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iu.ouu;u,iLi uenry, water (.n rno & ijyellj, 40 inuia st
John H. draughtsman, 30 St. James's square
Monteith Andrew l'ait. corn, &c factor (Younger & Monteith),
Tower Mains, Liber ton
â–  Christina, fruiterer, 5 Deanbank place ; res. 20 Cumberland st
Margaret., milliner & dressmaker, 73 Northumberland st
Montgomery Alexander, tea merchant (Anderson & Montgomery),
132 Gilmore place
H. T. & H. joiners, North Merchiston avenue
â–  Robert M. grocur, 127 Canongate
William, W.S 2ii Rutland square
Monthly Interpreter, 33 George st—T. &T. Clark, publishers
Montiguam Ohas. L. eating house, 6 North Richmond st
I Hy. G merchant & commission agent, 6 Drummond st ; res.
19 Tanlallon place
t Monville Fhibrolithoid Company. Limited, 55 Constitution st. L
Moodie James, cabinet maker, U6 Lauriston place
James, collector, 1 Falshaw st. Leith walk
John, tailor & clothier, 33 Ferry rd. Leith
John, baker, 11 Balfour st. Leith, &, East Norton place ; res.
31 Lady Menzies' place
John, painter, 24 Charles st
John, grocer & spirit dealer, 6 Home st ; res. 11 Brougham st
Margaret, shopkeeper, 16 Hamilton place
I'homas, watchmaker, 17 Teviot place [st
Moody R. superintendent, Pearl Lite Assurance Co. Ld. 18 Lothian
Moome James Anderson, teacher of music. 29 Oxford st
Moore Frank, shopkeeper, 21 South St. James st
Harriet, householder, 15 Stafford st
R. B. Caledonian Bold, 115, ilti & 117 Princes st
Richard, Hesher, 2 Roxburgh place
S. B. (G.P.O.), 3 Thorntree *t
Moorhead Mary, apartments, 6 Castle sfc
Morachan John, hairdresser, 90 South Back of Canongate
Moran Anthony, furniture broker, 8 West port
H. & T. slipper manufacturers, 369 High st
Mary, dairy, 13 West port
More & Rutherford, plumbers, brassfounders, gashtters, & zinc
workers, 3 Albany Street lane
Francis, C.A. 21 St. Andrew square ; res. 5 Fountainhall rd
George, solicitor, -12 Frederick st; res. 146 Morningside rd
James L. clerk, 4 Danube st
Lawrence M. cashier, 2 Queensberry terrace
Morelli Demetrai, mould & figure maker, 4 Greenside place ; res.
9 Leopold place
Morgan Alexander, spirit dealer, 67 Blackfriars st; res. 3 Salisbury
& Porteous, wholesale lace & trimming merchants, 44
Hanover st
David, cashier, 1 Marchmont rd
— -*- John, spirit dealer. 24y Canongate ; res. 112 Lauriston place
William, manufacturing chemist (Hulme Brothers & Co.),
22 Dick place
Wiltiam, wine & spirit merchant, 65 & 67 Fountain bridge ;
res. 21 Rankeillor st
William, tailor, 40 Pitt st. Bonnington
William, shopkeeper, 2 Dairy Park terrace
William, dairyman, 46 West Bowling Green st. Leith
â–  William, warehouseman (Morgan & Porteous), 40 Bruntsfield
place South
Morham Alexander H. cattle dealer, 5 Strathearn rd
George, engineer & surveyor, 34 St. Andrew square ; res. 17
Findhorn place
James, clerk uf police court, 6 Queen's crescent
) Robert, jun. architect, superintendent of public works, 11
Royal Exchange; res. 2 Brights crescent
Morison A. spirit dealer. 184 Canongate
Alexander, watchmaker, 52 Broughton st
Alexander, S.S.C- 77 Great King st
Morison & Co. cabinet makers, upholsterers, and
billiard table makers, 78 George st ; works, Tyne-
castle, Dairy
Morison George, candle maker (J. & G. Morrison), 17 Queen's cres
George, stationer, 1 Merchiston avenue
J. & J. brewer?, 160 Canongate, & South Back Canongate, &
grocers & wine merchants, 177 Canongate
â–  J.- & J. spirit dealers. 255 High st
John, jun. spirit denier, 12 Greenside st* 1 Dumbiedykes rd.
