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Phipps Thomas, Property & Income Tax Office, 14 Waterloo place ;
res. Allerly, Russell place, Trinity
Phcenix Fire Office, 25 George st ; James Auld, local secretary
Phrenological Museum, Chambers st— John Henderson, curator
Picard Mdlle. — . French teacher, 6 Shandwick place
Picardy Place Hall, 20 Picardy place
Place School, 14 Picardy place— Philip B. Gibb, M.A., F.B.3.E.
head master
pickell R. & W., Imperial Hotel, 19 Market street
Pike George, hosier & glover, 68 Lauristoh place
Pilkington Joseph H. rag dealer, 254 Leith walk
Pillans Hugh & John, printers, 12 Thistle st
Hugh Scott, bank agent, Royal Bank of Scotland, Hunter sq ;
res. 12 Dryden place
A— James, printer (H. & J. Pillans), 17 Seton place, Grange
I- — John, clerk, Sunnyside, Craigmillar park
f~ John, baker & confectioner, 67 South Clerk st. 61 Cockburn st.
& 18 Elm row ; res. 10 Priestfield rd
- — Margaret, householder, 3 West Newington
Pillman M. fancy draper, 23 Princes st. Nile grove
Pinck Osborne W. professor of music, 32 South Clerk st
Pinkerton Richard, cabinet maker, 22 South Back Canongate
Thomas, clerk, 5 Merchiston Bank terrace
William, drysalter (Clark & Pinkerton), 14 East Claremont st
William, cabinet maker & upholsterer, 22 Greenside place;
res. 2 North bridge [Leith
Pirie Charles, officer of Noith Leith Free Church, 10 Madeira pi.
James, fish curer (Davidson, Pirie & Co.), 10 SummerBide
place, Leith
• John, fish curer (Davidson, Pirie & Co,), 28 Maderia at. Leith
John, reporter, 6 Marchmont road
William, chemist &, druggist, 4 Caledonian terrace, Dairy rd
William A. cashier, 7 Oxford st
Pirret John, victualler, 58 Clerk st
Robert, boot maker, 7 Abbey hill
Pirrie John, householder, 7 Broughton place
Pitbladde Miss — , 18 Grindlay st
Pitcairn Alexander Y., W.S. 19 Forth st
John E. secretary & traffic manager (Edinburgh Street
Tramways Co.), 54 North bridge
Pithie Margaret, shopkeeper, 5 Dumbiedykes rd
Pitkeathly William, grocer & spirit dealer, 8 Rosest; res. 10
Duncan st
Pitman A. R. Câ€ΕΎ W.S. & N.P. (J. & F. Anderson), 11 Gt. Stuart st
Frederick, W.S. (J. & F. Anderson), 11 Great Stuart st
Pitt Mrs. — , householder, 6 St. Vincent Bt
J. W. agent for Mann, Byars & Co. (Glasgow), 11 Chambers
st ; res. 22 Gillespie crescent
Pittendrich Alexander, bookbinder, 5 Roxburgh place
Plato Glass Insurance Company, 1 Hanover st—
William Edwards, agent— See advertisement
Player John, coach proprietor & builder, Tanfield, 23 Dundas st.
