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JViiutu jbiizabeth, widows' cap maker, 37 Castle st
â–  James, artist, Ivy Cottage, Ivy terrace
John, steam tug owner, 20 Shore
Minty James, newsagent, 2a Lauriston st [Albany st. Leith
Mirk James, spirit dealer, 149 Constitution st. Leith; res- 30
Mirylees Janus S. merchant (White, Moir &Co.), 6 Gay field sq
Missouri (The) Land & Live Stock Co. Limited, 10 Castle st —
Will am Stuart Praser, secretary iPaterson, C.A. secretary
Land Co. of Scotland, Limited, 71 G-eorge st— A. J.
Mitchelliill James, baker, 7-5 Clerk st
Mitchell Mrs. — , householder, 6 Gladstone pla"e, Leith
Mrs. — , gardener, 1 Comely bank
Miss — , Householder, 39 Dublin st [East Bavile rd
A. M. grocer & wine merchaot, 4 South Charlotte st ; res. 1
Adam, dairy, 23 Carnegie st
Agnea, householder, 12 Marehmont rd
Agnes, lodgings, 1 Leamington ttrraf-e
Alexander, W.S. 14 Carlton st
Alexander, flesher, 13 East Richmond st [Patrick square
Alexander, wine & spirit dealer, 122 High st ; res. 32 St.
Alexander, compositor. 14 Hillside sfc
Alexander, baker, 21 Montrose terrace
Alexander, builder, Cottage, end of Dundee terrace
Alexander (Commercial Bank), 14 Eildon st
Alexander, timber merchant (J.Mitchell & Co.), 33(3 Leith walk |
â–  Alexander J. advocate, 60 Frederick st ; res. Craigleith House
& Baxter, W.S. & N.P. 11 South Charlotte st
Andrews apartments, 6 Pitt st
Andrew, advocate (Parliament House), 9 Doune terrace
Annie, apartments, 44 Northumberland st
Arthur. m.jd.,ll.d., a.m. & commissioner in lunacy for Scot-
land, 34 Drummond place
Catherine, grocer & spirit dealer, 74 South Back of Canongate
Charles, church officer, 9 Stafford st
Charles, painter, 22 Dock st. L ; res. 1 Munro pi. Canonmills
â–  David, plumber & gasfitter, 105 Causewayside
David, auctioneer & valuator, 6 Comely bank
Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 12(5 Bonnington rd. Leith
â–  Elizabeth, newsagent, 199 Great Junction st. Leith
George, bootmaker, 11 Little King st
George, grocer, 52 South Clerk st ; res. 12 Marchhall crescent
George, corn merchant, 8 Bright terrace
George, inspector (G.P.O.), luti Lauriston place
Grace, householder, 13 Calton hill
Grierson G. photographer (Lawrie & Mitchell), 3 Gladstone pi
Helen, tobacconist, 46 Causewayside
Henry, tailor, 157 Rose st
Isabella, householder, 10 Smith's place, Leith walk
J. Lihie, art furniture manufacturer (John Mitchell & Son),
Mansfield, Craigmillar park
James, clerk, 15 James st
James, provision merchant, 57 South Clerk st; res. 12
Gladst ne terrace
James, school board officer, 19 Fowler terrace
James, smith, Montgomery st ; res. 26 Lome st
James, boiler inspector, 6 Noble place
James, writer, Rockville place
James, bootmaker, 31 Caledonian crescent
James, apartments, 4 Lttle King st
James, jeweller, 03 North bridge ; res. 11 Glenst
John, supervisor, Inland Revenue, 15 Leslie place
John, art furniture manufacturer (John Mitchell & Son), 39
Gilmcre place
John, clerk, 24 Bellevue crescent [Pilrlg
John, timber merchant. &c. (J. Mitchell & Co.), Rossiyn st.
John, Italian warehouseman, purveyor, &c. 3 India st ; res.
