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Ramage Helen, stoneware and rag merchant, 77 St. Andrew st.
Henry, spirit dealer, 40 Elbe st
James, artist, 3 Marchkall rd
John, baker (J. Ramage & Son), 54 India st-
John, dairy, 8 G-rindlay st
. . John & Son, restaurant, 19 Leith st. & 3 & 4 Albert place; and
biscuit manufacturers & confectioners, 60 Ii dia st
â–  John L. manager (Craigside Paper Works), 3 Oxford st
Katherine, dressmaker, 29 Haddington place [place
- — Peter, brassfounder, 90 Candlemaker row ; res. 11 Buccleueh
; Rebecca, shopkeeper, 8 Tolbooth wvnd, Leith
. Richard, ship builder (Ramage & Ferguson), The Hawthorns,
Ferry rd. Bonnington
Ramsay Mrs. — , householder, 15 Dublin st
Alexander, coal agent, 36 Gil more place
— -Alexander, spirit dealer, 37 Coatfield lane ; res. 59 Kirkgate, L
D. R. contractor, &c. 169 Fountain bridge
David, joiner, Deanhaugh st
James, joiner, 15 Argyle terrace [terrace
James, grocer, &c. 53 & 55 Lauriston place ; res. 15 Lonsdale
James, writer, 13 Henderson row
James, foreman printer, 10 Claremont place
James, clerk, 7 North Fort st. Leith
James, shopkeeper, 1 Ferguson's buildings
John, pianoforte tuner, 2 Baxter's place
John, contractor, 2 Cause way side
â–  John & Co. painters, 28 Grindlay st
Margaret, confectioner, 107 Main st. Newhaven
Mary, confectioner, 7 St. Leonard's hill
-Peter, brassfounder, 15 Cowgate
R. N. agent (Royal Bank), 24 Forrest rd
Thomas Whyte, tailor, 163a Fountain bridge
Thomas, baker, 24 & 26 Hanover st. & 14 Sigh st ; res. Arling-
ton Villa, 14 Nprth Mansion House rd
William, joiner, 51 Torphichen st; res. 1 Thomas st
Win. sculptor, Henderson row
Ramsden C. L. wool broker (Russell & Ramsden), 2 Coates' crescent
Henry, wool broker (Kussell & Ramsden), 5 Randolph place
Randal Isabella, spirit dealer, 19 Sandport st. Leith
Ranken G. Scott, clerk, 65 Warrender Park rd [place
Gavin Cochrane, joiner, Gladstone place; res. 1 Leamington
Jane, householder, 4 Rankeillor st
John, plumber & gas fitter, 6 Rose st
John, compositor, 2 Blackwood crescent
Robert Burt, W.S. (T. & R. B. Ranken), 8 Lear month terrace
T. & R. B., W.S. 17 St. Andrew square
Rankin Mrs. — , householder, 7 Leamington terrace
Andrew, lodgings, 22 Atholl crescent
George, W.S. (Tods, Murray & Jamieson), 25 India st
James, commission agent, 122 George st; res. 11 Shandon pi
James (G.P.O.), 30 Balfour st
â–  Janet, newsagent, 25 Jamaica st
Robert, newsagent, 2 Elder st ; res. 21 Bellevue crescent
Robert, manager, 131 Warrender Park rd
Thomas, newsagent & tobacconist, 29 Kirkgate, Leith
Rankine Andrew, accountant (The Clydesdale Bank, Limited), 29
George st
Ed. bootmaker (T. Rankine & Sons), 2 Lauriston park
George, clerk, 15 Montagu terrace
Henry, china dealer, 49 Canongate
James, bootmaker (T. Rankine & Sons), 8 Graham st
â–  John, advocate, 10 Melville st [gardens
Thomas, bootmaker (Thomas Rankine & Sons), 3 Lauriston
Thomas, bootmaker, 14 Jamaica st
â–  Thomas & Sons, boot & shoe mnnufactnrers, 21 Cockburn st
Thomas L. bootmaker (Thomas Rankine& Sons), 5 Lauriston pk
Ranson & Co. clothiers &. drapers, 25 Tolbooth wynd, Leith
Esther Wynne, teacher of painting, 22 Lutton place
Thomas, clothier (Ranson & Co.), 2 Hall place
Rappenegger Miss — , teacher of German, 47 Cumberland st
Rarity Thomas, shopkeeper, 12b North Junction st. Leith
