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Pringle James, householder, 25 Rankeillor st
James, C.A. (John Kobertson & Co.), S Strathearn place
John, tobacconist, 21 Bank st
John, grocer & spirit dealer, 49 Buccleuch st
â–  John, dairy, 21 Clerk st
John, surgeon, 27 Rutland square
Mark, spirit dealer, 100 Eose st
Robert, shopkeeper, 60 Shore, Leith
Robert, tanner and currier, Beaver Bank Works, Canonmills ;
res. 2 Portgower place
Robert, W.S. (Gordon. Pringle, Dallas & Co.), agent for
Scotch Law to H.M. Board of Customs, 18Rutland square
Robert, grocer & spirit dealer, 3 Ann field, Newhaven
Robert, grocer and spirit dealer. 19 G-reenside row, and
I Garfield place
Robert Keith, W.S. 3 Randolph place
Thomas, tailor & clothier, 3 Downie place
Thomas M. furrier, 19 Roxburgh st
Tod, spirit dealer, 15 St. Leonard's hill ; res. 13 Montague st
William, dairy, S Beaumont place
William D. stationer, 156 Fountain bridge
Prior George, apartments, 1 Queensferry st
Prison Board (County), 46 George st
(Her Majesty's), Calton hill
Managers' (H.M. for Scotland) Oflice, 19 St. Giles st
Pritchard George, hairdresser, 59 Rose st
Privy Seal Office, Register House
Proctor & Son, plumbers, 23 Church lane
Elizabeth, householder, 4 East Broughton pi
John, grocer and spirit dealer, 328 Lawnmarket ; res. 17
Archibald place
R. Anicolenio, portrait painter, 7 Upper Grove place
T. R. plumber (Proctor & Son), 21 West Maitland st
Procurator Fiscal's Office (City), Royal Exchange
Fiscal's Office (County), County buildings
Professional and Civil Service Supply Association, Limited,
grocers, Italian warehousemen, wine & spirit merchants,
tailors, clothiers, drapers, boot & shoe makers, &c. 2 & 3
St. Andrew square — Andrew Lindsay, manager ; Robert
Purves, ser-retary
Profit Alexander, builder, 3 & 5 North Back Canongate
Progin Auguste, traveller, 4 Airlie place
Property & Income Tax Office, 14 Waterloo place
(The) Company & News Office, 4 George st
Property Investment Company of Scotland (estab-
lished 1847), 37 George st— Peter Couper, manager
Property, Land & Assessed Tax Office, 14 Waterloo place
Trust, Limited. 130 George st
Prosser Alexander, dairyman, 32 Caledonian crescent
John, S.S.C. &N.P. (Morton, Neilsou& Smart), 19 York place
Protestant Institute of Scotland, 17 George IV. bridge— J.A.