2 Gloucester place
John & Co. timber merchants & saw mill owners, Leith Walk
Sawing & Moulding Mills, 23o Leith walk [Bellevue
John & Sou, builders, Heriot hill; res. Mansfield Cottage,
â–  John & Son, joiners & undertakers. 63 Abbey hill
John & Son, art furniture manufacturers, carpet warehouse-
men, upholsterers, bedding manufacturers, importers of
foreign textile fabrics and art produrts, removal con-
tractors, and electric light engineers, 106 Princes st
Joseph, jeweller, 2 Barony st
Margaret, householder, 1 Eyre crescent
Margaret, householder, 35 Carlton st
Mary, purveyor, 2 Gloucester place
Mary, dairy, 29 Cumberland st
Rev. Dr. Murray, secretary for Free Church Foreign
Missions, 18 Napier road
Norman R. bookseller, 20 Millerfield place
Peter, smith & tinplate worker, 74 Rose st
Peter, ironmonger, 7 Hanover st; res. 18 Nelson st
R. F. map engraver, 55 Warrender Park rd
Robert, householder. 10 West End place
Robert, engraver A lithographic printer, 20 Rose st ; res.
10 Ardmillan terrace, Tynecastle
Robert, baker, 66 Cumberland st
Robert, engineer & superintendent of Edinburgh Gas Co.
14 Marchhall road
Robert K. agent to Falkirk Iron Co. IS Picardy place
Rosina & Agnes, dress makers, 48 Morrison st
Samuel, tobacconist. 40 Gordon st. Leith
Sarah, householder, 16 Hart st
, Somerville & Co. corn & timber merchants, 22 Baltic st
Sydney, architect, 122 George st ; res. 34 Drummond place
T. Sawyers, agent, Commercial Bank, 1 Shandwick place; res.
7 Dalhousie terrace
Thomas, W.S. (J. B. Douglas & Mitchell), 14 Smith's place
Thomas, superintendent, Sailors' Home, Leith
Walter, shopkeeper, 88 & 90 Salamander st
â–  William, inspector for the Society the Prevention of Cruelty
to Animals, 22 Alva place
William, coal agent, 7 Spencer place, Port Hopetoun
- William, S.S.C. (Mitchell & Baxter), Rose Bank, Rossiyn
Mueheh William, householuer, 65 Warrender Park rd
William (H.M.C.), 205 Great Junction st
William, printer, 7 Broughton place
Mi tford' William Robert., surveyor (G.P.O.), 33 Coates' gardens
Mochrie Robert, linen draper, hosier, & carpet manufacturer, 19
& 21 Dundas st ; res. Northfield House, Jcck's Lodge
Moffat & Co. drapers, &c. 43 Esrl Grey st
Andrew, teacher, 28 Luttou place
Andrew, butcher, 39 Duke st; res. 85 Leith walk
Andrew, butcher, 31 Lothian rd ; res. 12 Downie place
Ann, bootmaker, 30 St. Andrew sq ; res. 6 Wolseley ter
Arthur H. artist, 24 George st
Brothers, fieshers, 12 Downie place
David, Wliiic Hart Tavern, 32 Grassmarket
Frank P. photographer, 125 Princes st ; res. 1 Woodburn ter
George Dickson, lish merchant & medicinal cod-liver oil
manufacturer, 3S Dundas st ; res. 4 Great King st
Henry, Esq. (of Eldin), 42 Castle st ; res. Eldin House,
J. W- straw-hat maker & feather cleaner, 10 Catherine st
James, boot &. shoe maker, 3 Bristo place
.Tames, boot maker, 112 Causewayside
Moffat John, photographic 'artist. 125 Princes st ;
res. The Avenue, 40 Greenhill gardens
Moffat John, butcher (Hogg & Moffat) , 10 Leven terrace [vue st
John, straw-hat manufacturer, 10 Catherine st ; res. 3 Belle-
John B. traveller, 56 Grove st
Peter, painter, US Lauriston st ; res. 35 Earl Grey st
Peter, contractor, 17 Poplar lane
Robina, apartments, 10 Albyn place
Thomas, apartments, 16 Paumure place
William, cabinet maker, 25 Cumberland st
Moffatt Alison, butcher, 23 Brougham place
& Co. (London), tea merchants, 34 St. Andrew square— Max