Ratine Robert, Venetian blind maker, 93 Causewayside
Battray James C. M.r>. surgeon, 61 Grange loan
â–  John, portrait painter, 54 Cumberland st [Gladstone ter
John, smallware & fancy warehouse, 12 South bridge ; res. 16
. John, bootmaker, 26 Causewayside & S Craigside. place
Sarah Ann. apartments, 24 Montgomery st
William, tailor (Page & Rattray), 29 Brunswick st
William R. writer, 2 Lord Russell place
Rattrie Alexander, baker & grocer, Granton harbour, Granton
John, spirit dealer, 74 St. Andrew st. Leith
Robert, spirit dealer, 358 Leith walk ; res. 41 James st
Ravensberg Albert Von, teacher of German, 41 Castle st
Ray Charles J. tea agent, 8 Forth st ; res. 27 Dundas st
Rayner James, French polisher, 5 Caledonian rd
— — Mirion. householder, 11 Lauriston park
Read Edmund, fishmonger, 140 & 159 West Fountain bridge
Reading and Recreation Rooms, 7 Gllmour st
Readman George, advocate, 4 St. Colme st
Ready Cash Co. tailors and hosiers, 17 Leith st [Brodie, manager
Real Estate Security Company. Limited, 53 George st— John
(The) Property Trust, Limited, 123 George st— J. C. Penny,
C.A. secretary
Reaper James, boot and shoe maker, 146 West Fountain bridge ;
res. 35 Dundee terrace
William, grocer & spirit dealer. 65 & 67 Broughton st
Reardon Matthew, broker. 34 Pleasance
Reay Charles, shipmaster, 8 Union st. Leith
Record Office, Register House
Recorder's Office, 21 Calton hill
Office (Greyfriars), 1 City chambers, Royal Exchange
Office (Canongate), 16 South David st
Office (St. Cuthbert's) Lothian rd
Office (South Leith), Constitution st
Redding Margaret, dressmaker. 2 Canaan lane [terrace
Redpath Alexander, slater, 3 Charlotte Place lane & 9 Haymarket
Redpath Amos, draper &, dressmaker, 34 Warrender Park rd
Redpath, Brown & Co. iron and metal merchants,
girder builders. & wholesale ironmongers, 63 & 65
Albert st. Leith walk ; branch warehouse, 40 Grass-
Redpath Peter, butcher, 8 Hamilton place [211 Canongate
R. K. W. physician and surgeon, 18 Hillside st. & chemist,
Thomas, painter. &c. 124 PleaFance
Thomas V. drysalter, 20 West Richmond st [Marchhall cres
William E. coat dealer (William Turnbuil & Co.), 10
Ree Jam^s, mason, 22 Melville crescent
Reece .John A. bird dealer, 55 Pleasance
Reedie David C. cabinet maker, 35 Dundee terrace
Reekie Andrew, bootmaker, 1 South Fort st. Leith
Jared, engraver, 3 Woodburn terrace
Thomas, cashier, 7 Bonnington place, Bonnington
Reformatory and Industrial Schools Office, 6 Hill place
Regalia Office, 1 City chambers. Royal Exchange
Regan Michael, lodging-house, 71 Cowgate & 98 Grassmarket
Register of Christian Benevolence, 9 Hope st
of Deeds & Protests Office, Register House, Princes st
of Entails Office, New Register House, Princes st
of Hornings, Inhibitions & Adjudications Office, Register
House, Princes st
of Sasines Office, Register House, Princes st [registrar
House, East end ot Princes st— W. Pitt Dundas, depute
Registrar's Office (St. Andrew's district), 3 North St. David st
Office (St. Giles's district), 51 Cockburn st
Office (St. George's district), 6 Lothian rd [83 Constitution st
Office (for North Leith), 7 Hamburg place ; for South Leith,
Office (Newington district), 6 Hill square
Office (Canongate distriot), 163 Canongate
Registration Office, Register House, Princes st [House, Princes st