Wyllie, ll.d. professor
National Alliance, 5 St. Andrew square— J. Moir Porteous,
d.b. hon. secretary
Proudfoot Alexander, .joiner, 184 Morningside rd
& Grossett, grocers & spirit dealers, 4 Grange rd
David C. road surveyor, City chambers ; res. Wester Dairy
James, greengrocer, S Caledonian rd
James, architect & surveyor, 5 Parkside st
Margaret, greengrocer, 78 Queen st
Provest Margaret, apartments, 20 Pitt st
Provident. Clerks' and General Guarantee Association, Limited,
II York buildings— David F. Sime, agent for Scotland
Life Office, 123 George st — Francis A. Bringloe, C.A. manager
Prudential Assurance Co. 12 George IV. bridge— J. George,
superintendent of agents
(The) Heritable Propertv Trust, Limited, 35 Hanover st—
P. H. Cameron, S.S.C. sec
Pryde David, m.a. head master, Edinburgh Ladies' College,
70 Queen st ; res. 10 Fettes row
Mary, greengrocsr, 165 Fountain bridge
Walter, boot & shoe maker, 42 Dean st
Public Baths, 12 Nicolson square — Joseph Little, proprietor
Parka Office, 14 Royal Exchange
Service Supply Stores, bootmakers, 14 Crichton pi. Leith walk
Works Office (H.M.), Parliament square
Works Office, Royal Exchange
Puckering John, manager, 60 PMrig st
Pullar Alfred, m.d. surgeon, 3 East Castle rd
J. & Sons, dyers, cleaners, &c. 23 Waterloo pi ; works, Perth
Punton John, butcher, 18 Portland place ; res. 16 Albany st. L
Purcell Margaret, householder, 2 Windsor st
Purdie A. manager, Edinburgh Western Tanning, Currying and
Japanning Co. Limited, 133 West port; res. 14 West
Lauriston place
John L. music warehouse, 83a Princes st
Purnell Henry A. warming & ventilating engineer, York lane and
at Glasgow ; res. 11 York place [wade
Purves A. P., W.S. & N.P. 102 George st; res. Esk Tower, Lass-
& Todd, tailors & clothiers, 31 South bridge
David, plumber, (D. Purves & Co.), 7 Hillside crescent
David & Co. plumbers & gasfitters, 12 Rose st
Frederick, clerk. 74 Inverleithrow
George, machinist (J. Purves & Son), 14 Hillside st
George W. teacher of music, 47 Forrest rd
James, S.S.C. 65 Frederick st
James, confectioner & greengrocer, 146 Kirkgate, Leith
James, tobacconist, 87 Princes st
James, umbrella maker. 59 East Crosscauseway
James, bookseller & stationer, 19 North Bruntsfield place
James & Son, engineers & toolmakers; 22 Greenside place
James F. writer, 87 Causewayside
Jessie, tobacconist, 22 Brandon terrace
— — John, draper, 8 Antigua st
John, engraver &. stationer, 39 William st
Joseph, traveller, 9 St. Giles st
Purves Peter, clothier (J. &P. Purves), 16 Beaumont place
Peter, greengrocer, 258 Causewayside
Richard, chimney sweep, 41 William st
Richard, chimney sweeper, White's buildings, Dairy rd
Rohert, greengrocer, 37 Potter row
Samuel, chemist, 70 Haymarket terrace
Thomas, apartments, 19 Albany st
Thomas A. grocer & spirit dealer, 10 Drummond st ; res. 27
West Preston st
Purves William & Son (John Stewart), tailors to
H.R.H. the Duke of Edinburgh, and clothiers to the
Royal Company of Archers. Queen's Body Guard in
Scotland, 88 George st date 1 St. Andrew square)
Purvis J. B. engraver & stationer, 39 William st
John, bird dealer, 7 Charles st [98 Buccleuch st
T. A. professor of gymnastics, fencing. &c. Forrest hill; res.
Pye & Robertson, tobacco pipe manufacturers, 101 High st
Pyle George H. bookkeeper, 19 Rankeillor st [st. Leith
Pyman George & Co. ship brokers & coal exporters, 28 Constitution
Pyper John, agent (Mutter, Howey & Co.), 9 Scotland st
John, painter & decorator, 49 William st ; res. 9 Atholl place
John, builder, 2 Polwarth gardens
Pyser Albeit, tailor & clothier, 21 South College st
QTJARRIER John, lath splitter, Gilmore park ; res. 90 Grove st
Quebec Timber Company, Limited, 33 Charlotte square— J. A.
RobeL'tson, C.A. manager
Queen Insurance Co.— For list of agents, see Fire fy Life Offices in
Classification of Trades
Street Hall, 5 Queen st [Forrest rd
Queen's City of Edinburgh Rifle Volunteer Brigade, Drill Hall,
Remembrancer & Registrar of Joint Stock Companies in Scot-
land, Exchequer chambers, Parliament square
Tobacco Warehouse, Quality st. Leith
Queensberry Lodge, South Back of Canongate
Queensland Investment & Land Mortgage Co. Limited, 53 George
st— Torrie, Brodie & Maclagan, agents [agents
National Bank, 10 Drummond place— Sprot & Wordie, W.S.
