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National Investment Co. of Canada, Limited, 15 Hill st — Mill &
Bonar, agents
Legal and Collection Association, 7 Young st [for Scotland
Life Assurance Society, 16 Hill st— Bruce &. Kerr, secretaries
Line of Steamers to JS ew York, 1 Frederick st
Mortgage & Agency Co. of New Zealand, Limited r 39 Castle st
— Home & Lyell, agents
â–  Museum of Antiquaries of Scotland, The Mound
Property Investment Co. Limited, 32 Princes st — Patrick Turn-
bull, C.A. manager [David st— Lewis M'Eay, agent
Provincial Plate Glass Insurance Company 10a North St.
Secular Society, Edinburgh branch, Roxburgh Hall, Drum-
mond st
Security Savings Bank ; head office, 16 North Bank st ; branch
office, -10 Nfcolson st ; Leith office, 87 Leith walk ; Foun-
tain bridge branch, 1 Downie place [district manager
TelephoneCo. Limited, 34 St. Andrew sq— Charles G. Wright,
Trade Protection Agency ,3 Frederick st — James Drummond ,
C.A. & J. P. Galium, C.A. joint managers
National Union of Conservative Associations, 9 Castle
st ; Reginald MacLeod, barrister, hon. secretary;
Andrew Ross, S-S-C secretary
Navigation School, Bock place, Leith
Naysmith Thomas, shopkeeper, 75 Giles st. Leith
Neasham Thomas, grocer, 55 East Crosscauseway
Neil & Crighton, glass stainers, 7 Maitland st
Helen, householder, 112 Lauriston place
James, grocer & spirit dealer, 1 Montrose ter ; res. 4 Abbey st
John, joiner, Lower Gilmore place
William, grocer & spirit dealer, 6 Dumbiedykesrd
Neill & Co. book & law printers to H.M.'s Stationery Office, Old
Fishniiirket close, High st
& Co. builders & plasterers, 5 Wolseley cres. Jock's Lodge
Archibald, fish & egg me chant, 24 Caledonian terrace ; res. 1
Orwell place
D. T. machine maker, 40 Bangor rd. Leith
George.builder (Neill & Co.),l Wolseley crescent, Jock's Lodge
John, fish & egg merchant, 1 Riego st
John, baker, 1 Wemyss pi ; res. 8
R. M. merchant (Scott & Neill), 1 Wardie avenue [rd
Walter, goldsmith & jeweller, 36 Hanover st; res. 53 Lothian
Neilson Alexander, sculptor, Hay market terrace
& Bell, W.S. 1 North Charlotte st
Elizabeth, dressmaker, 37 Queensferry st
â–  â–  George, dairy, Jock's Lodge
Isabella, tobacconist, South St. Andrew st
Jane, dressmaker, 1 Rankeillor pi
â–  John, furniture broker, 58 St. Mary st
John, joiner & cabinet maker, 1 South Charlotte st
John, W. S. (Morton, Neilson & Smart), ^3 East Claremont st
Eobert, chimney sweeper, 30 St. Patrick square
Robert, travel ler, 48 nJ orrison st
â–  Sfcuart, W.S. (Neilson & Bell), 1 North Charlotte st
Walter, coal merchant, Scotland Street station ; re3. 36 Cum-
berland st
William, gun case and plate chest maker, 88 Rose st
William, W.S. (Neilson &Bell), 1 North Charlotte st
Nelson Alfred, artists' colourman & stationer, 19 Hanover st ; res.