Registry (General) Office (Births, Deaths and Marriages), Register
Reiach George, general inspector of fisheries , 2 Dock Gates, Leith ;
res. IS Pilrig st. Leith walk
Reid Miss — , Charity school. 69 Causewayside
Mrs — , apartments, 42 North umber land st
Alan, teacher of music, I Leamington terrace
Alex, optician, 31a South Castle st ; res. 32 Montgomery st
Alexander, stevedore & contractor, East cottages, Granton
Alexander, slater, 133 Rose st ; res. 31 Lothian rd
Alexander, art dealer, 27 St. Stephen st
Alexander, spirit dealer, 30 Tolbooth wynd, Leith
Alexander, bootmaker, 229 Morningside terrace
Alexander, silver engraver, 67a Hanover st
& Clarke, apartments, 42 Northumberland st
& Co. sheep dip manufacturers, 236 Leith walk
& Cowie, lithographic draughtsmen, 34 St. Andrew square
& Downie, house painters, 13a Dundas st
& Guild, W.S. 2 Thistle court, Thistle st
&. Macrae, hair restorers, 12 Shandwick place
& Reed, picture dealers, 108 Rose st
& Son. booksellers, stationers & printers, publishers of the
" Leith Commercial List," and agents for the sale of Admi-
ralty charts, 35 Shore, & Timber bush, Leith
Andrew, artist, 16 Picardy place
Andrew, ironmonger & oil & engine waste merchant, 8
Constitution st ; res. 2 Lixmount terrace. Trinity
Andrew, grocer & spirit dealer, 6 Richmond lane
Brothers & Co. wine merchants, 75 George st
C. bootmaker, 63 North bridge
Catherine, grocer & spirit dealer, 91 Main st. Newhaven
Colin, joiner, 109 Causewayside
David, bootmaker, 22 Bruntsfield place; res. 31 Warrender
Park terrace
David, joiner & mangle maker, 24 Sciennes st
David, soot merchant, 31 Ferry rd
David, flesher, 36b St. Leonard st
David, depute procurator fiscal of Mid-Lothian, Sheriff Court
House, George IV. bridge ; res. 5 Merohiston Bank terrace
David, spirit dealer, 16 Charlotte st. Leith ; res. 2 Pirrie sfc
David, bootmaker, 12 Forbes st [rd
Donald, silk mercer (Donald Reid & Co.), 149 Warrender Park
Donald & Co. linen drapers, 136 Princes st. and 4 South Char-
lotte st
Ebenezer, newsagent, 22 India place
Eliza, straw hat maker, 30 Hanover st
Flora, apartments, 23 Lauriston gardens
Francis F. shipbroker, 2 Baltic st. Leith ; res. 6 Hampton ter
Frederick J. clerk, 26 Danube st
George, R.S.A. artist, 17 Carlton terrace
George, ironfounder, North Elliot st
George, plumber, 38 Bernard st. Leith ; res. 30 Woodville ter
George, householder, 11 Claremont terrace
George, hairdresser, 30 Causewayside
George O. artist, 20 George st ; res. 12 Warrender Park ter
George T. gas manager (North British Railway), 18 Parsons
Green terrace
Helen, greengrocer, 31 St. Stephen st
Hugh, cabinet maker (Whytock, Reid & Co.), 1 Belford place
Isabella, householder, 2 Barony st
Israel, broker, 518 Lawnmarket
James, clerk, IE Scotland st
James, painter (Reid & Downie), 23 Brandon terrace
James, W.S. (Reid & Guild), 59 Castle st
James, advocate, 65 Castle st
James, chemist. 22 St. Leonard st ; res. 27 Raukeillor st
James, greengrocer, 35 Grindlay st
James, bookbinder, 170 Rose Street lane; res. 16 Dairy rd
James D. painter, 13 Dundas st ; res 23 Brandon terrace
Jane, householder, 62 Marchmont crescent
Janet, householder, 12 Darnaway st
Jessie, fruiterer. 38 Leven st
John, tailor, 31 South bridge
John, dairyman, 200 Morningside rd
John, C.E." Rosemont, Ferry rd

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