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Miliar i J ;itrick, uraper (Millar .brothers), n Aeir so
Robert, dairy, 10 Fowler terrace
Robert Cockburn, C.A. (Barstow & Millar). 8 Broiigbton pi
, Robson & Innes, S.S.C. solicitors to the North British
Railway Co. S George st
. Thomas, M.D. 5 Royal Circus
â–  Thomas.confecfcioner, 7 Kirkgate, Leith ; res. Eastfield House
Thomas, baker. &c. 47 Ferry rd. 27 Great Junction st. & 9
Halmyne st. Leith
Thomas T. draper (Millar & Co.), 12 Montague terrace
. William, smith, Thomas st
William, hay, corn, &c. merchant, S Newport st
William,- provision dealer. 182 High st ; res. 21 Lothian sb
William F. merchant (Millar Brothers), 12 Comely bank
I William S. manure, grain, seed & hop merchant & agent, 32a
George IV. bridge ; res. 4 Bellfteld, Portobello
I- William White, S.8.C. & 9.L. (Millar, Robson & Innes), &
commissioner tor talcing affidavits before Supreme Courts
in England, & law agent for the Town Council & city of
Edinburgh, 8 George st ; res. 16 Regent terrrce
Miller Mrs. — , boarding & day school, Firth Cottage, 3 Green-
hill bank
A. S. chemist, 4 Jesstield place
f Alexander, gardener, 50 Sciennes
Alexander, printer, 3(i9 High st
. Alexander, cabinet maker, Broughton market ; res. 11 West
Richmond st
• Alexander, teacher of music, 45 Warrender Park rd
! Alexander Gordon, surgeon, 11 Walker st
& Adamson, picture framers, 68 Pleasanee
& Co. ironfounders, London rd
& Crawford, tobacconists, 3 York place
& Murray, S.S.C. & N.P. 90 Constitution st. Leith
Miller & Richard, typefounders to Her Majesty for
Scotland, manufacturers of printing materials, &
makers of cylinder printing machines with the new
improved taking oft flyers, Reikies court, Nicolson
st. & Water lane, New Bridge st. London
Miller Andrew, spirit dealer, 3 South Holyrood st
Andrew, lishmonger & poulterer, 3 South East Circus place
Ann, householder, 20 Nelson st
Benjamin, keeper of Queen Mary's rooms, 46 Earl Grey st
Benjamin, grocer & spirit dealer, 21 Main st. Newhaven
David, joiner, 22 Greenside place
David, painter & decorator, 15 Gladstone place ; res. 1 Miller-
field place
David & Son, wholesale stationers, paper makers, agents &
account book makers, 14 Hanover st
Donald, school board officer, 32 Warrender Park terrace
Duncan, spirit dealer, 46 & 48 Cowgate & 11 Tobago st ; res.
