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NEWSPAPERS, &c— continued.
Glasgow Evening Times (Branch Office),
lli St. Giles at— John Douglas, agent
Glasgow Herald (Branch Office), 16 St.
Giles st — John Douglas, agent
Glasgow News (Branch Office), 5 Bank st—
Robert Wallace, agent
Ghat's Eailwat Time Table & Tourists'
Guide tor Scotland (monthly), T. Gray
& Co. 13 George st
Leith Burghs Pilot (Saturday), John M.
Gardner, 73 Constitution st Leith
Leith Commercial List (Tuesday & Fri-
day), Eeid & Son, 38 Timber bush, Leith
Leith Herald (Saturday), Steven & Hope,
3Storrie's alley, Leith
Live Stock Journal (Friday). Vinton
â–  and Company. Limited, 63 Princes
st. and 30 Hamstead rd. London
Monthly Interpreter, T. & T. Clark, 38
George st
North British Advertiser & Ladies'
Own Journal (Saturday), J. and
J. Gray. 6 Melbourne place
North British Agriculturist News-
paper (Wednesday evening), C-
and K. Anderson, publishers. 377
High st. and 145 Queen Victoria st.
London, B.C.
Oliver & Boyd's New Edinburgh Almanac
(published yearly), Tweeddale court, 16
High st
Eailwat Guides (monthly), Brydone and
Luke, 12 Elder St. & J. A. Cameron & Co.
21 Elder st
Scotsman Newspaper (daily), John Eitchie
& Co.30Cockburnst
Scotsman Newspaper (weekly, on Satur-
day), John Eitchie & Co. 30 Cockburn st
Scottish (The) Agricultural Gazette
(Friday), Vinton and Company,
Limited, 63 Princes st
Scottish Banking & Insurance Magazine
(monthly), 10 North St. David st. Bin-ell
& Co. publishers
Scottish Educational News (Saturday),
279 High st. D. C. Fowler, manager
Scottish Guardian (Friday), Scottish
Guardian Co. Limited, proprietors, 13
Johnston terrace
Scottish Law Eeporter (Wednesday),
John Baxter & 8on, 19 Elder st
Scottish Reformer & Weekly Review,
20 & 22 St. Giles st. W. J. & E. Mackie,
Weekly Scotsman Newspaper (Saturday),
John Eitchie & Co. 30 Cockburn st
(See also Seed Merchants).
Anderson Al e xander, 3 Polwarth crescent
Archibald Janet, 15 Bristo st
Bruce Alexander, 12 Bast Mayfield loan
Brunton Thomas, 2 Claremont terrace
Clark Alexander, Tipperlinn rd
Clark Elizabeth S. 3 Dundas st
Croucher Robert L. 10 Warrender Park cres
Cunningham, Fraser & Co. Comely bank &
Dickson James & Sons, 32 South Hanover st ;
nursery, Inverleith place
Dicksons & Co. 1 Waterloo place ; nurseries,
Pilrig park, Redbraes, BonningtonFarm,
& Logie green
Donald Alexander, London rd
Downie John, 144 Princes st ; nur-
series. Beech hill, Murrayfield
Drummond Brothers, 82 George st ; nur-
series, Larkfield & Rose bank
Duguid John, East Cottage, Boswell rd
Duncan William, Merchiston terrace
Edgar Robert, 9 George IV. bridge
Gordon William & Sons, 8 Haymarket ter. &
Coltbridge Nurseries, Murrayfield
Grainger Robert & Son, 1 Eoseneath terrace
Hall James. Slateford rd
Hanan Hugh, 16 Bank st [park
Hardie Alex. Glencross Cottage, Morningside
Hardie W. F. St. Margaret's Nursery, Stra-
thearn rd
Hender=on David, 23 Melville terrace
Henderson Eobert M. 40 Grassmarket
Ireland & Thomson, Craigleith, 24 Lynedoch
place, & at Comely bank
Jeffrey J. & Son, 52 Dean path
King David, Murrayfield
Laird E. B. & Sons,"l7A South Frederick st ;
nurseries, Eoyal Winter gardens, Meadow
park & Pink hill, West Coates
Lavnont J. & Son, 2 Hone st
Lawson Sesd & Nursery Co. Lim-
ited ; nurseries. Bangholm & War-
riston, Inverleith row— J. F. R.