Von Bishoffhousen, ayent
John Frederick, C.A. 42 Castle st ; res. 13 Mayfield terrace
Wm. baker. 10a Scotland st. & 4 Howe st ; res. 2b Dundas st
William John, accountant, 2 Upper Dean terrace
Mohan Francis, pawnbrokers' salesman, 65 Fountain bridge &38
Tolbooth wynd, Leith
Moinet Frank W. m.d. physician, 20 Coates' crescent
Moir Alexander, grocer (IVioir & Inglls), 10 St. Anthony place
Alexander, physician & surgeon, Jo West Richmond st. & 30
Buccleuch place [Dairy vd
& Jnglis, grocers & wine merchants, 65 Lothian rd. & 32
Catherine, tobacconist, 25 Rose st
E. & Co. portmanteau, bag and brush manufacturers, 4 & 5
Bank st
Edward, auctioneer, 12 East Mayfield
George, leather merchant and bootmaker, 65 Hanover st ;
res. 19 Graham st
James, tobacconist, 25 Rose st
John, physician, 52 Castle st
John, x^liysician, St. Agnes Cottage, West Craigmillar park
John, clerk, Register office, 5 Nelson st
John J. ironmonger (Thomas Scott), 52 Leamington terrace
Oswald B. merchant (White, Moir & Co.), 19 Drummond pi
Peter, funeral undertaker, 10, 11 & 12 St. James place (off
Elder st.), 74ANicolson st. 20 Home st. Tollcross, 33 Great
Junction st. Leith, & 8 Main st. Newhaven ; repository,
Nottingham place
Moir Peter & Sons, auctioneers, horse dealers and
livery stable keepers. Her Majesty's Horse Reposi-
tory, Nottingham place—bee advertisement
Moir Robert, grocer & spirit dealer, 21 St. Patrick square
Robert, m.d. 48 George square
Robert, engraver, 5 Leith Street terrace
William, electro-plater & gilder, 1 South St. James st
William, horse dealer (P. Moir &. Sou), Woodside ter. Joppa
Molle William, stationer (Dobson, Molle & Co.), Maudslie,
Sciennes gardens [st
Molleson James Alexander, C.A. (Howden & Molleson), 5 Walker
Mollison Mary, glass & china dealer. 17 Gladstone place
Molyneaux John, manager, Religious Tiact &> Book Society, 13
South St. Andrew st
Moncreiff & Horsbrugh, C.A. 46 Castle st [Stuart sfc
Right Hon. Lord of Tulliebole, Lord Justice clerk, 15 Great
Hon. Francis J., C.A. (Moncreiff & Horsbrugh), S Magdala
place [Stuart st
— - Hon. H. J. advocate, sheriff of Renfrew & Bute, 15 Great
Hon. James W., W.S. (Mackenzie, Innes &. Logan), 6 Ainslie
William, A.C.S. New Register House, & 46 Castle st ; res. 47
Moray place
Moncrieff Alexander, shopkeeper, 162 Canongate
David Scott, W.S. (Scott, Moncrieff & Trail), 24 George sq
John, brassfounder, ironmonger, &c. 69 Pitt st ; res. 1 Airlie pi
John Forbes, C.A. (Forbes, Moncrieff & Douglas), 41 Great
King st [pi
John Scott, C.A. (Scott-Moncrieff & Thomson), 19 Lynedoch
— Robert, mason (Barrie& Moncrieff), 30 Pilrig Model buildings
Scott. W.S. (Scott-Moncrieff & Trail), 17 Duke st; res. 24
George square
Moncur A. cabinetmaker, 9Ingliston st
David, tumiture dealer, 4, 6, 18, 20 & 40Elair st
George G. horticultural builder (Mackenzie & Moncur), 1
Grove terrace. Grove sfc
Thomas, architect, 5 Brown st
William, coal merchant, 18 Port Hamilton; res. 16 De war pi
William, writer, 12 Big Lochend close [agent
Monkland Iron Co. Limited (Glasgow), 33 Grove st— John Waugh,
Monro D. J. cabinet maker & upholsterer, 55 Frederick st
David, shipmaster, 35 Marehmont crescent
Captain David, chief constable of Midlothian, County build-
ings ; res. 13 Blantyre terrace
Hugh & Son, property agents, 62 Gilmore place
Hugh, watchmaker, 2 Great Junction st. Leith

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