3 Buccleuch terrace
Ebenezer, stockbroker (T. Miller & Sons), 21 Upper Gilmore pi
Ebenezer, inland revenue officer, 16 Paumure place
Elizabeth, householder, 3 West Newington
Elizabeth, greengrocer, 3 West Preston st
George, stockbroker (T. Miller & Sons), 21 Upper Gilmore pi
Hugh, C.A. (Dall & Miller), 9 Blacket place
J. Crawford, tobacconist, 43 George IV. bridge & York place
James, spirit dealer, 521 & 523 Castle hill
James, cashier, 14 Hillside st
James, tinsmith, 97 Pleasance
James, spirit dealer, 179 Fountain bridge ; res. 23 Gilmore pi
James, butler, 24 Dundas st
James, cab proprietor, 18 Wright's houses
James, fruiterer, 49 Lothian rd
James, tailor & clothier, 14 Nicols.m square
James, joiner, Thomas st ; res. 1 Rosehill place
Miller James & Son, manufacturing & furnishing
ironmongers, smiths, tinplate workers & gasntters,
70 & 71 Princes street
Miller James & Sons, Russian merchants, 121 Constitution st. L
James, Son & Co. merchants, drysalters & oil merchants, 27
Quality st. Leith
— — Jessie, dress'maker, 34 West Richmond st
John, missionary, 21 Warrender Park terrace
I John, householder, 26 Nelson st
John, householder, 3 Bernard terrace
John, Crown Temperance Hotel, 2 West Register st
John, stationer (David Miller & Son), 26 Pitt st
John, stationer, 130 Causewayside ; res. 4 Bucclench st
John, pawnbroker, 97 Nicolson st
John, cabinet maker. 107 Constitution st. Leith
John, music dealer, 13 Hall place ; res. 43 Brunswick st
John, spirit dealer, 180 Albert st
John (Northern Lights), 7 Haddington place
John, baker & confectioner, 1 North St. Andrew sfc
John, coal merchant, 43 Grove st
John & Son, printers, East Assembly lane, Rose sfc
John T. joiner, 61 Torphichen st
Margaret, apartments, 16 Albany st. Leith
Mary, refreshment rooms, 73 Lothian rd
Mary B. dressmaker, 13 Cumberland st
Patrick, bootmaker, 71 Broughton st
â–  Peter, surgeon, 8 Belle Vue terrace
Peter, provision dealer, 24 West Richmond st. and 2 Salisbury
R. H., S.S.C. 30 St. Andrew square
Richard K. consulting engineer, 2 South St. David st ; pes, 13
Lennox st
Robert (G.P.O.), 48 Marchmont crescent
Rev. Robert, m.a. teacher of mathematics, 15 Thlrlstane rd
Robert, baker, 86 Nicolson st
Robert, grocer & spirit dealer, 46 Bridge st. Leith
Robert, householder, 54 Rankeillor st
Robert C, C.A. (Barstow & Miller), 8 Broughton place i
— Robert H. solicitor (Miller & Murray), 22 Summerside place,
Miller Samuel (National Bunk oi Scotland), 6 Rochester terracd
Thomas, traveller, 4 Rosslyn st. Pilrig
Thomas, philosophical instrument maker, 51 Cockburn st
Thomas, spirit dealer, 7 Northumberland place
Thomas, ironfounder (Miller & Co.), Norton Yilla, Easter rd
Thomas, apartments, 35 Frederick st
Thomas & Sons, stock & share brokers, 60 Princes st
Thomas L. artist, 44 Frederick st
Torrens Rowley, school, 30 Grange rd
William, grocer & spirit dealer, 1 Rockville pi ; res. 1 Oxford
William, confectioner (John Miller). 81 Duke st. Leith
William, draper & outfitter, 6, 8 & 14 Charlotte st. Leith;
res. 12 James place, Leith
William, spirit dealer, 1U8 Giles st. Leith
William, spirit dealer, 29 Lothian rd ; res. 5 Lauriston lane
William, eating house, 59 Nicolson st
William, S.S.C. (Fyfe, Miller, Fyfe & Ireland), Master Extra-
ordinary in Chancery, & commissioner for the English &
Irish Courts of Common Law, 59 George square
William, householder, 40 Bruntsfield pi. South
William, grocer, 9 Oliver terrace
William, commission merchant, 1 India buildings, Victoria st
William A. stationer, 33 South Clerk st; res. 1 Gladstone pi
William C. (Board of Manufactures & Fisheries), 38 Leith walk
Millidge & Sons, goldsmiths & chronometer makers, 28 Prii.cs st
Euwin, goldsmith (Millidge & Sons), 18 Viewforth ter
Millie James, baker & confectioner, 114 West port
Milligan Alexander, tailor, 2il High st
Gordon J. cashier, Ebenezer mount, 172 Ferry rd. Leith
J.&J., W.S. &N.P. 13 George st
J. M. joint local manager, Royal Insurance Co. 13 George st ;
res. 5 Royal terrace
John, lieutenant of police, 5 Union st
John, W.S. (J. & J. Milligan), clerk & extractor to Her
Majesty's Signet, 13 George st ; res. 10 Carlton place
William, chimney sweeper & slater, 18 Jamaica st
Millikin William, cabinet maker (J. Denham & Co.), 10 Avondale
Millin John, broker, 6 Greenside row
Milliners' and Dressmakers' Association, 20 Cockburn st— Dr.
