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Murie Andrew, market gardener, CraigmiUar gardens
â–  J. confectioner, &' servants' registry office, 22 Brougham pi
Muriset E. French teacher, CraigmiUar House, Crawfurd rd
Murphy Mrs. — , grocer, 26 Barony st
Alexander Duncan, S.S.C. & N.P. 22 Bernard st. Leith,- res.
Balgownie Lodge, Maylield gardens
Fram-is, teacher of shorthand, 18 Findhorn place
Isabella, grocor, 16 Tarn side
â–  James, egg merchant, 67 South Back Canongate
James, apartments, 17 Cumberland st
Murray Mrs. — , householder, 34 Hanover st
Abijah, sheriff's officer, 15 Bernard terrace
I' Alexander, bank clerk, 4 Warriston crescent
t â–  Alexander, joiner, Swinton row ; res. 79 Marchmont rd
Alexander, joiner, 27 Dairy rd
f Alex, hat manufacturer (Craig, Christie & Co.), 26 Lauder rd
Alex, groeer & wine merchant, 2 Brougham place
Alexander, grain merchant (Alex. Murray & Son), Sea Lod^e
Alexander & Son, grain merchants. 42 Quality st. Leith
Alexander K. manager, 26 Lauder st
Alexander 8. whisky broker (Alexander S. Murray & Co.), 45
G-eorge square
Alexander S. & Co. whisky brokers, 22 Constitution st
& Campbell, photographers, 68 Princes st
â–  & Co. hatters, 172 Canongate
Sc Falconer, W.S. 141 George st
& Keddle, milliners, 33 Casl.le st
& Russell, stationers & newsagents, 125 Nicolson st
â–  & Todd, cattle agents, Lauriston market
Andrew, writer & N.P. Rose Bank, 4 Blackford rd
Andrew G. advocite, 7 St. Colme st
Anthony G. civil engineer, 141 G-eorge st
Archibald, grocer & wine merchant, 9S Duke st. Leith; res.
2 Primrose st
, Beith & Murray, W.S. & N.P. 43 South Castle st
â–  David, solicitor (Begg & Murray), 24 Royal crescent
David, m.d. 2b Grove st [rd
David Hill, solicitor, 13 Frederick st ; res. G-lenifTer, St. Alban's
Donald R. surgeon, 41 Albany st. Leith
Douglas, stationer (Murray & Russell), 125 Nicolson st
Frank, printer, 9 & 11 Young st ; res. 15 Grosvenor crescent
• Mr. G-eorge, 120 George st; res. 86 Lauriston place
G-eorge, railway inspector, 25 Haddington place
G-eorge, householder, 22 Livingstone place
Helen, spirit dealer, 9 Couper st. Leith
Helen, confectioner, 172 Rose st
^ Helen, draper, 6 Marjhmont terrace
"* Henry, registrar of births, deaths, & marriages, 11 Hope Park
terrace ; res. Gleniffer, St. Alban's rd
J. & A. gardeners & florists, Coltbridge
J. & W. butchers, 54 Albert st
â–  James, m.b., cm. surgeon, 12 Claremont place
James, grocer, 11 St. Stephen st
Murray James, ham curar, Swanfield, 44 Bonnington
rd ; res. 4S Albany st. North Leith
Murray James, hshmonger, 10 Montrose terrace ; res. 6 Rosslyn st
James, clerk, 7 Broughton place
James, grocer & spirit dealer, 239 Leith walk ; res. 18 Lonsdale
â–  James, grocer & spirit dealer, 10 Admiralty st. Leith
James, postmaster, Leith, 6 Malta terrace, St. Bernard's row
James, tinsmith, 8 Farquharson place
James, gardener & florist, York rd. Trinity
James, assistant secretary (Caledonian Fire & Life Insurance
Company), 19 George st ; res. 7 Fetfces row
â–  â–  James, baker, 70 St. Andrew st. Leith
James, householder, 1 Moncrieff terrace
James & Co. hat & cap manufacturers, 13 South St. David st
â–  Jane, apartments, 9 Leven terrace
Jane, fishmonger. 8 Marshall st
â–  Jane, milliner (Murray & Keddie), 9 William st
John, stationer, 174 Leith walk
â–  John, clothes dealer, 154 Cowgate
John, grocer & spirit dealer, 10 Taylor place & 85 Albert st;
res. 2 Dickson st. Leith
John, smith, 11^ St. Anthony place
John, ironmonger, 15 Cochrane place
â–  John, stationer, 78 Queen st ; res. 31 Kelson at
John, W.S. 37 St. Bernard's crescent
John, assurance agent, 7 Buccleuch place
John, district manager, Scottish Legal Life Assurance Society,
25 North bridge ; res. 8 Montague st
Joseph, session clerk, 22 Hartington place
â–  Joseph P. storekeeper, 66 Haymarket terrace
Martin, grocer & spirit dealer. 135 Cowgate