Anderson, secretary
Lockhart John,Boroughmuirhead, Morning-
side [rd
Mackay Daniel & Co. Cameron bank, Dalkeith
M'Kenzie John, 28 Grange loan
Magill Joseph, Pirniefield, Seafield
Methven Thomas & Sons, 15 Princes
st ; nurseries, Leith walk
Miller James, 49 Lothian rd
Milne John, Sunny bank, London rd. & 5
Montrose terrace
Munro Robertson, 4 South St. Andrew st
Nisbet Alexander, Corstorphiue rd. Murray-
Pealling & Smith, 4 South St. Andrew st
Eobertson Peter S. & Co. 14 Montagu terrace ;
nurseries, North Inverleith Mains
Beth J. & A. 12 Queensferry st
Shoe John, 4a Moncreifi: terrace
Stewart James, Greenhill bank ; nursery,
Church hill
Thomson James, 13 Buccleuch st
Thomson William & Co. 3 Melbourne place
Tillie & Turner, 12 Melbourne place
Todd & Co. 7a Maitland st
Ward Eliza, Gillespie st
Watson A. 16 Canning place
Burntisland (The) Oil Co. Limited
(burning & lubricating oils, par-
affin scales, sulphate of ammonia,
&c.),15 Hanover st; works, Burn-
tisland — William N. Grainger,
general manager & secretary
Fleming A. B. & Co. Limited, (dis
tillers), Caroline park, Edinburgh
Graham- Yooll W. & Co. (import &
export oil merchants and sole
manufacturers of alipharine for
cylinders . and pycnolene oils for
every kind of machinery, and
"Koyal Leather Preserver"), 24
and 25 Sheriff brae, Leith
Lanark (The) Oil Co. Limited (burn
ing and lubricating oils, mineral
scale and wax candles, &c), 51
George st
Lockhart Robert, junr. and Co.
Waverley Oil Mills, West Fount-
ain bridge
Midlothian Oil Co. Limited (lubri-
cating and burning oils, paraffin
scales, &c .). 63 North bridge
West Lothian Oil Co. Limited, 13 Frederick st
Young's Paraffin Light & Mineral Oil Co.
Limited, 34 St. Andrew square; works,
Bathgate, Addiewell & Birmingham-
Daniel M' Arthur, branch manager
(See also Cod Liver Oil Manufacturers, Seed,
"Linseed Cake, #c. Merchants, also Paint
Manufacturers, § likewise Drysalters. )
Anderson R. & Co. Jane st. Leith
Bell William J. & Co. 27 Quality st. Leith
Bolton & Co. 15, 16 & 17 Commercial place,
Craig & Rose, Caledonian Oil & Colour Works,
172 Leith walk
Dane & Co. 3 East Register st
Dickson Thomas & Sons, 9 Sempls sfc
Douglas. Stott & Co. Shrub place, Leith walk
Fiulayson & Stuart. 47 Regent arch
Fleming A. B. & Co. Limited (distil-
lers), Caroline park, Edinburgh
Forrest & Turnbull, 126 Constitution st. L
G-raham-Yooll W. & Co. 24 & 25 Sheriff brae,
Hall, Dunbar & Co. St.Ninian's Colour' Works,
Old Church wharf, Leith
Hamilton Robert, 29 St. James's sq
Ireland D. W.Catherine Street court
Ireland James, 6 Shandwick place [bridga
Lockhart Robert, jun. & Co. West Fountain-
Miller James, Son & Co. 27 Quality st. Leith
Nimmo & Burns, S3 Clerk st
Potts William & Henry, Port Hopetoun
Reid Andrew (& engine waste), 8 Commercial
st. Leith
Richardson Francis & Co. 1 Grassmarket
Sang & Barker, 24 Barony st
Sim & Barclay, 6 Jane st. Leith
Smiths & Co. <& purveyors of lamps
& oils to the Queen), 89 George st
Tod, Thomson & Co. (& seed crushers), 9 & 10
Citadel, Leith
Warden William & Co. 163 Leith
walk, Leith
Wells William, 50 Commercial st. Leith
Wood & Co. 1 & 2 Calton st
Young's Paraffin Lamp & Mineral Oil Co.
