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Scott David A., S.S.C. (Henry & Scott), 11 Ferry rd. Bonnington
E. Erskine, C.A. (E. & B. Scott), Wood Hall, Juniper green
â–  Elizabeth, apartments, 1 Eankeillor st
Elizabeth, householder, SI Broughton place
Elizabeth, greengrocer, 21 Castle st
Elizabeth, eating house, 28 Valleyfield st
Elizabeth, apartments, 20 Marehmont crescent
Elizabeth, victual dealer, 21 Burns st
George, advertising agent (Robertson & Scott), 6 Argyle place
â–  George, baker, 31 Dublin st. & 87 Broughton st ; res. 15
Hart st
George, newsagent, 6 Thomas st
George, dentist, 48 JBruntsfield place South
Scott Georfte, iun. agent for the Union of Bcrlm Insur-
ance Company and the Netherlands Fire Insurance
Company 13 Hanover st; res. 28 Buccleuch place
Scott George Ferine, S.S.C. 48 Castle st ; res. 27 Maylield terrace
Hannah, grocer & spirit dealer, 61 Cumberland st
Helen, dressmaker, 78 Main st. Newhaven
Helen, householder, 7 India st
Henry, jeweller & Whitby jet worker, 18 Clerk st
Henry, baker (John Scott & Son). 10 Union st. Leith
Isabella, dressmaker, 31 Thirlestane rd. West
. j & T cabinet makers, upholsterers, carpet warehousemen, &
billiard table manufacturers, 10 George st ; stores & up-
holstery works, East Eose Street lane ; cabinet works,
South Coates „ [P}^, £ rinlt ; N I
James, agent (Blackwood, Scott & Co.), Hope Villa. Eussell
James, baker, 1 Kirkwood place, London rd
James, tobacconist & newsagent. 2 Duke st. leith
James, confectioner, 108 Fountain bridge
. James, clerk, 33 Primrose terrace
James, chemist & druggist, 18 St. Mary st. & 12 Gladstone ter
James, manager, Broom park, Granton
James, householder, 9 Bernard terrace
James, dairyman, 8 Balbirnie place
, ..James, householder, 8 Claremont terrace
James, draper & clothier, 2 Jeffrey st
James, writer, 46 Queen st
James, clerk, 12 Gladstone terrace
. James, tea merchant (James M'Luren & Son), 10 Sylvan place
James, grocer & spirit dealer, 39 Bonnin«ton rd. Leith
James, baker (Scott Bros.), 42 Lothian st
James, grocer & spirit dealer, 11 Coburg St. Leith
James, householder, 37 South Clerk st
James, corn merchant, 62 Buccleuch st ; res. Park View-
Cottage, West Duddingston
James & Co. hatters, 21 Dairy rd
James &. Co. drapers & clothiers, 272, 297 & 299 Canongate
James C. music teacher, 43 Maryfleld place
James G. corn merchant (J. G. Scott & Co.), Woodville,
Laverock Bank rd. Trinity
James G. & Co. corn merchants, 15 Assembly st. Leith
James Bobson, m.d. 27 Abercromby place
James Veitch, artist, 13 Duke st. & 2 Queen st
Jane, linen draper. 5 Greenside st ; res. 2 Bellevue terrace
Janet, confectioner, Coltbridge
Janet, greengrocer, 46 Morrison st
John, cabinet maker, 4 Church lane [res. 5 Lochend rd
John watchmaker & jeweller, 11 Great Junction st. Leith ;
John,' linen draper (Scott Bros.), 10 Bruntslield crescent
. John) refreshment rooms, 12 Elm row
. John, confectioner, 4 Caledonian place
John, law agent, 3 Marehmont st
John, compositor, 55 Montgomery st
John, contractor. 4 John's place, Leith
John, joiner, Jamaica Street lane
John F. coal merchant, 6 Brougham st [place
John J butcher & poulterer, 26 Lothian st ; res. 126 Lauriston
John James, secretary (The Lanark Oil Co. Limited). 48 South
Bruntsfield place [park, Leith
John M. wine merchant (John M. Scott & Co.), 9 Claremont
. John M. & Co. wine & spirit merchants, 41 & 43 Charlotte st. L
. Joseph, confectioner, 52 Dean st
Joseph, dairyman, Lochrin, Home st
. . i, ow & Co. general drapers, silk mercers, milliners, mantle