39 George st
Christina, householder, 68 Madeira st. Leith
Graham, bootmaker, 79 Broughton st
J. G. ladies' outfitter, 32 Leven st ; res. 3 Yalleyfield st
James, dairy, 2S5 High st
â–  John, tea planter, 29 Gilmore place
â–  John, china dealer, 35 Clerk st
Mary, butcher, 87 Canongate
Mary, dressmaker, 79 Broughton st
Philip, engineer, 69 Cumberland st
Thomas, publisher (Thomas Nelson & Sons), St. Leonard's,
Dalkeith rd
â–  Thomas & Sons, printers & publishers, Park side
William, publisher (Thomas Nelson & Sons), Salisbury green,
Dalkeith rd
Kelson's Monument, Calton hill
Nesbit John, landsc*pe artist, 24 George st ; res. 6 Howe st
â–  , Walker & Co. drapers, 134 & 135 Kirkgate, Leith
Ness Alexander, writer, 1 Alfred place
George F. printer, 17 Quality st. Leith
James, grocer, 90a Eose st
James, grocer & spirit dealer, 39 Broughton st
John, tailor & clothier, 45 Lothian st
Nenffert J. M. corn & flour factor, 27 Quality st. Leith
Nevay Alexander, advocate, 65 Castle st
Nevison Elizabeth, newsagent, 1 Huntly st
New Church Society, 6 Infirmary st
Club, 85 Princes st— H. As tie v Hardinge, secretary
College (Free Church), The Mound
New Sedgwick Gunpowder Co. Limited, 29 St.
James's square— Robert Hamilton, sole agent for
New (The) Oriental Bank Corporation, Limited, 23 St. Andrew
square— David F. Octerlony, agent
Scottish Friendly Property Investment Co. 13 Hanover st —
George Scott, jun. secretary & treasurer
South Wales Mortgage Loan Co. 11 South Charlotte st—
Mitchell & Baxter, W.S. agents • [cipal
- — -Veterinary College. Leith walk— Professor Williams, prin-
York Life Insurance Co. 31 Princes st— Patrick Turnbull,
Zealand (The) Agricultural Co. Limited, 31 George st— John
Robertson & Co. general agents for Scotland
Zealand & Australian Land Company, Limited, 54 Castle st—
W. S. Davidson, general manager; James Ellis, secretary
â–  â–  Zealand Loan & Mercantile Agency Co. Limited, 35 Queen st
—Hamilton, Kinnear & Beaton, agents
â–  Zealand (The) Mortgage & Investment Co. Limited, 3 Queen
st— Gordon, Pringle, Dallas & Co. agents
r-lewall Frederick, master mariner, 195 Ferry rd
Newbigging A. C. wine merchant (Cockburn & Co.), 29 Heriot row
Eobert, writer, 11 Claremont terrace
Newcomb Henry, surgeon. 5 Dalrymple crescent
Newey & Son, drysalters & fire ligbt makers, 167 Leith walk
Newhall Thomas G-. painter, 20 Mary field place
Newhaven Co-operative Store Company, grocers, Pier place, New-
haven — John Linton, manager
Industrial Co-operative Society. Limited, grocers, Main st—
Alexander Johnstone, manager
Newington Academy (Young Ladies 7 ), 8 Arniston place— James G.