Mary, dairy, 2& Deanhaugh st
Mary, householder, 69 Warrender Park rd
â–  Milne D. surgeon, 10 Hope st
â–  Murray, provision dealer, 13 West Montgomery place
Patrick, W:S. (Murray, Beith & Murray), 12 Ann st
R. joiner, 7 Hill Street lane
R. Milne, M.A., m.b., cm. physician, 10 Hope st
Murray Robert, corn, seed & manure merchant, &
manager of Uphall Manure Co. 7 Roxburgh place
Murray Robert, grocer & spirit dealer, 54 G-rove st ; res. 18 Lons-
dale terrace
â–  Robert, architect, 12 Caledonian rd
Robert, head otticar, Board of Trade, Leith, 7 Hope terrace
Robert, grocer (Robert Murray & Son), 19 Union st [st
Robert, fishmonger, 7 Albert place, Leith walk ; res. 19 Union
Robert, traveller, 166 Constitution st. Leith
Robert & Son, grocers, 8 Albert place, Leith walk
â–  Robert W. E. cattle dealer (Murray & Todd), 20 Seton place
â–  Stewart, shopkeeper, 172 Rose st
â–  Thomas, bookseller, 16 Forrest rd ; res. 11 Melville terrace
— - Thomas, bookseller (Ogle & Murray), 33 Buccleuch place
- — Thomas, coal agent, 7 Leslie place
Murray Thomas, house agent, 7 Charlotte si ; res. -i atead's pi
Thomas, grocer & spirit merchant, 9 Duke st; res. 23 Dublin st
Thomas, bootmaker, 34 Lothian st ; res. 6 Livingstone place
â–  Thomas C. bootmaker, 53 Hunover st [crescent
Thomas G., W.S. (Tods, Murray & Jamieson), 11 Randolph
William, manager (W. & A. Gilbey), 8 Clifton terrace
William, stonemason, Pattison st. Leith
William, tailor & clothier, 41 & 43 Great Junction st ; res.
Lynwood Bank, Park rd. Leith
William, shopkeeper, 80 Bonningtou rd. Leith
William, groeer & spirit dealer. 30 Broughton st
William, boot & shoe maker, 94 Lady Lawson st [pi
William, grocer & spirit dealer, 43 Argyle place ; res. 39 Dk-k
William & James, bakers. 7 Newton terrace, Tynecastle
William H., W.S. & N.P. (J. & F. Anderson), 78 Great King st
William M. solicitor (Miller & Murray), 3 Stead's place
William R. pattern designer, 27 Hamilton place, Stockbridge
Murrell Henry, collector, 3 Buccleuch terrace
Murrie Douglas, C.A. 16 Queen st ; res. 31 Gillespie crescent
Robert, actuary, 31 Gillespie crescent
Museum, Duddingston
, National Gallery, The Mound [M. Smith
(Edinburgh) of Science & Arts, Chambers st -director, Charles
Mushet Iron Works, ironfounders, Caroline Park, G-ranton
Iron Works (Dalkeith), 7 St. Giles st— James Anderson, agent
John, house agent (John Mushet & Son), 1 Walker st
John & 8on, house agents & undertakers, 11 Hope st
R. & Co. ironfounders, Bonnington Foundry, Leith
Musselburgh Iron Works, ironfounders, &c. 14 Forth st
Mustard Alexander, law agents, 23 Melville terrace
Mus ton Charles A. B. clerk, 97 Marchmont rd
Mutrie William, hairdresser, 39 & 41 Blair st
Mutter. Howey & Co. carriers to Her Majesty'sGovern-
ment. railway agents and general contractors ; head
office. 12 Market st. and $ Bernard st. Leith, and
North British Railway station
Mutter Jobn, carrier, &0. (Mutter, Howey & Co.), 29 Chalmers st
Mutual (The) Accident Association, Limited, IS Frederick st—
Cuthbert & Marchbank, agents
Fire Insurance Corporation, Limited, 18 Frederick st— Cuth-
bert & Marchbank, agents pst
Myers & Goldston, watchmakers, 2S South bridge & 303 & 305 Hrgh
Joseph, watchmaker, 65 South bridge; res. 54 Soutli Clerk at
Nathan, watchmaker (Myers & Goldston), 7 Bernard terrace
Nathan A. & Son. watchmakers, &c. 71 Nicolson st
Myles Charles C. drapers' assistant, St. Leonard's hill
Myles Charlotte, apartments, Madeira Cottage, Jor-
dan lane
Myles George, baker, 133 Canongate ; res. 26 Rankeillor st
William, bootmaker, 12 Trafalgar st. Leith
Mvlne & Campbell, W.S. 36 Castle st
& Cook, C.A. 1 Albyn place
G-. F. advocate, 12 Charlotte square
James, W.S. (Mylne & Campbell), 9 Randolph crescent
William R., C.A. (Mylne & Cook), 18 Manor place
Myrtle John Young, jun. wine merchant, 5 Bank st. Leith; res.