' makers and mourning warehouse, 4 to 7 South bridge
. f£ & x. photographic artists to the profession, 36 George st
. Margaret, apartments, 4 Tarvit st
Margaret, householder, 22 Warrender Park terrace
Mary, confectioner, 51 Fountain bridge
Mary, furniture broker, 142 Pleasance
Mary, confectioner, 3 Abbey strand
Matthew (G.P.O.), 20 Hillside st
Michael, photographer (M. & T. Scott), 9 Moston terrace
. . Peter, sewing machine agent, 18 Nicolson st
. Philip, mercantile stationer, engraver & printer, 34 Bernard
st. Leith ; res. 4, Bowhill terrace, Ferry rd
K. & Co. provision merchants, 39 & 40 Mitchell st. Leith
r! & E., C.A. 10 Castle street
. Eachael, householder. 65 Lauriston place
. Ealph E C.A. (E. & E. Scott), 21 Drumsheugh gardens
. Bobert, merchant, (Scott & Neill), 26 Tower st. Portobello
Bobert, S.3.O. & S.L. 64 Inverleith row
Bobert, traveller, IS Broughton st
. Bobert, bootmaker. 9A Clerk st .-.,..
. Eobert, spirit dealer. 1 Hope st [Catherine st
. , Robert commission agent, 2 Nottingham place, & printer, 14
Eobert, provision merchant (E. Scott & Co.), 2 Summerside
st. Leith ,
Eobert, dairyman, 230 Leith walk
. Bobert Brown, schoolmaster, 15 Pitt st. Bonnington
Eobert Findlay (Inland Revenue), 11 Caledonian place
Thomas, cabinet maker, &c. (J. & T. Scott), 8 Duke st
Thomas, C.A. 17 Hill st ; res. 3 Gayfield square
Thomas, .iun. cabinet maker (J. & T. Scott), 26 Stafford st
. Thomas, artist, 4 Picardy place
Scott Thomas, iron merchant & ironmonger, 61, 63 & 55 Grass-
market ; res. 50 North Lauder rd
Thomas, smith, 11 Citadel, leith
Thomas, consulting engineer, 12 Broughton place
Thomas, photographer (M. & T. Scott), 9 Moston terrace
Thomas, jun., C A„ 30 St. Andrew square
Thomas, traveller, 9 Moston terrace
Thomas, wood turner, 33 Blair st
Thomas, joiner & builder (Lawrie & Scott), 20 Brunton place
Thomas, householder, 7 Henderson row
Thomas & Co. corn merchants, Mill lane, Great Junction st- L
Thomas G. flour merchant (Thomas Scott & Co.), Kaimespark
Villa, Ferry rd. Bonnington
Thomas L. salesman, 5 West Montgomery place
W. J Haig, S.S.C. & N.P. (Dowie & Scott), 1 Deanbank ter
Walter, shopkeeper, 12 Gordon st
Walter, coal agent, 20 Marehmont crescent
Walter, painter & paperhanger, 75 Warrender Park rd
Walter, butcher, 258 Morningside rd
Walter, bookseller, Bristo pi
William (Register House), 3 East Preston st [hill
William, china & glass dealer, 4 Teviot place; res. 1 Forrest
William, coalmaster, 20 George st ; res. 20 Drummond pi
William, grocer (Wm. Scott & Son), 11 Blackwood crescent
William, apartments, 8 Forres st
William, plumber, 78 Main st. Newhaven
William, spirit dealer, 85 Main st. Newhaven ; res. Afflecks
Brae, Newhaven
William & Son, grocers & spirit dealers, 50 West Preston st
Scott-Moncrieff & Thomson, C.A. 16 South Charlotte st
Moncrietf & Trail, W.S. 17 Duke st
Moncrieff David, W.S. (Scott-Moncrieff & Trail), 24 George sq
Moncrieff John, C.A. (.Scott-Moncrieff &Thomson),19 Lynedoch
Morton William & Co. designers & manufacturers of artistic
household furniture & Tynecastle tapestry, Albert Works,
Tyneeastle [Institution
Scottish Academy of Painting, Sculpture, & Architecture, Royal
Scottish Accident Insurance Company, Limited (Head
Offices), 115 George st— Martin L. Martin, manager
Scottish-American Investment Co. Limited, 123 George st—
Charles J. Menzies, secretary [loe, secretary
American Land Co. Limited, 123 George st— Francis A. Bring-
American Mortgage Co. Limited, 62 Frederick st— J. Duncan
Smith, managing director
Scottish Amicable Life Assurance Society, 13 St.