Quigley John, traveller, 11 Archibald place
Quin William, pawnbroker, 4 West Crosscauseway
Quinet Mrs. — , ladies' nurse, 17 William st
Quirk John, provision dealer, 102 Canongate
RAE 4dam, earthenware dealer, 55 Trafalgar lane, Bonnlngton
Alexander, grocer & spirit dealer (Alexander Rae & Sons),
St. Mary's place
Alexander & Sons, grocers & spirit dealers, 54 Lauriston st. 15
West Newington terrace, 248 Canongate, & 2 & 3 Spring
Alexander H. grocer, 26 Pitt st [Bank ter
David H. grocer & spirit dealer, 43 Dundas st ; res. 1 Dean
Donald, solicitor's clerk, 31 York place
Donald, writer, 30 St. Andrew square
Ebenezer, warehouseman, 69 Warrender Park rd
Frederick, greengrocer, 22 Brunswick st
George, traveller, 65 Lochend rd
George W. commission agent, 17 Quality st. Leith ; res. 7
Mary place, Stockbridge
James, slater, 31 Clerk st
James, furniture dealer, 32 South Richmond st
John, collector, 1 Manor place
John, tea merchant, 15 Marshall st ; res. 3 West Preston sfc
John, draper, 51 Ann st
John, teller, 8 Grange terrace
Laura, householder, 8 Laverock Bankrd. Trinity
Marion, householder, 3 West Preston st
â–  Matthew, searcher (Register House), 9 Granville terrace
Robert, clerk, 57 Montague st
Robert, householder, 4 Argyle place
Robert, police sergeant, 3u'st. Leonard st
Robina, fruiterer & confectioner, 11 Earl Grey st
Thomas, householder, 6 Marchmont rd [sq
Raeburn James S. hatter & hosier, 107 George st ; res. 44 Charlotte
John, ship master, 14 East Hermitage place, Leith
John, brewer (W. & J. Raeburn), 13 Mayiield gardens
Mary, newsagent, 94 Bonnington rd. Leith
Robert R. & J. P. architects, estate & property valuators, 44
Charlotte square
â–  W. & J. brewers, Merchant Street Brewery
William, brewer (W. & J. Raeburn), 49 Manor place North
Raff erty Frank, broker. 232 Cowgate
Helen, furniture broker. 26a West port
Mary, cabinet maker, &c. 30 & 34BIair st. and 9 Hunter sq
Michael, shopkeeper, 45 Candlemaker row
Railway Passengers' & General Accident Assurance Office, 4 St.
Andrew square — Lawrie & Ker, agents
Stations:— Caledonian. Lothian rd ; Edinburgh & Glasgow,
Waverley bridge ; North British, Waverley bridge ; offices
4 Princes st
Raimes & Co. wholesale druggists, general drysalters, &c. 17
Smith's pi. Leith walk
John F. wholesale druggist (Raimes & Co.), Smith's place;
res. Leith walk
Richard, wholesale druggist (Raimes & Co.), Bonnington park
Rainie William B., S S.C. 65 Castle st
Rainy Rev. Robert, D-D. principal of New College, 23 Douglas cres
Raison Charles Wm. master mariner. 3 Vanburgh place, Leith
Raithby C. H. commission agent, 9 Jordan lane
Ralston Alexander, agent for Low. Son & Haydon (London), whole-
sale perfumers, &c. 57 York place ; res. 16 Claremont ter
William J. tobacconist, 321 High st. & 4 Drummond st ; res. 3
East Register st
Ramage Alexander, baker (J. Ramage & Son), 4 Mary's place
& Ferguson, ship builders, Victoria docks, Leith
Andrew, dairy, 38 Covj.par st. Leith
Archibald, brass finisher, 2 Greyfriars place
Elizabeth, spirit dealer, 14 Coal hill, Leith

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