24 Rutland st
William, C.A. 67a Hanover st ; res. 14 St. Bernard's crescent
NAIRN John, wine merchant (J. G-, Thomson & Co.), 4 M'Laren rd
John, jun. manager, 4 M'Laren rd
William & Son, confectioners & bakers, 41 Albert st
Naismith Andrew, cattle dealer, 7 West Stanhope place
Annie, spirit dealer, 18 Citadel, Leith
Charles, surgeon, 19 Buccleuch place
Jane, draper, 169a Fountain bridge [Plewlands
Robert T. accountant, 18 St. Andrew sq ; res. 2 Ethel terrace,
Walter B. spirit dealer, 17 Portland place ; res. 34 Madeira st. L
Napier the Misses — , dressmakers, 2 St. Bavin's terrace [ton pi
Alexander, chemist & druggist, 69 South Clerk st ; res. 23 Lut-
Alexander John, W.S. 11 Heriofc row
Andrew, householder, 30 Madeira st. Leith
B. & Co., paper rulers & bookbinders, 4 St. James's square
Duncan, medical botanist (D.Napier & Son), Sciennes gardens
Duncan & Son, medical botanists, 17 Bristol place
G-. tailor & clothier, 127 Rose st ; res. 2 Hope Park crescent
George B. hosier & glover, 10 Nicolson st ; res. 5 Buccleuch ter
James B. teacher of drawing, 131 Warrender Park rd
John, watchmaker, 31 Princes st
John M. paper ruler, 14 Elder st
Lawrence T. advocate, 27 Castle st
R. & W. joiners & cabinet makers. 9 Tarvit st
W. paper ruler, 5 North St. James st [Mayfield gardens
Nasmyth John, draper & silk mercer, 34 South bridge; res. IS
National Bank of India, Limited, 46 Castle st— Hon. Francis J.
Moncreiff , agent [& Stuart, agents
Bank of New Zealand (deposit agency), 56 Frederick st— Stuart
Bank of Scotland, Limited, 42 St. Andrew square— Thomas
Hector Smith, manager ; G. L. Rorie, secretary ; George
B. Hart, accountant and superintendent of "branches ;
Alexander Graham, cashier. London office, 37 Nicholas
lane, E.C.— James Robertson, manager; Thomas Ness,
assistant manager. Branches : West End— Alexander M.
Fraser, agent. South Side— Murdoch Ross, agent.
Tolcross— A. Logan Fyfe, agent. High st— Alex. Dun<an,
agent. Haymarket— Jobn Donaldson, agent. Leith
Walk — Robert G-rieve, agent— .See advertisement
■ Bible Society of Scotland, 5 St. Andrew sq— Rev. J. S. Nisbet,
Fire Insurance Corporation, Limited, 50 G-eorge st— Ker &
Smith, W.S. district managers
Gallery, The Mound
National Guarantee and Suretyship Association,
Limited ; head office, 67 George st— George Todd
Chiene, C.A. manager— iVee advertisement
National Heritages Association, Limited, 28 Queen st— Alexander
G-ordon, agent

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