl place
Brown J. Murdoch, M.B. 2 Coates' place
Brown William, 25 Dublin st
Browne William J. 33 Warrender Park rd
Bruce Alexander, m.d. 13 Alva st
Bruce Robert, m.d. 12 York place, & Ernes-
tori, Boswell rd. Wardie
Bryce William, m.d. 31 Charlotte square
Buchanan W. M. 4 Osborne terrace
Buist Jobn, m.d. 1 Clifton terrace
Burn John m.d. 43 Lauriston plaoe
Butchart Charles A. 26 Leith walk
Cadell Francis, M.B. 20 South Castle st
Caird F. M. M.B. 8 Torphichen st
Calder Hugh L. M.D. 42 Leith walk. Leith
Campbell John, M.D., e.n. 14 Lennox st
Cappie James, m.d. 47 Lauriston place
Carmichael James, 22 Northumberland st
Cavrnthers James B. 4 Melville st
Cathoart C. W. 44 Melville at
Caverhill Thomas F. S. 8a Abercromby place
Cbiene John, 26 Charlotte square
Chisbolm E. M. 16 Thirlestane road, West
Christison David, 40 Moray place
Church Henry M. 18 George square [place
Clouston T. S. Tipperlin House, Morninuoide
Cormack Edward, 102 Lauriston place
Cotterill Joseph Montague, 24 Melville st
Cowan John B. 4 Eglinton crescent
Craig William, 7 Bruntsfield place
Croom J. Halliday, M.B. 25 Charlotte square
Cumnnng William, m.d. 18 Ainslie place
Cunningham L. T. m.d. 20 Warriston crea
Cunyngbame R. J. Blair. 6 Walker at
Darling T. B. 20 Waterloo place
Deverell H. G. 44 Carlyle place
Dewar Michael, 110 Lauriston place
Dickson Alexander, 11 Royal circus
Dickson Archibald, 11 Royal circus
Dickson George, M.D. 9 India st
Dickson Walter G. 3 Royal circus
Dods George, 19 Mayfield gardens
Donald George, 44 Albany st. Leith
Douglas Andrew H. 30 Melville st
Dudgeon J. Matthew, 22 Rankeillor st
Duncan Jobn, m.d. 8 Ainslie place
Dimcanson J. J. Kirk, 22 Drumsheugh gar
Dunlop H. Melville, Shrub place, Leith walk
Dunsnmre James, 53 Queen st
Dunsmure James, jun. 53 Queen st [st
Elder William Nicol, m.d. 10 West Maitland
Felkiu R. W. 5 Marchhall orescent
Ferguson Robert, M.D. 12 Murray place
Finlay William A. m.d. St. Helens, Russell
place, Trinity
Fleming Andrew, 8 Napier rd
Fleming James B. m.d. 14 Manor place
Foulis James, 34 Heriot row
Fraser F. W. D. 20 Chester st
Fraser Thomas R. m.d. 37 Melville st
Furley Robert C. 1 Earl Grey st
Garland Ormond H. 35 Charlotte st. Leith
Gibson George A. 17 Alva st
Gillespie James D. 10 Walker st
Gilruth George R. 67 York place
Goldie William, 29 Morningside rd
Gordon David, 19 Buccleucb place
Grant John, Ferry rd
Gray Allan, 107 Ferry rd. Leith
Gray William A. 8 Middleby st
Greenfield William, 7 Heriot row
Greig David, 38 Coates' g-irdens
Greig W. C. 13 Arnlston place
Groves Charles H. jii.d. 36 Inverleitb row
Gunn Alexander, 11 Rankeillor st. and 18A
Nicola in at
Guthrie George, 18 Easter rd
Haldane Daniel R. 22 Charlotte sq
Hardie Thomas, 10 John's place, Leith
Hare Arthur W. 21 Ainslie place
Hart David Berry, 4 Wemyss place
Haultain Frank W. N. 27 Northumberland at
Hay Henry, 10 Brandon st
Henderson Alexander. 17 Fettes row
Henderson John, 7 John's place, Leith
Hodge Charles, 6 Barntnn terrace
Hodsdon I. W. B. m.d. SO Walker st
Hogue David W. 65 Queen st
Horsley Reynold E. m.d. 5 Chester st
Hoyle William Evans. 32 Queen st
Hunter Alexander, m.d. 18 Belgrave crescent
Hunter James Adam, 18 Abercromby place
Hunter William B. 1 Nelson st
Husband William, 23 Clarence st [place
Hyslop James M'Adam, m.d. 22 Palmerston .
Imlach Francis B. 48 Queen st
Inglis Archibald, 33 Albany st
James Alexander, 11 Albvn place
Jamieson James, 43 George square
Jamieson William A. 26 Rutland st
Jex Blake Sophia, m.d. Bruntsfield Lodge,
Whitehouse loan
Johnston G. M. 9 Morton st
Johnston James, 34 Queen st
Johnston Robert M. m.d. 5 Rutland square
Kalley R. R. Compo Verde, Tipperlin rd
Keiller Alexander, 21 Queen st

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