& 21 Duke st. Leith
John, mine agent (Newbattle Colliery), 4 Baltic st
John, spirit dealer, 1 Macdowall st
Jolin, chemist &, druggist, 20 Dundee terrace
John, brewer (J. & J. Morison), 6 Picardy place
â–  John, jun. brewer (J. & J. Morison), 6 Picardy place
John C. tailor & clothier, 27 South bridge ; res. 18 Melville tor
John W. joiner, 1 St. Peter's place
Patrick G. householder, 1 Strathearn place
■ — -Peter, S.S.C. & N.P. secretary, Scottish Trade Protection
Society. 4 Bank st
Robert, clothier, 44 Hanover st ; res. 10 Marchmont st
Robert, manager, S Rosehall terrace
Robert, surveyor of customs, 31 Gayfield square
Robina, newsagent, 99 West port
â–  William, dairyman, 3 Jessneld place, Newhaven rd. Leith
Morningside Athenaeum, Limited, 11 Morningside rd — Thos. W.
J3. Rohson, ll.d. secretary & librarian [cipal
College, South Morningside urive— Donal Macleod, m.a. prin-
Morrell S. spirit dealer, Jock's Lodge
Morris A. W. lace agent, 46 Earl Grey st
Arthur, manager, 2 Russell place, Trinity
-Rev. D. W. librarian to United Presbyterian Church, College
buildings, Castle terrace ; res. 176 Perry rd. Leith
J. D. agent, 7 North St. David st
James, spirit dealer, 62 Abbey hill
Jessie, dairy, 12 Prince Regent st. Leith
John, tailor, 4S9 Lawnmarket
â–  John, clerk, 177 Perry rd
6J— A-K
Morris Jouu & ouns, eom-iauioia, uruell terrace
Margaret, dressmaker, 3 Summers place
Martha, china dealer, 30 Marchmont crescent
William, wholesale tea dealer, 23 Clyde st
"William, iish dealer, Tynecastie lane
Morrison Miss — , householder, 11 Pones st
â–  Adam, warehouseman, 19 Balfour st
Agnes, householder, 106 Lauriston place
Agnes, apartments, S Merchiston terrace [st
Alexander, smith & machine maker, Pirrie st ; i*es. 23 Gordon
Alexander, dairy, 75 St. Leonard st
Alexander, engineer & bicycle, maker, Pirrie st. Great Junc-
tion st. Leith, & at Steel's place, Leith walk
Alexander & Son, builders, 5 Bellevue terrace
Morrison & Gibb, printers and sfeereotypers (printers
of Her Majesty's Gazette). 11 Queen st
Morrison & Jhtume, plumbers & gashtters, 25 Marshall st
â–  Annie, householder, 10 Warrender Park crescent
Barton, clerk, 12 Leopold place
C. & Sons, merchants & agent s, 81 Constitution st. Leith
Charles, merchant (C. Morrison & Sons), 25 Royal ter
Christina, houseuolder, T.iaphall, Perry rd
D. C. agent for William Dixon, Limited, coal & iron masters,
31 Bernard st. Leith
Daniel, chemist & druggist, 116 West bow
Helen, shopkeeper, 2 George st. Leith
Heleu, baker & confectioner, 13 Dairy Park terrace
Hugh, clothier & Highland costume maker, 105 Princes st. &
itt Glasgow [Leith
J. & G. commission agents & candle makers, 90 St. Andrew st.
James, engineer (Win. Morrison & Sons). 1 Smith's place, 189
Leith walk
James, gardener, 4 Moncrieff terrace
James, draper, 172 Fountain bridge
James D. householder, 3(5 Buecleuch place
James Darsie, surgeon dentist, 27 Grange rd
James W. plumber (Morrison &, Hume), 17 York place
Jane, milliner & draper, 3 George st. Leith