M'Lachlan, F.E.I.S. head master
Cemetery (East), Preston st
Newlands Andrew, S.fi.C. & N.P 30 Hanover st
David, saddlers' ironmonger, 6 Roseneath terrace
r H. S. milliner & draper, 98 Morningside rd
J", smallware dealer, 15 South Norton place
James, cabinet maker, 12 Caledonian rd
Janet, draper & feather cleaner, 15 South Norton place
Jessie & Isabella, milliners, &c. 2 Northumberland place
William, saddlers' ironmonger, 8 Victoria terrace
Newnham & Hunter, dressmakers, 29 Clarence sc
Newsbam William, spirit dealer, 4 Downie place
Newsome's Circus, Nicolson st— James Newsome, proprietor
Newton J., C.E. Polwarth Lodge, Polwarth terrace
Margaret, householder, 16 Melville terrace
Thomas, commission agent, 20 Barony st
Thomas, draper, 18 Norrh Bruntsfield place [pi
William, fruiterer, &c. 33 Argyle place ; res. 23 Livingstone
William, fruit & potato merchant, 13 Quality lane; res. 5
Hermitage hill
Nichol Elizabeth, householder, 12 Findhorn place
â–  Walter, hairdresser, 6 West Nicolson st
William, pie maker, 9 West Nicolson st
Nicholson Alice, householder, 38 Rankeillor st
David, spirit dealer, 24 Fleshmarket close
George, messenger-at-arms, 7 -North St. David st ; res. 6
Haddington place
â–  Jessie, greengrocer, 66 Tolbooth wynd, Leith
J. R. wine merchant, 13 & 15 Hope st; res. Briar Bank,
Murray field
John, agent to Clydesdale Bank, Limited, Bernard st ; res. o
Regent terrace
Joseph, professor of political economy, University of Edin-
burgh, 15 Jordan lane
Magnus, shopkeeper, 02 Coburg st. Leith
P. W. artist, 6 Shandon place ; res. S Hartington gardens
Walter, grocer & spirit dealer, 1 Stanwell st. Bonnington
Nicol The Misses — . householders, 2S Raeburn place
Alexander, photographer, 70 Lauriston place; res. 6 Ethel
terrace, Morningside
Andrew, hosier & draper, 80 Nicolson st
Helen, apartments, 13 Panmure place
James, dairy, 8 East Arthur place
James, insurance agent, 15 Noble place
â–  James, painter, 24 Bell place
James, tailor, 2 N. W. Circus place
James, shopkeeper, 31 R chmond place
John, grocer. 99 Fountain bridge
John, tailor, 3 Barony st
John, grocer, S'-i Elder st ; res. 27 Homest
John, newsagent, 5 High st
John, marine store dealer, 3 Canonmills
John K. chemist, 139 High st
Mary, householder, 19 East Preston st
Robert, contractor, 16 Viewforth park
Robert, tobacconist, 16 Crighton place, Leith walk
Robert E. cabinet maker, &c. 94 Morningside rd
Stewart, smith, 2R2 Bonnington rd
William, artist, 15 Blacket place
William, traveller, 9 St. Bernard's row
William, ironmonger. 67 High st
Nicoll Alexander, accountant, 5 St. Andrew sq ; res. 1 Gayfield pi
David, dairy, 45 India place
J. B- M.D., b.n. 34 Greenhill gardens
William, advocate, 3a Albany
William S. surgeon dentist, 5 Antigua st
Nicolson & Co. drapers, 3 South Clerk st
& Inglis, coal agents, 1 Summerball place
Andrew, law clerk, 34 March mont crescent [Leith
Andrew, station master, N.B.R. Junction rd ; res. 49 Couper st.
Christopher, provision dealer, 4 Hamilton place
D. & Son, wholesale wine, tea & spirit merchants, S Abbey
David, milliner & draper, 3 South Clerk st; res. 6 Hadding-
ton place [Lodge
David, brewer (D. Nicolson & Son"), Parsons' green, Jock's
David, confectioner & baker, 41 Lothian rd
George, messenger-at-arms, 9 North St. David st ; res. 6
Haddington place
Gilbert, grocer & spirit dealer, 1 Mulberry pi. Bonnir.gton
Helen, dressmaker, 74 Pitt st. Bonnington
Hugh, working jeweller, 10 Nicolson st
James, confectioner (J. M'Dougal & Co.), 9 Scone gardens,
Jock's Lodge
James, S.S.C. (Kussell & Nicolson), 11 Arniston pi
Lawrence James, commercial traveller, 16 East Norton pi
Magnus, greengrocer, 62 Coburg st
Malcolm, assistant clerk of justiciary, 12 Mayville gardens,
Margaret, smallware dealer, 53 South Clerk st
William, steamboat owner, 10 Shore, Leith
Niddrie & Benhar Coal Co. Limited, 4 York buildings— Andrew
W. Turnbull, secretary & manager
Nielsen, Andersen & Knott, shipbrokers & coal exporters, 2
Commercial st. Leith
Night Asylum & Strangers' Friend Society , Old Fish Market close

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