Pitt Street park, and 2 Scotland st ; res. 25 Duke st
Playfair John, m.d. '2b Rutland st
Plenderleith Andrew, manager, 9 South Fort st. Leith
John, wood merchant, 122 George st— James Rankin, agent
Plews Agnes & Hannah, apartments, 15 North Mansion House rd
Plimer Andrew, builder (A. Plimer & Sons), 6 Buccleuch st
. Andrew & Sons, builders & house agents, 17 Chapel st. &
21 Gifford park
George, tobacconist, 17 Chapel st
Raehael, householder, 1 Windmill st
Pole James H. shipmaster, 2 Portland terrace, North Leith
Police Assessment Collector's Office, 19 Charlotte st. Leith
(County) Office, County buildings. High st
Office, 99 Constitution st. Leith — Alex. Main superintendent
(Edinburgh) Office, Police Chambers, High st. & 18 Charlotte
st. Leith
â–  (City) Treasurer's Office, 10 Royal Exchange
Pollard J. & W., C.A. 2 York place
James, C.A. (J. & W. Pollard), 6 Grange terrace
â–  William, C.A. (J. & W. Pollard), 15 Grange terrace
Pollock Mary, greengrocer, 2 East Tollcross
Mary, householder, 2 Frederick st
Peter & Co. stationers, 22 East Preston st
Robert, blacksmith, Lochrin ; res. 10 Valleyfield st
William, hairdresser, 102 Rose st [rd
Pollok Charlotte, grocer & spirit dealer, Cherry hank, Newhaven
Polmaise Quarry Office, 6 Shandwick pi — Andrew Campbell, agent
Poison Agnes, householder, 44 Rankeillor st
Alexandrina, householder, 72 South Clerk st
Alice, householder. 44 Rankeillor st
Poison & Falconer, paper rulers and bookbinders,
pocket book makers, &c. 101 High st
Poison Catherine, draper, 53 Kirkgate, Leith
James, furniture dealer, 14 St. Andrew st. Leith
Joseph, cutler, 11 Cannon st
Robert, fishmonger, 27 Bread st
Ponton Alexander, gardener, 3 Ratcliffe terrace
Alison, householder, 11 Fettes row
Thomas M. builder & timber merchant, 38 Barony st. and
Montgomery st ; res. Windsor Cottage
Po-le Alexander, hairdresser, 5 & 6 Waverley market
John, bookbinder, 20 Gayfield square
Peter, confectioner, 34 Bridge st. Leith
William, warehouseman, 18 Livingstone place
Poor-rates, Oity Parish Office, 12 Bivsto place
Port Hopetoun Veneer, Sawing, Flooring & Moidding Mill Co. 125
Fountain bridge
Porteous Adam, plumber, 148 Bonnington rd ; res. 9 Burlington st
Alexander, contractor, asphalter & tile layer, 38 Haddington
place, Leith walk ; res. 17 Elm row
Alexander, jnn. surveyor, 130 George st ; res. 8 Brandon ter
Alexander, jun. merchant (Alex. Porteous & Son), 10 Tan-
tallon place
Alexander & Son, leather merchants, &c. 36 & 38 Rose at
G. printer, 8 Buccleuch st
7— a-e'
Porteous G. Murray Institution for the Education of
Young Ladies, 5 Minto place, Newington; lecturer on
history & English literature ; res. Fir Knowe, Juniper Green,
Mid Lothian
Porteous Helen, dairy & victual dealer. 14 Merchiston terrace
James, tobacco manufacturer (Thomson & Porteous), 29
Grange rd
James, cabinet maker, 21 Marshall st; res. 104 High st
James, Temperance Hotel, 104 High st
Janet, householder, 24 Gayfield square
Jessie, dairy keeper, 1 Viewforth park
John, printer, 8 Dundas st
John, picture framer, 56 Coburg st. Leith
Margaret G. householder, 7 Annandale st
Mary, dairy, 6 Leven st
Richard J. clerk, 23 Scotland st
S. & J. Berlin wool warehouse, 53 Hanover st
W. S. warehouseman (Morgan & Porteous), 14 Rosehall ter
William, spirit dealer, Jock's Lodge
William, Indian Civil Service, 43 Grange rd [st
William, grocer & spirit dealer, 59 Pleasance ; res. 10 Oxford
William, law agent, 17 Elm row
William, contractor, 1 Viewforth park
Porter Miss — , householder, 3 St. Vincent st
& Hyndman, coal merchants, 113 Bonnington rd
James C. musio seller, 37 Morrison st ; res. 9 Orwell place
â–  John S. grocer & spirit dealer, 57 Fountain bridge; res. 106
Gilmore place