Francis Muir, secretary
Millons W. T. tile layer (W. Hawley, Millons & Co.), 137 Goorge st
Mills Mrs. — , mantle maker, 14 West Lauriston place
John W. hairdresser, 6 South College st ; res. 9 Brighton st
Joseph W. hairdresser, 6 South College st
William, boot & shoe maker, 1 St. James's square
William, undertaker, 137 Great Junction st. Leith
William, china dealer, 88 Main st. Newhaven
Milne Mrs. — , temperance hotel, 98 High st
the Misses — , ladies' school, 26 Palmerston place
A. W. butcher, 6 William's place
Alexander, seedsman (James Dickson & Sons), 32 Hanover st
Alexander, engineer, 2 Barony st
Alexander, porter, S Barony st
& Barclay, painters & paperhangers, 9 Haddington place
& Wright, rope makers, Granton harbour
Charles, cashier, 21 St. Andrew square
Christina, householder. 1 Nelson st
David, baker, 97 Main st
David, S.S.C. 74 George st ; res. 11 Thirlstane rd
David, refreshment rooms, S7 Main st. Newhaven
David, mason, 18 Eryson rd
Elsie, milliner & dressmaker, 2 Barony st
George, boot maker, 1 Craighall rd. Trinity
George, tailor, Henderson row
George, carver (Webster & Milne), lSDownie place
George M. clerk, 7 Summer-ball square
Helen, householder, 25 India st
Henry, flesher, 60 Haymarket terrace ; res. 17 Torphichen st
Henry, clerk, 2 Orwell place
James, meter maker (James Milne & Son), 4 Colinton rd
James, boot manufacturer, Surgeon square, and Granville
place, Stockbridge ; res. 13 East Adair st
— — James, tea merchant, 37 Giles st. Leith ; res. 14 Albany st
Milne James and Son, engineers, brassfounders, gas
meter and gas apparatus manufacturers. Milton
Works, Abbey Hill (late 90 Canongate) ; showroom,
35 George st (late Arcade)
Milne Jane, confectioner, 56 South Clerk st
Janet, householder, 57 Cumberland st
John, meter maker (Jas. Milne & Son), Trinity grove, Trinity
rd. Trinity
John, jun. hosier and glover, 55a Morrison st ; res. 16 Dairy rd
John, boot closer and maker, 28 Potter row
John, fruiterer & greengrocer, 5 Montrose ter. and nurseries,
Sunny Bank, London rd
John G. wood engraver, 51 York place
â–  John L. meter maker (Jas. Milne & Son), 8 Merchiston Bank ter
Joseph, artist, 10 Duncan st
W. & J. desk & dressing-case manufacturers & stationers, 1 26
Princes st
William, paperhanger, 28 Deanhaugh st
William, bank clerk, 23 Lutton place
William, city officer, City chambers ; res. 5 Canning place
William, commercial & private hotel, 24 Greenside st
William & Co. Scotch whisky merchants, 201A Leith walk,
and 72 Mark lane, London
Milroy Alexander M. (British Linen Co. Bank), IS Moston ter
â–  Hugh, S.S.C. Crown Office, Parliament square
Thomas, paperhanger, 3 Rankeillor st
Milton Emily, provision dealer, 26 Arthur st. 7 Prospect terrace
and 24 Gilm ur st ; res. 61 Inverleith row
James, packing case maker, 340 Leith walk
Ministers' Widows' Fund Office, 6 North St. David st— J. T. Mac-
lagan, collector
Minola Nichola, professor of Italian & Spanish, 3 Castle terrace

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