Andrew square— George C. Maclean, resident
secretary— -See advertisement
Scottish (The) Agricultural Gazette (Friday), 63
Princes st— Vinton & Co. Limited, publishers
Scottish Arb or i cultural Society, 5 St. Andrew square
Artists' Club, 28 Queen st
Assam Tea Co. Limited, 42 Castle st— J. F. Moffatt, C.A. sec
Bankers' Literary Association — George Cleland - , secretary
(The) Banking & Insurance Magazine, 10a North St. David st
— Birrell & Co. publishers . [district manager
Boiler Insurance Co. Limited, 30 Hanover st— Bobert A. Marr,
Branch British Army Scripture Readers' & Soldiers' Friend
Society,5 St.Andrew square— Captain Roderick Mackenzie,
seer etary [tion. 4 Lindsay place
Branch of General Council of Medical Education & Registra-
Central Aerated Water Co. 157 Leith walk ftary
Chamber of Agriculture, 1 India buildings— D. Curror, secre-
Coal Company, 7 & 13 Port Hopetoun— George Rintoul,
manager " [secretary
Coast Mission, 5 St. Andrew square— Rev .William Allardyce,
Congregational Widows' Fund,l Hanover st — James S. Mack,
treasurer [Smith, secretary
Conservative Club, 112, 113 & 114 Princes st— R. Addison
Co-operative Wholesale Society, Link's place, Leith— William
F. Stewart, manager
Scottish Council of the Liberation Society, 50 George
st— James Denham, Secretary
Scottish Disestablishment Association, 10 St. Andrew square-
William Brown, secretary
Scottish Drainage and Improvement Company, 20
Hill st— Charles Ritchie, manager and secretary
Scottish Economic Life Assurance Society, Limited, 2 York build-
ings- John Moody Stuart, manager & actuary ; J. Houston
Barry, secretary
Educational News Company, Limited (Saturday), 279 Hi^h
st— D. C. Fowler, manager
Employers' Liability & Accident Insurance Co. Limited, 3
York buildings— George Mackie, district manager; Lewis
M'Kay, 10 North St. David st. agent
Episcopal Training Institution, Dairy House, Orwell place
Rev. Ghristopfier Smith, b.a. principal
Scottish Equitable Life Assurance Society, 26 St.
Andrew square— T. B. Sprague, M.A. manager *
William Finlay, secretary— See advertisement
Scottish Equitable Property Improvement & Investment Com-
pany, Limited, 26 Frederick st— Francis Dickson, C.A. sec
Evangelistic Association, 5 St. Andrew square— Captain Rod-
erick Mackenzie, secretary & treasurer
Scottish (The) Geographical Society, SOa Princes st—
A. Silva White, acting secretary and editor
Scottish Guardian Newspaper (Friday), 13 Johnston terrace— Scot-
tish Guardian Company, Limited, proprietors r s j
Heritable Security Company,Limited (in liquidation), 42 Castle
Heritages Company, Limited, 37 George st— Couper & Cook
managers [secretary
Horticultural Association, 5 St. Andrew sq— RobertsonMunro
Imperial Insurance Company, 67 George st— John D. Hope*
C.A. agent *
- — Iron Steamship Mutual Insurance Association, 26 Constitution
st- Leith — Thomas Macfarlan, sccietary [manager
Lands & Buildings Company, 53 George st— Robert Graele

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