Martin, bookseller & library, 42 Howe st
Thomas, joiner, Northumberland st
Post Office (General), Waterloo place & North bridge; branches,
57 Constitution st. 71 George st. 2 Lyndoch place & 41
South Clerk st [pi
Pottage J. C. homceopathic chemist, 117 Princes st ; rea. 7 Coates'
Potter Cecilia, shopkeeper, 4 Beaumont place
James, grocer & spirit dealer, 17 Prince Regent st. Leith
8. & Co. stationers & booksellers, 1 Bank st
Pottinger Thomas P. clerk, 25 Cheyne st
Potts Mrs. — , lodgings, 33 Castle st
A. W. Lii.D. teacher of classics, Fettes College
â–  G. & H. painters & decorators, agents for Maw &Co.'s encaus-
tic and Mosaic tiles, 6 South Frederick st
Harriet, spring mattress maker, 36 George st
William, lamp manufacturer, &c. (William & Henry Potts),
Aln Lodge, South Blacket place [toun
Wm, & Hy. lamp manufacturers & oil merchants, Port Hope-
Pourie James, cooper (John Pourie&Sons),Loudon Villa, Ferry rd.L
•Pourie John and Sons, coopers, stave merchants and
buoy makers, 10 Sandport st. Leith
Powderhall Recreation Grounds, Broughton rd [Bright cres
Powell Frederick W. chemist (Duncan, Flockhart, Powell & Co.),
Owen, chimney sweeper, 8 Home st
Sarah, dressmaker, 36 Queen st
Captain Thomas Folliott (Prison Commission for Scotland),
130 George st : res. 27 Heriot row
Powrie Adam, bootmaker, Stanley rd. Leith
Joseph, greengrocer, 48a Grove st
Peter, apartments, 25 India st
Poyser ThomaB C. teacher of music, 22 Lutton place
Praat J. dealer in works of art, 26n George st
Pradel Nathalie, dressmaker, 7 North St. David st
Prain H.D. actuary, Scottish Union Insurance Office, 7 Albert ter
â–  M. M.M. law agent, 7 Albert terrace [managing director
Prairie Cattle Company, Limited, 62 Frederick st— J. D. Smith,
Pratt Christopher, fishmonger, 13 Trafalgar st. Bonnington
George, butcher, 3 Howard, st
George, plasterer, Annandale Street lane ; res. 3 Mayville
gardens, Trinity
John, spirit dealer, 14 Broad wynd, Leith
Robert, tailor, 44 South bridge
Preacher William, spirit dealer, 15 Brougham place ; res. 27
Panmure place [nard's crescent
Prentice Charles, C.A. and actuary, 40 Castle st ; res. 8 St. Ber-
— -Elizabeth, grocer & spirit dealer, 204 Canongate; res. 5 St.
Peter's place
Elizabeth, grocer & spirit dealer, 1 Bainfield terrace
James, tailor, 11 Lothian st
Jessie, shopkeeper, 38 Pleasance
John, chemist & druggist, 126Nicolson st ; res. 53 Dick place
John, farmer, 16 St. Vincent st
William, cask merchant, Clyde Street lane
Presenter of Signatures Office, Parliament square
Preston Colonel — , C.B. Assistant-adjutant and Quartermaster for
Scotland, 1 Castle terrace
John, grocer & spirit dealer, 3 Panmure place
Prestongrange Coal & Fire Brick Co. Limited, Scotland Street
station— L. Branford, agent
Pretsell James, clerk, 3 Spottiswoode st
PricB Agnes, ornamental hairworker, 16 Home st
Charles, plumber, Gifford park [Dairy road
Daniel M. bookseller, newsagent, & circulating library, 30e
Pridie James D. surgeon, 6 Minto st
P. H. solicitor, 5 Lutton place
Primrose James, engineer (Davis & Primrose), 45 Albany st. Leith
Pr'nce David, auctioneer, 3 Summerhall square [Grassmarket
Pringle A. T. & Co. agricultural engineers, Corn Exchange bMgs.
Pringle Alexander, private school, 6 Shandwick
Pringle Alexander, dairy, 9 Elbe st. Leith
Alexander, adjutant general's officer, 66 Haymarket terrace
Daniel, clerk, 54 Marchmont crescent
David, householder, 11 Hermitage place, Leith
James, manager (Edinburgh Ropery and Sailcloth Co.), 7
Claremont park, Leith
James, brewer (T. & J. Bernard), Eellevue, Tipperiinn road
James, potato merchant, 22 East Preston st
James, spirit dealer, Greig's Htll. Dalkeith road

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