Janet, householder, 4 Findhorn place
John, householder, 19 Cumberland st
John, painter, 1 1*3 Canongate
John, spirit dealer, 184 Canongate
M. shopkeeper, 10 Church st
Matthew, wine merchant (Sanderson & Morrison), Mont-
gomery place
Peter, spirit dealer, 184 Cowgate ; res. 22 Forrest rd
Robert, upholsterer & furniture dealer, 40 Blair st
Robert, grocer, 66 & 73 Giles st. Leith
Robert, furniture dealer, 172 Cowgate
Robert, grocer & spirit dealer, 13 Atholl place
Robina, confectioner, 99 West port
Thomas, agent, 5 Leith walk, Leith
Thomas L. bicycle & tricycle depot & ironmonger, 7 Green-
side pi
William, W.S. (Murray, Beith & Murray), 26 Dundas st
William, traveller, 7 Hillside crescent
William, engineer (William Morrison & Sons), 204 Leith wa'k
William, bookseller, 41 Leith st ; res. 3 Gayfield place
William, master mariner, Granton harbour
William, merchant (C. Morrison & Sons), 4 Regent terrace
William & Sons, engineers & machine makers, Jane st. Leith
William O. printer (Murray & Gibb), 32 Abercromby place
Mortgage (The) Company of South Australia, Limited, 32 Albany
st— J. R. M'L. Wedderburn.. secretary
Mortimer <5c Son, toreech-loading gun'and rifle makers,
86 George st
Mortimer Joan, milliner, 245 Leith walk [ton
Thomas A. C. gunmaker (Mortimer & Son), The Hill, Merchis-
Morton Alexander, ribbon & laceman, 14 South bridge ; res. 20
Blacket place
Alexander, clerk, 7 St. Andrew square
Alexander, grocer, 8 Fowler terrace
Alexander G. householder, 5 Xork place
& Smith, butchers, 53 Forrest rd
& Wilson, goldsmiths, watchmakers, &c. 139 Princes st
Charles, W.S. & N.P. (Morton, Neilson & Smart), Broadlands
Lodge, Palmerston rd
David, S.S.C. ti9A George st ; res. Forrester rd. Corstorphine
James, manager, Bank of Scotland, Limited (Branch), 25
Do wnie place ; res. 20 Leamington terrace
James S. joint secretary (SeottisiTProvident Institution), 25
Regent terrace
Jane, dairy, 4 Lome st. Leith
John, art furnisher (William Scott-Morton & Co.), 7 Polwarth
John, bootmaker, 337 Leith walk
, Neilson & Smart, W.S. 19 York place
Robert, cabinet maker, 11 Caledonian rd
S. & H. & Co. patent slip manufacturers, engineers, boiler
makers & iron shipbuilders, Victoria dock, Leith
W. Kinniburgh, S.S.C, 31 St. Andrew so;; res. 20 Blacket pi
William, S.S.C. 37 Leamington terrace
Wm. agent (Royal Bink ot Scotland, Branch), 36 Blacket pi
William, draper, 30 North Bridge st j res. 7 West Newington
William, greengrocer & dairyman, 63 North Fort st, Leith â– 
William, dairyman, 51 Thistle st
Scott William, art furnisher (William Scott-Morton & Co.),
10 Merchiston Bank terrace
Morton-Scott William and Co. designers and manu-
facturers of artistic household furniture and Tyne-
castie tapestry, Albert Works, Tynecastie ; London
address, 14 Rathbone place, W.
Moss H. E. proprietor of Moss's Theatre of Varieties, 5 Chambers
st ; res. Ormelie, Murrayfield
Mossman k Sons, watchmakers k jewellers, 30 Princes st

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