Limited, 34 St. Andrew square — Daniel
M'Avthur, branch manager
See Seed, Linseed Cake 8f Cattle Food Mer-
(See also Philosophical Instrument Mafcers.)
Adie & Wedderburn, 17 Hanover st
Bryson James M. 60a Princes st
Buist James, 67 South bridge
Cameron James, 94 South bridge
Frazer Alexander, 7 Lothian st
Hart W. D. 549 Castle hill
Hume William, 1 Lothian st
Jackson & Co. 27 Hanover st
Lennie E. (& spectacle manufacturer, &c),
46 Princes st
Marshall & Sons, 87 George st
Matheson & Co. 47 & 48 Shore, Leith
Miller Thomas, 51 Cockburn st
Myers & Gold stone, 303 & 3u5 High st. & 28
South bridge
Myers Joseph, 65 South bridge
Reid Alexander, 3lA Castle st
Stalker David, 6 Commercial st. Leith
Steven George, 9 Teviot place
Stevenson Peter, 9 Forrest rd
(See also Colour Manufacturers.)
Anderson R. & Co. Jane st. Leith
walk, Leith
Craig & Rose, Caledonian Oil and Colour
Works, 172 Leith walk, Leith
Dane & Co. 3 Bust Register st
Douglas, Stott & Co, Shrub place, Leith walk
Hall, Dunbar & Co. St. Ninian's Colour Works
Old Church wharf, Leith
Sim & Barclay, 6 Jane st. Leith walk
Steell D. G. 4 Palmerston place
Steell Gourlay, 4 Palmerston place
Douglas Sir W. F. 6 Lynedoch place
M'Donald John B. 4 Upper Gray st
Paton Sir Joseph Noel, 33 George square
Marked thus * are also Paperhangers.
(See also Glaziers.)
*Aikman John and Sons, 13 Melville place
*Aird & Goldie, 12 Forrest road
Allen T. 12 Shrub place
Anderson & Barclay, 1 Howard place
Anderson Robert, 13 East Register st
Archibald William, 249 Causewayside
*Ballantine James & Son, 40 George st
Barker Watson, Craighall rd. Trinity
Bell Robert G. St. Stephen st.
*Bell William, 2 West Preston st
*Blaf:klaw Richard. 61 South Back Canongate
Bolton & Co. 15, 16 & 17 Commercial pi. Leith
Bonnar Thomas (carver, gilder and
decorative art designer), 127
George st
*Brechin George, 25 & 27 Lothian sfc
Brown Abraham, 123 Leith walk, Leith
-Brown George B. 25 Deanhaugh st
Brown James K. 11 Dean st
*Brown W. & J. 76 Great Junction st. Leith
Cameron James, 214 Canorgate
CampbellAllan.l Wnitebank, Fountain bridge
*Campbell Thomas, 5 Adam st. East
*Christie William, 10 Home st
*Clark James, 124 George st
*Clark John, 35 North Bruntslield place
*Clephane John, 2 Carnegie st
Craig James, 9 Hill place
Cranston James, 1 Argyle place
^Crawford Alexander, 11 Hill place
Cunningham & Son, 60 Lady Lawson st
*Currie William, 33 Home st
Cuthbert Archibald, 29 Nelson st
^Davidson William, 28 North Bruntsfield pi
Dickson A. & T. 10 Hope Park terrace
^Dickson James, 54 Morningsiderd
*Dobie George & Son (painters, decorators &
gilders), 23 George st
Donaldson John, 8 Forrest rd
Douglas James, 6 Society
*Dowie George, 34 Fountain bridge
*Duff James, 6 Maitland st. Newhaven
Edinburgh Co-operative Building Company,
Limited, Glenogle rd— James Colville,
*Edwards & Glass, 20 Brougham place
*Edwards David, 31 Morrison sfc
*Erskine William, 51 West Nicolson st
Ferguson Robert J. & Son, 4 Howe st

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